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20 March 2015

A new, pretty cool Podcast out there - "In the Arena"

The Piedmont Chronicles 

~ est. 2010 ~



Our good friends Jason Pye and Aaron Brooks have started up a new podcast that usually comes out about once every week or two. This editor - who may or may not have been the original third member and the one who came up with the name, and who still may technically be a part of it, and who one day might actually have the chance to participate again - is a pretty big fan. 


The latest incarnation deals with local hijinks, shenanigans, and skylarkings  of the Newton Co. GOP establishment (also been covered by Peach Pundit, Freedom Outpost, Fox News, WSB, and the Covington News), March Madness, and a few other things. Always a good time, take a listen here.