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30 January 2019

A TPC PSA by MB McCart: A Primer on Driving on the Square, About Town Generally & a Couple of Modest Proposals

Previously this publication has discussed some of the challenges facing the centerpiece of our beloved home city, the beautiful Covington Square.

In that piece, I mentioned that traffic & parking are among the two biggest issues facing our downtown business district. And to that point, here, as a service to the general public, is the...

TPC Guide to Driving on the Covington Square & Elsewhere Throughout the Home City

by: MB McCart 

For a large portion of the Square, there exists between the inner & outer lanes, a solid while line, with small breaks in the middle of the east, west, south & north sides, that denotes...something.

"Well, actually," I can hear some of you saying, "that solid white line means that you can't change lanes." Perhaps. Much research by this writer, and a couple days worth of research by the CPD & also an Atty-at-Law I reached out to, seems to confirm that you're not supposed to cross a solid white line; however, time & time again I cannot seem to find that expressly mentioned in Title 40 of the OCGA. It somewhat seems to be common knowledge that you're not supposed to cross a solid white line, but is it really an affixed rule that constitutes a moving violation? Or is it more just kind of like a general guideline? I seriously ask because in several states, that's exactly what a solid white line represents - passing not recommended, but not necessarily restricted, either.

Scott Miller, an attorney, says it is a violation in Georgia, but again - while the Code discusses white lines in Title 40, and more particularly in Chapter 6, I still can't find it where it expressly, specifically says you can't.

Regardless, and to regrettably carry on for far too long on this particular point, most folks believe you're not supposed to cross it, but many folks don't, or they simply don't care, and that really pisses off the folks who "stay in their lane" when these folks whip around them - C-town 500-style - on the curves (Turn Left!). 

And this is where I become conflicted, my friends. It irritates me as well! In fact, many times over the years (decades, actually) when I see someone in my rear-view about to whip into that inner lane, I'll actually move to the left, in essence blocking them, and I usually feel really damn good about myself for having done so, though, technically, I may have committed a moving violation myself, but somebody's got to do it. I apologize to no one.

But the traffic analyst in me, and based on countless hours of research from various vantage points in & around the Square the last few years, sees that the more people who actually do that & go ahead & take the next curve & get out of the way actually work to remedy the usual bottleneck spots which ultimately improves overall flow. And, as I've posited many times in this space, it's all about that flow, though!

So...where does that leave us? No closer to a solution, unfortunately. Apparently the city & the CPD have reached out to GDOT to get clarification on the white lines on the Square. I'm sure that'll be a quick & efficient response.

One last thing, though. And a big, big point, I believe. We need to bring back Yield signs for northbound traffic on Church for those turning right onto Floyd, and also for southbound traffic on Monticello for those turning right onto Washington. That, combined with - AGAIN!!1! - adjusting the feeder lights at Floyd & Elm + Pace & Usher, would probably solve the damn thing. 

But hey, I'm just crazy, so nobody ever listens to me...

A Few Modest Proposals:

- Perhaps public flogging for drivers turning left onto 278 from Floyd St.? These people are a problem. They should be dealt with ruthlessly & efficiently, you know, for the greater good & all.

-  Can we put in an IQ test for folks getting a driver's license? I know this is gonna sound kind of rough, but a lot of these folks (and you know who I'm talking about here - the down-with-disease, bad-DNA-having types [the Wal-Mart Crowd], various other dullards, mouthbreathers & slackjaws as well as the white & ghetto trash),  just don't need to be driving. In a few years that will become a memory after we transition to automated vehicles, but in the meantime, perhaps we should go ahead & address that?

- And, again, this is going to sound awful - but... I'm the guy that writes publicly what many others are thinking - but you know when you get behind a car with a certain type of license plate, that more times than not, it's gonna be a damn hassle! Just a big ole production with a whole bunch of uninspired, lackadaisical, selfish & inconsiderate driving. 

Drive with some purpose, people! Be efficient & expeditious! Be courteous.

But perhaps that's the rub, or, the real story, if you will. As long as we have the human element involved with driving, it's never going to be perfect. So, perhaps about the time we finally get that fully automated driving thing going, it may unfortunately coincide with Skynet becoming self-aware. So while we may be running for our lives, at least the traffic will be better.

- MB McCart 

[Perrin Lovett] - A Fleeting Glimpse of Some Few Affairs National, the End of January 2019

Wow! Time does fly when you’re trying to out-curmudgeon Robert D. Raiford (RIP). It’s funny - gathering the news sometimes interferes with reporting the news. So it’s been lately. The past CFF piece or two have been filed from the road.

In an effort to get “the real story,” I recently embarked on a multi-day, multi-city odyssey and fact-finding extravaganza. All for you. Well, actually I only made it to one city, Washington. The TPC corporate G650 lost her starboard engine on final approach to the District of Corruption. That made for a harrowing landing at Reagan and, I assume, for some serious expenses for MB. The other day, when I decided it was time to jet, I couldn’t. (Note: stiffing an Uber or two and a little hitchhiking will eventually get one home).

First, an apology: I meant to file a satirical, fictional pseudo-examination of the Covington Catholic hate hoax. That, sadly, must wait for another day. However, the factual matter will serve as a kick-off on this rapid-fire review:

Das Grinsen Der Weiss Leistung (Alternatively, “The Smirk Felt Round the Shit-lib-o-sphere”)

Captain James T. Smirk

You know the deal by now. White, Christian teenagers were in DC, answering the Church’s call for witnesses against the mass murder of tiny babies. They were berated by the Black Hebrew Jackasses. They were attacked by a lying, grifting, homeless idiot with a drum. One of them, Nick Sandmann, had the sand to smirk in the toothless face of the enemy. That drew the ire of the media, the politicians, celebrity trash, and even the Church. Everything every single leftist moron said, screamed, and threatened about the boys was a lie.

Three great takeaways from this episode! One: these young men showed, under fire, 10,000 times the fortitude of Steve King or any other conservative. Two: the Church, to their credit, recanted and repented on the rush to false judgment. Three: VERY IMPORTANT, HERE: for maybe the first time ever, the satanic, globalist, fake-news narrative failed - immediately.

As I typed elsewhere:

I knew the original story was complete bullshit the second I saw the headline. And, I knew it even without reading further – just the source was enough to tip me off. It was a HuffPo headline…

Then I wrote:

There’s a great lesson in the Covington Catholic hate hoax: Maybe for the first time ever, the anti-white, anti-Christian hate narrative failed immediately. With the exception of snakes like Bill Crystal and Ben Shapiro, most people picked up on the BS nearly as fast as I did. They promptly rejected it and even made fun of it. This has the establishment in a panic.

DO NOT EVER TRUST OR LISTEN TO THE ENEMY! Call them on it. And, then, beat them with it. Beat them the way the President was beaten on the Wall.

Cave, C-A-V-E, Cave

Sorry, there’s really no other way to put it. Trump caved on the shutdown and on the border wall, at least for now. Any bets on if he’s going to use his authority in three weeks to (FINALLY!!!!) address the emergency? No…

Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe he’s got something up his sleeve. But, you know, this constant and forever benefit of the doubt is getting a little old. The man was elected to do two things: halt the invasion and drain the damned swamp.

Maybe Trump warrants a slightly longer wait. Maybe he might consider going full Lincoln on both fronts. Maybe the status quo is all we can expect.

The Shutdown

Who the hell really cared? I was happy with a partial shutdown, hoping it would become full, complete, and permanent. Ah, well...

Super Bowl LIII in the ATL

The Falcons, as usual, will watch along with everyone else. Perrin’s call: Brady and the Pats get number six. I’ll call it 29-27 - just don’t ask me for how that breaks down ... safety?

It’s Cold

Winter or something. Cold enough to silence the likes of Al Gore? Probably not.

And, that’s a wrap for this week, for this first month of 2019. I’ll see you in February with details on my exciting WORLD AFFAIRS TRIP 2019!!! Dos presidents in Venezuela, des gilets jaunes, and my exclusive interview with the leader of the free world, the Hon. Vladimir Putin.

CF Floyd Feature Writer &
TPC National Affairs Correspondent

29 January 2019

[MB McCart] - When All Else Fails, Do a (Tuesday) Check-in

It's funny, as far back as 2012 I've been accused of...stretching things out, so to speak. Or more aptly, doing write-ups about future write-ups, sometimes even doing two or more write-ups about a future write-up. What can I say? See: the title of this piece. 

But, really, I have a reason for it. I've got a hopper file that's literally three inches thick. Varying degrees of completion of multiple pieces, I've really put on my big-boy Underoos, journalisticly speaking, in that I'm very much wanting to do things very much the right way. Dotting all the i's, crossing all the t's. Hope you can appreciate that...

So with that said, a sampling of what I'm working on:

- Looking into & researching the City of Covington's agreement with a certain vendor that has been on the books since 2011, and that has never been bid out. Also looking into other arrangements, notably related to insurance & consulting. I should definitely have a first report done this week.

- A long-awaited 2nd report on Stanton Springs, the JDA & Baxter Baxalta Shire Takeda.

- Wm Thomas Craig, Atty-at-Law. The gift that keeps on giving.

- TPC REAL Politick: we've got municipal elections coming up in the home city this fall, and this is the juicy cycle - two council seats up for reelection in the East Ward as well as the Mayor's position. Lots of word on the street, less so with actual facts. At least one person, however, has at least mentioned that they are "prayerfully considering" running for Mayor - a preacherman, Tim Walden.

- and several more things...

Also, just wanted to take a moment to thank folks for reading last week's piece on Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight. That one got a lot of views. I would say that the response, by both sides, was maybe a bit tepid, which tells me I pretty much got it right (I hope so). If you didn't like the City Manager, you were maybe a little disappointed in my piece; if you were a supporter - ditto. Well, friends, that's just how it works. We all have our vantage points somewhere on the spectrum, but somewhere therein lies that elusive "REAL Story" that I'm always striving for, which is not necessarily always cut & dry, black & white, etc. 

C-town Representin'!

Later this week, Kayla's gonna be back with a regular Corner. And, my word, the response & feedback on her review of Osake was just outstanding! Thanks for that. Perrin will have his usual weekly piece & look for at least two or three from your semi-esteemed Editor & naturally Ms. Bess's wonderful "Memoirs of Surviving Children" this weekend.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Until next time.

- MB McCart

Keepin' it REAL in the COV

27 January 2019

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: Thing 3 & the Friendly Skies

My mind tends to jump between children, decades and memories.  I start each day looking at the list on my desk.  As I think of something to write I put it in the notebook.  That doesn’t mean I have to write the column right then, it’s just food for thought in future columns.  If I don’t write it down I –will- forget it, at least until 2 a.m. when I can’t sleep because I forgot to jot something down in my notebook and it will drive me crazy until I remember what I wanted to write about.   

Today my thoughts gravitate toward my third son, Thing 3.  

His father was a corporate pilot.  That should have been my first warning that this child would have issues.  When I say issues, I mean he was born with an airplane obsession.  He had his first flight at 22 hours old.  His dad came home from a trip, we lived on a private airport, and the baby went up for the first time.  His head has been in the clouds ever since.

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By the time Thing 3 was about 2 years old I’d have to call the hangar at nap time.  “PLEASE don’t fly right now!”  The child would not go to sleep if he heard a plane.  He’d just bang on his bedroom window and holler “Da pane!  Da pane, Mama!” reminiscent of “Tattoo” from “Fantasy Island.”  Yes, I just dated myself, but I loved that show in the 80’s.   

It all went downhill from there and by 3 his obsession ran to all new levels.  

One day his grandfather, a retired commercial pilot, dropped by to visit.  He was much more old-fashioned than I (and I’m really conservative).  I knew where my children were, just not necessarily what exactly they were up to at any given moment, and I heard his grandfather’s ranting before I knew he was actually on my front porch.

Thing 3 was on the front porch.  I –knew- he was there.  I could hear him playing.  All the windows were open.  I –didn’t- know he found my box of sanitary pads under the bathroom sink though.  His grandfather was HORRIFIED!  

When I came out his grandfather had a face as red as a beet, and Thing 3 was SO proud of himself!  He’d stuck “wings” up and down his legs and arms.  It was time to FLY!

- Bess Tuggle

26 January 2019

[MB McCart] - Farewell to a Friend: A Remembrance of Joseph "Joe" Barr

Joseph Columbus Barr 
June 18, 1951 - January 12, 2019

*ed. note: I've written about Joe a few times here, here & here at TPC when he was dealing with our "esteemed" Ju$tice system. He was a special guy, and someone I cared very deeply about. Things ultimately were made right & Joe was able to live out his last few months surrounded by family & friends. What follows is a eulogy I sent to his family, and then his obituary. I know Joe has taken his reward in Heaven & that makes me happy. - MBM

Joe Barr was a friend of mine, and I loved him.

I pretty much remember the first time I met him. After all, he was a pretty memorable guy! Ridin' his bicycle up to the store, with a personality as big as his heart, I was immediately taken with this fella!

Our friendship was basically sealed that first encounter - we got to talking about music. Over the years that would continue to be one of our main areas of friendship. We were both guitar pickers, and we talked about that a whole lot, many, many times, over many years. But the big thing was the Blues! We both had a mutual love for that particular genre of music. Talking Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Albert King, Buddy Guy & others. Like me, Joe also had an appreciation for all kinds of music, though. Country, Rock, Rockabilly, and so on.

Joe was a hard workin' fella, too. I remember he'd stay pretty busy mowing lawns, working on folks' houses & doing handyman work. He liked to stay busy & sure didn't mind putting in some hard work. I'd get worried about him sometimes during the hot summer months. He'd come in dripping with sweat. I know at least a couple of times I'd insist for him to stay in the store for a bit in the AC & drink some water. But usually he'd be ready to go after just a few minutes. "Let me get back to it, Marshall," he'd say. Sometimes I could start talking about the guitar or the Blues & he might stay for an extra couple of minutes.

I just loved seeing Joe, and talking with him. I'd always smile when I saw that bike riding down the sidewalk. He was my friend, and I loved him.

It was so frustrating, as I know it was for many of you, to see all he had to deal with there for a couple of years. Truly an injustice, at least the "powers that be" got it right eventually, but it sure would've been nice if common sense could have prevailed back at the beginning, but unfortunately that's the reality we deal with. Things aren't always fair, particularly with the Justice system, and, if we're being real here - particularly when one is black. And I hate that. I truly do. It ain't right. It's not fair. But I suppose the silver lining is that things are finally getting better & we're starting to see some real criminal justice reform. I've been supporting this cause for years, but it finally seems as if real progress is being made. For what it's worth, I want all of you to know that Joe's memory will always be with me as I continue to advocate for this cause.

Also, I'd like to pass on that a lot of folks who have been following Joe's story were so sorry to hear of his passing. He's meant a lot to a lot of folks, but I know it's so much harder for you, the family. My thoughts, prayers & condolences are with you.

But that sadness is only ours, here in the Earthly realm. Joe has, as my Grandmother used to say, "gone home to Glory." He's in Heaven now. No more pain, no more suffering. So as we celebrate his life, I will continue to hold dear his memories, and keep working to try to help to make a world a better place. And every time I break out the guitar, especially when I'm picking the Blues, I'll be thinking about my friend, Mr. Joseph Barr.

Marshall McCart
Covington, GA 


Joe's Obituary:
Joseph Columbus Barr  
June 18, 1951 - January 12, 2019

On June 18, 1951, Mr. Joseph Columbus Barr Jr. was born to the late Lula Mae James and Joseph Columbus Barr Sr. in Jasper County, Georgia. Mr. Barr was raised by both his grandparents Mr Johnnie & Mammie Emma Barr. He grew up alongside his aunts and uncles: Ann Barr Smith, Charlie Barr, Carrie Lee Tinsley, Willie Mae Greenwood, Ella Florence, Johnie Jr., Mammie Lee Barr Henderson, Ola Mae Smith, William Barr, Jessie Barr, Richard Barr, Ruby Barr Banks, Emma Kate Norman, Walter Lee Barr, Arrie Barr Steward, Lester Barr, Mable Barr Smith and Mildred Barr Dennis.
Joseph loved music. He loved playing in his leisure time for his family and friends. He was somewhat of a music genius, because he learned to play both piano and guitar by ear. Mr. Barr went as far as 11th grade and proceeded to further his career in construction. He worked in the piping Industry for many years. Mr. Barr also loved helping his friends and family members around their homes. Fixing their cars, leaky faucets and even helping with gardening. He had a past time for fishing.

Years later, Mr.Barr became a proud father of a baby girl, Calla Louise Barr. Later on in life, he married Ms. Mary Nell Norman and gained three step children: Brenda Cospy, Jan and Dexter.

A blessing we all have had, a piece of Joe Boy in our lives, whether it was on our couch or just sitting at our tables. Joe boy experienced his trials and tribulations later in life. Through the years he gained a special friend, Mrs. Carrie White. He later joined Rock Spring Baptist church. He then further his education in Coastal State Prison, receiving a certification in Building. While there, Joe Boy strengthened his reading and writing skills. Lastly, his final days were lived out comfortably in Social Circle, GA.

Joseph Barr unites with his sister, late Geraldine Barr Lackey. He leaves behind loved ones one brother, Ernest "Jack" Barr; one daughter, Mrs. Calla Louise & Christoper Henderson of Conyers, GA; three grandchildren, Anngalic Barr, Adrin Barr & Malana Barr; two great grandchildren, Aniya Barnes, Kyian Holcombe & Skylar Grisham; a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and tons of friends in Covington, GA.


24 January 2019

[MB McCart] - A Closer Look: Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight

Leigh Anne Knight is the City Manager of the City of Covington, GA. She has held this position for right at six years after having served as the city's Finance Director for the previous four years. Ms. Knight, a lifelong Covington resident, received a BBA from North Georgia before eventually becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

Covington City Manager, Leigh Anne Knight

There's been quite a bit of "talk around the campfire," as it were, regarding Ms. Knight, some current events pertaining to her & with regards to her role with the city. And, let's all be honest with ourselves, folks like to gripe & complain, especially when it comes to politics & government - we all know it's true - but there does seem to be a disconnect between the city, and some its officers & employees, with many in our community. Ms. Knight appears to have become a lightning rod for many as of late.

So keeping in mind that we are looking for that REAL story, let's delve in. 

In the fall of 2018, a change to the City of Covington's Code of Ordinances was made that allowed, for the first time, the ability of the City Manager, and not just the city council, to initiate a text amendment. The key word there is "initiate." I believe there was some misinformation floating around for a while that was to the contrary of this. With regards to that change, I received this from Scott Gaither, Planning & Zoning Director of Covington:

 Amendment to Section 16.12.040 is to allow the City Manager to initiate a text amendment. Prior to this amendment only the city council had the authority to initiate a text amendment. This allows staff to begin researching and developing a recommendation as to what is best for city, legal review, advertising the proposed amendment, putting the item on the next available planning commission and city council agendas for public hearing. The purpose and thought of including the city manager as someone that may initiate an amendment is to stream line the process. Prior to this amendment when staff saw a discrepancy, error or need for an update within Chapter 16 we would have to wait for a council work session and meeting for them to initiate the creation of a text amendment. Again, after initiated staff would begin researching, legal review, advertising and public hearing process. Amendment to Chapter 16 follow the same public hearing and notice requirements of Section 16.12.070 which reflects OCGA Section 36-66-4.

At least for a while, apparently at least a few folks misunderstood this as to mean that the City Manger had the unilateral ability to make changes to the code. This is simply not the case. The approval of any changes to the code must still be voted on by the governing body, the Covington Council. This, according to Knight, was a "staff recommendation." 

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Another major item of discussion of late has been the recent changes made to Ms. Knight's employment contract with this city, particularly with regards to a severance package that awards her approx $40,000 if she is terminated without cause & the ability for Knight to maintain access to the city's health benefits up to the age of 65 even if she is no longer in the employ of the city (Knight would have to pay for it, however)

Last month the Council voted unanimously to make this change. 

Contrary to what some have said, there is nothing in Covington's charter that mandates the City Manager has to be an at-will employee. In fact, the Charter clearly mentions the possibility of an employment contract: 

With that settled, this writer still - even after reaching out to multiple elected officials & city staff members, as well as Leigh Anne Knight (who graciously gave me several minutes of her time for an interview) - doesn't feel like he's necessarily gotten the "Real Story."

While working on this piece for several weeks now, it almost felt as if I was getting talking points from some. Recurring phrases like, "Trends in the market" & others kept appearing. I still haven't gotten a straight answer as to who was the driving force behind making this change. A staff recommendation? Not quite really. Was it Leigh Anne's idea? "No, not at all," was the response from someone with the city. According to my discussion with Ms. Knight, it was a "combination of discussions with the Mayor & various staff members."


More than anything, I think a lot of the concern from some in the community is due to the fact that the City Manager is, by far, the highest paid employee with the city, so this severance package & ability to retain the city's group insurance seems...maybe a bit excessive. But hey, this is government we're talking about, right? Regardless, I don't think there's some grand conspiracy or anything, and I honestly don't believe the City Manager is working a power grab or anything. As is often the case, there are two sides to every story & the truth is somewhere in the middle. In terms of the bigger picture, as I've said for many years, I think we - society - all need to start having serious discussions as to the level, expense & scope of all levels of government. It's simply not sustainable, and now is the time to act, not when the wheels start coming off. That's the ole $.02.

Thanks for reading. We'll see you a little further down the road. MB McCart 

23 January 2019

[Kayla's Corner] - Restaurant Review: Osake

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Corner's Restaurant Review! 

Yum Yum! 
2123 Usher St. Covington, GA 30014
This week's Corner review is on Covington's newest edition, Osake! 

Pronounced (oh-saka), Osaka is a city in the Kansai region of Japan's main island of Honshu. Osaka used to be referred to as the "nation's kitchen" in the feudal Edo time period because it was the center of trading for rice, creating the first modern futures exchange market in the world!

Now that we've got that little of the history out of the way, let's talk about - Osake - the establishment here in Covington! I personally have been to Osaka quite a few times since they have opened & I have had a wonderful experience every time! The Establishment itself is well-kept and clean, as are their servers. The structure itself is not quite as big as we would wish unfortunately, and this has made seating limited during busy hours or for parties of five or more (something you definitely want to check into beforehand if you need additional seating.) But you can always grab a spot at their Sushi Bar, which is where you can probably find me most of the time! Haha! I have had quite a few of their rolls, all reasonably priced and well named, and I'm eventually going to try them all! (Highly, highly recommended)👌

But that's just pre-gaming, the hibachi food is where it's at! Like most, I like my steak medium rare and every time I have requested it, it has always been exactly what I asked for, totally on point! When they're able to take their time and not rush the food, the vegetables and rice are just perfect! In addition, I'm always adding yum yum sauce (the peach colored sauce that is oh so good!). Unfortunately, I don't think it's low-calorie. LOL! (You WILL want to put it on everything). 

They have most of your traditional Japanese hibachi plates including shrimp, chicken, steak, etc. They also have quite a few other menu choices you will have to check out for yourself!

As far as this Corner's review goes,  I definitely have to give an A+ for now! So Osake, make sure to keep up the great work! And to everyone else - if you haven't been there yet, you need to to make a point to get by!

Okay, guys! I'll see you next time.

- Kayla Leasure 

Keeping an Eye on Covington

22 January 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - The Unwavering Support of Slavery, by the Enslaved: New Poll Sheds Light on the Nature of Mankind

I wrote this week’s column on the day (Monday) set aside to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday (this year’s celebration of his 90th). So it is, with humble pride, I commence with a quote from Dr. King:

Now the question that we face this evening is this: In the light of the fact that the oppressed people of the world are rising up against that oppression; in the light of the fact that the American Negro is rising up against his oppression, the question is this: How will the struggle for justice be waged?

-Martin Luther King, Jr., “Justice Without Violence,” April 3, 1957

The answer to King’s question, in global terms and in light of a new poll is, sadly: “With Slavish Stupidity.”

The poll is from the World Economic Forum, from the slave-masters straight out of Davos, Switzerland. That being said, a grain of salt ingested, the reported trends are in line with observable reality. A Majority of People, Worldwide, Support Globalism.

Globalism is merely a false face, gilded with money-chasing jealousy, greed, and ignorance, for worldwide Satanism - the total domination of all the world by a small handful of dedicated servants of the Prince of the World. It is more than the destruction of the Nations, more than the destruction of the family; it is the destruction of lives and souls.

How, then, could anyone, let alone a majority of people, support such insidious evil? The answer, thinks this author, lies partly in the misplaced hope and trust that generally good-natured people allow. Another part, a critical part, lies in the … I’m not trying to be unkind here … in the lower than desired intelligence of the people. The numbers for global support and for IQ match a little too closely for my liking.

Eighty-eight percent of folks in SE Asia and Africa, without understanding, support their own slavery. This is probably because, under the current distribution, they tend to reap more than they sow. Envy and the promise of delivering (for free) what one wants but does not have is a powerful carrot to dangle.

In North America, the support hovers around 70%. In Western Europe, it’s around 60%.

Similar numbers support mass migration and the lies of climate change, the “science” of which, by the way, was debunked in a single Dilbert cartoon. As I’ve said before, the best hope for The West may be in the East; Eastern European countries are most skeptical of the charade, with only 40% of people in Hungary, Romania, etc. finding migrants “mostly good.”

Overall, seventy-six percent of the world favor globalism. The intelligence correlation? The world average IQ is around 86. Adjusting the standard Wechsler/Binet/Terman curve accordingly - essentially shifting one standard deviation to the left - this means that about 84% of humans fall below the normative average of 100. Half score “dull” or below. In other words, they literally don’t know what (or how) to think about a complex subject, even one with dire ramifications for their lives and freedoms.

So it is that 76% in support of globalism is right in line with the percentage of global IQs at or below the low-average range. Unknowing people are easily led astray, their leaders all the more evil for taking advantage.

The US average IQ hovers somewhere around 95 and is falling precipitously as the decades advance. It’s fitting that a population averaging below average intelligence would support a concept as disastrous as unchecked migration, especially the migration of populations guaranteed to lower the national IQ even further. It’s a vicious, self-propagating, self-defeating cycle.

Last week, I wrote about the President’s near-total refusal to stem the tide, to even address the emergency. Saturday brought his MAJOR announcement which, to me, looked a lot like the GOP-cave-in amnesty of 1986. A direct follow-up could have been the subject de jure. But, really, what’s the point? Now, we know the emergency is more critical than originally thought. We also know that the Uniparty, beholden to the very elites who create the problems, will do nothing to help.

The good news is that the cost of living is relatively low outside places like Nitra and Budapest. It’s not bad outside places like Wheeling or Orono if one prefers to ride it out domestically. And, riding it all out might be the only viable option for that 14% or so capable of comprehending.

What would Dr. King say, today, if he could examine this situation? I do not know exactly. However, I gather that a man steeped in Dunne, Dante, Luther, Aquinas, and especially Jesus Christ, would take a critical view of the perpetual chattel servitude of the whole of mankind, of all people falsely beholden to the atavistic followers of the Devil. While his was a fight in a time of black and white, he knew the ultimate issue was good versus evil.

Probably not...

*Speaking of Evil!, I understand this particular post will (should) receive special promotional attention on Mark Suckerberg’s ultimate spy tool, Facebook. It’s great that businesses like TPC find nominal support on social media sites that, like television, target an audience centered somewhere left-of-center on the Bell Curve. If you made it to this footnote, then you’re likely not the kind that enjoys cat videos while Markie Z illegally sells your contact info to the Davos crowd. You are my esteemed and beloved readers. Thank you.

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20 January 2019

[MB McCart] - The TPC Sunday Edition, 1/20/19: Murder, Government Waste, Sports & the Arts

- est 2010 -

[State of GA] 
[Newton  Co.]

(North Covington | 20 Jan '19) - 

Privetstvuyu, dear TPC comrades, and welcome back to The Chronicles. Peel you an onion, pour yourself a double Stolichnaya, grab your sickle & hammer, and get ready to meet your new Russian Overlords... 

But seriously, friends, so glad to see you once again. Another week in the books & another one begins.

Murder in C-town 

For the first time since 2017, we had a killing in the home city. And like every time a major crime occurs, the banshee screeching on Facebook began almost immediately with blame, as always, squarely falling on the Mayor & Council for ruining Covington (brown-bagging & hospitality drinks on the Square were also apparently to blame). Turns out it was a long-time Covington resident who shot his wife & step-daughter after a domestic dispute gone bad. It's sad, and unfortunate, but murder isn't a new concept. It's been around for a bit. 


Newton County Sheriff's Office (NCSO) Burning Through Overtime Money 

Well, as happens sometimes, the Covington News stole my thunder on this one, but that's perfectly okay! Though, to be honest, if it wasn't for Larry McSwain - a fellow Public Advocate & a hero of mine -  who painstakingly researches & pays for information requests all of the time, neither The News or The Citizen would hardly write about anything that potentially paints the Sheriff in a negative light. So, what's the why there?

Three Constitutional Officers decide who the legal organ of Newton Co., the paper of record, if you will, is - Sheriff, Probate & Clerk of Court. The legal organ is the one that gets paid lots of money to run all of the legals (foreclosures, notice to creditors, etc). CovNews has that status, so they don't want to rock the boat, and The Citizen wants it, so they don't really want to rock the boat either. But, I'm digressing here...

The Sheriff's Office has already, halfway through the fiscal year, burned through 99% of their budgeted overtime funding because they have so many vacancies that they can't fill. Based on my research, the NCSO starts deputies off more than the Covington Police Department does, but the CPD is almost always fully staffed. Word around the campfire is that there is not the best culture at the Sheriff's Dept. & that they have a reputation for not being a place that certified LEOs wish to work at.

By the way, according to The News, Sheriff Brown pins the blame on the Great Crash of 2008.

Arts & Culture 

Even though I've been in both numerous times over the years, the past week I made a point to get by both of Covington's fabulous art galleries: 

Southern Heartland 



The talent level we here in our neck of the woods is staggering! As I've written about numerous times, while our music scene leads one to believe there's something in the water, our art scene leaves no doubt! I'm a proud owner of multiple pieces by multiple local artists in my home, and there's no feeling like showing one off. Get by both of these galleries & support your local art scene.


- The UGA Hoop Dawgs dropped to 2-3 in SEC play after a loss to Florida yesterday. Tom Crean's inaugural year pacing the court has had its ups & downs, but I truly believe he's the right man for the job.

- Speaking of hoops, Rick Rasmussen celebrated his 300th career win as a head coach when his Newton Rams toppled Eastside last  Saturday. Rick seems like such a great guy, and is obviously a very talented coach as Newton, my Alma Mater, has become a machine & is well known throughout Georgia as one of the premier high school programs in our great state. Also, he's married to an old classmate of mine. Congrats, Coach R. Well done!

Odds & Ends

Not a whole lot to report on. Look for a couple of pieces next week on the City of Covington, the usual stuff & maybe another TPC REAL History. Several of you let me know how much you enjoyed the first run with the Wm McCart shooting of Doc Smith outside of Newborn in 1870. The next one will be in Covington from the 1890s & will not include a blood kin relative.

Thanks for reading, gang! Til next time! 

- MB McCart