24 May 2018

Local Business Spotlight - Kooler Ice Stations: The Best & Cheapest Ice in Town!

The Kooler Ice Stations in Newton & Jasper Co. 

$1.25 for 10 lb; $2.00 for 20

Kooler Ice was founded in 2007 & is located out of Byron, GA. Their concept - truly a great one - has really caught on over the last few years as you see more & more of these self-serve ice stations, and at $1.25 for a 10# bag, it really is a remarkable deal. The logic for their pricing is pretty straightforward - if you don't have to pay for labor & transportation costs, you can really lower that price! 

It sure is good ice!

Travis Moore et al saw the brilliance of this model & quickly got to work by putting in & operating these patent-pending ice "game changers." As a lot of folks can tell you - the three traditional ice companies' pricing eclipsed $2 per 10# bag a long time ago. Also, this ice is fresher, cleaner. It really is a no-brainer. 

The Iceman Cometh! Travis Moore

Great Tasting...Fresh Ice...Pure Water! 

Travis & them proudly own & operate six of these ice stations: 

These machines are self serve. Each machine makes the ice and bags it for you. You have the option of buying 1-10 LB bag for $1.25 or 2 -10 LB bags for $2.00 and the one in Mansfield you have the option of buying 5 gal of water. These machines take bills or change. We have 6 machines total, 5 in Newton and 1 in Jasper. They are located at; 10700 Covington Bypass Rd, Hwy 213 by Loyal Gas, Mansfield beside Rooster's, Newborn at the Chevron on Hwy 142, HWY 11 at the HUB, in front of the trucking yard and then 1 off Hwy 212 at Frank's.  

Man, what a great concept & what a great deal! 

We very much appreciate the advertising support of folks like this that help us help get you the REAL Story.  As always, thanks for reading!


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23 May 2018

[TPC] - Perrin Lovett: A Race to the Bottom: Considering American Public Schools (Part 1 of 2)

- Special to The Chronicles -

Here’s a little-known fact: M.B. McCart and I had (have) an interest in teaching and education. Neither of us is formally trained in the field of pedagogy. Marshall actually went back to UGA for a time in pursuit of an additional degree. I signed up for an alternative certification program then backed out. He teaches real estate classes to adults. I have a heretofore unused Udemy account. The article is partial atonement for my lack of formal pursuit of the betterment of the Three R’s.

If one is honest, academia and intellectualization are kind of important for the continuity of civilization. The subject is fascinating to me. A few weeks ago I delved into the minds and behavior of the students: now, then, and waaaay back when. I’m pretty kind when it comes to the students. My patience has all but run out with the schools.

At every level, from kindergarten to graduate school, there is a crisis in the academy. I just read this weekend about the dumbing down, the mass marketing of PhD programs. That may be the subject of another week. This column focuses, mainly, on the public (government) high schools. The focus became clearer to me based on a recent column by Walter Williams on the fraud of modern American schools.

But! First, some fun quotes to kick-start the expose:

“What is called Western Civilization is in an advanced state of decomposition, and another Dark Ages will soon be upon us, if, indeed, it has not already begun. With the Media, especially television, governing all our lives, as they indubitably do, it is easily imaginable that this might happen without our noticing...by accustoming us to the gradual deterioration of our values.”
- Malcolm Muggeridge

“We have now educated ourselves into a state of complete imbecility.”
-Malcolm Muggeridge

All hail the new Dark Age of Imbecility! I think the man was on to something - and he was on to it sometime before the new era of stupid phones and zero tolerance.

Learning = intelligence utilized. Our mantra should be: never let schooling interfere with education, never let education interfere with learning. It should be so. When it isn’t, intelligence goes either un-utilized or underutilized.  

There are three parts to what we call or consider intelligence. First, there’s the raw horsepower of IQ. Second, there is the honing ability brought about by accumulated wisdom. Finally, there’s education. IQ is like fuel for a fire. One may have a small pile of kindling or a whole cord. However, without the “heat” of wisdom, knowing how to stack it, there’s little chance of using one’s fuel for any good purpose. Both are relatively useless without the air, the oxygen of education. With that latter component, the higher the quality, the better the burn.

Most young people in America attend government-run schools. In terms of my analogy, these schools (if one can really call them that anymore) are simply gasping for air. The basic intelligence and the will to know may be present in the students. However, their formal education is worse than lacking. In short: the schools suck.

That’s not my subjective curmudgeonly assessment. It comes with hard facts from the schools themselves. Read Dr. Williams’s take on the 2017 NAEP assessments: “Only 37 percent of 12th-graders tested proficient or better in reading, and only 25 percent did so in math.” This with an 80+% graduation rate. That’s fraud, certifying children as educated when they can’t even meet minimal school proficiency standards. That does not mean the kids are completely illiterate. It does mean, by the system’s own measures, they are not proficient readers (12th graders reading at the 8th-grade level; 8th graders at the 4th; all levels reduced in rigor from days gone by). This fraud is confirmed by recent Rankings of our high schools by US News and World Report.

The USN survey is touted as a list of the “best” schools in the country. There are many schools that are good, great even. Please click that last link. There, one can search by state and hone in on a particular school or district. If your child’s school isn’t in the top ten percent of your state, then you have a severe problem. You could have a problem anyway.

I checked the district and high school where I was once an inmate. That Georgia county has only one high school that deserves to remain in operation. And it wasn’t mine.

My alma mater rates embarrassingly low. In keeping with the above averages, it boasts an 83% graduation rate. Yet only 29% of the students read at the standard level and only 11%!!! understand math.

No longer the best side...

A minority of the students take AP classes but, of those, the majority fail. Based on the associated information, I find the 15.1% college readiness hard to fathom. Alas, my old school doesn’t rank nationally or even at the state level.

Here, a few notes: College really isn’t for everyone. It’s interesting that the educrats and the socialists are pushing “college for all.” All are not prepared, many will never be ready, and for most college shouldn’t be a necessity. This is, perhaps, also a subject for another week. Also, different students, having different minds and capacities, perform at different levels. I’ll be leaving that alone, largely, in these two posts. There is very little one can do to stop a very bright child from learning; there is very little one can do to make a dull child learn. However, the great majority of students should be capable of meeting basic grade level standards. That they do not is a damning admission - not so much about them as about the schools.

These sad Georgia results are very similar to those at the Sante Fe High School in Texas, host to last week’s shooting - a 92% graduation rate with only 39% proficiency in English and 28% proficiency in math.

The top ten schools in several categories are front and center in the USN report. There is other good performance outside the upper extreme, such as one school I found in a large Floridian city: 96% graduation rate; 64.4% college readiness; 84% AP participation with 69% success; and 71% reading and 66% math proficiency.

That school ranks 29th among all Florida schools and 343rd in the nation. However, this “best” school still graduates 96% of students when 29% are not reading at the level and 34% have trouble with arithmetic. It makes one wonder. It should make one suspicious.

Then, there are the “worst” schools. I skewered them recently in a related article. Please pardon any caustic effect therein. The worst offender districts spend more money than the average while delivering single-digit proficiency results. I think it’s safe to say “fraud” again.
The situation, the fraud is much worse than just poor test results. The whole basis and structure of the public schools in this country is so out of touch with American values that placing children in many or most of our schools is tantamount to child abuse. Seriously. The American model, in many states, is built on the fraud and historic bigotry of Blaine Amendment meddling. A beginning based on hating Catholics. Then, segregation and the hampering of black achievement. Next, integration, both of students and of plans to lower expectations and results. No free thinking citizens produced, just barely competent and obedient worker drone units. That was then. Now, the schools have become prisons.

I’ve been to more than a few schools recently. And I’ve been in more jails and prisons (on professional business…) than the average. There really is little difference. To convert a prison into a school, just add some desks. To make a school into a literal prison, just add bars to the windows. Beyond the physical similarities, there is congruence in the treatment of the inmates. And, in many places, the students literally have fewer rights, less freedom that prisoners of war under the Geneva Convention. Click here, read, and think about the application of these principles to your child’s school: Basic Rules and Protocols. In addition to suspicious, you should now be getting angry.

Zero tolerance, as exhibited in so many school board brochures and policies, is indicative of zero thought. It’s horrible for many students. It creates, fosters, and exacerbates a thousand problems: boredom, bullying, drugs, school shootings, etc.

Consider this real-life example (and not the worst available): At one school, students were herded about from cell block to cell block, never learning anything outside a dislike of herding. A boy (it’s usually a boy in these cases) expressed some outward resentment about this abuse. A kindly school official prescribed brain-altering psychedelic narcotics to “get that mind right.” Under the influence of the drugs, mind zapped and sluggish, the boy forgot to leave his pill bottle with the school nurse. He kept it in his backpack as he entered the cattle chutes. During an illegal, warrantless search (for no reason other than to perform one), the police found the pills on the boy. He then became a criminal and was dismissed from school all because of problems created by the school. This happens every single day in all parts of our nation.

Fortunately, a really good attorney can reverse such negative outcomes. If your child encounters such issues, then you must consult with an experienced lawyer, skilled in both criminal and administrative law.

Really, why let it come to the point when one requires the services of an expensive pit bull? Why suffer the children? There are alternatives.

Oliver North, recently seated as President of the NRA, expressed concern that the current spate of school shootings and violence are a product of a greater culture of violence and of the unnecessary overuse of antipsychotic drugs. He’s right though those two issues are only partly responsible for this mess. There may well be a thousand or more factors contributing to the undeniable decline of the schools. Yet, what if the schools themselves are the main problem? What then?

Then, given the abundance of alternatives, the best course of action is to abolish the schools. Abolish. Public. Schools. This by no means is a call to abolish education. The students would exist and they would still need teachers. On the contrary, it’s a call to a return to real academic tradition and success. It would require a dramatic departure from what we’ve allowed ourselves and our children to get used to - total systemic reform on every level. The good news is that there are, right now, a host of proven and operational alternatives. They’re cheaper, they instill an appreciation for freedom, and they work. We’ll cover those next time.

In parting, another Muggeridge quote:

Malcolm Muggeridge, Things Past, 1979. AZ Quotes.

The schools may be the cause of juvenile delinquency and premature senility, among other maladies.

Next week: some solutions!

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs


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22 May 2018

Kayla's Corner, 5/22/18: Your Pie & the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center

- Special to The Chronicles -

Welcome back to the Corner, a place for details on food & fun, cool destinations & local happenings.

For this week's food spot I'd like to talk about one of my favorite places in Covington - Your Pie. I just love their Pizza, and based on the crowds you see there - a lot of other folks do too! Owned by Ross Bradley, a city of Monroe councilman, this place is a little bit different in a very good way!

First off, you get to make your own pizza. Well, not literally, but you get to pick out the type of dough, sauce & all the fixins'. I usually get the regular pie with the traditional marinara sauce, a mix of fresh & shredded mozzarella & most times will just get garlic, onions & mushrooms. Oh my goodness, it is just Too. Darn. Good! And with a very reasonable price & an efficient, nice staff, you can get in & out on your lunch break even when it's busy (which, again, it usually is).

They also do pint nights on Thursday with live music & have other events & specials. "Pye" day on March 14th is always a major event when they sell their pizzas for $3.14! A surprisingly good beer & wine selection just adds to this impressive place. I highly recommend it! 

For destinations this week, I'd like to mention one of the coolest spots in all of Georgia - the Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center. Named after the late famed hunter & writer (and next-door neighbor to TPC editor Marshall McCart when he was growing up - he's got some cool stories to tell about this), this 6,400 acre center managed by the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources really is amazing! Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, you name it! In addition to those activities, they also have a shooting range. 

The centerpiece of Charlie Elliott  is the Visitor's Center & Museum where you can learn so much about so many things related to wildlife & nature. Also, it has an exact replica of Mr. Charile's den/living room. The center also has a banquet facility, conference rooms & a 28-room lodge. It really is a special place!

Well okay, guys. That'll do it for this time. See you all next week! 

Author of TPC recurring piece, "Kayla's Corner," Ms. Leasure is originally a Walton Co. gal who studied marketing & advertising & loves the beach, the woods & her dogs while keeping herself busy with multiple projects & endeavors. She has her finger on the pulse of the home county like no other & is always "keeping an eye on Covington." A beautiful lady, inside & out, it is The Chronicles' true privilege to have her talents as part of our team. 

Kayla's Corner - Keeping an Eye on Covington

21 May 2018

TPC Realpolitik: Primary Day is Here!

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| Covington, GA | Newton Co. |

Greetings, you fantabulous readers, and welcome back to The Chronicles - Your Source for the REAL Story. Well, it's finally that time. Tomorrow is primary day in the great state of Georgia, and not a moment too soon. The way things have been devolving at the top of the ticket, I was really starting to wonder if we were going to see a throwback to the ole days of fisticuffs & possibly a duel (unfortunately the state legislature outlawed those some years back. BTW, that could be a campaign plank that could get some real traction for a future state legislator - "Bring back duels - thin the political herd!" Combine that with the legalization of horse racing, doing away with the time change & a "Legalize & Grow Weed Like Tomatoes" platform & I truly think you'd have a winner. But I digress...) 

The publication has endorsed precisely two candidates in this primary election cycle:

- David Shafer for Lt. Governor 

- Josh McKoon for Secretary of State
Why Ask Why? Try This Guy?
And that won't be changing; however, I will be mentioning a couple folks I'll be voting for along with the usual snarky & at times bizarre commentary that you've grown to love here at the original TPC.

The GOV of GA (GOP)

Well, well, well...what can be said about this crop of gubernatorial candidates that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan - bombed out & depleted. But seriously, it's pretty much a general consensus out there that this has been an underwhelming group & that impression has only been reinforced it seems. Cagle, the moderate establishment guy w/ the weird eyes; Kemp, the more right-leaning establishment guy; Williams; and then the one guy that this writer was seriously considering until he started acting like a political hack - Tippins. So, that pretty much leaves me where I was last fall. I'll be voting for Hunter Hill. Not an ideal candidate, in my opinion, but certainly the best of the bunch.

Lt. GOV 

Shafer. The Man. The Myth. The Legend

As mentioned previously, I'll be voting for David Shafer. But, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention, in a very negative light, his main opponent in this race, Geoff Duncan. I've previously written about this fella in my endorsement of Shafer, so I'll leave it to the Pros on this one. From fellow muckraker & GOP political watcher Bill Simon

"With Geoff Duncan for Lt. Governor, we are dealing with a great...big...liar. In all of his literature, as well as online Website, Duncan has sought to erase a significant part of his true past: His 5 years in the Georgia State Legislature.

And, of course, in erasing that 5-years, he's hiding his track-record of being a quitter at least three times in his life.  And, if you're a quitter, well, of course you would seek tohide that truth with half of the truth about yourself, right?

His campaign website promotes the following summary about him: "He is a former professional pitcher and trailblazing entrepreneur who has thrived in the private sector. Team Duncan is ready to bring home another win for Georgia’s families and businesses."

Yeah...umm, that's not really quite accurate.  You see, the first time Duncan quit was when he quit his undergraduate education to (attempt) to, become a professional baseball player.

The 2nd time he quit was in the supposed profession of baseball, but he never actually made it to the pros, as this excerpt from a 2017 article published in InsiderAdvantage.com discloses:

"Duncan quit the House having accomplished nothing of significance, just like he dropped out of Georgia Tech without earning a degree.  He claims to have played Major League Baseball for the Florida Marlins, but check his record.  He played for unknown minor league teams like the Kade County Cougars and Utica Blue Sox.  He claims to be a serial entrepreneur.  Nonetheless his business career has consisted of brief stints as a home builder and a salesman of promotional products.  His current ‘job’ is running for office.”

The capper for Duncan is that, while he claims to be "an outsider, not beholden to the good 'ole boys", he has a track record of kissing the hind-quarters of the biggest good 'ole boy in the State Legislature: Speaker David Ralston.

And, so, with his quitting of a do-nothing career in the Georgia State Legislature (and his deliberate hiding of that fact), he's a 3-time quitter.  Doesn't sound like much of a "trailblazing leader" to us...does he to you?"

McKoon, For The Win! 

Secretary of State 

Again, Josh McKoon is the clear choice in this race.

Insurance Commissioner & most of the rest?  I might skip it; I may not. I will NOT be voting for Tricia Pridemore for PSC, though.

And here locally, if I was in the 4th District of Newton Co., I'd definitely vote for Spencer Arnhart for Commissioner. 

Well, that'll do it for this go 'round. Happy Trails.

MB McCart

19 May 2018

Sweet Petunia Blues Festival in Porterdale Today From 12 to 7PM

The Chronicles

Kicking off at 12 noon today at the Historic Porter Gymnasium will be the Sweet Petunia Blues Festival, a celebration of Oxford native & Piedmont Blueswoman Cora Mae Bryant. Ms. Cora was a highly regarded musician & singer & was the daughter of famed Bluesman Curly Weaver who played with Blind Willie McTell back in the day. 

From the press release: 
"The blues festival will be held in Porterdale on May 19th at the downtown open-air gym.
The festival is to honor the memory of Cora Mae Bryant, a blues vocalist and musician from
Newton County whose stage name was Sweet Petunia.  Her son, Tony Bryant, has organized a
dozen blues groups to perform from 12:00 noon to 7:00 p.m. and features a special appearance
by Tony Bryant and his blues band.

Cora Mae’s father and Tony’s grandfather was Curley Weaver, a blues musician from Newton County
who grew up near Porterdale.  Curley did duets with Blind Willie McTell, who wrote the song
“Statesboro Blues” covered by The Allman Brothers Band in the early 1970s.  The famous blues
club in Atlanta on Highland Ave. is named for Blind Willie.

The open-air gym is a great venue in downtown Porterdale.  The large old cotton mill along the
South River is now loft apartments.  There are stores, restaurants, and bars nearby.
The gym has a covered stage—attendees are asked to bring folding chairs.  Attendees can go in and
out of the event after being stamped so they can walk around downtown, visit the stores,
restaurants, and bars downtown, and view the South River dam and shoals nearby.

Fatt Matt’s Rib Shack, another famous blues venue in Atlanta, is providing barbecue for sale.
Beer and wine will also be for sale inside the venue.  This should really be a great time for all.
Many  modern British and American bands were heavily influenced by the blues, including  
The Rolling Stones, Cream (Eric Clapton’s band), Led Zeppelin, The Jimmy Hendrix Experience,
and The Allman Brothers Band—to name just a few.

Admission is only eight dollars—a great deal for a music festival in these days of sky-high live
music ticket prices.  

We hope to see you there. Remember to bring your folding chairs."

This should be a great event down in the lovely mill village.

17 May 2018

[TPC] - Feature Column by Perrin Lovett: "Rank Hypocrisy: Gun Control Charlatans vs the NRA"

Rank Hypocrisy: Gun Control Charlatans vs. the NRA

A Piece by Contributing Writer Perrin Lovett

Special to The Chronicles

Like with a really bad drug trip, there’s a disconnect with reality when it comes to liberals and guns in America. Despite Americans being the most heavily armed people in the world and concurrently being among the safest, most responsible people in the world, some on the left just don’t get it. The safest of the safe, the most competent of gun owners, tend to be members of the National Rifle Association.

Yet, whenever something bad happens … or is contrived, the NRA gets undue blame. For instance: a few weeks ago an older, out-of-touch, politically-motivated Georgia man penned his sly emotional sentiment: “the NRA has taken over”. I didn’t hear him audibly say it, but I imagine his tone and inflection was something like Palpatine’s “the Jedi are taking over!” Same sort of lie and motivation.

He claimed that 80% of Americans, including gun owners, want more “common sense” gun control. When one hears a gun controller call for “common sense,” one can safely assume the caller has none.

As best I can tell, his touted percentage comes from an informal poll among select NPR listeners. Something tells me not to trust the figure. NPR took their poll shortly after the Parkland, Florida high school shooting. Gallup also ran a post-Parkland poll, among teachers, and only found 33% support for more “common sense” nonsense. I’m even suspicious of those findings, especially given the hysteria associated with Parkland.

Of course, we know little about that particular crime, except that the NRA was not involved in any way, shape, or form. (Come to think of it, the NRA and its members are never involved in any mass shootings and very few crimes in general. Hmm…). We do know that government keeps changing the official narrative, in evolving CYA fashion.

The government ran (and abused) programs which contributed to the tragedy and then the blame falls on the NRA. Hypocrisy? Well, yes. That’s kind of the calling card of the anti-gun, anti-freedom left. The new poster child of the dissembler cause is the former “teen steam’ queen herself, actress Alyssa Milano. This fading flower of a mountebank attended an anti-NRA rally accompanied by her own armed bodyguards.

In her defense, she qualified the discrepancy as follows: “I’m an important star! I, like totally, need protection. It’s not like you little, poor people. I mean, you … probably live in trailers. I can’t even…” That may not be a direct quote but it perfectly captures the essence of her actions. By the way, don’t bring this up - she’s sensitive about the truth coming out. Hypocrites have feelings too.

Now, dear practical political fans, don’t get all partisan just yet. The hypocrisy isn’t limited to the left. Some “conservatives” are cucking hard on the NRA and “common sense.” For instance, Oklahoma’s Republican Governess just vetoed a “Constitutional carry” law supported by the NRA. That means she thinks the common folk need government permission to bear arms. I once read something about infringement. Can’t quite recall where or what that was from. I also remember something about recalling governors. And there was something about conservatives failing to conserve anything. Anyway...

Back to the “common sense” geezer; he wrote, “Let us save our children!” That’s a funny battle cry from a man whose political party has championed the murder of tens of millions of children since 1973. Then again, hypocrisy is the theme of the day.

There is a kind of method to this leftist madness. It makes perverse sense that they start (well, continue) the quest for greater gun and freedom control by targeting the innocent NRA membership. These types usually begin by targeting a small segment of the population. Hitler, for instance, targeted Jews with the Weapons Control Act of 1938. That particular charlatan had ulterior motives. Odds are, ours do too.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs


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