15 January 2019

TPC REAL History: Wm McCart Guns Down Doc Smith

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Wm McCart Guns Down Doc Smith

Weekly Intelligencer 
Atlanta, GA 

13 July 1870 
*from the Covington Enterprise


"FATAL SHOOTING -- On Sunday last, July 3, Mr. D.M. Smith, familiarly called "Doc Smith" was shot near Pitts Old Mill, about 2 miles from the town of Newborn, Newton Co., by Wm McCart. Mr. Smith had struck Mrs McCart, mother of Wm, in a difficulty about her children's absence from their work on his farm (the mother & children being in his employ), a week before the shooting. William went to talk to Mr. Smith about the affair on the fatal morning, and found him in his cow pen. Mr. S said he did indeed strike Mrs. McCart & asked if he took up the quarrel. Upon receiving an affirmative reply, Mr. Smith moved as if to approach Wm who then drew a revolving pistol & fired the first ball, striking a cow, and the second wounding Mr. S in the arm & breast, causing his death in a few hours. McCart then fled & has not been arrested. The Coroner's Jury returned a verdict in accordance with these facts. -- Covington Enterprise"


Article from the July 13th, 1870 edition of the
Weekly Intelligencer

Circa 1870 revolving pistol

Fascinating bit of history there. Though my Great-Great-Great Grandfather & my Great-Great Grandfather were named William, and resided in Newton Co. during this time, based on my research & the particulars involved, I'm not necessarily sure it was one of them (would have to have been the younger;however, based on my info, his mother died in Abbeville, SC before they moved to Covington in 1850. Also, he didn't die until 1915). At this point, I think it may have been my first cousin, six times removed, also named William McCart, who did end up moving away (fleeing the authorities?) about during this time.

Map of Newton Co. circa 1870
Notice the large size of Newton Co. when it still included what would later become Rockdale Co. Also, no Mansfield, as it wouldn't be founded for another approx. 35 years. 

Regardless, the moral of the story is this:

Don't strike somebody's Mamma, lest you find yourself shot dead!

Hope you enjoyed that. More to come like this here at TPC. Most of these stories will not involve my family, but will be heavy on crime & murder.

Thanks for reading.

[Staff Reports] - Libertarian Party Members of Georgia Attend Wild Hog Supper to Lobby for Ballot Access

Atlanta, GA - Libertarian Party of Georgia members attended the 57th annual Wild Hog Supper on January 13, 2019. The Wild Hog Supper, co-hosted by the Georgia Food Bank Association, the Department of Agriculture, and Commissioner Gary Black, is open to the public and widely attended by legislators and movers and shakers from across the state. Members of the Libertarian party attended to network with legislators and seek sponsorship for the party's proposed ballot access bill. Georgia has some of the nation's worst laws surrounding ballot access. Republicans and Democrats are granted near-automatic access to appear on ballots, while independent and minor-party candidates must collect signatures, petition, and pay dearly to earn that access.

Ted Metz, Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia commented about the event: "It was discouraging to have to explain the petitioning requirements to so many of the legislators, they have no understanding of the process for 3rd party and independent candidates to get on the ballot. One Representative, who made sure to let me know that she was a Democrat, insisted that Libertarians already had ballot access. After explaining that Libertarians only had ballot access for State-wide seats and non-partisan races, and that all other positions required petition signatures from 5% of the registered voters in the prior election, she said, 'So, you can run for School Board, that's non-partisan.' This type of response is why we will continue to promote and seek sponsorship for the proposed ballot access legislation during this year's legislative session."

In 2016, all 180 members of the Georgia House were up for re-election, and 82% of those members did not have a challenger in the general election.  A single candidate race is not choice, it's tyranny. No third-party candidate in Georgia has ever collected enough signatures to appear on the ballot for the U.S. House since Georgia passed an election “qualifying law” in 1943, according to the AJC. Georgia also leads the nation in unopposed races, an unwelcome distinction for a state still recovering from a history of election abuses.

Political favoritism and exclusion enshrined in law is an embarrassment, hindering Georgia's progress and political discourse. 33% of Georgians identify as a Republican and 22% identify as Democrat. The remaining 44%, identify as Independents or belong to a “minor” party. A plurality of voters, in other words, back candidates who are blocked from appearing on Georgia ballots.
Below is a link to the draft ballot access bill. If passed, ballot access provisions will level the playing field by allowing independents, Greens, Libertarians, and other issue-oriented political bodies the same advantages enjoyed by Republicans and Democrats.

Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party, Ryan Graham stated: "Just like the right to cast a ballot, citizens must have the right to submit a candidate to appear on the ballot. That privilege can't be restricted to just two political parties. Libertarians believe in free markets, including a marketplace of ideas. Everyone must be allowed to compete."

The Libertarian Party of Georgia believes that together, as a state, we can reform Georgia's outdated ballot restrictions and offer alternatives that would make Georgia government truly representative of its citizens. For more information about the proposed ballot access bill, please contact Ryan Graham, Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia at: 404-955-4555 or Ryan.Graham@LPGeorgia.com. 

Link to: Draft language of a 2019 bill to reform ballot access laws in Georgia.
Photo 1: Members of the Libertarian Party of Georgia at the Wild Hog Supper
Photo 2: Libertarian Party of Georgia Chairman, Ted Metz, being interviewed at the Wild Hog Supper

[TPC] - Covington & Newton Co. Health Scores

Here's a sampling of some of the recent health scores received by various restaurants in & around the greater C-town area: 

Passing Grades

Mamie's Kitchen (Hwy 278): 94-A 

Five O'Clock Bar & Grill (Turner Lake Rd): 100-A

Jack's BBQ (Hwy 278): 96-A

Tubby Tom's (Hwy 278): 93-A

Amici Covington (College Ave): 87-B 

Mystic Grill (Clark St): 95-A

Sonic (Hwy 278): 100-A

Burger King (Porterdale): 96-A

Town House Cafe (Washington St): 100-A 

City Pharmacy (Church St): 99-A 

Milazzo's (Porterdale): 85-B 

Cowboy's BBQ (Hwy 142): 100-A

Tello's Mexican Grill (Hwy 278): 87-B

Failing Grades:

Moe's (Hwy 278): 63; retest: 100-A

Wayback Burgers (Alcovy Rd): 44; retest: 87-B 

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14 January 2019

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: the Battle to Maintain Sound Mind & Body

For those out there contemplating writing a will, I recommend you do it before you have children.  REALLY, do it before you have children!

Most wills start out “Being of sound mind and body...”  Once you have a child you will never get either back again – your mind or your body.  The problem multiplies exponentially when you have more children, and it doesn’t get any better with age – yours or theirs.

I can remember texting my youngest, Thing 4, when he was in high school.  “Who’s picking you up from school?  Me or your brother?”  The answer was “Yes.”  

Where do you go with that?  We texted back and forth for about 30 minutes.  The answers were the same, ambiguous, bologna.  My mind was completely blown by the time we got done.  I did pick him up from school, and the whole office got cheap entertainment watching me go –crazy- over just trying to figure out WHO was getting my youngest child from school.

Another time I got stuck in court and couldn’t pick Thing 4 from up from school on time.  He was asked in the office for the phone number of alternate transport.  His answer was “Gramma.”  Okay, that’s good, what’s the number and what’s her name?  Again, he answered “Gramma.”  He couldn’t come up with a phone number or name, but his UNCLE was a teacher at the school!  His grandmother’s step-son.  They share the same last name!  Bang my head against a brick wall and hope for a little return of sanity!  It just hasn’t happened yet.

One of the Things’ favorite entertainments was swinging on vines across the creek behind the house.  Did they talk me into trying it?  Yes, they did.  That was BIG mistake. 

Twenty years ago I was in decent shape, not very coordinated, but physically more capable than I am now.  I’m not in bad shape for my age, but my coordination hasn’t improved and when I do something stupid my chiropractor –loves- me for it.

Anyway, Mama grabbed the vine, swung across the creek – it was an AWESOME ride!  I just didn’t have the coordination, or knowledge, that I had to turn around when I got to the other side of the creek to bounce off the tree.  SLAM went my back into a tree, BAM went my body into the creek, and the boys got cereal for supper that night after I managed to crawl up the trail to the house.  Fun times…

There was a whole decade that my mother was afraid when I invited her for supper.  She –knew- I was going to tell her I was pregnant again.  Not that she doesn’t love her grandchildren, but yet another one…  She’s up to 12 grandchildren now.  NOT ALL MINE!  My siblings have helped a gracious plenty.  I’m not sure that I can keep up with all the great-grandchildren, but I call my mom every April Fool’s Day to tell her I’m pregnant again.  

We don’t ever grow up.  Not in my family, anyway.  Older, yes – grow up, no.  The last time I went to visit my grandmother my cousin and I decided to short-sheet her bed.  We forgot she’s only 4’2”.  She never had a clue… 

Heaven help –my- grandmother!  She’s working on great-great grandchildren.

May the tradition carry on!!!    

Bess Tuggle

13 January 2019

[MBM] - Sunday Check-in: COV to NC BOC - "Pass"; What's Comin' Down the Pike? Odds & Ends

Aloha, fearless readers, and welcome back to your source for the REAL Story - The Chronicles!

Speaking of Aloha, Tulsi Gabbard - Hawaiian Congresswoman, Martial Artist & Iraq War Vet - has officially declared her intent to seek the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. A libertarian-leaning centrist on many issues, and even sometimes accused of having right-tilting tendencies by some in her own party, I've watched this lady's career for some time & continue to be impressed.

What does Aloha truly mean? It kind of means everything. Hello & goodbye are just the tip of the iceberg. It really means love. And compassion, empathy & commonality, and a few dozen other things probably, it's not unlike the locution, Namaste. It's a really good word that encapsulates a great culture... 

Tulsi Gabbard. Aloha!

City of Covington to Newton Co., a Political Subdivision of Georgia

TL;DR version: "we'll pass" 

Several of us have been wondering why in the hell hasn't Hunter street been reopened now that the work at the Judicial Annex is finished. Now we have our answer. It seems as if the home county was hoping that the home city would just sort of...give it to them.

As both the Mayor & the staff of the city said, this is an important thoroughfare for traffic flow purposes, especially its close proximity to the Square.  And, the fact is that this street belongs to the City of Covington, GA, USA. So, sorry, Newton Co.

Though one must at least ponder the idea that maybe, just maybe, the city may have perhaps been more prone to have done something if not for the county's power play/let's-not-play-nice-with-the-other-kids antics pertaining to the Newton Co. Rec Commission situation from a year ago. And let me be crystal clear, I have no info or intel to support this, just a thought...

What's That Coming Down the Track? 

A lot going on, my friends. So much so that it'd probably be daunting if I was able to do this full time; however, as some of you know, I'm not, so it's gonna be a real challenge. With that said, I'll do my best to G.A.T.A. & make it happen!

Here are some of the things being worked on in which upcoming pieces should hit soon:

- City Manager Leigh Anne Knight. I was curious as to how much money she made (hint: it's a lot!) & how about that new employment contract? And getting to retain access to the city benefits until she's 65, even if she's no longer employed by the city? Wow! There are a couple of other items of consideration as well. BOLO for that next week.

- Speaking of C-town, what about a no-bid contract the city has had with a local company for over a decade? Many feel that there may be some fire to this smoke. And what about the various insurance policies with the city? And the county? I know at one time Massey had almost all of those. That's another one to add to the docket.

- It's been quite some time since I've had my attention turned on the Newton Co. government. That changes very soon with at least two different stories I'm working on.

- And a potential bombshell, the likes of which we haven't seen for quite sometime, that I'll just have to leave at that for the moment.

And don't forget our usual cadre - National Affairs w/ Mr. Lovett; Memoirs of Surviving Children w/ Bess (online tomorrow) & finally! - a new Kayla's Corner will be hitting next week!

The Corner - Keeping an Eye on Covington

Finally, to close on a very somber note, it's with a heavy heart I tell you that the Piedmont Bluesman, Mr. Joe Barr, went home to Glory yesterday. A true friend of mine, and one of my heroes, he was a cause du jour for me when he was unfairly railroaded by our wonderful ju$tice system, though they finally got it right & Joe was able to live the last several months of his life as a free man. Look for a piece at some point in the near future. I'm a little too emotional to do it at this time...

As always, thanks for reading. Until we meet again.

Your Friend,

MB McCart

ToNt0 Network

10 January 2019

[Perrin Lovett] - Apples and Oranges? No, Cigars and Sugar - My Big, Fat America: Super-Sizing Cancer Risks

Greetings, beloved readers! Fire up a cigar and join Old Perrin once again for another jaunt into the affairs that shape and shake the nation. I invite the fumar cigarros out of devotion, taste, and concern for general well-being. It’s not a secret that your humble writer relishes the better leaves of Nica, the DR, and Cuber; many of these amalgams of dishonesty and fantasy are smoke-powered.

It’s hard to imagine in 2019 but there are some troglodytes around who still frown on Godly tobacco. Personal preferences are one thing. But to slander an entire species of plant is another. And, I’ve noticed one thing about many or most of the slanderers - they tend to be at least a little tubby and more than a little out of shape.

Nosir, Bub, my cigar will not harm me. Your super-jumbo slurpee, on the other hand, might just do you in. Obesity = Cancer. Health Europa reports that “According to new studies, excess body weight is an established cause of cancer, currently known to be linked to 13 cancers.” Mind you, that these were European scientists investigating American health. That’s understandable seeing as how we have a … larger problem here than they do across the pond.

The average American woman of 2018 is roughly the same weight as the average American man of 50 years ago. The average American man is now roughly the same weight (and shape) as a 1968 model Pacific Walrus (O. R. Divergens). I tried to get stats on today’s Walrus girth but it seems the last one was eaten by a couple of average modern Americans (We. R. Chubbies).

Seriously, it’s a hefty problem. It weighs dangerously on the national health. Tips the scale. A BIG deal. The obesity-derived increase in cancer risk is fat too: about 150% above the ordinary factor(s). Overall, obesity contributes (or causes) one out of every seventeen US cancer cases. All this comes in addition to the known associated dangers obesity: heart disease, diabetes, fatties in yoga pants, etc.

Of course, this being talk about ‘Murica in the 21st century, the only sensible solution is “a tax on sugary drinks.”

I say that’s not enough. Yes, we need warning labels!

“Surgeon General: This Sugar Causes Cancer.”

“Refried Lard Eating Can Cause Stomach Cancer, Even If You Do Not Bloat.”

“Warning: Soda Pop Is Not A Safe Alternative To Polonium.”

You get the point. Everyone loves a warning label. The US FDA mandated that cigars come with them, much the same as those adorning cigarette packs the past few decades. Of course, there’s a truth problem with the cigar labels. The same US government released a massive, multi-part, multi-decade medical study which shows that smoking two cigars a day imparts virtually ZERO added medical risk to the aficionado. But, then, when has Washington ever let the truth get in the way of a little communism?

Then there’s the economy of scale (no pun, really): only around one percent of Americans smoke cigars; something like 75% of Americans are overweight or obese. The masses will happily sanction something - even something healthy - if the sanctioning doesn’t inconvenience them.

I know you’re not part of the masses. And I care about you. Ergo, Dr. Lovett recommends you take two cigars and see me in the gym in the morning.

Seriously. Picture by and of Perrin.

Oh, and one more warning:

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Government is a known leading cause of death, destruction, disinformation, theft, hatred, general misery and human suffering. To Hell with it.

09 January 2019

[MBM] - What's the Problem With the Square? 1st Report on Issues & Challenges Facing Downtown Covington

Over the last few months, this writer has been following closely developments & potential problems facing the Historic Covington Square & her downtown merchants & business owners.

Please know that this is not going to be a "hit piece" or another installment in the "Blame Game" chronicles, but rather an open & honest look at what is going on, the real problems & issues being faced, and thoughts on practical & possible solutions. In this piece, dear readers, I'm wearing my Public Advocate cap as much as I am my Citizen-Journalist one.

So let's get into it.

In the last three months, four businesses on the Square have closed. Word on the street is that there are no less than five businesses either actively or quietly for sale. While both the cities of Monroe & Conyers, on either side of the home city, seem to be thriving with their downtown business districts, Covington seems to be fading. As one local resident put it, to paraphrase, it seems like things are slipping away...

And please also know that I'm not here to play the "Doom & Gloom" game, either; or, as it were, that the sky is falling. But for me, I go back to the fall of 2016, when it seemed like we were on fire & the sky was the limit. And to see where we are now, compared to then. Well, frankly, my friends, it's kind of disheartening to me.

What possible problematic issue has gotten the most volume these last couple of years? Obviously, that would be when the Square has been closed for filming or for special events. And no doubt, the Witches Night Out dust-up was actually one of the most read stories at TPC last year; however, I can't help but to think that that's an easy target. While certainly the city kind of got carried away last year with filming & closing the Square for special events, a point, off the record, that was ceded by a person with the city, those are just the flash bangs that always bring extra attention. As several have mentioned, the biggest problems facing the Square are more the systemic, everyday problems.

After having spoken with five different Square merchants the past few weeks, a definitive theme of concerns have emerged. Let's go with some bullet points.

- TRAFFIC! It's a mess. So much so that two different people whose opinions I highly value with matters such as these think that the time has come to bring back the traffic lights on the Covington Square. At this point...maybe so. The city has made it abundantly clear, at least from my vantage point, that they will NEVER adjust the lights at either the Elm & Floyd or Usher & Pace intersections (the intersections one block off the Square that feed into it & set the flow), a solution that WILL work to greatly help things in my opinion, then yes - BRING BACK THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS at Floyd & Pace, as well as Washington & Monticello.

- Traffic, Pt II. Whereas the previous point spoke more to traffic flow, a big concern for many merchants - purportedly echoed by their patrons - is kind of the opposite problem. The fact that you can't back up once you're parked at the Square. I've experienced that firsthand, as I know many of you have as well. 

- Traffic, Pt III. And this ties into the previous point, people do NOT know how the Square works. It's the C-town 500 out there with that inner lane. We need to start a PSA on getting folks trained up on how the drive on the Covington Square.

- Parking. Perhaps the biggest issue with parking is the numerous Square merchants & employees who park on the Square, sometimes for as long as 8 to 10 hours, taking away parking opportunities from patrons, shoppers & visitors. It's a problem. Something needs to get figured out there as well.

And this is without getting into the myriad of issues related to the concerns & complaints that many have with the City of Covington, the Chamber of Commerce & - most of all - Main Street Covington. That'll have to be another story for another time.

To close, it's easy to point out the problems, isn't it? The big thing is coming up with the solutions. It's become agonizingly clear that neither the city, nor the other governmental stakeholders involved, have the ability or inclination to fix things, so it will fall on the us - the People. I've got some theories & ideas, as do several of the merchants I've been in contact with. Do you? I'd sure like to hear from you. Shoot be an email at: MarshallMcCart@gmail.com or shoot me a text at: 678.712.8652

Let's figure this thing out. Together.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. 


M.B. McCart, Editor