30 November 2020

A Quick Check-in From the Editor: TPC Update; The POTUS Situation; The Deep State Strikes Back; Affairs Local

By MB McCart, Ed. 

Howdy, Gang. Hope this post finds everyone well, and hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. 

I had an interesting week in that I was sick as a dog the entire time. I believe I had a nasty virus/stomach flu that then apparently morphed into a bad cold. For the record, I tested negative for COVID 19, to the disappointment of many, I'm sure, who maybe would've felt like it was poetic justice for me to get it. Well, no such luck. You'll just have to keep hating America & Freedom while being generally insufferable & becoming more & more intolerable. 

Alas, just a couple of weeks ago I'd given my plans of taking a sabbatical in this space but it seems as if the contributing staff here at the ole newssite (sans the ole workhorse pro Perrin, of course), has up & disappeared on me, so here I am, thrust into action. I do it all for you, Dear Reader. It's all for you. 


So, hard to believe that we're coming up on one month since the infamous election of 2020. Where are we at? 

Well, I for one, like many others, truly believe that we witnessed wholesale, widespread election fraud. I can already hear the aforementioned haters screeching -- tHeRe'S nO pRoOf oF tHaT!!1! 

Actually, there is. And regardless of how things go down, we will be seeing a lot these next couple of weeks that will, in my estimation, make that abundantly clear. 

In the meantime, here are a few things to ponder on: 

Patrick Basham, a Senior Fellow with the Cato Institute, writing over at The Spectator, has an incredible piece on all of the anomalies we saw on election night. Just like Mr. Basham, I guess you can lump me into the crank/conspiracy theorist camp (but for those who know me, hasn't that where I've always been?).

Newt Gingrich is also aboard Team Crank.  

And for anyone who's actually taken the time to research these lawsuits recently filed in Georgia & Michigan - and have the ability to not blindly absorb what their phones tell them to - there really is a lot there. 

Look out soon here at TPC for a heavy hitting piece from our National Affairs Correspondent, Mr. Perrin Lovett, on this situation. 


Based on Biden's own words & actions as of late, if he is elected as POTUS next year, we will see a return to the Deep State, a Wolfowitzian foreign policy & the NeoCon War Machine of the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama years. Here's a good piece by Steve Brown writing at the Ron Paul Institute that gives a good rundown. Get ready for 4 years of liberals & never trumpers learning how to stop worrying & loving the bomb. 


The Great Covington SK8 Scourge of 2020 

Fleeta doesn't like these skateboarders, no sir, not one bit. And just like w/ the redneck teenagers w/ their loud trucks & rap/bro country music, she is not impressed! 


25 November 2020

A Feature Piece by Perrin Lovett -- Debt and Bombs: A Brief History of The Federal Reserve System and Post-World War I United States Foreign Policy

 *Ed. note: what follows is a commissioned, feature piece on a subject that is key to a true understanding of what exactly is the REAL Story as it applies to...almost everything related to D.C., banking, foreign policy & the military. It is a critical analysis of how the two gravest threats to the endurance of the Republic - the Fed & the MIC/War Machine - work in concert & feed off of one another to continue to erode our national sovereignty & enrichen the power elite. Now, add to that, the current phenomenon of an attempt at a "great reset" & one can safely assume that those of us who prefer Freedom & Liberty have a lot to be concerned about; however, like any true threat, one must know the full backstory. This is a piece that I've had in the mental backburner for years but could never really get any traction on -- Perrin the Pro knocked it out in less than a week. A slightly longer read, but a necessary one. As always, we appreciate you reading. -- MBM 

By Perrin Lovett

During the same week, news broke that former Fed Chairman Janet Yellen was under consideration for Treasury Secretary in a putative Biden administration and that the current President had explored the option of bombing Iran. Debt and bombs, together, and not for the first time. These two topics in American history and geopolitical policy are intrinsically, intricately related and intertwined, one dependent on the other in a strange dual parasitic relationship. You, dear American, are the host.

The Federal Reserve sprang forth from the aptly-named Federal Reserve Act of 1913. United States foreign policy, post-WWI, unsurprisingly started in or after 1918, though the foundations were laid well before the War to End All Wars (that didn’t) began in 1914. Again the astute reader might notice close temporal proximity. That is no coincidence.

However, outside of an American connection, these twin matters are near-eternal in nature. Long has the world hosted and suffered international meddling, for good or ill, and usurious, nefarious lending schemes, always for ill.

Show Me The Coin

Some 2,000 years ago, a certain itinerant street preacher conversed with the leading client-state religious leaders of His day:

“‘Show Me the money you pay the tax with.' They handed Him a denarius, and He said, 'Whose portrait is this? Whose title?' They replied, 'Caesar's.' Then He said to them, 'Very well, pay Caesar what belongs to Caesar - and God what belongs to God.' When they heard this they were amazed; they left Him alone and went away.”

-Matthew 22:19-22 (KJV)

We’re not so lucky; if only they would leave us alone. Of course, not long after that meeting and following a lecture on their paternity, these wayward leaders delivered the Son up for Imperial judgment. There is, in this short passage, a lesson and a warning. Contrary to popular belief (or lack thereof), this dialogue is in no way an endorsement of taxation. Rather, Jesus exposed the Pharisees as blasphemous hypocrites. The coin in question was not a standard Imperial Roman model. It was a newly devised silver piece, especially for use by Tiberious and the elites of his day, and which bore allegiant inscriptions to both Athena and to Augustus, the “living god.” To bring such money into the Temple - for any purpose - was a direct affront to Our Heavenly Father. Thus, Christ instructed that it stay with its proper debased and debasing owners. 

This was but one of the examples innumerable of coin shaving, coin substitution, and numismatic treachery throughout history. And again, it was no coincidence that this particular example happened concurrently with Roman expansion into the Levant, Gaul, Britannia, and other foreign spheres. It is unusual in that the replacement metal was of greater value than the bronze denarius, a distinction erased as years slipped by. Our own experience these past 107 years has been a steady devaluation, from valuable metal-based currency to metal-linked paper, to paper, attractive yet worthless, and now, to ones and zeros in computers.

“Money,” like all other words, has a definition. What has been historically traded as currency, in lieu of bartering, has been: portable, fungible, scarce, and intrinsically valuable. Gold - rare, uniform, and useful in its own right - meets the definition nicely. By itself, how much value is held in a line of code? What is the literal measure and value of the thing itself, the screen of binary characters? These questions and these contrasts matter. And, they are not unique to the last century in American history. 

Vipers and Thieves

Given enough time and enough exposure to human reality, any monetary system will evolve or devolve the same as any other custom or practice. Yet, for truly exceptional malfeasance, one needs a centralized banking system. “Free” banking, or national banking, or even state or private banking, even if they are chaotic, with their structural de-linking are somewhat immune to total debasement due to forces of competition; if Bank X’s currency or the currency of North Carolina goes bad, then a user may always resort to the money of Texas or of Bank Y. A mandatory monopoly presents a more dire environment.

The Federal Reserve is the fourth central bank foisted upon the nation and the people. The first three were ill-fated and short-lived. They were the Bank of North America (effective 1782 - 1791), the First Bank of the United States (1791 - 1811-ish), and the Second Bank of the United States (1816 - 1836 (or 1841)). Yes, somehow America existed, grew, and prospered in the absence of a central bank for some 70 years. 

Most famous in the telling of these former institutions was the demise of the Second Bank, at the capable hands of Andrew Jackson who declared unto the speculators and grifters of his day, “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, I will rout you out!” He did. 

No character of the magnitude of Jesus has been seen since His Ascension. Sadly, later-day America lacked and lacks even a man the likes of Jackson. What was once routed managed to creep back, its malice all the greater and its plan the vaster. 

18 November 2020

A Moment From MB -- Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In: Madam Coroner, GA Election Hijinks, This & That...

Dear Readers, 


Jesus take the wheel, ammaright? 

2020 -- The Year That Just Keeps on Giving

Madam Coroner 

Still to this day, Dorothea Bailey-Butts, as I understand it, still hasn't reached out to current Newton Co. Coroner Tommy Davis, the longtime, highly regarded three-term incumbent she bounced out due to racism (or, as some would say, voting irregularities...). 

Really not surprising since she and her surrogates - including useful idiots such as Terry Godfrey,  the Madam's personal photog  - have been accusing, without proof, the current Coroner of being corrupt. 

Never forget this, Dear Readers -- a good, decent man was removed from office simply for the color of his skin. MLK is rolling over in his grave as I type this... 

So, The People's Coroner, who is looking for Coroner Cadets, will take over this all-too-important Constitutional Office come January. Like I've said publicly a few times -- I sure hope I don't die of mysterious circumstances over the next four years. 

But seriously, what happens when law enforcement reaches out to the Coroner's Office & then they simply don't respond. What happens then? 

We'll likely find out in a couple of months. 


Obviously there's something rotten in the State of Georgia. 

To me, the big question is this -- has Brian Kemp pissed away any & all of his goodwill at this point? 

It's looking that way.

As I publicly spoke of five years ago, at some point the final ride of the Great American Scream Machine of American Politics is going to happen, and  as that roller coaster is catching on fire, there'll obviously be collateral damage... 


I wrote a FB post previously, recently, about how DJT/45 is the most pro-Peace & anti-War POTUS we've had since Ike. Based on any objective reality, that's a given, but the sycophants who only listen to what their phones tell them still can't wrap their heads around that obvious fact. 

The shills on the left are almost (probably worse) as bad as their counterparts on the hard right. 

It's these people that keep us from having the nice things we deserve. 

Never forget that. 



12 November 2020

A Letter From the Editor: TPC Gonna TPC - This is How We Do It

By: MB McCart, Ed.  

Greetings, GA Piedmont, and I hope this post finds you well. 

Interesting times are upon us, no doubt, & what a year 2020 has been! 

Politically, things are pretty terse right now. 

But hey - it's almost Thanksgiving... 

So, for Yours Truly, I'll be on sabbatical/walk-about for the rest of the year, but fear not, Dear Readers, you can definitely count on our CFF Feature Writer, National Affairs Correspondent & All Around Political, Prepper Gadfly - Mr. Perrin Lovett - to keep us in tune w/ the REAL Story at the federal level. 

Also -- BIG NEWS -- our wayward & busy philosopher - Ryan Ralston - is supposed to be back again contributing very soon. 

And look for at least two pieces from our Gal on the Scene, Ms Kayla La'sure. 

But what about Da & Bess, I can already hear a few of you asking. Good question! 

Keep in mind, too, that - chances are - I'll be writing in this space at least a time or two (or more?) during the next six weeks; but, just in case, hope you have a Happy Turkey Day (Gobble, Gobble), Merry Xmas & Have a Happy, Have a Happy, Have a Hap-Hap-Happy New Year! 

- MBM 

09 November 2020

Perrin Lovett: Nuclear Disarmament?

Move over, Jack Handey. Today, we have some deep thoughts here of all places. Let’s take a break from the exciting election lawsuits of 2020 and discuss world peace!

The following was motivated by something I said in one of my new video podcasts for Freedom Prepper. It was also, roundabout, the subject of a comment left on that or another video. But first, as this kicks off with FP, I have something better than international harmony to share with you!

Freedom Roasters Coffee

It’s coming soon!

Crass commercial solicitation out of the way, let’s get serious for once in this even crazier-than-normal electoral week. As I noted above, one of our beloved commenters left these thoughts: “We were the first ones to drop a nuclear bomb. I sure hope we aren’t the last.” I assume he meant that he hopes no more bombs are ever dropped, such being my inclination.

Concerning the coming dissolution of the United States, as a forced internal collection of nations and as an international empire, I asked: “Who gets the nukes?” To my knowledge, no one else has broached that potentially pressing issue. In fact, most might be stumped at the notion of the US following the path of all other empires. Be that as it may, the question is still valid.

For some time, there will likely exist a rump state centered in Washington. I imagine its main purpose will be to harass and make war on those other emerging independent polities. If given the time, and if blessed with someone with a modicum of forethought (what an if!), then that government would be the most probable answer. It is also possible that the arsenal could be divided up, by agreement or otherwise. How that works out, I do not know. However, given all that has happened, all that is unfolding, and the terrible potential of the subject matter, it might be wise to start, sooner than later, to decrease the volume of the weapons at issue.

In world history, only one nation, South Africa, has ever built and then completely scrapped nuclear weaponry. Their underlying reasons in the 1980s mirror those plausible for the current US more than most would like to admit. If the US goes down the same peaceful path, even as to a percentage of the current stock, then I advise that the other atomic countries join in!

Here’s my grand idea to rid the world of nuclear war. The current nuclear powers would have to work together on this project. Any new member of the club (Iran, etc.) should be invited in. By crossed-examined processes, of some kind, the nations should systematically reduce the total number of weapons down to a small, manageable figure. We’ll say, “fifty,” for convenience sake. Why keep any? Deterrence, both against a treacherous project member, a new player, or some rogue actor in the future.

The fifty final warheads could be loaded into submarines jointly owned and operated by the navies of the participating countries, with a rotating command and control system to ensure that no one country has total possession or usage. The subs, whatever their number, should be kept as secret as possible, along with their bases, tritium resupply facilities, etc. Under this cautious approach, it would be very difficult for, say, France to initiate a nuclear exchange with India, if the only available weapons were, at the time, in Russian and Pakistani stewardship. The use of at least two subs, with alternating international commands, would quash the urge of a participating nation or faction to abuse the system. Also, no rogue state would want to step out of line, knowing that somewhere the world community held means of substantial retaliation. Rogue asteroids might also pay similar respectful attention (assuming much, there).


This whole scheme assumes much, and I realize its chances of implementation or even serious consideration are essentially zero. This entry was a substitution and about the best that I could come up with during this most unusual week in the most unusual year. For what it’s worth! Still, there it is - I have done my small part for peace. Should you have a different or a better idea, then we’re all waiting. Back to the sales angle, I have a better coffee, samples of which we are all waiting on.


04 November 2020

TPC Real Politick -- The Morning After: Talkin' Local, State & Federal

By MB McCart, Ed.  

Trust that everyone is feeling nice & refreshed this morning. I know I sure am! Let's get right to it. 

As we've been seeing for over a decade now, Newton Co. keeps getting bluer & bluer. It's a fact & there's no disputing it. 

Wasn't surprised one bit by the Tax Commissioner flip, nor did I much care. I think many saw that one coming. Dana was weighed down by Dingler & let's face it - that's a lot of weight. 

What was shocking for this writer - and many others - was the 56/44 split for the Sheriff's race. I'd been (probably, maybe a little too) optimistic about Ken Malcom's chances, but even if he was going to come up short, I figured it'd be a lot closer. Very surprising; very disappointing. 

There's an old saying in politics that it's all about the numbers. The numbers are the numbers & the numbers don't lie. I'm looking forward to really delving into all of the expanded data once the results are certified. At this point, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Team Blue won the battle of new registrations as well at the GOTV activities. The Dems' lead from early & absentee voting was just too much to overcome & it sounds as if the election day turnout was maybe a little softer than expected. 

Is what it is. 

The most disappointing race of the night had to be the Coroner's race. A good man & a hard worker - my friend, Tommy Davis - got put out of office strictly over identity politics. He lost because of the color of his skin... 

But hey -- T-SPLOST went down, thank the Big Lady upstairs! Man, I needed that one. If it'd passed I might be curled up into a ball in my closet. The People said HELL NO! and I'm glad for it. 

Also, Ronnie Cowan & Stan Edwards were reelected to BOC 5 & 1, respectively. Congratulations, gentlemen. And while I may have missed the mark on a couple of elections, I called - almost down the exact number - the splits we saw in those two races a couple of months ago. So, maybe I'm not a complete hack...? 


The infamous Jungle Primary of Georgia in the year of our Lord 2020 has occured & it was everything I hoped it'd be. I voted for friend & longtime conservative-libertarian activist Allen Buckley & I'm glad I did. Looked like Loefller had that vital final boost of momentum to overcome the insufferable Doug Collins (what an A$$hole!) to make it to the runoff against Preacher Man. 

W/ the Purdue Senate race I was happy as a clam to be in my usual 2-3% club voting for Libertarian (REAL Deal) Shane Hazel. When are Democrats going to learn to put Ossoff away in the corner, in a box w/ a rock on the lid? The guy's never gonna win a statewide election in GA. He's just too...Ossoff. 


I've been parsing the data & I'm thinking Trump's gonna win the thing. 

We shall see. 

No matter what, the sun rose from the east this morning & the sky's still blue; we didn't get hit by that meteor. So there's that. And here in Newton Co. our one dollar McDonald's biscuit will still be $1.07 after tax instead of $1.08. 

It's all good. 

- MBM 

02 November 2020

MB McCart: How I'm Voting Tuesday, November 3rd

 Hello, friends, and welcome back to TPC - Your Source for the REAL Story! 

So, what an election cycle, right? And 2020 - what a year!? 

We're almost there, folks, and that's something that I think we can all agree is a good thing. 

Ed. Note: please know that none of the following are endorsements, per se, this is just how your erstwhile, semi-esteemed Editor is voting


Donald J Trump 

You know, as at least a couple of you know, I've never voted for a major-party candidate for President in my life.

In 1996, my first year eligible to vote in this race, I pulled my ballot for Ross Perot, and I'm sure glad I did. In 2000 I voted for the Libertarian - Harry Browne; 2004 - Libertarian Michael Badnarik; 2008 - Libertarian Bob Barr & in 2012, I voted for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. In 2016, maybe in a moment of weakness, I cast a protest-protest vote & wrote in the Green Party candidate Jill Stein. Why? That's a good question... 

Look, people, I've been railing against the deep state for a quarter of a century - they are REAL. They are a problem. 

DJT. He's a buffoon, right? Absolutely.

Homeslice won't stay off of Twitter? Yep.

A total lack of self-discipline? Seemingly. 

But, it's all about perspective. When you had the entire bureaucratic leviathan of the federal government running a straight-up coup against you, perhaps you maybe might've reacted the same way? 

And remember: 

Russian Collusion. Total lies. 

The Ukraine foolishness the Dems tried to impeach him for? The epitome of gaslighting & projection by the deep state. Hell, people, you've got Joe Biden on video admitting to it. 



Look, I'm an action man. 

Criminal Justice Reform? Check. 

Tax Overhaul? Check. 

Changing 102 years of foreign policy? A big, damn check. 

So he banned the rednecks' bump stocks & he started manipulating the Fed to work for the common man instead of the unholy alliance of Big Biz/Big Tech/Big Pharma/MIC/Deep State. 

What an A$$hole! 


US Senate (Special Election for Isakson) 

Allen  Buckley 

A true libertarian, tax attorney & a friend of mine that I've had the privilege to know for 18 years, if we could send this genius to D.C. we just might have a chance; however, in this jungle primary highlighted by the worst of the worst, he doesn't stand a chance. That's fine. I'll still be extremely proud to vote for him. 

US Senate (Perdue) 

Shane Hazel 

A true, unapologetic Libertarian. I'm pumped to vote for him. 

GA State Senate 17 

Kelly Rose 

Only because she's hot...

Newton Co. Sheriff 

Ken Malcom 

Our Next Sheriff, I Truly Hope! 

Newton Co. Coroner 

Tommy Davis 

A Good Man! 

Alcovy Circuit DA 

Destiny Bryant 

BOC 5 

Ronnie Cowan 




Thanks for reading, 

- MB McCart 

TPC Profiles - Destiny Bryant: Alcovy Judicial Circuit's Destiny?

By MB McCart, Editor 

Greetings, Readers, and hope this post finds everyone well. 

So, we're almost there & what an election season it has been. Another TPC piece that should hit later tonight will talk about all of the other races we'll be seeing here in the home city & county at all levels - federal, state & local; but, for this post, I want to concentrate on one race in particular that affects the Qualified Electors of both Newton & Walton counties & that is the race for District Attorney, the Counsel of the People, for the Alcovy Judicial Circuit. 

Destiny Bryant is a remarkable woman, and one that this writer has glad to have gotten to know over these last few weeks. 

She's an African-American Democrat, but Ms. Bryant has made waves w/ all walks of lives in the circuit here lately,  whether it be based on racial, political or socioeconomic lines, and has run an extremely strong campaign by all accounts (including those supporting her opposition). 

A Lady who has worked in the Alcovy D.A.'s office for quite some time, Destiny is not your typical attorney, person, Asst. D.A., or - for that matter - a candidate for public office. No, she's something different. Very different. And in the opinion of this writer -- that's a very good thing...


Destiny Bryant 

Over the last couple of weeks I've had the opportunity & pleasure of touching base w/ this candidate via email, FB Messenger & phone, and I'd like to share those communiques. 

In asking about her thoughts on the general concept of the "Balancing of Equities": 

Ultimately, does the punishment make sense? Does it outweigh the harm? Is there a better way to remedy the situation that does not place the defendant in a posture that is worse than when they committed the crime? How can we reconcile the parties in a way to make them whole? All of those questions connect to "the balancing of equities" on the criminal side for me.

Regarding my question pertaining to the systematic & problematic flaws of the criminal justice system in Georgia: 

The biggest flaw I have noticed is that the individuals being incarcerated at alarming rates does not match the race, gender, or socioeconomic status of the judges or attorneys in the criminal justice system. Blacks and Latinx individuals are arrested and incarcerated at higher rates, but there are only about six Black District Attorneys in the State of Georgia. There will be more next week after the election. I do not believe there has ever been a Latino District Attorney in the State of Georgia. That too could change next week after the election in Athens-Clarke County. 

I do not know the last time a black male has been appointed to the bench by a Georgia governor. Outside of metro counties like Fulton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Clayton and Cobb, you will rarely find more than one person of color on the bench. 

I view lack of diversity as a serious and systematic flaw due to the full history of the American policing and criminal justice system. We fix those problems by reducing barriers to diversity and by inviting people of color to join the ranks of those who impact the system the most. I believe we also fix those issues by training children and teens of all races and socioeconomic status that they have a duty to be engaged in their community by working to make it a more just and equitable place. 

In re the Marijuana question: 

I have never smoked anything a day in my life. It just never made sense to me. Regardless of that small fact, I think possession of marijuana should be legalized. I think alcohol is more harmful than marijuana, and it is sold and taxed with no issues. I am against driving under the influence of MJ, but I could honestly care less if someone is smoking a joint at home or wherever. 

The reality is that EVERYONE IS SMOKING! We have spent too much time in the criminal justice system ruining someone's life over MJ. I guess it goes back to the balancing of equities. Should a teen not be able to get a student loan because they smoked a joint? No; not when the school dean is likely smoking with his friends too.

Should a guy in his 20's not be able to get a business loan due to a MJ conviction? No; not when the people providing the loans can afford to fly to Colorado for the weekend and smoke as much as they want. 

Should we send someone to prison for a decade plus for selling MJ? No; not when multiple states are on the verge of legalizing it. 

The long answer to your question is no. I do not think marijuana should be prohibited. Legalize it, tax it, and prohibit being under the influence of it while operating a motor vehicle just as we do with alcohol. Use the money for something useful in communities. 

And my big question to her -- What does the latin phrase - fiat justitia ruat caelum - mean to you?

It means doing what is right, fair, and just ALL of the time. Regardless of the pressures, emotions, and consequences that arise, I should strive to always do what is just. Striking that precise point can be different for each situation. 


(((Be Still, My Beating Heart)))

I also found out the following about Destiny Bryant: 

Some of her favorite music acts include Maroon 5, Outkast & Prince & two of her favorite movies are "P.S. I Love You" & "Coming to America." 


I always vote on election day, so I'll be voting tomorrow. My ballot is going to look like a jigsaw puzzle. An independent, a few Republicans, a couple of Libertarians, a write-in or two & I'll be voting for at least one Democrat -- I'll be voting for Destiny Bryant for Alcovy D.A

- MB McCart 

Ellis Millsaps: Dewey Defeats Truman


We hear a lot of talk from both parties that the results of the coming election may not be known

for several days after November 3rd. I say this election will be over before “election day” and it

will be a landslide of historic proportions for Joe Biden and Democrats at large.

I'm writing this essay not as a partisan but as a political observer. You would certainly be on

solid ground to question how my pro -Democrat bias shades my objectivity, but I've been

historically pretty good at this. I base my predictions on my study of the real news. ( I haven't

logged onto Facebook in over five years.)

We could know, for all practical purposes, the results of this election on election night. That is

because of two states: Florida and North Carolina. Unlike most states, these two have

mechanisms in place to tally mail-in ballots as soon as the polls close. Trump loses either of

these states it's over.

Florida and North Carolina aside, Biden has consistently maintained substantial leads in the

three rust belt states Trump flipped the last time: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Biden sweeps those states and it's all over. Stick a fork in it.

On top of all that, Texas, Ohio,Georgia and Arizona are toss-ups with Biden polling a slim lead

in the latter two. These are all states Trump carried comfortably in 2016.

Democrats appear to be increasing their lead in the house and look likely to take a senate

majority. Races in Maine, Colorado, and Arizona look solidly Democratic while they also hold

small leads in North Carolina and Iowa. Victories in those States alone shift the majority and we haven't even considered the tossups. It is possible that next year South Carolina will have two African-American senators, Montana may have two Democrats, Mississippi a black one and Georgia senators may be a Jew and a black preacher-- although we'll have to wait for a January runoff. The landslide will come about because while he's made negligible efforts to expand his base, Trump's base has been shrinking. That base is composed largely of three groups: xenophobes, white evangelicals, and people who have always voted for anything with an R in front of it.

The first group is largely older white people who are afraid of dark-skinned people running their

government. Turns out they're more afraid of not seeing their grandchildren and dying alone.

The second group is largely composed of single issue voters-- the right to life-- who otherwise

are disgusted by the president’s character. I think Mitch McConnell made a serious mistake in

getting his Supreme Court nominee affirmed before the election, if winning the election is his

major concern, but it may not be. He may have foreseen Trump's loss and wants to get his court locked in before some lame duck Republicans maybe change their minds. If I'm that single issue voter I have no reason to vote for Trump now because I've already won. My team owns the court.

Finally the R voters. They have left Trump in significant numbers. Witness groups like The

Lincoln project and prominent Republicans who have endorsed Biden.

Then there’s the record turnout Republicans have been so desperate to avoid because they see it favoring Democrats. On top of that we’re seeing a huge increase in young voters, a group that heavily supports Biden.

As to the scheme advanced by some for Republican state legislators to substitute Trump elector slates for the winning Biden ones, that ain't happening. When it becomes apparent that Trump has lost, those Republican legislators will be like the flying monkeys after Dorothy killed the witch.

After the dust clears I'll be back to talk about the effects of the landslide, what Ted Cruz and

Ben Sasse call the ”Republican bloodbath” on our body politic, or else I'll start eating some major crow. 

- Ellis Millsaps