02 April 2018

Kayla's Corner: City Pharmacy & Newton County GA Rocks

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Kayla's Corner

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Speaking of corners this week, I've got a good one for you all to check out! Covington's own northeast corner of the Historic Covington Square just got a bit fancier! We now have our old City Pharmacy back; however, it's quite different than it was back in the day. This time around it's known as a high-end restaurant with wonderful food, fun atmosphere & a great staff! It has a modern feel, but also has a little nostalgia to it. The burger is so good, and it's the only place in town with an Oyster Raw Bar. And speaking of bars, they've set the bar with theirs. Top-shelf libations made by knowledgeable bartenders will leave you happy & impressed! I've very much enjoyed my visits there & plan on visiting again very soon.

On destinations this week, I'd love for you to seek out some of our local parks such as Academy Springs Park on Conyers St, and Turner Lake Park. One really cool reason to do so is that we have had a lot of locals gathering rocks, painting them & then hiding them all around town! Seniors, adults, teens & children of all ages have been taking part in expressing their creativity through the painting of these rocks while sharing positive quotes & creating some beautiful artistic images. It's been quite the local buzz and people have been enjoying them very much.

You can find them anywhere, or hide them anywhere. And if you like one enough, you can keep it! So grab you a couple of rocks & get to painting! There's also a Facebook group called Newton County GA Rocks. Join the group if you'd like to share in the fun of finding and painting some rocks. Until next time, ya'll!

Kayla's Corner - Keeping an eye on Covington

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