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02 September 2020

[Perrin Lovett's CFF Feature Column] - Y’all Been Had (Again)

THE National Affairs Column

For months, from the very beginning, I’ve described the COVID-19 hype and hysteria as “a ridiculous, low-effort hoax.” I’ve caught a certain amount of flack for this declaration, mainly from people who either put faith in liars or who are unfamiliar with the definition of the word “hoax.” 

Absolutely nothing about this idiotic pandemic nonsense has added up. That goes double, triple, or a hundred-fold for the deaths. First, the scare-mongers warned of 2 - 2.5 million deaths (by about now, if memory serves). Then, they lowered the estimate to the hundreds of thousands. They ignored that most people appear to tolerate the Corona bug as well as they do any other common cold, maybe better. They shifted to the cumulative case count instead of deaths. And, as of this past weekend, they tallied 183,141 total deaths. That number, like just about everything else they’ve said, is an outrageous lie.

The real number of deaths, per the CDC(!) as of August 26, 2020, is … 9,683. That’s how many people have died FROM COVID-19 in the US in 2020. That means the scare tactic figures are off by a factor of twenty. The real numbers lurk in the (quietly reported) data sets. This is from the same government agency that, in May, reported that those stupid masks do not work. Still, the mantra is: wear the mask(!), and fear all the (fictitious) deaths.

The grossly-exaggerated death numbers are not pure fiction. Instead, they come from all those people who died WITH Corona. Most of the others had comorbid conditions. In other words, they were dying from something else anyway and just happened to also test positive for the WuFlu. Most were older people. The average age of a “Corona death” is 78, which conveniently happens to the average age of death in general. 

Here, with all the lies compounding, the CDC and their allies must be given the Devil’s due of competence. The tests are, let’s say, a little less than accurate. Motor oil has, for instance, tested positive. Some might ask if Corona even exists. Let’s assume it does and that it is next to harmless as a pathogen. 

We have, rounding up, 10,000 deaths out of 6,000,000 cases in the US. That yields a rate of death, per infection, of .00167%. Out of a rounded total population of 330,000,000, one finds a risk-of-death rate of .00003%. That is, statistically speaking, slightly more dangerous than bee stings and lightning strikes. But, in context, it’s only a quarter of the number killed by cars every year. And, it, in total, only amounts to three days worth of abortion deaths. Annualizing (up) to 20,000 deaths, the total is only one-eighth the total from falls and other accidents. It’s a third of the yearly total from accidental poisonings. 

Can any of you reading this, imagine, for even a second, ending the economy and altering all life on earth over bee stings or bathtub falls? No. Yet, it has been done and it has been pitifully accepted by the masses in what may be the largest and most stunningly successful hoax in history.

It is a lie and a deception. All of it. From the beginning and planned.

Why? How many times must I go over the motivations? At first, I assumed this was just a cover-up for the pre-existing collapse of the economy. That has happened. I sensed the coming of the civil war (what it is). That, too, is in progress. The other cause virulentis is control - of everything. 

With a plausibly, statistically insignificant illness, the usual suspects have rendered nearly the entire population into slaves and prisoners. Worse, they have conditioned the people to go along with damned-near anything. And, what’s next? Kindly take off your blinders and use your imaginations. They’re not hiding the agenda.

Take off the blinders and take off those masks! They do nothing and you don’t need them anyway. For the love of all that is good, stop bowing to people who hate you and want you dead. You have been had again. Next time might be the final time.

Perrin Lovett is a right-wing Christian nationalist writer and author in the American South. He would like to concentrate more on fiction, and he would really like to see Western Civilization survive.

CF Floyd Feature Writer for Affairs National