09 November 2023

2023 #COV Municipal Election In The Books: A Look Back

 Howdy, pals, and hope everything is going everybody's way out there. 

Well, another Covington election in the rearview mirror. Time just marches on, doesn't it? 

So let's break it down. 

I was very happy to see that both of the candidates I endorsed & publicly supported won their respective East Ward city council races. 

Congrats to good friend Travis Moore in Post 2, as well as Jared Rutberg for Post 3. Both of these fine gentlemen will be a great addition to the home city's voting body. 

Let's start w/ Post 3

As predicted, Jared won this one easily. 65% of the votes cast vs Dania's 35%. Honestly, for a municipal race, that's really a whooping. But again, not surprising. Having moved here only a year ago & being a relatively unknown quantity, it was expected for Bernard.

Again, congrats to Jared Rutberg. He's a good guy & he'll do a good job, I think. And if he doesn't - I'll let him know about it & will let you guys know as well. 

I will commend Dania Bernard for running a clean campaign apparently devoid of any lies or dirty politics. 

On the other hand, Post 2 played out much differently except for the final tally. 

Travis Moore won bigly, getting 64% of the final vote, basically winning 2-to-1 over Carla Ferry. 

But as mentioned, this one was different. It was NOT a clean campaign. It DID have dirty politics. 

I know for a fact that Travis was planning on & was wanting to run a campaign solely on the issues but Ms Ferry saw to it that that wouldn't happen. 

It started w/ the event at Corrydale early on which is when the wheels really first started coming off her campaign. Making it abundantly clear that basically her entire campaign would be focused on lies & half truths directed at Mr Moore, her campaign never really had a chance for getting traction. 

After that early performance, the writing was already on the wall. 

She turned it up to 11 a while later when she sent out a direct-mail hit piece against Travis, again completely NOT rooted in facts & full of non & half truths, and really showing a lack of any fundamental understanding of how the planning commission, or really simply government in general, works. 

After that, it was Newton's Third Law time. 

The Moore campaign hit back - and they hit back HARD - as well he should've. 

Once the other side plays that game -- all bets are off. 

And I'm hoping folks now will finally appreciate the old adage of -- "Signs Don't Vote" 

There's no substitute for canvassing & "REAL Politick." And obviously likability & credibility are key as well. 

Well done, Travis Moore! Congrats & looking forward to your contributions. 


In the semi-surprise of the night, Fleeta Baggett won the Mayoral race WITHOUT a runoff. W/ five candidates running it seemed as if a second round would be a foregone conclusion; however, as the race wore on, and as Fleeta got after it (by all accounts she ran one helluva campaign) while her opponents floundered, the word on the street leading up to election day was that she was going to take care of it Tuesday night. And by golly that she did! 

Congrats to my old frenemy. It was kind of weird voting for you. We expect big things & we'll be keeping an eye on you, Madam Mayor. Remember: "Do the right things & do things right." 

And to cap off a pretty darn good night for the home city & county, the referendum for senior citizens relief on the BOE tax passed easily. 

Alright, gang, until next time. 

- MBM 

06 November 2023

TPC REAL Politick: #COV Municipal Election Time - Welcome to the Fun House!

 Greetings, Fearless Readers, and we sure hope it's all lovely out there. 

So it's that time. Covington election time! And we're all real excited about it! 

Time's a wastin' so let's get right down to it. 


So my good friend Travis Moore seems to be in the driver's seat for this race & for good reason -- he is definitely the most qualified. Plus, he's a great guy. I've known him for years, as have many of you. He's legit! Good people. 

It's my understanding that his opponent's campaign started to see the tea leaves a few weeks ago so that's when she first decided to go negative w/ a direct mail piece. 

Probably a bad idea there... 

What's the old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight? 

Or, to reference the popular meme - (do something) & then "find out." 

I've really gotten a kick here lately how her surrogates have been pushing this same line about - "hey...just look at her campaign page - she hasn't been going after him" 

No, here lately, she's been doing that w/ direct messages that she's been sending out to numerous Covington voters, many of whom are supporting Travis, and many of whom have been taking screen shots. In other words - there are receipts. 

The flailing death rattle of a flailing - and pointless - campaign, in this writer's estimation. 

"bUt wHaT aBoUt aLl hEr SiGnS," I can hear some of you saying. 

She had more signs two years ago & lost by 14 points to Susie Keck, a semi-unknown quantity at the time. 

That's the thing.

Travis is C-Town
. Born & bred. Multi-generational. 

People know him. They know that he's been fighting against apartments ever since he was first appointed to the Planning Commission. 

Straight up lies are simply straight up lies. 

There's only one set of facts, people, and the facts are the facts. 


Dania Bernard apparently moved to Covington approx a year ago. She's seemingly moved all over a lot of places most of her adult life. Purportedly she's an investor w/ Archer Aviation - the outfit that clearcut that beautiful land just east of Oxford. And supposedly she's worked as a flight attendant some as well. 

Who knows? 

Also, basically, she's running as a Democrat in a non-partisan race. All one has to do to confirm that is to see where her signs are throughout town, as well as what she's been telling folks all throughout town. 

I'm voting for Jared Rutberg in this one. 


Don't ask, don't tell...? 

I'm still not exactly sure who I'm going to vote for in this one, or if I'm even going to vote in this one. 

I like the Preacherman. I really do. But not so sure about him being Mayor. 

I like Felton. Not so sure about him being Mayor, though. 

I like Eric. [see above

Definitely not voting for Kenny. 

So, there's a fifth candidate running. At least a few of you know who she is. 

I'll just say this: she might be okay as Mayor, but I'm just not entirely so sure. 

Planning to make my mind up tomorrow morning when I vote... 


Remember: ELECTION DAY tomorrow. 

And remember: voting will be at regular polling precincts (NOT at City Hall) due to the countywide referendum happening. 

- MBM 

19 October 2023

Covington Municipal Election Ballot Catastrophe

 Apparently way worse than originally thought...

Multiple West Ward Electors voting for East Ward candidates; multiple East Ward Electors voting for West Ward candidates.
Again - DO NOT VOTE until this gets fixed.
Apparently it's going to be on the WSB TV news tonight.
This is nothing short of gross incompetence on behalf of the Newton County Board of Elections (though they're purportedly blaming the GA Sec of State. Regardless, they have a duty to confirm & verify, obviously).
Stay tuned in this space & at The Piedmont Chronicles & MB's Word on the Street for follow ups.


12 October 2023

Finally, Another Check-in From The Editor - Don't Call It A Comeback...

*cross-posted at MB's Word On The Street 

 …I been here for years

I'm rockin' my peers, puttin' suckers in fear
Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom…”

LL Cool J

Ahhh Yeah! We back!

Though we were never gone, really. No, the last few months I’ve kind of been keeping my powder try & working my patented ant hill kicking a little more on the down low opting for more direct communications via phone & text.

However, I understand that a fair number of folks who like to keep up w/ my particular brand of foolishness, hyperbole & - dare I say at times - frivolity haven’t been privy to my direct communiques.

So, here we are.

Of course, not much has really happened here recently, right?

Pretty quiet.


Obviously the elephant in the room at the moment is the seemingly pending foray into WWIII.

Hell, what did you expect? With the Ukraine spigot looking to possibly slow down, the war machine needs Dat Ca$h Money!

Seems to be working - just look at the stock prices of all the MIC players.

And the world keeps on humming as it always has.


Well, the #COV races are definitely heating up. Things are gettin’ really REAL out there. Lots of lies & dirty politics floating around. Desperate people getting desperate. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Signs being put up w/out permission & also in violation of code while signs being illegally taken down.

You know? The usual.

It’s just good stuff!


Just as some of us have been saying for 3 & 1/2 years - they lied to us. About everything. Almost all totally & verifiably proven.

The death rate was never anywhere close to what they were claiming. They lied. Proven.

Masks. Don’t work. They lied. Proven.

Myocarditis from the vaccines. It’s a thing. They lied. Proven.

Died w/ Covid being way higher than “because” of Covid. They lied. Proven.

More people were probably killed by doctors & hospitals due to Remdesivir & ventilators. They lied. Almost all but proven (and right quick - when this one really gets the light of day it deserves, that’s when maybe, just maybe, folks will be ready to really get pissed. Not holding my breath, though.

Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine both work. They lied. Proven. Big Pharma couldn’t have cheap competition, now could they?

A regimen of Vitamin C, D3 & Zinc really does help. They lied. Proven.

Yep, folks like me were basically right on everything. That just kills some people out there. Their ego no likey.

However, something that did cause some optimism for me is this - for a few weeks there a while back the powers-that-be & their legacy media minions really went into a full-on gaslight mode vis-a-vis Covid & then proceeded to get totally eviscerated from just about everybody. And then it stopped.

Hey, a small win. We’ll take it.

So on that positive note, I’ll leave it for now.

Good to be back. Stay Tuned.


29 June 2023

A Check-in From the Editor: Talking Covington, GA REAL Politick!

 *cross-posted at MB's Word on the Street 

Greetings, Fearless Readers, it's been a minute. 


Well, things are starting to heat up as we get closer & closer to qualifying for the home city's municipal elections. 

Travis Moore continues to be the only declared candidate for East Ward, Post 2, and he's looking to be a lock for this seat. W/ the blessing of the current holder of this position, Travis is a true coalition/consensus candidate. 

Basically we have four main factions in terms of east ward voters: 1) Old Guard/Establishment; 2) #NewtonCo12/NCLA (I'm in that one); 3) The Covington Place crew; 4) The Song Alliance folks. 

Travis is unique in that all the factions seem to like him & are comfortable w/ him as their representation. 

As we turn our attention to Post 3, it does seem to be official that Don Floyd will not be seeking reelection. The one declared candidate for this seat is one Dania Bernard. New to the home city, she's only lived here for about a year. Supposedly, she's an investor w/ the Archer Aviation outfit that just clear cut that beautiful old growth timber on Williams Rd in between City Pond & Oxford. 

While she's apparently curried favor w/ some in & around Covington (including, purportedly,  some employees of the city government), she basically remains a relative unknown & many are skeptical. Based on research, she seemingly has moved around quite a bit during her entire adult life. Also, this writer was made aware of a program that can detect if copy/verbiage was originated by an AI program & based on documentation received, it seems as if at least portions of her campaign materials were perhaps originated by that technology. 

Questions abound. 

It is this publication's understanding that Jared Rutberg is about to officially declare for this seat. Conventional wisdom would seem to suggest that he'd win a two-way race, probably somewhat handily. 

Now, for Mayor


Talking about possibly clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. Her major misstep last week w/ the Corrydell vote may have taken from primary contender to an also-ran. 

Even this writer was getting ready to maybe, just maybe, begrudgingly...[redacted]. 

Interesting times. We shall see. 

Okay for now, 

- MBM 

31 May 2023

TPC REAL Politick: #COV Edition, 5/31/23

 *updated as of 7:20pm, 5/31/23

owdy, folks. Hope all is well out there. 

So, May was a little light for us here at TPC. Our apologies. In the words of Ray Goff - We're gonna  work hard to get bettah! 

It's an odd year, so it's time for Covington municipal elections. Yaaayyy! 

So, #COV Real Politck.

East Ward, Post 2. We have a declared candidate - the one & only Travis Moore. I like Travis. He's a good fella & would be an ideal pick for this seat & has shown his bonafides by his performance & votes on the Planning Commission. He wants to work on controlling growth & getting our tax base back in balance & definitely limiting multi-family. The clear choice, naturally. 

Word on the street is that there's a certain younger lady who is apparently an investor w/ the Archer Aviation group (the folks that just clear-cut the beautiful land in between City Pond & Oxford; another story for another time) & is possibly looking at Post 2 or possibly Dirty Don Floyd's seat (hearing conflicting reports at to whether or not he's going to run again). Based on what I can tell, it seems this lady has moved around a lot & hasn't been in town for very long. Questions there, for sure. Will see if I can learn more moving forward. 

What about Mayor? Well, we know current west ward rep Kenneth Towns Morgan (corrected & updated) is running. Tim Walden has announced from the east ward. I know Tim & I like him a lot. He's a godly man & he sings & picks a pretty good guitar as well.

I'm 99.99% sure he cannot win a city wide election. 

The grapevine is saying that ole Chris Smith might throw his hat in the ring if everybody's first choice decides not to (Tommy, please run!). We shall see, though if it's Chris vs. Kenneth...well, let's cross that bridge if & when we get to it. 

**Wildcard: hearing that Eric Treets might run again, too. That'd really change up the dynamics if so**

Going back to the east ward, there's possibly a hairdresser that's thinking about running for one of the open seats. I'll try to get the 411 on that. 

Okay for now, gang. TTYS! 

- MBM 

26 May 2023

Ellis Millsaps: Where Have You Gone Joe DiMaggio?

 The rule changes are in place and they're all good. The time clock changes are universally approved. It's hard to understand why this wasn't done long ago. The only parts of the game eliminated are dead time when no play was occurring. I suppose this wasn't a big deal when most viewers were at the ballpark and had paid for an experience they might not have wanted shortened.

 Last year, I think it was, I humorously suggested that every time a player stepped out of the batter's box to adjust his batting gloves he had to give $100 to the local homeless shelter.  The time clock has pretty much taken care of that ( sorry homeless). A batter under the new rules gets one time out per at bat where he could adjust his batting gloves but otherwise that is gone by the wayside.

Now of course 99% of viewers are watching the games on TV and want to see the action moving. Game times have been substantially shortened without shortening actual play. As good or better is the limitation of pick-off attempts at first base, the most boring part of the old game.

I was against elimination of the shift because it changed the rules. I’ve changed my mind. Banning the shift has improved the game by adding offense in the form of ground ball hits. It has returned the game to the way it had been played from 1850 to 2000. Too small a sample yet but it seems to me batting averages will rise with less reason to emphasize launch angle, to hit it over the head of that gaggle of infielders, and also that should reduce strikeouts. The batter is much more likely to make contact if he is swinging levelly, i. e., on the same plane as the pitch.

Larger bases along with limiting pick-offs is already resulting in more steals, more action.

 I disagreed with the ghost runner rule but it is here to stay. My problem was that it would affect the records baseball geeks like me revere.. My example was DiMaggio's hitting streak. My faulty research told me the Yankee Clipper needed extra innings to keep his streak going. Again I was wrong. In fact DiMaggio kept his streak going through more than one rain shortened game.

During the 56 game streak he was walked a lot but struck out only five times.  That to me is more amazing than the hitting streak. The records that will be affected by the end of extra Innings are season and one game totals. As remarkable and likely as untouchable as DiMaggio's streak is Ricky Henderson's theft of 130 bases in 1982. Without looking it up I'm confident he stole some of those bases in extra Innings.

MLB agrees with me that the ghost runner rule is not real baseball because it isn't allowed in the playoffs. Next time I will discuss the Braves. - Ellis Millsaps (Ellis can be reached at: