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06 March 2018

Newton BOC Trying to "Frame the Narrative" with Nanny Statism?; $1000 License to Sell a Glass Bowl? Potpourri & Bath Salts to be Made Illegal in the Home County?

Nothing like more government & illegal & unenforceable ordinances that nobody cares about to try to take attention away from the Board's failures

The Newton Co. BOC, after basically having wasted a month of all of our lives with the infamous NCRC debacle is ready to let the Citizenry know that they mean business and can get it done!

In addition to Dog Anti-tethering ordinance, which, by the way, TPC is 110% behind, but let's be real - is a total political winner & feel-good legislation, the Board is also looking to possibly destroy lives & probably kill jobs while possibly violating the US & GA Constitutions & the Official Code of Georgia. 

For your consideration:

Resolution: R030618C

“Unregulated marijuana substitutes” shall mean and refer to any compounds or substances, whether described as tobacco herbs, incense spice, aromatherapy incense, bath salts, potpourri, herbal smoking blends, plant food, aromatic substance that may cause a sense of euphoria, novelty aromatic, or any blend thereof, regardless of whether the compound or substance is marketed for the purpose of being smoked, injected, inhaled or ingested by humans or for human consumption..."
So regardless of intent or marketing, sorry old ladies - potpourri is ILLEGAL!!1!

Deal with it... 

And also:


It's Five O'clock Somewhere

Want to sell a glass bowl? Even though the State Dept. of Revenue tobacco license is $10 a year, you will HAVE TO PAY $1,000 A YEAR TO YOUR PRIMARY POLITICAL SUBDIVISION OVERLORDS!!1! 
Deal with it...

That's not without going into R03061A, which basically is just a rehashing of state law, but also has some verbiage that will probably invite lawsuits.

It's almost like the lawyer who probably drafted these things is maybe wanting the county to get sued. I mean, really, $1.3 million a year may not be enough.

And somewhere on College Ave, or maybe up in the northeastern U.S., Wm Thomas Craig breaks into an easy smile...

Per usual, it's a damn wreck, folks. We'll keep our eye on it.

Your Pal,