29 September 2020

Perrin Lovett: Civil War Studies

 There was a Far Side cartoon some years ago that you might remember. It was titled The Dam Bursts, and it featured the residents of the migraine headache institute, armed to the teeth, angrily processing next door to the school for marching bands. 

The United States is like that, except it’s not as funny. It also won’t involve just two opposing sides. Hello, there! No, this article is not about the American Civil War of the 1860s. Rather, it’s an early and incomplete analysis of the conflict we’re plunging into today.

The sides. The population by and large consisting of idiots binary thinkers, there’s a temptation to divide things up neatly as they were some sixteen decades ago: two sides: authoritarian mercantilists wickedly allied with usurers against genteel agrarians lazily allied with incompatibles. Or, “North” versus “South,” if you like. In the interests of easy comprehension, we could approximate dual factions, at least as a loose template.

Ultimately, this war, like all others, is a continuation of the eternal struggle between good and evil. That rages on from The Beginning unto The End with us not knowing where we fall along the grand timeline. (Beware of anyone who earnestly predicts such a placement). In a sense, we’re looking at Christians versus satanists. This is an accurate estimation only as to overarching beliefs and ideologies. Our Side, possessed of numerous divisions, still values the good, the true, and the beautiful, all in honor of Jesus Christ. The other side is the dominion of the world, of chaos, ruin, and death.

A more progressive view would be of Nationalists versus globalists. One will note thematic compatibility with the most basic, religious breakdown. Nationalists honor the human societal structure created by Almighty God, destined to exist even in Heaven. The globos seek the destruction, disruption, and despair wrought by a new Tower of Babel, calling evil good, and good evil, and seeking ruination and slavery under the false guise of unity, nicety, and a fabricated definition of almost everything. One should note who stands with or for what. Those who favor the nations also tend to favor the families, the individuals, and tradition. Those who lust for the world tend to attract every manner of abomination and degeneracy. These are not coincidences.

The too-frequent calls for (or against, or merely in observation of) a race war may be misplaced. Given the (non-COVID) events of this year, the view is somewhat understandable. Indeed, it does look like a war has already commenced, but with one side largely abstaining. I can’t say those with this framing are completely incorrect; they just overlook, in a simplistic fashion, a few factors. Again, I hate to tell you old-timers, but it isn’t 1861 anymore. It is no longer a black and white issue - entirely. And, to the extent it is, it is more of a messy component of conflict caused by the most unwise mixing of nationalities or ethnicities. We have also, you may have noticed, most unwisely added some additional parties to the formula and in rather sizable numbers. The formula: (a level of) diversity + proximity = war. There are other problems with the two sizes (sides) fits all approach: for instance, many Africans are Christians; many Europeans serve, directly or otherwise, the devil; some Muslims will ally with Christians; your enemy’s enemy isn’t necessarily your friend; nobody knows how some groups will act or react; etc.

What are the odds? I’d say in the neighborhood of 100%, give or take 0.00. 

How’s it going to look in reality? That’s the beautiful thing - no one knows. Nor can we be certain of when it will start in full, how bad it’s going to get, or how long it will last.

It is my belief that it has already started, in a slow, low-pitch manner soon to heat up. When? Look for a spike this November for obvious reasons. Then, it might go ballistic, or it might quiet to a simmer. 2033 was a good enough estimate. However, once the process starts - and it will be a process, not an event - it will go on for years, or decades, or even longer.

How bad? VERY. VERY. BAD. If it started with Molotov cocktails, it may end with B-52 runs. Or, depending on how one looks at it, it may turn out very well. It had to happen, honestly. Rather, it did not, but this is the US, the home of people who really enjoy difficulty. For a reference, remember that, at the beginning of the 21st Century, the debt-based economy had virtually failed. An intelligent and peaceable people might have opted for a simple reset. That was not, and is not us, sadly. The crisis of 2008-9 was papered over, compounded radically, and visits upon us again with far more pressing force. The economic collapse will exacerbate the domestic conflagration, as will the violent, flailing end of the international empire, which also could have been eased out of with greater harmony. The hard way it is! This all makes perverse sense considering that, during these last twenty years, the average intelligence in the US has declined by about half a standard deviation. 

The loss of IQ coincides with the loss of morality and all else. The reasons why, along with what comes later, and how the mechanics of the martial process may work out are important, but will all wait for another day. It’s going to be fun, kids! Honest.

In related news, Freedom Prepper is running an October civil war and unrest theme! It’s aimed at surviving the immediate fallout of near-term events and is less of an academic discussion. You should have already started studying the big picture; last week, I gave you The History of Florence to review. You did that, right? Good, because this Empire, like Rome’s, has run its course and is about to dissolve. The best-case scenario would be something like the quick, easy, and happy divorce between the Czechs and the Slovaks. This being ‘Murica, we’re more likely to get something like what happened in the Balkans - messy, violent, multi-partied, and thoroughly devastating. Or, it could be a more drawn-out affair, akin to that of Italy described by Machiavelli. It could be something else.

Look for multiple factions, all over the place. And look for multiple places, all over those factions. I briefly pondered a future North America and came up with twenty to thirty plausible states. In reality, it could be two, or ten, or two-hundred and ten. There’s no telling how far the reductions will run. But, it is time to think and plan. It’s time, on the macro level, to pick your side. It’s time, on the micro-scale, to find your local tribe.

The good news is there is still time, just not as much as there was. Use what you have judicially.

Perrin Lovett

CFF Feature Writer, TPC 

Editor of Freedom Prepper 

27 September 2020

TPC REAL Politick: T-minus 37 Days

 By: MB McCart, Editor 

Greetings, TPCers & we sure hope this post finds you most lovely. 

So...election day is getting close, isn't it? Hard to believe. While the POTUS race as well as the very unusual TWO U.S. Senate races in the same election cycle here in Georgia has sucked up most of the oxygen in the political room, let's get down to the real-deal, nitty gritty stuff - Politics Local. 

Here's a quick, synoptic look at a few of the upcoming races for the home county. 


Brown v. Malcom 

I think this race is pushing almost two years, right? As I've publicly said a few times over the last year & a half I believe there is precisely one person who could beat Ezell, and his name happens to be Ken Malcom. 

Obviously a very exciting race, and one that will be very competitive, I think. 


If I was going to bet money on an office flipping to the Dems, this would be one of two. Destiny Bryant, by all accounts, has created quite a coalition & seems to be running a very strong campaign. 

Tax Commissioner 

Right now, I'm fully expecting Marcus Jordan to be our next Tax Commish come 2021. Please know that this is 100% in NO way of an endorsement, I just think there's too much baggage for Darby to overcome. 

BOC 1 

Stan the Man wins in a landslide. 

BOC 5 

Ronnie Cowan will likely win handily, which maybe wouldn't've been the case if Casey Duren had won the Democrat nod. That lady running for Team Blue seems like a real piece of work... 


Once again, just like four years ago, Dorothea is running to become "The People's Coroner." Just like last time - this nurse who seemingly has no experience for this office & whose campaign platform mainly covers issues & plans completely out of the office's purview - will very likely lose again. 

Local Politics! Gotta love it! 

- MB McCart 

23 September 2020

A Moment from MB: The Chairman's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

Chairman of the Newton Co. Board of Commissioners  Marcello Banes isn't having a very good week & it's only Wednesday. 

Chairman Banes

First, a story this writer was made aware of last week & the Newton Citizen reported on the first of this week, was the revelation that Banes had hired his good friend & attorney, Stephanie Lindsey, to petition the county for a 40% pay raise for himself & probate judge Melanie Bell, as well as over $100K in back pay! 

To consider the move lacking in deftness & tact would be an understatement. 

From our friends at Citizens for a Better Newton: 

In an incredibly self-serving and arrogant move, these two local officials hired private attorney Stephanie Lindsey to represent them. As everyone knows, Ms. Lindsey is close personal friends with Banes so her analysis of the laws governing salaries would be suspect from the start. If they had questions about their pay, the logical and reasonable approach would have been to ask the county attorneys to review the laws and make a objective determination.

Lindsey presented a written analysis to the Board of Commissioners that concluded that these two were being underpaid by $40,000 per year and are owed $180,000 in back pay from when their terms started in 2017. Banes now makes $101,000 and Bell makes $103,000, not exactly chicken feed!

But things were just getting started for Mr. Banes. 

According to sources, and as reported by the Citizen, he was also going to just go ahead & take down the Covington Confederate Memorial last night despite being expressly prohibited from doing so by a Court of Law. 

Per a source: 

Chairman Marcello Banes nighttime plan to remove the confederate statue on the Covington City Square was blocked Tuesday Sept 22  by a sharply worded order by Superior Court Judge John Ott (see Newton Citizen article below).  Sources say that Mr. Banes planned to removed the statue Tuesday night despite the Judge's earlier statement that the statue would remain until after appeals of his earlier order were exhausted.

On September 14, Judge Ott  issued a ruling  that dismissed the petitions to prevent the county from removing the statue but stated that no action would be taken until after his decision had been appealed and decided by a higher court. Ott said that had  been agreed to by both parties but Banes apparently claimed that he had not made such an agreement on behalf of the county.  However, he just learned that the word of a Superior Court Judge outweighs that of a county commission chairman.  

Our county chairman continues to demonstrate unacceptable arrogance lately, first by hiring a personal attorney to argue for a $40,000 pay increase and now by ignoring a judge's direction not to remove the statue. His credibility and effectiveness as commission chairman has suffered a major setback.  Not a good week for Mr. Banes. 

Yeah, not a good week or look from the Chairman, and frankly quite a loss of goodwill w/ many throughout the home county across personal, racial & political lines. 

- MB McCart 

22 September 2020

Perrin Lovett: Falling Back Into History

 The autumn season commenced at 9:31 AM (EDT) on Tuesday, September 22nd. Happy fall!

There is so much going on, as usual, if the unfolding this year is unusual. We’re still waiting on Dr. Fauci to tell us if the leaves may change colors, based on his highly-scientific reading of some chicken bones or something. If we’re allowed to observe, please remember to wear your face diaper; leaves are known superspreaders. BLM politics ball is in full swing! There’s the presidential (un)reality show. We have the “twin-demic” of the Corona Hoax and the coming of another common, ordinary cold and flu season - many more trillions of people under the age of 300 and otherwise immortal will sadly succumb. And we have the still-simmering civil war. 

In other words, we have some conflicts. Then again, when don’t we? We even, from time to time, see eras like this when all of society is reordered. Now might be the ideal time to read about earlier times of mass chaos. (Yeah, sorry, it’s another bout of national affairs literacy). As the esteemed Vox Day recently pointed out, even those who know history may still be doomed to repeat it. However, at least we have the benefit of understanding what’s happening, and thus, we may be able to stave off the more uncomfortable aspects of the repeat.

Niccolò Machiavelli: History of Florence and of the Affairs of Italy

You’ve, I sincerely hope, read The Prince. That is, of course, a master treatise on the accumulation and wielding of power. The History of Florence, recently repeatedly recommended by Mr. Day, explains in great detail what happens when the power falls apart, taking civil order with it to the dustbin of history. 

The first part of the text rapidly covers the fall of Rome and the Dark-Middle ages, particularly as to the constant changes in Italy. An astute reading will help explain, not only what happened then, but also what has happened to the United States more recently. The potential transition from societal strength to weakness is explored:

Hence, wise men have observed, that the age of literary excellence is subsequent to that of distinction in arms; and that in cities and provinces, great warriors are produced before philosophers. Arms having secured victory, and victory peace, the buoyant vigor of the martial mind cannot be enfeebled by a more excusable indulgence than that of letters; nor can indolence, with any greater or more dangerous deceit, enter a well-regulated community.

Cato was aware of this when the philosophers, Diogenes and Carneades, were sent ambassadors to the Senate by the Athenians; for perceiving with what earnest admiration the Roman youth began to follow them, and knowing the evils that might result to his country from this specious idleness, he enacted that no philosopher should be allowed to enter Rome.

Yes, we are mindful of concurrent examples like Socrates. Yet, a nation-state founded by Enlightenment-influenced philosophers was probably destined not to last nearly as long as the Western Roman Republic and Empire. Hint, hint.

The rest of the book largely revolves around what became of the various competing cities and regions of Italy, naturally as seen from the academically-contracted seat of Florence. This could - and “could” is a loose and dangerous word - help an intelligent student predict what may become of the remains of that nation-shaped kind of place sometimes still known as America. In short: it’s time to find your tribe and your tribe’s place in the mix. As Machiavelli makes utterly clear, demographics is destiny. The fact that this iron law is challenged by the current luciferian elites proves its truth and value. Ask yourself: Do I trust Machiavelli, and through him, Cato, Cicero, Livy, et al; or, do I trust Ben Shapiru and the paid-off morons on the idiot box? Please be careful in considering, as your answer might have a stern bearing on the lives of your descendants (if any).

Also, consider why you might have never heard of this book before: if ‘they” don’t want you to know, then you really, really need to. Given the prevailing, revealing economic conditions, the unbeatable price of this (500-year) time-tested work is an added bonus. You’re welcome. I believe that both of the following editions are based on a 1901 translation:

Free, in various formats, at Gutenberg.

Free, for Kindle.

Upon completing History, it would be wise to read Machiavelli’s Discourses on Livy and his Art of War. It might also be wise to regularly consult Vox Popoli. There’s still time, though not nearly as much as there was.

Now, if you’re among the Farceberg subliterate sect, then know that I’m still looking out for you. Thank you for making this far! Here’s something more appropriate for those below the lower Hollingsworth line: “Try not to laugh…

16 September 2020

Ellis Millsaps: All Star Break

  *ed note: This piece was written by Ellis on September 8th.

OK there's no All Star Game this year and hence no All Star break. As a matter of fact we’re two-thirds of  the way through this sixty game season and MLB has managed to pull this off fairly well.

The  Braves are in good shape. As it stands now we would be the second seed in an eight game league tournament and play the seventh seed, a third place team in one of the divisions  

It looks as if we might have come up with a second reliable starter, young Ian Anderson. How far we can go in the playoffs likely depends on whether Cole Hamels comes off the injured list this month and reliably fills the third spot. We have the best and deepest bull pen in either league. We have six starters batting over 300, Austin Riley is on a tear, Freddy just completed an 18-game hitting streak and Albies will return soon. Oh, and we have excellent defense.

 If we're able to return to a full schedule next year, I don't want to see all the pandemic rule changes retained. I don't like the seven inning doubleheader games. Even worse is the start extra Innings with a man on second rule. It isn't fair for a reliever  to receive loss or lose a save because a runner on second base --which he didn't put there-- scores on a bunt and a sacrifice fly. I don't want to see these extended playoffs again. Keep one wild card team and make all series four out of seven.

 I don't like these rule changes because they mess with the history of the game. Baseball has been keeping records for a hundred and fifty years. fans like me rely on these like the Bible. Some of these changes don't really mess with the records. I surprised myself by finding that I have become accustomed to the designated hitter rule. The American League has had this rule  for forty-seven years. That's long enough that it's already part of the history and I confess I like to see that extra bat in the lineup. Likewise with the new rule that a pitcher coming in from the bullpen must face at least three batters. It speeds up the game and I think makes it more interesting. 

- Ellis Millsaps

Ellis "Da" Millsaps is a recovering Attorney but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved...


14 September 2020

Update on the Covington Confederate Memorial, 9/14/20: Injunction to Halt Removal Denied - "Court is Deprived of Jurisdiction"; Appeal Likely

Apparently Superior Court Judge John Ott found that his court was lacking in jurisdiction & denied injunctive relief to two parties today, Monday September 14, here in Covington, GA, ruling in favor of the Newton Co., GA, Board of Commissioners, a political body desiring to have the Confederate Memorial on the Covington Square removed. 

Originally, Newton Co. said they would take no action for at least 30 days as an appeal will most likely be filed; however, as of approx 7:30 tonight, the county has purportedly seemed to changed their tone. 

Might an attempt at a quick removal of the statue be imminent? Is it possible this could go all the way to the GA Supreme Court? 

Questions Abound! 

The Story is very much DEVELOPING... 

- MBM 

Ellis Millsaps: Junk Mail

 I'll never be lonely again. Since I gave him twenty bucks Uncle Joe
texts me at least once a day, sometimes Kamala, occasionally his wife.

Same is true of The Lincoln Project and I didn't give them any money.
I just filled out checked boxes on a questionnaire. I texted them back
but there's nobody reading them, just the algorithms and they only
read bank card numbers and the checked boxes. I texted each of them
with an idea I have for an anti -Trump ad.  I received no
acknowledgement of my texts. I've gone further and texted simply,” Is
anyone reading this?” No reply.

My idea invokes the 1994 Dionne Farris hit “I Know” ( “what you're
doing and it's not gonna work this time.”) Google the song and listen.
Imagine the song played with images of Trump coming down the escalator
in ‘16,  boarding of the plane after the Tulsa rally this year, tie
undone and orange makeup on the collar, children in cages, etc.

During the instrumental breaks in the song, a badass rock repetition
of the “Gimme Some Lovin’ riff, we could take breaks between the
verses and Trump could speak some of his greatest hits, e,g,,” rapists
and drug dealers,’’ "good people on both sides,” “inject people with
disinfectant,’’ “Two Corinthians” etc.

I've decided to go old school and send him (Maybe it will get there
before the election.) a letter. Somebody has to read his mail. I thought
handwritten or maybe with letters cut out of magazines to get their
attention, but I’ve now decided on a typed business letter. I'll send
the same one to Uncle Joe, Senator Harris and the campaign's Director
of Communications.

I'll let you know if I get a reply.

- Ellis Millsaps 


Ellis "Da" Millsaps is a recovering Attorney but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved...


09 September 2020

A Moment from MB: Folks Turning Left; The War on Traffic Signs; The Chairman in the Bubble

Greetings, GA Piedmonteers, & we sure hope it's fantabulous out there.

Folks Turning Left 

I've made it clear a few times over the years that I'd love nothing more than to have the ability to physically accost those dregs that pull into that left-turn lane there at Floyd & 278.

Also, I'm unfortunately able to report that upwards of a full half of these hapless bastards have Newton Co. tags.

And we wonder why 2020 has sucked so bad.

But, my friends, it's not just there, is it? Turning left, generally, in the home city, has become a bit of a scourge.

Turning left out of the McDonald's on 278? You better believe it! And almost always these people get over just enough to the right where us good, God fearing folk can't make that right turn. These people...I swear.

Even worse? Some people actually try to turn left heading eastbound out of the Dairy Queen.


But, that's nothing compared to the absolute worst - those awful abominations that try to turn left onto 81 out of the Quick Trip parking lot that TPC Editor Emeritus Ellis "Da" Millsaps wrote about some 15 years ago at a certain other publication here in town.

Who are these people & why are they here?

The War on Traffic Signs

In the home city, really for years now, there's seemingly been a full-on attack on traffic signs up & down Hwy 278. The sign at the front of the median (heading east to west) there in front of Newton Package & Jack's BBQ has been taken out at least 4 or 5 times (probably more like 6-8) over the last several years.

Just awhile back, the GDOT, once again, replaced it (see below). Of course they did.

I give this one a couple of months, tops.

But it's not just that one. The one in front of Dollar General has been taken out at least twice over the last couple of years (I'd bet money more); the one down the road in front of the Pure station has too, multiple times.

I wonder if it may have something to do w/ the obvious design flaws?

Hell...probably not?

Signs, Signs

Hope Springs Eternal

The Chairman in the Bubble

From a few months ago, but still...

Seriously, Marcello?

By All Accounts The Chairman was at least somewhat concerned about the 'Rona.

As always, thanks for reading.

Your semi-esteemed & somewhat emotionally invested (?) Editor ,

MB McCart 

03 September 2020

[From the TPC Music Desk] - Decatur Band The Bitteroots Drop New, Killer Track - "Time to Spare"

2020 has certainly been quite the year, and the lack of live music has been tough to deal with for many, this writer included. While music venues have largely been empty & quiet over the last several months, that seems to be changing & that's a cause for celebration for many.

While the live aspect has been limited recently, several bands, performers & artists have taken this time to work on new material.

And I'm pleased to report that one such group is one of TPC's faves - The Bitteroots.

Recently the band released a new single - Time to Spare. And folks, I've just got to tell you this - it's superb.

It's definitely a groove jam, there's no doubt about that, but it's so dynamic...it's really hard to put into words.

It almost has equal parts vibe of Carole King, Sheryl Crow, Allman Brothers & the Dead but it's definitely a sound all its own. What it is, really, is the unique essence of The Bitteroots. It hits all the spots. Laura's passionate, soulful vocals; the machine of a rhythm section of Mike Davis & Covington's own Bill Taylor;  some top-notch guitar work by PJ Poellnitz & the always key, exquisite sax sounds of Derron Nuhfer (and it's that horn that really solidifies the Bitteroots style, in my opinion).

Really, this track is the encapsulation of The Bitteroots - blues-infused, hook-laden groove & jam rock!

Obviously, as some of you know, I'm a big fan of these guys & - especially in this day & age - I'm just so damn glad they're out there doing their thing!

I give Time to Spare 5 Stars out of Five! A damn, good cut!

- MB McCart 

02 September 2020

[Perrin Lovett's CFF Feature Column] - Y’all Been Had (Again)

THE National Affairs Column

For months, from the very beginning, I’ve described the COVID-19 hype and hysteria as “a ridiculous, low-effort hoax.” I’ve caught a certain amount of flack for this declaration, mainly from people who either put faith in liars or who are unfamiliar with the definition of the word “hoax.” 

Absolutely nothing about this idiotic pandemic nonsense has added up. That goes double, triple, or a hundred-fold for the deaths. First, the scare-mongers warned of 2 - 2.5 million deaths (by about now, if memory serves). Then, they lowered the estimate to the hundreds of thousands. They ignored that most people appear to tolerate the Corona bug as well as they do any other common cold, maybe better. They shifted to the cumulative case count instead of deaths. And, as of this past weekend, they tallied 183,141 total deaths. That number, like just about everything else they’ve said, is an outrageous lie.

The real number of deaths, per the CDC(!) as of August 26, 2020, is … 9,683. That’s how many people have died FROM COVID-19 in the US in 2020. That means the scare tactic figures are off by a factor of twenty. The real numbers lurk in the (quietly reported) data sets. This is from the same government agency that, in May, reported that those stupid masks do not work. Still, the mantra is: wear the mask(!), and fear all the (fictitious) deaths.

The grossly-exaggerated death numbers are not pure fiction. Instead, they come from all those people who died WITH Corona. Most of the others had comorbid conditions. In other words, they were dying from something else anyway and just happened to also test positive for the WuFlu. Most were older people. The average age of a “Corona death” is 78, which conveniently happens to the average age of death in general. 

Here, with all the lies compounding, the CDC and their allies must be given the Devil’s due of competence. The tests are, let’s say, a little less than accurate. Motor oil has, for instance, tested positive. Some might ask if Corona even exists. Let’s assume it does and that it is next to harmless as a pathogen. 

We have, rounding up, 10,000 deaths out of 6,000,000 cases in the US. That yields a rate of death, per infection, of .00167%. Out of a rounded total population of 330,000,000, one finds a risk-of-death rate of .00003%. That is, statistically speaking, slightly more dangerous than bee stings and lightning strikes. But, in context, it’s only a quarter of the number killed by cars every year. And, it, in total, only amounts to three days worth of abortion deaths. Annualizing (up) to 20,000 deaths, the total is only one-eighth the total from falls and other accidents. It’s a third of the yearly total from accidental poisonings. 

Can any of you reading this, imagine, for even a second, ending the economy and altering all life on earth over bee stings or bathtub falls? No. Yet, it has been done and it has been pitifully accepted by the masses in what may be the largest and most stunningly successful hoax in history.

It is a lie and a deception. All of it. From the beginning and planned.

Why? How many times must I go over the motivations? At first, I assumed this was just a cover-up for the pre-existing collapse of the economy. That has happened. I sensed the coming of the civil war (what it is). That, too, is in progress. The other cause virulentis is control - of everything. 

With a plausibly, statistically insignificant illness, the usual suspects have rendered nearly the entire population into slaves and prisoners. Worse, they have conditioned the people to go along with damned-near anything. And, what’s next? Kindly take off your blinders and use your imaginations. They’re not hiding the agenda.

Take off the blinders and take off those masks! They do nothing and you don’t need them anyway. For the love of all that is good, stop bowing to people who hate you and want you dead. You have been had again. Next time might be the final time.

Perrin Lovett is a right-wing Christian nationalist writer and author in the American South. He would like to concentrate more on fiction, and he would really like to see Western Civilization survive.

CF Floyd Feature Writer for Affairs National