17 January 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - Declared or Not, An Emergency Situation Beyond Disaster

*ed. note - As many of you already know, TPC is all about the REAL Story. And what is the REAL Story? Well, that varies; however, one thing you can be assured of is this: we're always keeping it REAL. The usual boilerplate here: the opinions of Perrin, TPC Contributing Writer, do not necessarily reflect the views of The Chronicles. Having said that, I'll personally & publicly state that a good bit of everything mentioned by Perrin in this piece are sentiments that I by & large share (we diverge on a few points). If we were to do away with approx. 75% of the federal government & reduce the budget by about the same amount, I'd be willing to look at expanded immigration (even mass migration), but complete & total open borders? Never. As always, Perrin's got another superb - and important - read here. Hope you enjoy. As always, thanks for reading & ...GO DAWGS!!! - MBM


Happy government “shutdown” 2019! Please pay no attention as the US federal budget, budget deficit, and debt all continue to grow apace. In fact, it would be wonderful to pay no attention and to forget about Washington entirely. But, it’s still there. And, still marching the American nation towards extinction.

This latest temporary delay in the transfer of national resources is partly due to an impasse over The Wall. The Fence. The Slats. Whatever. Most Democrats and (honestly) most Republicans are in favor of mass third world migration into the United States. Most of the third world also shares this po$ition. The majority of the dwindling American public is (again, honestly) too stupid to notice, understand, or care.

There only a small faction of men dedicated to the idea of preserving or defending Western Civilization. Love him or hate him, in America, our stand-in champion, for the moment, is one Donald John Trump.

I’ve spent something like three-plus decades studying Trump, the man, and the past two-plus years as Trump, the 45th President. I’m still not quite sure what to make of him. With regard to the current impasse, the good news is that Trump does favor defending the border, even with some kind of physical barrier. The bad news is that he, bless his heart, still favors a brand of civic nationalist thinking about who is or can become an American. I guess we must take what we get.

So serious was Trump about his Wall, his Fence, the Slats, the Whatever, that he verbally contemplated declaring a national emergency. He floated the plausible idea of emergency military intervention. He then suggested the novel idea of emergency disaster construction. Either way, he seemed to grasp the “emergency” part. Either way, he would be correct: the largest foreign invasion in recorded history qualifies as both a (THE) martial issue and as a national disaster - any way you slice it, an emergency, and nothing but.

The champions of satanic globalism lined up for battle. The champions of treason prepared to obfuscate and interfere. The GOP establishment prepared to cave. Those still clinging to ancient rhetorical fantasy pontificated doom. The waiting hordes avoided bathing. Fat, illiterate, heavily medicated and tattooed Amerikans cheered on Clem’s Son. It, all of it, may have been for naught. Most recently, Trump says he’ll hold off on declaring a formal state of emergency. For now.

Mr. President, if not now, then when? There is, today, an actual emergency, more worthy to declare than any in the nation’s history. The situation was exactly the same in 2017 when Trump took office. The time for emergency action came along some 33 years ago. The cause manifested 54 years ago. If now isn’t a good time to act, then we may be out of time to act.

The political entity known as the United States is in advanced decay. Somewhere along the way, the Old Republic dissolved into an Empire. And, the Empire is rapidly fading away. Worse, the American nation is coming apart just as fast if not even faster. The hordes and their masters aside, our own people have changed. They, we are succumbing to the effects of the long war against them, us.

Examine, if you have the stomach, just what has become of our younger men. Abandoning the last pretense of professional scientific objectivity, the American Psychological Association now deems being a man is toxic, a disorder to be cured. These are the same kinds of people who, while admitting queers, pedos, and psychos are the products of mental disorders, that being a queer, a pedo, or a psycho is nice, normal, noble, and even better. These people fall, squarely, into the “satanic” category, above.

But, it’s not the war on men that really disturbs this writer. That’s real, a subpart of the total war on civilization. It’s the other major subpart that’s doing us in - the war on women. New statistics confirm the damage, caused by decades of religious, social, psychological, political, economic, chemical, health, and pedagogical warfare: actual Americans are a dying breed. (Please click that link and read the whole story).

That Daily Mail article confirms that white fertility rates are below those necessary for population replacement in all fifty states. Of course, the enemy is given the last word: “But this definitely makes the case for why we need more immigrants.”

No. We need the opposite of that. We have an emergency. We need an emergency declaration. Strike that - we need emergency action. Now.

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