29 May 2021

Newton County Finally Updates Budget Info -- 3 Days Before First Budget Meeting

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

 I can't remember a year recently where the process has been so behind like it has this year. 

You can see the particulars here: 

Newton Co, GA, USA Proposed Budget FY 2022 

At first glance, I would say things could've been much worse, but there is much I find concerning. 

Look for an expanded piece first of next week. 

Hope everyone has a great & safe Memorial Day weekend. 



26 May 2021

MB McCart: An Open Letter to Madam Coroner w/ an ***UPDATE***

I posted this around lunchtime here at TPC but didn't share it to social media. I was out of pocket for a few hours & then later saw that Madam Coroner announced on social media that she was going to rescind her resignation. Soon thereafter, however, and it appears that her resignation, since it was already tendered & accepted, cannot be taken back & that Probate Judge Melanie Bell will be swearing in Tommy Davis tomorrow morning as the county's interim Coroner until a special election can be held. 

Again, as the world turns, Newton Co, GA, USA...


Dear Madam Coroner, 

Your rambling, borderline-incoherent letter of pending resignation from May 25, 2021 read like a primer for How To Avoid Individual Responsibility at all costs. 

The Woman About to Be Formerly Known as Madam Coroner
Dorothea Bailey-Butts

I'm tempted to just let it go at that. 

But, no. 

First off, let's talk about your claims & accusations of racism as being the reason why you're resigning. Ah yes, the old race card. Well, let's delve in. 

Sheriff Ezell Brown, a black man, is now in his 13th year as serving as the most powerful constitutional officer in the home county. BOC Chairman Marcello Banes, also a person of color, is now in his 5th year as the highest elected representative of Newton County & the tenure of BOC Rep JC Henderson, an African-American, would be in its 4th year of legal drinking age if it were a person (25 years). 

So...that's all obviously crap. I know. it; most black folks around here know it & deep down inside - YOU know it, too. 

As to the slashed tires claim, based on inside sources, that was thoroughly debunked per video evidence. You simply lied, Madam Coroner. 

And the "live bullets?" I don't even know what that's about; I think that's a new one; however, nobody in their right mind would believe a word you say at this point anyway. 

Racism is not to blame here, nor was it lack of training or anything to do w/ the previous Coroner's office. No Ma'am. No, it all has to do w/ you apparently just being a horrible person w/ a chip on your shoulder the size of Texas while being devoid of any sense of compassion & empathy who simply could not do the job. 

The Hwy 212 incident; the suicide of the teenager; the Hampton Inn incident & then the kicker: your most recent failure at discharging your duties:

The events that transpired at Piedmont Newton. 

And, really, isn't that why you're resigning now, Ms Bailey-Butts? Your goose was cooked & you were about to get bounced out of office. This was a way to save face for you, but it doesn't. It just makes you look even worse. 

Good riddance to bad rubbish & thank the Good Lord that our long 5-month county nightmare is about to be over. 


Marshall "MB" McCart 

***Updated*** P.S. Look lady, don't go away mad, just go the hell away. 

25 May 2021


 From the Madam's FB page

Corruption in the coroner office:
It’s very disheartening when your passion, your dream job that you’ve been working your whole life for, gets little to no support from the people around you. I have put my heart, soul, and even risked my life for this job hoping to serve this county the best that I can. But it’s been very difficult to do my job well when people I work with do everything they can to sabotage me. That’s why I am officially resigning as Newton County Coroner effective May 28, 2021 at 8 in the morning.
When I ran for Coroner the first time and didn’t win, I knew I had to try again. I thought that Newton County was ready for change. It was my mistake to think that the county is ready to accept a woman of color to become their coroner. When I won on November 3, 2020, history was made. To become the first woman of color in a position dominated by white men in this county, was such an honor and I will be forever grateful to all the people who supported and voted for me. I didn’t resign because you didn’t have faith in me, I am giving up this position because the people who are supposed to help me carry out my tasks well, are making things very difficult. As a coroner, I cannot do everything alone. I need the entire response team to work together and give each other support. But this didn’t happen.
What pushed me into this decision? During my campaign, I already felt hostility. I got some of my banners vandalized, I had my tires slashed. But my intentions were good so I still fought hard. When I won, my entire team had so much difficulty transitioning to the position. The old administration won’t cooperate. There were social media threads from other emergency response organizations bragging that they will not help out
May 26, 2021
when the coroner needs them. There were too many scandals and issues about how I do my duties which mainly comes from the fact that I am black. There were even issues with my office space, my deputies, and other stuff which weren’t a problem with the previous coroner. I even received live bullets in my office. In the earlier cases, some of the other authorities expected us to do everything on our own, even remove the deceased from being entrapped inside of a vehicle. These people wouldn’t accept change for the better. They got so used to the old system. They are intimidated by my capacity, knowledge, and experience. This is a classic example of racism and discrimination.
The people of Newton County had spoken and wanted change, thus electing me as the new Coroner. These people entrusted me with this position knowing that I can do what’s best for our county. We need to speak out and change this system. Because this will only become a cycle if we don’t fight this. This will continue to happen to the next person who tries to make a change for the better. I didn’t fail the people who trusted me, the system failed me.
Dorothea Bailey-Butts Coroner, Newton County

### Resignation to purportedly take effect at 8am on May 28th, 2021.


24 May 2021

Newton Co. Tax Situation: Call to Action & Plan of Attack

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

So it becomes more & more apparent with the notices of assessments that have been going out that the valuations of real property in the home county are completely out-of-control & ridiculous. 

So, what to do? 

The biggest thing will likely be for as many property owners as possible to file appeals (I will cover that a little bit later in the piece). 

The first step?

Raise a Ruckus! 

Start w/ your representation on the Newton Co. BOC

BOC 1 - Stan Edwards: 678-294-9166

BOC 2 - Demond Mason: 678-544-5212

BOC 3 - Alana Sanders: 678-532-8228

BOC 4 - JC Henderson: 770-896-3826

BOC 5 - Ronnie Cowan: 678-313-4607

Then, go ahead a let Tommy Craig fanboy & the new Newton Co. Tax Commissioner, Marcus Jordan, know how unimpressed you are: 

Marcus Jordan
Newton County Tax Commissioner

Main Office
1113 Usher Street Suite 101
Covington, Georgia 30014

Phone: 770-784-2020
Fax: 770-784-2019
Email: taxoffice@co.newton.ga.us

Office Hours:
Property: Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 4:45PM
Motor Vehicles: 8:00AM – 4:45PM

And most important! Reach out to the Tax Assessor's office: 

Chief Appraiser: Martie Kinard | 

P.(770) 784-2030 - F.(770) 784 2162 | 

Hours: M-F - 8am to 4:45pm

*TPC recommends being civil & respectful w/ these communications

The Appeals Process: 

Remember: Time is of the Essence! And we need as many folks as possible filing appeals. 

When you file an appeal, the Board of Tax Assessors reviews it and determines whether a change in the valuation is warranted. If no change is made, it will then go to the next level of appeal, the Board of Equalization. Its specific function is to hear unresolved appeals from taxpayers. After hearing both the assessors and the taxpayer's position, the Board of Equalization renders a decision on the valuation.

If either side disagrees with the decision of the Board of Equalization, the taxpayer or the assessor may proceed to the next level of appeal, Newton County Superior Court.


23 May 2021

2021 Newton Co. Tax Assessments: Insane. Incorrect &...Possibly Illegal?

By: MB McCart, Editor 

Folks, the Newton Co. notices of assessments for real property have just come out & it's worse than anyone could've imagined. 

Here in the Historic North Covington Community, fair market value went up 50% in ONE year per the home county's tax assessor's office. 

I've seen documentation from several others where increases range from 24% (the lowest I've seen), to more frequently on up to approx 50% to 80% to 100% & OVER 100%. 

One year valuation increases, mind you. 

Yeah, the market's been hot lately. We all know this. But what the current Newton Co. Tax Commissioner's office is responsible for (and it IS ultimately the Tax Commish themselves. The Assessor is selected & serves at the pleasure of that constitutional officer) is nothing short of egregious & unacceptable. 

The methodology used for these assessments will have to be heavily, heavily scrutinized. At first glance, one has to wonder if Newton Co. is guilty of breaking state law. Sales Chasing. Intentionally trying to drive up market values. 

We - & several others - are sure as hell gonna be keeping an eye on it. 

But, I'll go ahead & say this: EVERYBODY needs to appeal. We need to hold up the budget process. Make the BOC pass monthly extensions for AS LONG AS IT DAMN WELL TAKES. 


- MBM 

20 May 2021

Perrin Lovett -- Gal Gadot: Good, True, and Beautiful

 If the old canard is true, that the sultry Jewess is deployed to beguile the Goyim, then Gal Gadot is Judaism’s ultimate weapon. I don't think the ancient rumor is necessarily correct, but if it is, then in this case I’m okay with it. Heck, I like it. The ranting, raving, sub-literate mental cases of the social media world do not. Wonder Woman triggered the depraved, the wicked, and the stupid. With this:

Gal Gadot, Twitter/Instagram.

Pray for peace, incur the wrath. You likely know what the socials and the gekaufte journalisten say. Gadot’s simple, heartfelt, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand message of peace was met by a fusillade of vitriol from the darkest depths of the underworld. For the sake of positive redirect, I’ve decided to reframe the attacks in terms of reasons why every sane, decent person should love Gal Gadot. First, I’d like to get a few things out of the way. 

They say they want to “cancel” Mrs. Gadot and have everyone “unfollow” her. They failed. She’s Gal Gadot. She’s not getting canceled. She’s only gained followers since last week. Regardless of extremely poor media coverage, there is no backlash from her fans. They love her. Period. 

The fools mocked about “ratio-ing” her after she blocked moronic comments on her sweet note. (The devil’s tools then shifted their focus to older, unrelated posts). Ratio-ing means they wanted to drive the number of Retweets (against her) above the simple “Likes” in her favor. A ratio, and I don’t expect the average hater to understand this, is a mathematical concept. Using the numbers in the above capture, from May 16, 2021, we see that the total aggregate of Retweets and Tweet Quotes is 138,500. Assuming that all of them are negative - and they’re not - then they are still outnumbered by the 145,000 Likes. Her message has over one million Likes on Instagram. People love her. People stand with her.

The relative few who don’t like her, sad cases, for the most part, call her a variety of names like Zionist, Nazi, murderer, baby-killer, Hasbara agent, oppressor, and, yes, racist. She’s a high-value celebrity, so she catches it from all sides. Israeli/Jewish loons and hardcore pan-Zionists say she betrayed her nation and people by staying neutral or by curing favor with the Gentiles and Arabs. Mean people say a lot of things. Too Jewish or not Jewish enough.

A few detractors may sincerely have valid points. Leaving a legitimate plea about the war on one of Gadot’s National Geographic IMPACT episodes might be misplaced, but it is somewhat understandable. I suspect she is sympathetic to all licit parties.

There is the legion of jackasses who just want to abuse her, her family, and anyone/thing she might care about. These sorts were leaving idiotic, derogatory remarks long before any of the recent events commenced. Some admit they hated her from day one. Last week just gave them an excuse to really crank up their pitiful garbage. 

Many Gadot-bashers are, I deduce, robots and paid shills. There’s just too much homogeneity and synchronization across many of the comments on multiple platforms. That made me realize something; this isn’t really about Gaza and it’s certainly not about Gal Gadot. It has the signature of the Unrestricted Warfare described by PLA Cols. Liang and Xiangsui in 1999. There are multiple fifth-generation conflicts being waged around the world by multiple parties for multiple reasons. Some of them concern Israel, the Arab-Muslim Middle East, and the United States. Who and why? I have no definitive idea. However, a popular movie star provides an attractive vehicle for spreading the overwhelming chatter. Strange things do happen - more frequently than one imagines. 

Has there been any effect on our beloved actress? In the long run, she’ll be just fine. As more than a few tabloids report, she’s gone Romeo Siera on the social front. She did an interview with National Geographic though it may have been recorded earlier. The world press has been as useless as ever. I briefly searched Israel outlets for information. All I found was a rehashing of generic wire nonsense at the Times and JPost. They are, as might be expected, preoccupied at the moment. 

We’ve learned another great thing about Gal Gadot! She is not a Republican. She may be quiet but she’s not backing down or apologizing. Bots and shills aside, she’s dealing with SJWs. All they do is lie, double down on the lies, and use the lies to project what’s really wrong with them. It's their sad burden to bear. Let them. Gadot was in the IDF and she works in Hollywood. She has thick skin. Still, at some level, the unjustified acidity hurled at her has to burn. It's problematic trying to help soothe a terrible situation not of one’s making only to be stabbed in the back for the trouble. Something tells me she will gather whatever pain she feels and channel it into something else bigger, better, and more productive. 

She’s a sweetie, they have an agenda. She's pretty, they're jealous. She's successful, they're ignorant. She's good, they are wicked. To celebrate her and to contrast her with them, here are my seven reasons Gal Gadot is the best export Israel ever sent to the unworthy world.

One. She's Jewish. 

Proudly, openly, and from what I gather from fast yet reliable research, faithfully. In terms of non-ethnic affiliation, my guess would be Reform, but I'm not in the know. Were she a Christian, she’d strike me as a Methodist. The plain fact is that the SJWs and other evil-doers hate God and Gal Gadot is His good servant. אלוהים יברך אותך, אישה מתוקה.

Two. She's Israeli. 

Proudly, openly, and defiantly. Whether she considers herself one, she is a nationalist to one degree or another. Per her very plain words, she’s concerned for everyone - through the lens of her people first. Israel is her nation! This bold, kind defense is right, being in accordance with the actions, instructions, and predictions of the Almighty.

Three. She's Family-Oriented.

Based on my research, she’s a mother of two with one on the way. (Congratulations!) She’s been married to the same man for over a decade - in Hollywood. Loyal fans joke that he, Yaron Varsano, is the luckiest man alive. He might be though his fortune is only one-half of the happy equation. She’s also lucky if that’s the right word. She’s a wonderful mother, wife, daughter, relative, and friend. Some of the trolls have stooped so low as to wish her children harm, which really tells one everything about the trolls. Gadot obviously loves children and not just her own. I saw some videos of her posing with fans at conventions. While she was kind to everyone, from the way she treats the kids, one would think she was the one there to see them. One will also note from these interactions the mother in her: effortless, natural positioning of children for photos; hugging, picking up, and cooing over toddlers; and straightening clothes without looking. 


This is a Zionist Nazi Oppressor?

She went to a children’s hospital in the full, theatrical Wonder Woman costume and visited with the kids and their families until, as it sounds, they got tired of her. CDAN, which has nothing negative to report about Gadot (that says something), praised her kindness towards the young even when they interrupted her at restaurants. Again, from the encounters, it’s more like she’s the children’s fan than the other way around.

Four. She's Painfully Beautiful.

This one goes without saying - yet it’s perfectly fitting. We speak of the good and the true. Sometimes beauty is literal. There’s a reason why the wicked hate beautiful things and people.

Five. That Accent.

The sound matches the sight. Listen to anything she’s ever said.

Six. She's a Legitimately Gifted Actress.

Her most famous role is performing as a comic book character. Yet she does something beyond bringing a fanciful fictitious persona to life. There are, in the films I’ve seen, numerous scenes with necessary cliche dialogue. Wonder Gal still makes them work, makes them believable. One doesn’t see Gal Gadot acting, one sees the character. It’s enough to almost suspend my near-impenetrable disbelief.  

I have no idea whether she had formal training, or if she’s a natural, or both. She has a gift. I watched a few of her home videos, social media shorts, and interviews and she just has a way of melding speech, movement, intensity, and keen intellect into something instantly convincing and marvelous. Whatever it is, it works. She does too. The hours and effort involved in her business are insane. Before the Twitter storm, she was criticized for being, surprise, surprise, a rich elitist living in a magic castle in the clouds. If so, then she earned it. Be inspired, not jealous. Be thankful.

Seven. She Uses Her Celebrity for the Greater Good.

She doesn’t have to and still, she does. With scores of millions of fans worldwide, she has the platform to make a difference. Her missive last week was an attempt along those lines in addition to her knowledgeable opinion about something very close to home. Using her very intimate remarks, she tried to help everyone. The dull scorn of an angry world notwithstanding, she did. 

She does that frequently and intentionally. For anyone unsatisfied with her substantial philanthropic work, I ask, “What have you done?” We all know the answer. 

Gadot knows people listen to her. They listen because she’s a wonderful woman and because there is a greater Power in and behind her. Ironically, all the baseless attacks of late only reinforce that truth. Proof of evil often leads to proof of goodness and, ultimately, of God. The wicked attack the good and the just because they are good and just. Gal Gadot was given her talents for a reason. Her use of them for our benefit is a miracle. Good, True, and Beautiful. 

Thank you, Wonder Woman.

17 May 2021

MBM: MORE Madam Coroner; Teaser on Future Neely Farms Piece

By: MB McCart, Ed. 

Que Pasa, Hombres & Hombrettes & sure hope it's marvelous out there. 

Your Source for the REAL Story!

For me, as a Citizen Journalist/Muckraker/Pot-Stirrer/Ant-Hill-Kicker, every so often there comes along a public official that just continues to blow away any & all (BAD) expectations. In my many years of doing this, I think the one & only one - Ms Madam Coroner - has truly reached #NextLevel status. I so love that & at the same time am absolutely concerned by it.

Duality of Man, maybe? 

Oh well & regardless, here's the latest: 

- that allegedly Madam Coroner has sent official communications to Newton Co. that she wants to opt out of the county healthcare benefits & is asking the home county to cut her a check for approx $9K to pay for her own insurance. As I understand, those county benefits are pretty dang good. And nine grand for a year's worth of insurance? 

- that purportedly Madam Coroner has asked for additional funding for follow-up work related to cases from the end of last year (routine tasks that a county coroner often has to do) because, apparently, "she can't wrap her mind around" the concept of the county government's fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) vs a calendar year.


- and finally: that supposedly Madam Coroner just got another complaint for improperly discharging her duties. This time from Piedmont Newton medical center. As I'm told from a verifiable, inside source - this complaint has been sent from the county attorney to the Georgia's Coroner Association. One has to wonder if that now Madam Coroner has attended her training, will this group will do what it's legally & ethically required to do? To safeguard the public interest & welfare? Well, Dear Readers, what do you think? 


So the Neely property on the new-cut road has been quite the thing here lately. Clearing out the trees & putting the earth moving equipment on the premises definitely sent a message as did Phil Johnson's press release Covington News article. 

He's a pro at "framing the narrative" & he always has been. 

With a little bit of luck, my sincere hope is that my expansive think-piece (that's already north of a thousand words) will, once it hits, basically piss off EVERYBODY.

Well, with station, rank & aim for a goal - as well as some good ole fashioned collegiate gusto - I'm going to do my best to make that a reality. 

As always, thanks for reading. 

Your Friend, 

MB McCart 

15 May 2021

Ellis "Da" Millsaps: Reset

  For the past year I've gone off track from my several works in progress here. I couldn't get interested in the adventures of young Da while a pandemic swept the world and there was a strong movement afoot to overthrow the American republic.

 I think I am turning a corner and I feel optimistic for my country despite what they do in Texas. I'll be getting my second covid shot in two weeks and it should soon be safe for Bruce and Bob to rejoin me on the porch. The cranky English major will return. For now I'll offer some random thoughts that might not warrant an entire essay.

 Democrats should stop bitching about Joe Mangum and praise the Lord that they have a Democratic senator from West Virginia. He's likely the only person in the world that could pull that off.

 Nobody caught the regular flu this season likely because of covid precautions.

 I haven't read anything longer than a Piedmont post or an email in the past year. Sorry Perrin and Mr. Tolstoy. I'm correcting that.

 The holdup in the Floyd murder trial to add third degree murder charges would not happen in Georgia. ( What's really happening in Minnesota is that the prosecution is getting worried and hedging its bets.) In Georgia they would only need to ask for this lesser included offense before the jury is charged to accomplish that end.

 Why are there so many “white nationalists” in Michigan, a Yankee state? My theory on that is that along with the black migration north post World War II many working class white southerners migrated to work in the booming post-war auto industry. (“Last night I went to sleep in De-troit city”) Think maybe it's partly their progeny plotting to kidnap the governor?

 I was skeptical that the Biden administration could achieve its goal of one hundred million vaccinations in one hundred days. They’ve doubled that.

 Around twenty years ago Republicans became concerned about “voter fraud.” They knowingly told this lie with no one believing it to the point that when Trump came along lying was  established as a party plank.

“ I'm from the government and I'm here to help.” Reagan made that a laugh line. Today Americans hear that phrase and say “Thank God.” 

- Ellis Millsaps

11 May 2021

Perrin Lovett - Nationalism Rising: Martel 2022

 Who knows? Maybe it will happen on October Tenth, the 1,289th anniversary of the time they dropped the hammer on that other Muhammadan invasion of France. It might be next year. The exact date is unforeseeable, but it’s coming. Tours 2.0.

Welcome to another inspirational, great news column! If you happen to be reading this at TPC and have no idea what I’m talking about, then here’s a DELIGHTFUL ALTERNATIVE to today’s missive of hope. Everyone else, kindly read the Generals’ Letter and the Soldiers’ Letter. I’ll pause for a few minutes…

Now, if you have trouble reading French and can’t seem to operate Goolag’s super-simple translator, then please just watch the DELIGHTFUL ALTERNATIVE. It might be fun to watch it regardless. Seriously, it’s good. Chair envy, anyone?

As I said, it’s coming. It’s going to happen whether the hell Macron, Soros, satan, the invading hordes, or you like it or not. France will continue to exist for the French. Europe will exist for Europeans. The West will prevail!

The generals caught hell for daring to state the plain truth about the grave circumstances in and of their nation. It’s a miraculous testament to their fortitude, tinged with civ-nattery as it is, that they signed their names. Homoglobo, Paris is mighty angry with them. Accordingly, the younger rank and file men, in their similar alarm-ringing, opted for anonymity. The luciferian traitors have condemned them. The people have not. Already, close to ten million ordinary citizens have read the Soldiers’ Letter and hundreds of thousands of them have signed on in support.

These people have had it. There is a rage barely contained. The French are sick of walking the streets of Paris and Marseille and thinking they’re in Atlanta-stan. 

Predictions are dangerous things. I’ll just rattle off a few possibilities. First, these letters may well represent notice of a military coup. You cretins made this mess. We’re about to clean it up. In that case, look for rapid repatriation of the foreign invaders and/or other restorative measures. Second, the foregoing may sync nicely with a Le Pen victory next spring. In that case, look for rapid action against the violent, incompatible primitives. Third, the French Dark State may intend to pull a “Biden” style election fraud next year. In that case, look for Military intervention of the Burmese variety, a Le Pen Presidency, and rapid action. There are other possibilities. One way or another.

More could and will happen, of course. What will the rest of the Continent do when the party starts? Given that nationalism is raging and rising everywhere, the answer is probably, “not much.” England and Germany could, but probably will not intervene. There will be no third fratricidal farce war fought on behalf of the reverse-colonizing third-world. In fact, when it starts in France (or elsewhere), look for the fire to spread quickly to other infected nations. 

“Biden,” enamored of foreign influence as evidenced by his cabinet choices and policies, could attempt some latter-day Morgenthau Massacre. However, and honestly, his empire no longer has the power to project that kind of force or influence. And he might be surprised at the problems which would immediately develop on the homefront. Immediately.

It’s worth noting that the composition of France's military is slightly different from that of Amerika’s. France’s soldiers are French. They execute combat operations instead of getting free sex changes, crashing their own ships, or kidnapping busloads of school children. What’s going to happen in Western Europe will be much more expedient and much less complicated than what’s happening in that strange area between Mexico and Canada. The worst-afflicted, most converged nations - France, Germany, Sweden, UK, et cetera - are still hyper-majority native in terms of their populations. France is over 90% French. Generationally, the Millennials and Zoomers of France, the “generation(s) of fire,” are more galvanized than their Amerikan peers. French Gen Xers are a little more engaged. French Boomers are not the plague their corresponding Amerikan Woodstock mud-rompers are. The mature by and large have the backs of the young. All of them still know their culture. They’re mad as hell about its siege and potential destruction. They’re ready to fight to reclaim it. They’re able. They. Will. Win.

Dieu sauve la France! Dieu sauve l'Occident!

*Notes: My original column idea was a proposal for hunting down and eradicating the war criminals behind the Coronahoax. We’ll get to that, literarily and jurisdictionally. Also, you may have gathered that something is wrong with the 2020 Census. I’d like to examine the numbers, but, for reasons likely related to the terminal decline, they won’t be available for some time. We’ll get to that too, roundabout. Stay tuned.

- Perrin Lovett

CF Floyd Feature Writer of Affairs National

10 May 2021

A Quick Check-in From MB: #NewtonCo Dynamics; #COV Dynamics; the Future of The Oaks...?


So...Newton County.

Let's talk about it. 

Stephanie Lindsey, Attorney-at-Law Extraordinaire, celebrated her birthday this past week. It was quite the celebration apparently.

Chairman of the Newton Co. Board of Commissioners, Mr. Marcello Banes, sent out a special congrats on Facebook to his "Sister" from another mister.

I know for a fact that multiple screenshots of that post were taken & quite possibly sent to various other attorneys for perhaps a certain reason. 


While several commended me on my retraction on the Ronnie Cowan/Madam Coroner thing (and thanks for that, friends - it is truly appreciated), Ronnie Cowan still apparently wasn't impressed based on his communiques w/ me.

No, he seemingly was still in full-on bitch-&-moan mode. 

I almost texted him the following but decided I would just share it here amongst friends: 

Ronnie is starting to remind me of Keith Ellis circa 2014-2016, in that he will say something on the public record - his words - but will then want someone else to explain to the plebeians that they simply misunderstood what their eyes & ears were telling them. 

Ain't nobody got time fo dat! 


Egad. What a mess. 

Well...what do you expect w/ Fleeta & Dirty Don on there. The one that might've been open to common sense now has election fraud hanging over him. 

Who does that leave? 

Hawnethia? Pass... 

Kenneth? Eh...? 

Is there anyone else?

I'll have to wait on that one. 

But let's talk the city manager right quick. 

Or, let's not. 

Also, his staff is short on follow through. I can tell you that 100% from direct experience. 


The Oaks 

It's all in Porterdale's hands now. 

I might be worried if I thought they were desperate for revenue or something. 



- MBM 

P.S. In case you didn't notice, I'm pretty much all out of F's to give at this point. Hope all is well! 



05 May 2021

MB McCart: An Open Letter to BOC 2 Rep Demond Mason - Who Do You Think You Are?

 It's that time of year again, friends. It's Budget time! Over the last couple of months all of the department heads & constitutional officers have been putting together their proposed budgets, usually asking for way more money than they need (or could ever expect to get), and then the finance staff, county manager & the members of the BOC start to look it over. 

Of course, the real fun comes once the assessments come in from the county Tax Assessor. That's when all the players know the Big # - the true tax base - and then based on what that is, and what the budget requirement is, they come up w/ the millage rate. 

It's always a lot of fun & very enjoyable for everyone in involved, especially members of the Citizenry! 

I keed, I keed...

Yeah, it's not exactly good times - particularly for the folks that have to vote on it (BOC) - but it's a key part of the job. Nobody said it was easy, and usually the BOC gets it fairly wrong. 

And that brings me to BOC Rep Demond Mason & his recent comments. 

Mason said the following things: 

"I don't want the board to get into a big debacle." 

"Drama? No," he said. "Don't get into drama. Don't get into negativity. Don't start a whole bunch of drama.

"Let's be positive. We say we want to be positive," Mason said. "Let's make positive impact. Let's not look at the negative all the time."


Mr. Mason, it is every Newton County Citizen's God-given right to be just as dramatic & negative as we damn well please! 

And this is not the first time you've said something similar to this. 

You are a POLITICIAN! You signed up for this. You wanted this. This is part of the job description. 

Just so we're clear on that. 

Kindly Yours, 

MB McCart 

03 May 2021

Ellis Millsaps: Commercial Break, Pt II

 Rock and roll has been the soundtrack to my life but there were many commercial interruptions, On the radio that brought me the music and on the television which once it arrived in the mid-1950s was always on when we were home. I'm cursed with recollection of sixty year old TV jingles with still pop into my head uninvited. (“Sing it over, and over again, Fros-ty Morn.”

The Millsaps of Mansfield always muted commercials except during the Super Bowl when we would often mute the game instead of the commercials. I still mute commercials but I'm too inattentive to get them all and there are some commercials I enjoy.

 Some commercials I not only mute but have to look away from: animals being mistreated, the Navage ad in which a woman holds a clear tank of saline solution over her nose and circulates snot through it.

 There are entertaining commercials-- mostly from insurance companies-- but some TV ads are absurd. For example,the ones where car companies tell you everyone gets the employee discount. That is patently false. They don't have an employee discount. Such a discount would be one where employees get a better price than the general public but if everybody gets it there is no “employee discount.”

 Then there are the ads that urge you to use their product when you don't need it, like the Tide commercial which warns about “invisible dirt.” I really worry about invisible dirt (This shirt looks clean but I better wash it because it might have invisible dirt.) And the Cascade ad which encourages us to run the dishwasher even if we have only a few dirty dishes because it saves water compared to washing them by hand. The last time I checked Cascade costs considerably more than water.

 The commercials I enjoy? Progressive has many storylines running at the same time. We love the antics of Flo and Jamie but their best series is the one this guy,, a good actor, exercises intervention to keep new homeowners from turning into their parents. It's SNL level humor. I look forward to new episodes the way I used to with “Twin Peaks.” 

- Ellis Millsaps

Ellis "Da" Millsaps is a recovering Attorney but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved...


02 May 2021

A Retraction From TPC in re Ronnie Cowan & Supplemental Funding for Coroner's Office

By: MB McCart  

It doesn't happen too often at all, but I am publishing a retraction/correction from our piece from last week - A Moment From MB: Politics in the Home County -- What a Pisser!

In that piece I wrote the following: 

What wasn't expected though was that Ronnie Cowan (BOC 5) would actually vote to approve her request for another $50K in supplemental funding (just two months after getting that same amount). 

Well, I was wrong about that. 

While I knew they discussed & voted on an amount of $50K at their Jan. 19 regular meeting (and let's not forget that Ronnie WAS key to that as Madam Coroner was originally asking for only approx $8K, but...that's another thing entirely); however, apparently, they had to do another vote to actually move the money from the Capital Fund to the Coroner's budget which is was they did at their 2nd March regular meeting. 

So there was just the one $50K transfer of funds, not the two I referenced in the aforementioned piece. 

TPC regrets this error.