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31 March 2019

[MB McCart] - TPC Sunday Edition: The Real C-town; #COV Council Time; Sheriff Brown to BOC, Pt. Deux & a Moment from MB

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Happy Sunday, TPCers!

Dang, Girl! Where'd you get them pants!? Nice...

So another week in the book of the home city & county. We had some laughs, some good times & bad, but it was another week here in the Glorious Georgia Piedmont, which makes it the best week (and the weather wasn't half-bad, either). 

C-town Representin' 

This past week a poll made the rounds on the book of faces as to which city, for once & for all, is the true C-town. Well, naturally, it's a slam dunk that that title belongs to Covington & certainly not Conyers. Let's look at the tale of the tape, shall we?

Covington: incorporated in 1822; Conyers: 1854

Newton County: created in 1821; Rockdale County: created in 1870 (with most of it being cut out of Newton Co.)

My research on this subject over the years has verified that people were calling Covington "C-town" as far back as the 1950's, while I know for a fact that my friends & I were referring to it as that in the 1980's.

Look, Conyers, I get it. It's a bitter pill to swallow, a tough nut to crack, but you're simply not C-town. We are. Maybe it's best for y'all to just tend to your "lost children" & maybe keep an eye out for the return of the Virgin Mary. Don't hate us 'cause you ain't us, We really don't care, just keep your syphilis to yourselves, thanks & bye! 

Covington Council Time, Baby! 

Monday is not only April Fools' Day, friends, it's also the first Monday of the month which means it's time for...

The City of Covington Council Meeting! 

Again, it's just good free entertainment (though it's really not free at all when you think about it). Come hear Mr. Mayor possibly mispronounce basic words, see Hawnethia shake her head & get fed up with various folks' foolishness & maybe, just maybe, if we're lucky, get a chance to see New York the Bounty Hunter up close & in person (the experts warn to not engage him, avoid eye contact & definitely don't try feeding him). Plus, it's an opportunity to see fellow members of the village that you might not normally otherwise see. It's good stuff! 

Seriously, though, this is an important one. The Cause Du Jour of seeking satisfaction & equity for our long mistreated barbers, cosmetologists & hairdressers is so close one can practically taste it. Now, it looks like $10 is a done deal, but to achieve true justice we need to just drop that by ten bucks. Get by tomorrow - April 1 - at 6:30 PM to help support Freedom & Liberty!   

Sheriff Brown To Address BOC, 2.0 

As this publication reported at the time, Sheriff Ezell Brown decided to skip out on his budget presentation last week. According to some sources, the Sheriff was either unaware, or had "forgot" that he was on deck last Wednesday to give his pitch to the BOC, the actual governing authority of the home county, though another source said it was an intentional slight because the Sheriff was displeased with the county manager, Loyd Kerr, for already readjusting the Sheriff's initial proposal. 

Per official notice from the BOC Clerk, the Sheriff will now be presenting his budget this upcoming Tuesday morning, the 2nd, at 9AM. 

We'll see if he shows this time...

It's no secret that this publication has had many issues & concerns with the Sheriff's Department. Furthermore, it's this publication's understanding that we are quickly reaching the threshold of a "public safety crisis" in Newton, owed in part to the lack of morale & the inability of the Sheriff to be able to hire or retain qualified officers. And, in most all instances, this has nothing to do with wages as it has been verified that Newton Co. is paying deputies & bailiffs on par with many of the surrounding areas.

No, unfortunately what we are seeing in my estimation, folks, is the downward spiral & possibly the death rattle of an inefficient, poorly run & dysfunctional Sheriff's office. While many local politicos feel quite confident that Ken Malcom will be sworn in as our new Sheriff come January 2021, the big question is this - Can We make it that long? 

This is certainly a story that is very much developing. I'm working on two purportedly revealing & concerning stories on the NCSO. Be on the lookout soon... 

A Moment from MB 
Join us, join us...

Ladies & Gentlemen, as I write this it's looking as if 2019 will be the best year ever for TPC based on pageviews & that's so exciting! Also, as we're wrapping up our current advertising campaign with Rest Easy Mattress, I've got 2 previous advertisers lined up to advertise again, and at least 2 new ones coming up as well. To that point, this publication is adjusting its M.O. starting in April.

TPC will now start averaging 12-18 posts per week, basically doubling our content. And to that point:

The Piedmont Chronicles is looking to hire its first-ever staff writer. Independent Contractor status, paid either weekly or by the piece. The money would be very low but the expectations would be super high!

Reach out to TPC Editor MB McCart at: 678.712.8652 if you're interested & email a couple of writing samples to: 

Also, one final thing. I may be at least starting the process of thinking about "life after Facebook." Like so many others, I'm wanting to try to get away from that diabolical monster as much & as quick as I can. At a minimum, I want less & less traffic coming to TPC through the Zuckersuck machine. So what I'd like for you to do is to join the TPC Email List. Just slide us an email by using this link & I'll get you added.

Alright, gang, hope all is lovely. Until next time.

MB McCart