24 April 2018



For 13 months now the story of Joe Barr has been one that this publication has followed with much interest.

Joe Barr's a friend of mine. He's got a big heart & he's a great guitar picker. He's always got a smile for you & he does your soul good. I love the fella...

Joe's an older gentleman that was simply, truly at the "wrong place at the wrong time" when a DEA/NCSO snare snagged him along with several others back in March of 2017. As this publication has written about a time or two, and as it Editor MB McCart wrote about in another publication as well (the time the Covington News printed the word: "ju$tice"; I know...thanks!), there were major concerns that justice was not being served with Joe's treatment. As an attorney I know told me once, Joe is like a lot of folks out there. Older, black gentlemen who are of no threat to anyone, just languishing in prisons & jails throughout the state. It's a sad state of affairs & is also an unwise use of tax dollars.

Well, it seems as if there is a possible consensus among the State & others for Joe to be given back his freedom. To be able to start picking that guitar maybe. Also, Joe had a mild stroke down at Coastal State Prison. Folks are concerned that he's not getting the treatment he needs down there.

He's not a threat; his family & friends miss him.

Let's bring Joe Barr home. Let's free Joe Barr.

A competency hearing motion is being held today. Newton Co. Judicial Annex. Superior Court, Judge Benton. 1:30PM.

This hearing could ultimately lead to Joe's freedom.


In Liberty,