14 January 2021

Kayla's Corner: What's the Local Buzz

 Hello everyone and welcome back to Kayla's Corner! This week we are covering fun happenings and giving updates on the new local Buzz! 

Speaking of new have you noticed anything new on the Covington Square lately? Axe Town has a small location but has BIG fun! Make sure to check it out & test your axe throwing skills whilst remaining safe. 

While we're on the subject of being safe, look over on the Discover Covington Georgia Facebook page for updates about road and traffic delays throughout Covington due to the recent filming. Currently, the popular Netflix series, Legacies, is being filmed throughout Covington. How exciting! In case you didn't know, Legacies is a spin-off of the very popular TV series The Vampire Diaries (also filmed here). The Covington Square provides a lot of cool locations that have been used in countless television shows & movies & visited by many celebrities over the years. 

Also, make sure to check out some of our local celebrities that will be playing this weekend over at 5 O'clock Sports Bar and Grill in Covington & be your own celebrity on Thursday nights starring in their karaoke fun!!! 

Last but not least don't forget to head over to the ice skating rink at Legion Field to enjoy the last few days as they will be leaving us February 15th! Thank you, Ice Days,  for coming to Covington

That's all for now. Make sure to be safe and wash those hands! 

God Bless, 

Kayla Leasure 

12 January 2021

A Moment from MB: Going Home

As of three days ago I'm proud to report that I am, for the first time in 10 years, a card-carrying, dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party of Georgia as well as the national Libertarian Party

I had to resign both memberships in 2011 when I got actively involved w/ the
Ron Paul
campaign (The GOP mandated it for me to be a delegate to the county, regional & state conventions).
Some of you may remember the East Metro Atlanta Libertarian Party that several were involved w/ from 2005-2011. Look for a Libertarian Party of Newton County very soon. I'll keep you posted.
In Liberty,

08 January 2021

A Letter From The Editor Concerning the Current State of Affairs

 A Few Thoughts

Regarding the hand wringing & anxiety of my friends on the right over the results of the runoff, I really don't think there's much to worry about. There's a guy named Joe Manchin who is US Senator from West Virginia. He's also more conservative than several GOP members of that body. While it may be 50/50 w/ the Veep as a tiebreaker, none of the crazy stuff is gonna happen. Manchin already has said there's no chance of him voting for the $2000 per person after Biden takes office.
To some of my more Democratic & Progressive-leaning friends, there's a lot of broad brush strokes going on out there, and certainly some hypocrisy. And I guess individual responsibility continues to become more & more lost on many in our society.
To me, what is most concerning right now is reading the following current headlines:
- "Google Suspends Parler From Google Play"
- "Facebook Deletes Page for 'Walk Away' Movement"
- "Reddit Bans Pro-Donald Trump Forum"
- "Apple Threatens to Ban Parler"
- "Conservative Journalist Banned from Facebook for Covering Capital Hill Siege"
Now for the folks that know me, you know I'm definitely not a MAGA guy, but as I've always said -- I'm not a Never Trumper, either. I've called Trump out more than I praised him over these last four years.
But people -- what's going on right now is not a good thing, I assure you.
We need to get past the 'what' & delve into the 'why.' 75 million voted for DJT. Millions feel disenfranchised. We can't split into two countries. It'd never work. Plus, I wouldn't want to be in either one of them.
Also, many questions need to get answered about yesterday's events. There needs to be a very thorough & rigorous investigation & analysis of what transpired, who was involved & so on & so forth.
Regardless, this isn't working. We need to figure something out... - MB McCart

04 January 2021

Election Day Part Deux: Electric, Eclectic Boogaloo

By MB McCart, Ed.  

4 January 2021 

In re the two GA Senate runoff elections

Happy New Year, folks. As I write this it looks like we'll have about 22 hours more of these damn political ads. Jeez, what a sh!tshow. Both the Rs & Ds have had enough of it, and especially us GDIs/Independents?Unaffiliated types. 

And the amount of money spent? Damn, just obscene! 

Oh well, it's about to be over soon, thank the Good Lord. 

The REAL Story

The political parties and - most especially - the political consultants & pundits, have made a killing off of these two elections, which was the goal all along; however, it was all much ado about de nada. 

The balance of power had already been decided considering Joe Manchin is a U.S. Senator in the Great State of West Virginia. Even w/ Radical Rafeal & Beta Boy Ossoff winning, there wouldn't be a chance for the green new deal, packing the SCOTUS or anything else. 

I keep wondering if a large number of my fellow American Qualified Electors will ever get tired of being played like fiddles? Eh, probably not, right? 

So my predictions for tomorrow: 

Kelly 51/49 
Ossoff 51/49 

Regardless, thank God it's almost over. 

- MBM 

30 December 2020

TSOTPC: The State of The Piedmont Chronicles -- The Road Ahead in 2021

Your Source for the REAL Story!


Friends & Dear Readers, 

Thank you so much for reading this piece & we sure hope it's lovely out there. 

2020. Man...

What a year, huh? Yeah, it was something. 

The State of The Piedmont Chronicles
30 January 2020

My Friends,

For those of you up in North Oxford & those down in the Stewart Community, from the Good Folks in & around Salem to those in Winton (Brick Store Community) & to our friends in Texas Alley & Sand Hill; Snapping Shoals, Oak Hill & Livingston; Hazelbrand, Carmel & Sandtown, it is truly Yours Truly's distinct honor & privilege to pass on to you the following message: 

The State of The Piedmont Chronicles is strong. Very strong indeed! 

Despite over 70 less posts, 2020 outpaced 2019 in page views, as well as 2018. In fact, 2020 was the most read year in the history of The Chronicles.

I still can't believe it...

Regardless, for that, I thank you! 

As for 2021, I think it's gonna be quite the year. 

We'll be keeping an eye on it. 

As always, thanks for reading. 

- MB McCart 

29 December 2020

TPC's Top 15 of 2020

 Howdy, Readers. Hope all is well out there. 

Well, all in all & considering, it's been a good year for the ole publication, certainly an interesting one. 

Without any further ado, here are the Top 15 most read TPC pieces of the year 2020: 

15. Fred Wheeler -- A Nightmare Scenario 

14. MB McCart: Thoughts on the Covington Square Monument 

13. Ellis Millsaps: A Paean to White Boys

12. A Moment from MB: Just When I Thought I Was Out... 

11. Perrin Lovett: Shelter in Place or the Terrorists Virus Wins  

10. Kayla Leasure:
TPC Food Review -- The Social Goat

Kayla La'sure

9. Jerry Jeff Walker is Dead & I Ain't Feelin' Too Good Myself... 

8. Ryan Ralston: The Broken Window 

7. A Moment from MB: The Chairman's No Good, Very Bad Week 

6. TPC REAL Politick: The Morning After 

5. Ryan Ralston: Two Queries

4. Kayla's Corner: Bradley's BBQ 

3. Bess Tuggle: Major Concerns About Cousins 

2. Ryan Ralston: With Almost Surgical Precision 

1. TPC News Break: 1st Reported Case of Covid in the Home County 


Honorable Mention (an extremely close #16) 

RIP, Ron Kimble

The One & Only -- Ron Kimble

- MBM 

Your Source for the REAL Story!

23 December 2020

23 December 2020: Happy Festivus! MB McCart's Annual Airing of Grievances

Greetings, Dear Readers, and we sure hope all is lovely out there. 

December 23rd. Festivus. Time for MB's Annual... 

Airing of Grievances r

I've got a list of complaints here, folks, including some really major things that are really sticking in my claw & you're about to hear all about it. 


This foul Year of our Lord Two Thousand & Twenty. 

You've been a real pisser, and I hate you. 

Covid (That Chinee Wuhan)

You rat (bat?) bastard! 

Hate you, too! 


What can be said about Fleeta that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan? Bombed out & depleted. 


Ole Sleepy Joe. The poster child for the power elite & the deep state. A lifelong taker & receiver of the public teat. And let's face it -- he's a total creeper & a freak. But, Orange. Man. Bad.

Speaking of...


Donald J Trump.

What an A$$hole, right?

Always a slave to "The Deal" & he couldn't keep his dumb, undisciplined ass off of Twitter.

He could have done so much.

Remember -- he never came close to even thinking about touching The Fed. That speaks volumes, IMO. He wasn't all that & a bag of chips after all, I suppose. And let's not forget how he made several crucial wrong moves over the years as well. 

Too bad... 

Madam Coroner 

A lying, opportunistic racist.

And what's up w/ the whole tire thing? There's a lot of smoke there for there to be no fire in my opinion.

And ma'am, I think you really need to check your budget numbers before you get too carried away. And I'm not so sure you'll be able to get a supplement at the start of the year or a sizable budget increase come July 1, 2021. 

Marcello & Bell 

Greedy much? Damn, people. 

I mean, I kinda get Marcello. Man, he spent a ton on that house, didn't he?

But like many, I was just very disappointed w/ Probate Judge Melanie Bell. 

And the Ole Standbys

    • Tribalism in American Politics. Team Red vs. Team Blue. Who wins? Who loses? Who cares?
    • The fact that marijuana is not totally & full-on legal in every way. More specifically - Legalize It Like Tomatoes! No onerous regulations, while stopping the current attempts by the olde model cabal/power elite & corporatists' to take total control & turn it into another big pharma-style cartel. 
    • The fact that there are so many who just don't get it. In a word, it's freedom. As Locke spoke of, it is truly our natural state, and until we get the government that matches our essence, we will always have major problems & issues. Freedom works. It always has & it always will. 


And look for The SOTPC (State of The Piedmont Chronicles) & TPC's Top 15 Stories of 2020 next week. 

As always, we greatly appreciate you reading. 

Your Semi-esteemed Editor & Friend, 

MB McCart