16 August 2018

[Perrin Lovett] - One of Many: The Free War Against the Dirty Press

The mass, mainstream, slanted, biased, dishonest, yellow, establishment, corporate media has become the American equivalent and embodiment of Grima Wormtongue - slithering, slinking, whispering, and lying - ever misleading the just and the honest for the benefit of other masters. Some, tiring of the deception, bluntly call it what it is: fake news. This doesn’t sit well with Fake News, Inc. To wit:

Marjorie Pritchard, of the Boston Globe, made an impassioned call for editorials “denouncing what the newspaper called a ‘dirty war against the free press.’” And I, as your C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs, hereby answer the call!

Estimates indicate that around 100 newspapers, large and small, will respond this week. Reckon TPC as number 101, kind of. Alas that I cannot denounce a war, dirty or otherwise, against the free press as such simply does not exist. Rather, consider this my part in the free war against the dirty press.

This all started with a Tweet from the President back in February. (Actually, it started years ago with the corruption of the mainstream media, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves). Tweeted Donald J. Trump: “The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!”

Trump is the base master of a little thing called rhetoric. Offended members of the media might do well to read Aristotle’s Treatise thereon though it seems rather unnecessary in this particular instance. Trump recently “clarified” what he meant by the statement, though the clarification also seems unnecessary. What, precisely, is ambiguous about the above-quoted statement? Nothing.

It’s not the free press. It’s not the press in general. It’s the FAKE NEWS press. Again, how does one denounce something that hasn’t happened? Trump never attacked the entirety of the media, just the part at war with truth and freedom, at war with the free people of America. In other words, he was just telling the truth.

I’ll note that much of the traditional media still does an excellent job reporting facts and occurrences. For instance, only two weeks ago I praised The Globe’s Jana Winter for breaking the Quiet Skies story. Then, I wrote, “Kudos, Ms. Winter,” and I really meant it.

Unfortunately, good journalism like that does not negate the dark side of the mass media. Perhaps you’ve noticed it over the years. They seem to operate by some sort of weird 90% formula:

90% of their outlets are owned by a tiny handful of corporate entities. 90% of them vote Democrat in every election. 90% of their coverage of the Trump administration has been negative. 90% of them are in therapy about Vladimir Putin hiding under the bed or in the Diebold machine. 90% percent of them support people like Sarah Jeong and James Gunn.

They’re 90% in support of climate change hysteria, MS-13, gun control, mass migration, Obama-Care, Bernie-Care, and any other form of socialism they can find. They’re 90% opposed to private gun ownership, traditional values, Constitutional Posterity, free markets, common decency, and Christianity.

As a related aside, it’s funny that they got their ink blotters riled up about Trump’s Tweet while defending Tweets by Gunn (just jokes!) and Jeong (just turnabout!). They made Jeong an editor at the New York Times and they want Gunn rehired at Disney (or they did until THOSE pictures surfaced).

I’m not trying to be mean. Let me give a little due credit. Pritchard is right when she says, ‘We are not the enemy of the people.” They are not THE enemy. They are merely one of many. But they are a powerful enemy. After the politicians and the central bankers, the centralized mainstream media has probably done more damage to this nation than any other group. (I’ll admit the professoriate, the lawyers, the bureaucrats, and the mega-corporations give them a run for the money. Come to think of it, all these groups, together, kind of look like a cabal. Like a swamp….).

Back to the war: This week they claim their words will differ. Something tells me they won’t or, if they do, the overall message will be manifestly uniform. It’ll go something like this: Trump bad! Russia! We good wuttle journalists under attack. The First Amendment!!! We’re the good guys. Trust us...

*A note here: your author is not necessarily “in the loop” with these folks; this column is probably the only substantial departure from the narrative nationwide.*

On the Constitutional front, Pritchard concluded: “...an attack on the First Amendment is unacceptable. We are a free and independent press, it is one of the most sacred principles enshrined in the Constitution.’’ Noble. So noble. In just keeping with the media’s famed and unending defense of the Second Amendment…

The free press is actually protected under the First Amendment - from Congress making abridging laws. I swore Trump was elected to the Second Branch… Has Congress-of-One Trump made some abridging law of which I am unaware? No. He just made some stingingly accurate Tweets. Other presidents have done far worse. Honest Abe imprisoned members of the press. Maybe a Tweet or two ain’t so bad.

And, if the fake news media does legitimately feel their First Amendment protections threatened, then allow me to offer some kind reassurances (which should sound vaguely familiar):

  • Everyone agrees we could use a little reasonable, common sense press control.

  • No one is going to take away the First Amendment. (Okay, I think Bow Tie Stevens called for repealing it but, hey, he’s out of touch, right?)

  • No one needs such powerful, modern, high-capacity press outlets. The Founders were talking about leaflets passed out on the street corner; they could not, in the eighteenth century, have foreseen the internet and journalism of mass distribution.

  • The First Amendment does not protect the individual media member’s right to the press.

  • The First Amendment only protects the government’s ability to cover news. Only the police and the military need journalism.

  • You’re more likely to be misinformed by your own press than to use your own press against a Russian election meddler.

  • The press is targeting our school children.

  • The press is scary.

  • The blood of all Antifa victims is on the bloody hands of the blood-soaked National Press Association or “NPA.”

  • There should be an age limit for reporting the news. Reporters need background checks, psych evaluations, licenses, permits, and high fees and taxes. Close the MSM loophole!

Turnabout is fair play…

See, I and II literally go together. Picture by Perrin.

This week’s concerted effort does prove something to the American people. It demonstrates that not only is the press the enemy, the press is the coordinated enemy. But people are catching on. Fake news is no bueno! Lies and scare tactics about Trump, the First Amendment, and the dirty war are just more fake news.

PS: This author is in the midst of a Facebook drawdown. As such I may miss comments left there about the C.F.F. columns. So start adding comments right here at TPC.

15 August 2018

Past Piedmont Chronicles: The History of Hayston

* originally appeared in About Covington to Madison magazine in 2011

Hayston, GA

Greetings! Hope all is well out there. I really appreciate all of the comments and feedback on the Oxford &Porterdale columns from the last edition. I've lately become fascinated with some of the older unincorporated towns and communities that have been vital to this area. This month I'd like to write about one of the oldest settlements in Newton Co— Hayston , GA.

The Hayston Community
The Hayston community can be found on Hwy 213 at the convergence of Macedonia Rd , Hayston Rd , and Greer Lane right by the railroad tracks. As I was researching Hayston, I felt like I just wasn't connecting with the subject material. My trusty research companion, “The History of Newton County,” and some online resources just weren't getting me there. I knew I needed some help so I phoned fellow history enthusiast Judge Virgil Costley who put me in touch with Mr. Fred Greer, Jr. Mr. Greer was kind enough to meet with me. He was most generous with his time and imparted a lot of knowledge and information and even drove me around Hayston pointing out the many things of interest there. 


In the first part of the 19th century, a young man from Virginia named GeorgeNewton Hayes (he would later drop the “e”) would migrate to Georgia eventually winding up in our neck of the woods. The Hays Cabin over on Woodlawn Rd , built in the early 1800's, was his homeplace and is one of Newton County 's oldest surviving structures. George Hays would end up marrying three times and producing 25 offspring. One of those children was Robert Luther Hays. While George could be called the original patriarch of Hayston, the true founding father would have been Robert Luther. The Presbyterian Church up on the hill off of Hwy 213 is named in his honor. Several of Robert’s brothers and sisters remained in the immediate area. Also, Robert ended up having 18 children himself. Several of the other siblings had large families as well. So over the next couple of generations, the community grew quite a bit and was almost exclusively made up of immediate family. 

By the late 1800's, Hayston was a thriving place with multiple stores and businesses, a brickyard, train depot, tannery, gin, and a sawmill. Whereas Mansfield, as we discussed in a previous column, was a town created by completion of the railroad, Hayston was the complete opposite--when the C of G (Central of Georgia) bought theMiddle Georgia & Atlantic Railway, it was brought through Hayston precisely because it was already an established town and was right in between Covington and Machen (an important hub as it served as the intersection of the Athens/Macon and Covington/Eatonton lines) and would serve as an ideal spot for a terminal and post office. Back in the days of mules, wagons, and horses, there was a genuine need to have as many things needed as close as possible. Going back a bit—one of the stores in Hayston was built by one of Robert's sons, Alexander Hamilton Stephens Hays. Alexander would be the first postmaster in Hayston and operated the general merchandise store for years until he turned it over to his son, H.S. “Stoney” Hays. Stoney became the city's 2nd Postmaster in 1936 and would serve in that capacity for over 20 years until they discontinued mail service there. Another of Robert Luther's children was a daughter named Mary Jane. In 1861 she married a Preacher by the name of Thomas Hezekiah Greer who was originally from South Carolina . This would start the Greer branch of the Hays line. Some of the Hays clan found their way to Texas where a good number of them still reside, but a good bit of them can still be found in and around the Hayston area. As an interesting aside, I found a McCart girl who married one of the Hays men back in the mid 1800's. 

Like a lot of the other places we've covered in this column, the one-two punch of the Boll Weevil and The Great Depression was very tough for Hayston. Predominantly an agrarian community, Hayston was particularly vulnerable to the fortunes of “King Cotton.” The economic struggles of the 1930's also did no favors for the area. Over the next several decades, many of the historic buildings were lost to fire or Mother Nature (tornadoes in particular); however, several buildings dating back to the 19thcentury still remain. One of those buildings, the aforementioned store built by Alexander Hays, has recently found its way back into the family fold. Mr. Freddie is very excited about getting the building cleaned up and refurbished. There are also plans to start the arduous but rewarding process of getting Hayston added to the National Register of Historic Places. 

13 August 2018

[A Moment from MBM] - Monday's Meatloaf: Talkin' UGA football; P-cards & Taxes in Newton Co.

It's another day in paradise & another week in the book of living the dream here in the glorious Georgia Piedmont, my good friends. Some high pressure & northwesterly winds should keep the humidity down & we're supposed to have a few really nice, sunny days, or at least according to the Atlanta meteorologists. So, we'll see... 

College football is so close you can practically taste it, and that makes many of us - Yours Truly included - very happy. To that point - How 'Bout Them Dawgs? Well, things seem to be looking pretty darn good. While we might not have some of the star power we had last year, particularly at some of the key skill positions, a fair argument could be made that this UGA team, from top to bottom, may very well be better & deeper than last year's edition, and that's pretty damn exciting! 19 days, folks! As Erk would've said - GATA!!! 

"This is the Game Plan. We have no alternate plan."

Be on the lookout this fall for posts about Georgia football from our sister publication - Go You Silver Britches! 


Let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

As I wrote about 13 days ago, the Newton BOC, by a vote of 3 to 2 (Cowan, Edwards & Schulz), decided to NOT raise our property taxes just yet in its budget meeting. Instead, they made a very prudent decision to continue the funding of the county's operations from the previous budget while going back to the drawing board to see if another solution could be found. As I also wrote about, things apparently got ugly after the meeting as Commissioner Sims & Chairman Banes both allegedly lost their "cool." Apparently they were both really mad that we didn't raise taxes. And still questions remain as to whether or not some folks in the community feel that advocating for limited government & wise stewardship of tax money is somehow racist. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed!

However, in the past two weeks we have seen multiple instances of public officials talking with the local press in an attempt to answer questions about perceived questionable spending. County Manager Loyd Kerr, County Public Information Officer Bryan Fazio & Sheriff Ezell Brown have all seemed to be on a public relations campaign here the last several days. Whether it be answering questions lavish gifts given to employees, or attempting to explain high-dollar meals or various other P-card purchases, you can tell this was a coordinated attempt to improve the optics of the situation. With the uprising we've seen with many in the community regarding the tax assessments, the desiring to raise the millage rate & some of these other questionable expenses. Well...I believe it paints the county government in a poor light. 

Sheriff Brown


This all, ultimately, bodes well for the Newton Co. taxpayer, in my opinion. Notice has been given that the Citizenry is watching, and paying very close attention, and that we have to do better here in Newton Co. Much of the credit, I believe, has to be given to Mr. Larry McSwain & his advocacy group - Citizens For a Better Newton. A few years ago, the proposed higher budget would have just been passed, no questions asked. 

9191c Hwy 278 
Covington, GA 30014
(across from the old Walmart; behind Newton Package Shop)

And I'll also take a moment to applaud these same public officials for at least engaging with some in the community & the local press, though you have to wonder if maybe most of it is just for show. In fact, I hope to have a sit-down with Sheriff Brown in the near future. Regardless, the die is cast, and I believe we're ultimately moving in the right direction.

As per usual, lots of moving parts in & around the Piedmont: JDA Chairman Verner gettin' that sweet hook-up? Questions with some of Chairman Banes' P-card purchases. The two-way assault against BOC 4 GOP candidate, Spencer Arnhart? Democrats being told he's "with Trump" while "Republicans are being told he's a Never-Trumper. JC bordering on desperate? Lots of things we're working on, folks. Stay tuned...

As always, thanks for reading.


MB McCart 

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12 August 2018

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: NO Throwing in the House!

If you’ve been following my columns, you have been introduced to the paddle; also known as “The Equalizer.”  

There are a few more funny stories to tell about her.

My sons’ father had a rule:  “No throwing in the house.”  That rule was written in stone.  Absolutely NO throwing in the house.  

Well, he woke up one morning and heard some of the boys in the basement.  It was son 2 and son 3, if I remember correctly (I’ll start calling them Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3 and Thing 4 eventually – rent-a-kids will get their own monikers).  

They had a cheap ball that I bought at the grocery store, intended for them to play with outside, but they were THROWING IT IN THE HOUSE.  The lecture started in the basement, where they started throwing it, and I got to hear the lecture all the way up from the basement to the top floor.

BUT – they were throwing in the house, the big “No-No.”   

I was upstairs trying to study, do my lessons and work, but I could still hear the lecture from the basement.  It just got louder, and louder and LOUDER.

They came up the steps from the basement, and finally made it to the first floor.  I’m still at my desk in the loft, trying to study and work, but I really couldn’t concentrate with all the ruckus.  The lecture about throwing in the house was going on at full blast – and I just sat in front of my computer trying to attend to my business.  

Their dad had the paddle in his had, and he was –very- animated with it.  Not on the kids’ butts.  He just swung it back and forth as he lectured.

Finally, the paddle slipped out of his hand.  

It bounced off the floor and hit one of the gas-filled, double-paned windows in the living room.  

Complete silence for about 10 seconds.  

The next thing I heard was “Bess, don’t say a f’in word!”  

He then –calmly- explained to the kids that was a perfect example why you don’t throw in the house.  He could afford to pay for it, and they couldn’t.

That’s when I fell on the floor, hand over mouth, laughing so hard I thought I’d pee my pants.

I duct-taped the window, and left it like that for a month before I took it to get it fixed, for the sake of posterity.

Don’t throw in the house, ya’ll!

- Bess :-) 

A jack of all trades, Bess Tuggle has been a Covington resident since the late 70’s. She's been a K-Mart cashier, cabinet builder, vet tech, office manager for a beef cattle ranch and water well company (where she was able to hold benefits for D.A.R.E. and Scouts), a court reporter, business manager, assistant at a private investigation firm, legal assistant, convenience store clerk, landscaper and elementary school substitute teacher.  Her greatest pleasure is being a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her stories are all real, and all names will be withheld to protect the innocent, and also maybe the guilty, depending on the crime & the Statute of Limitations. 
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10 August 2018

The Bitteroots Return to Covington! On the Square TONIGHT - Friday August 10th - 7PM


Music Minute

Greetings, music lovers, and welcome back to The Minute.

The Bitteroots, easily one of the greatest bands in Georgia in this writer's estimation, is bringing their Groove/Funk/Jam Rock back to The #COV! 

Based out of Decatur, GA & formed in 2008, The Bitteroots feature top-notch musicianship & artistry along with superb songwriting. Definitely in the vein of 90s style Jam Rock bands, the group's music also features elements of Jazz Fusion, Blues & Pop. It's a great mix & as this publication has written about a few times - The Bitteroots ROCK! 

Covington native & band co-founder Bill Taylor holds down the groove on bass guitar while other co-founder & drummer Mike Davis doesn't miss a beat with his impressive drum skills. New guy PJ Poellnitz (great name) handles the six-string duties & Derron Nuhfer, saxophonist extraordinaire, fills out the sound in such a great way. And last but certainly not least, lead singer Laura Dees, w/ her soulful, powerful voice & passion-inspiring stage presence, takes the group to a rarefied level. As I've said before, The Bitteroots are as good a group as there is. PERIOD. That includes signed bands, legendary bands, etc. They ARE that good... 

Tonight, Friday August 10th, on the Square. 7PM. A two hour show that will be approx 1/2 originals & 1/2 covers. The covers range from The Allman Brothers, Huey Lewis & the News to The Boss. And their originals are superb - you'll love it. You really don't want to miss this one, folks. 

The road ahead for the band is as bright & busy as always. They're within a few weeks of releasing their latest album; they're opening for 90s hitmakers EverClear tomorrow night in Woodstock, GA & they just announced a helluva show coming up in October in Birmingham, AL w/ legendary 90s regional faves, Allgood. And keep in mind September 29th, when The Bitteroots will return to The Listening Room @ IBP w/ Sweet Harmony as the opening act. 

Enjoy the tunes & stay thirsty, my friends, and keep on rockin' in the free world! 

- MBM 

09 August 2018

[Perrin Lovett] - Venezuela for All? The Clock is Running

The more things change ... the more they make one want to run off screaming into the mountains and never return. And they stay the same. But, worse maybe - worse because of all the ignored history and experience.

We’re told that socialism is coming to America. (It’s been lurking here to some time but whatever). For example, they’re pushing Bernie-Care. It’s not just the junior senator from Vermont with the whacky hair and the whackier ideas. Elizabeth Warren, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, [__Insert Democrat Name Here__] - they’re all abuzz about socialized medicine. This is to be something beyond the [Un]Affordable [No]Care Act; it’s intended as true Soviet Semashka British NHS-style, single-payer, socialized, communized “care.” Said care would likely consist of living in a box, paying exorbitant taxes, while some administrative flunky tells you that your emergency surgery has been postponed again and your doctor has defected to Mexico. But, anyway...

Like it or not, Rich Lowry says it’s coming:

Popularized by the socialist Bernie Sanders, Medicare for All is not just a fringy left-wing talking point anymore. It’s a fringy plank of a growing element of the Democratic Party. A raft of prospective Democratic presidential candidates have endorsed the policy, while about a third of Democratic members of the House have joined a caucus devoted to it.

Lowry’s only error is that he says there’s a debate and that he feigns surprise as if this is something new. It’s not new and there will be no debate. Full control of life and death health decisions by the government has been part of the leftist plan for decades.

But now, we’re led to believe, it’s not just the left-wing touting the total control. In 2018, even libertarians support Bernie-Care!

The US could insure 30 million more Americans and virtually eliminate out-of-pocket health care expenses while saving $2 trillion in the process, according to a new report about Medicare for All released by the libertarian Mercatus Center.

This leaves much to the imagination (and active one, at that). The Mercatus study was backed by the Brothers Koch, heretofore labeled “Alt-right, conservative, billionaire elitists” or something. But now! Now that the study fits the agenda, they’re libertarians. Well, okay, Trump says they’re globalists, which is probably closer to the mark - but let’s not interrupt the happy narrative.

Some few, this author included, have noted that replacing the existing US statist-corporatocracy health “system” with something akin to what they have in the UK, Switzerland, or New Zealand would probably deliver somewhat comparable results while costing approximately the same or perhaps even a little less - FOR NOW! Give it a year or three (or a month or less) and I guarantee costs would begin to rise at about double the rate that the quality declines, both movements being assured.

There are so many variables at work here that my maximum word limit doesn’t allow for even outlining most of them. To be succinct: socialism does not work, not anywhere, especially not in America. And they’ve tried it here with predictable results. These types literally cannot make the trains run on time, even when the time is dictated by the laws passed by the socialists themselves before building the tracks.

But continue to try they will. With the trains. With the media and the internet. With Medicare for all. With college for all. I say this is headed towards Venezuela for all, although that might be a rosy assessment. In Caracas, they can at least still afford drone bombs for attempted assassinations. We might not be so fortunate.

Thank God Almighty we have the Republican Party batting for us. (I apologize if you were drinking something). No. We have Trump, like him or not, and little else protecting us. He’s nearly one quarter finished with his presidency. Barring some miraculous recovery of national pride, dignity, and sense, when he’s gone, the liberals will move in and implement the plan. The idiotic, establishment GOP will go right along.

Really, the Trump effect aside, I think it’s a done deal. The bow ties will feebly protest and then cave and compromise. “Only this one time!” And one time, one chance may be all they get.

The good news, long-term, is that time is not ultimately on this thing’s side. 2033 is approaching faster than even yours truly cares to admit. And there’s the money we don’t have, not now and not going forward.

I thought about a little history - The Decline and Fall of Healthcare in America - but what’s the point? I do recall something semi-cogent out of the Congressional Record, circa the 1870’s: a Congress-Critter has concerned the people were “clamoring for communism.” The exact quote I have misplaced but the sentiment is correct. Clamor they did and clamor they still do. Again, the more things change…

In lieu of factual lessons, I simply pose a few parting questions for Uncle Bernie or anyone else:

  • When has the government ever lowered the cost of anything?

  • When has the government ever improved the efficiency of anything?

  • When has the government ever told the truth about anything?

  • When has the government ever been authorized to concern itself with healthcare?

The answer to all four happens to be the same: “never.” That’s also the approximate number of times the American people have intelligently resisted being fooled into some catastrophe.

Before we part, an appropriate jingle:

Picture by Card Fool.

Thank you, as always, gentle readers. Tune in next week when we turn our rapt attention to education, guns, the Farcebook, or possibly another work of fiction.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs


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