23 May 2017

[TPC] - Tuesday Morning Quick Bite: Update on the DEA sting/Joe Barr Situation; Newton Co., meet Lady Liberty

Considered to be one of the greatest criminal defense attorneys
in GA. 
Advocate for Justice & Liberty Activist, Ms. Catherine Bernard
(Covington * 5/23/17) - Howdy, folks, hope it's good out there.

I was telling one of my pals yesterday, regarding the whole DEA operation and subsequent languishing in jail of multiple Newton citizens, this:

"The wolf is on the mutha! She's gonna be here directly!"

"...that's all you had to say!"

The wolf in this case is Catherine Bernard. I have her listed in my phone as - "Criminal Defense Atty, Justice Advocate & Wonder Woman."

When several of us really started working this story after being told that bail was not being offered to any of the folks who'd been snagged due to the ongoing investigation, I reached out to Catherine because that just seemed like the smart move.

The lovely Ms. Bernard has developed a strong reputation all over the great state of Georgia as a true advocate for Liberty, a protector of the downtrodden, and a brilliant & effective legal mind. Yesterday she spoke with two of the inmates currently at the Newton Co. Detention Center including TPC friend & Piedmont Bluesman, Mr. Joseph C. "Joe" Barr, a guy as good as any God's ever made.

Gotta give props to some of the young brothers & fellas at the Newton Co. jail, too. They've really been looking out for Joe, helping him draft correspondences, even doing some research for him, and keeping an eye on the old fella in the jailhouse. Thank you, gentlemen! Well done.

Catherine will be representing Joe Bar, basically pro-bono. It will be contingent upon the Citizenry of the home county to try to help raise some funds for a proper legal defense, though. The ball is already rolling with planning for some potential fundraisers. The big thing will be getting the word out there about this travesty & injustice. And folks, I got a chance to look at the indictment. Man, it's flimsy. It's like they're not even trying anymore. It's just all about raising some revenue and the cherry on the top for some of these folks seems to be getting the chance to destroy lives. And maybe bonus points if the offenders are black?

But again, it' just so exciting that Ms. Bernard is on it. She's like a living Lady Liberty. 

Newton County, et al, meet Catherine Bernard; Ms. Bernard - Newton Co., Alcovy judicial circuit, DEA, NCSO, et al

Look for future multiple reports, friends.