31 October 2018

[TPC] - Happy Halloween: Perrin's "Trick or Treat" Halloween Tunes List

Happy All Saints' Eve from all of us here at TPC.

As a music lover, what better way to celebrate Halloween than by enjoying the music.

What follows is a list - and a very good one - of the best Halloween songs by our own C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs & Contributing Writer, Mr. Perrin Lovett:

Music for that scary night when all the little Bernie Sanders wannabes come calling:
Immigration! Election! Killer Robots!
There. Got that out of the way…

Now: the music for Great Pumpkin Night:

Werewolves of London, Warren Zevon, 1978.
R-2221286-1345014745-6414.jpegZevon (RIP)/Asylum.
Werewolves, Alternate Take, Zevon, 2007 Release. I know more than a few people don’t like this version. Then again, more than a few people can be wrong. Cool, jazzy, and you always have the ability to listen to the damned original…
Long Cool Woman, The Hollies, 1971. No Halloween, per se, but fits with:
Devil Woman, Cliff Richard, 1976.
Evil Woman, ELO, 1975. All these women…
Witchy Woman, The Eagles, 1972. More women…
Self Control, Laura Branigan version, RIP, beautiful, 1984. The best-looking artist on the list.
Legend of Wooley Swamp, Charlie Daniels Band, 1980. Lucius Clay approves.

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[MB McCart] - City of Covington GA Official: First Report

As promised, a write-up of this strange & hilarious sensation that has taken over C-Town. 

I mentioned the other night here in this space of a Facebook page that has taken the #COV by storm - City of Covington GA Official.

On Facebook: @FastFoodCaptialUSA

Despite them giving my pal & the right honorable & semi-esteemed mayor of the great city of Covington, GA, USA - Ronnie Johnston - kind of a tough time, I can't help but to love this page.

Ronnie's latest Home Decor project. From City of Covington GA Official

Their sense of humor is the best, I assure you.  But anyway, like I mentioned previously, I reached out to this page, knocked on their door, as it were, and your know what? ...

They responded.

Really, in many ways, the page acts as a news resource for the community. They occasionally do a "Remember When" segment. This is a post about the time that Bill Cosby visited the Covington Square for a book signing right about the time they filmed the plane landing for "Cannonball Run"

And I am now, more than ever, enamored with this thing known as City of Covington GA Official (CCGO).

I've got to just go straight-up Gonzo on this thing, so, without edit, here is the Facebook Messenger conversation between MB McCart, Editor of TPC, and Jerome of CCGO:


Hello. Marshall McCart with The Piedmont Chronicles in Covington, GA here. Hope you're well, sir or madam.

Love the page & am currently working on an article on the sensation that is City of Covington GA Official as you're poised to hit 1000 likes.

I'd like to do a Q & A with you. And we can do so in anyway you'd like. Either the real you, anonymously, of course; or, you in character if you'd prefer.

Again, well done! Hilarious stuff. And by the way, I've had multiple folks as me if I'm the one behind this.

Let me know if you're game, and I'll send you some questions. Thanks. 


Piedmont Chronicles?

Have to admit, had to look that one up!

What kind of Q & A would you like? 


I'll send over a few questions...and we can go from there. Thanks.

Btw, I've primed the pump a bit 

(sent a link of original write-up


We're actually at 1002 [likes] now, so it's time to celebrate! 


::Thumbs Up::

Congrats on hitting 1000! 

So, what should I call you? Do you have a name?

Tell my readers about what inspired you to come up with "City of Covington GA Official."

2nd question: do you have a favorite beer. Is Icehouse in the top 3? 


First off, thank you! We're looking to celebrate that milestone for sure. 

Second, we have a few different moderators that contribute.

Jerome White. Bubba Jenkins.

Icehouse for me sits right behind a nice Natty Light or a cool Zima...


My pleasure! It's a very exciting time for you guys.

So, with whom do I have the pleasure of speaking to, Jerome or Bubba? 

And, oh yes, I imagine you were pretty pumped when you heard about the Zima relaunch. If only they'd bring back Tequiza, ammaright?

Well, I think I have enough for my first report. Is there any type of statement or some comments you'd like for me to share with my readership?

Just let me know, friend. I'll send you a link when the piece is live. Thanks! 



Did someone say Tequiza?!?!

::Beer Mug emoji::


They also publish wedding announcements - another invaluable contribution to our community


Stay tuned, folks. This story is developing...

Your pal,


29 October 2018

A Monday Night Moment from MB: TPC Odds & Ends; Miscellany + What-not

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| Covington, GA | Newton Co. |

Greetings, Fearless Readers, and hope everyone's doin' dandy this fine fall evening.

So...what's new with you? I like what you've done with your hair...

But seriously, it's been a bit since we've conversed one-on-one, so, with some jazz coming through the radio - tuned to 91.9 - here at HQ, let's do just that.

Another week in the book that is Covington, GA, but what of City of Covington GA Official? 

Well friends, you know I'm always trying to sniff out the Real Story, and your ole pal MarshmanSlim is on the mutha! This thing has become quite the sensation & is poised to eclipse 1000 Facebook likes any minute now. For a point of comparison, the real City of Covington page has 6000 likes. As an aside, the actual handle for this page is: www.facebook.com/FastFoodCapitalUSA

Too funny!

I've reached out to...somebody, the person responsible for that page. A page that's obviously satirical in nature, it is, in my humble opinion, just absolutely hilarious! Good, good stuff.

And no, I'm not the one behind this page. A few folks have asked. There's been some theories bantered about, but as of yet - no identification as to who is behind this Facebook page.

Kemp Visits Covington

Brian Kemp stopped by the old Wal-Mart shopping center today (not to be confused with the old, old Wal-Mart) & held a campaign rally that was by all accounts well attended. Many Covingtonians had their picture taken with the gubernatorial candidate, including old friend-of-the-program. Fred H. 

Lil' Timmy, Kemp & Fred

Look for a TPC Real Politick piece later this week covering the GOV's race & others.

The State of TPC & The Road Ahead

Friends, the state of The Piedmont Chronicles is strong. Our best days are yet ahead of us. And with all of us working together, I have no doubt that we can achieve that More Perfect Union of TPC, one REAL Story at a time. 


Later this week: 

- Look for the piece on Georgia music legend, Ron Kimble

- Another Past Piedmont Chronicles

- Pieces by Contributing Writers Perrin Lovett & Bess Tuggle

- TPC Real Politick

- And maybe, just maybe, that piece on City of Covington GA Official

As always, thanks for reading. Happy Trails...

- MB McCart 

28 October 2018

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: Happy Halloween!

Halloween is coming up, so I guess it’s time for some spooky, scary or silly stories.

“The Great Pumpkin” is the first that comes to mind. I love Charles Shultz, may he rest in peace. The Great Pumpkin isn’t really scary, but it’s a tradition for me. After watching the movie I want to snuggle with Woodstock, fight with Linus over the blanket, Lucy can kiss our rears and we’ll all hide in Snoopy’s dog house. Not sure where Charlie Brown is gonna hang out, but I bet he’s got the doghouse basement scoped out. I have to watch that show every year. Our dog won’t let me “Beep” anyone, myself included, with love from Lucy’s influence, but I’m sure Snoopy will be hiding to avoid the “Beep” if we all hang together.

Trick-or-Treating is the next that comes to mind. When my boys were little they each had home made costumes until I got a little smarter, a little wiser, or old enough to know better.

There comes a time when Trick-or-Treating is no longer fun. With houses in the neighborhood about half a mile apart, it’s a whole lot more fun to build a campfire, skip the costumes, the hike between houses and make ‘em “Trick-or-Treat” me on the front porch. They got more goodies at home and we didn’t have to take their candy to the E.R. for the free X-Ray before they could eat ‘em.

The most fun was the Halloween hay ride. We, pretending to be adults (names and ages of the guilty withheld, with pride, that the tradition is being handed down), took great pleasure in terrorizing the kids. All the kids. Sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, neighbor’s children… Any that decided to show up were fair game.

There was always plenty of hay on the wagon – bales to sit on, loose hay to play in and burrow through, but the tractor had a problem. It decided to stall out on certain parts of the trail, and each place it stalled was haunted. The ghosts and goblins LOVED it! They hid in ditches, sneaked through the woods and dropped from the trees, frequently with a chainsaw (chain removed) to add fright to the night.

Following the hayride there were always plenty of snacks around the campfire, smores, hot chocolate, mulled cider and a couple more ghosts and goblins ready to play.

Getting older doesn’t mean growing up. Happy Halloween, y'all!!!

A jack of all trades, Ms. Tuggle has been a Covington resident since the late 70’s. She's been a K-Mart cashier, cabinet builder, vet tech, office manager for a beef cattle ranch and water well company (where she was able to hold benefits for D.A.R.E. and Scouts), a court reporter, business manager, assistant at a private investigation firm, legal assistant, convenience store clerk, landscaper and elementary school substitute teacher.  Her greatest pleasure is being a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her stories are all real, and all names will be withheld to protect the innocent, and also maybe the guilty, depending on the crime & the Statute of Limitations.  


Your Source for the REAL Story

26 October 2018

[Perrin Lovett} - Perrin’s Big Ole Big, Bad, Lean, Mean, Patriotic, Red, White, and Blue Election 2018 ‘Voting’ Recommendations Extravaganza and Illustrated Picture Show!!!

***BIG OLE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE DISCLAIMER: The following does not necessarily represent the opinions of The Piedmont Chronicles, MB McCart, the Gang, YOU, or anyone else. And that’s okay; I'm used to people being wrong. And no, this isn’t a call to anything except practical common sense. Certainly not a call to any kind of proactive violence (I leave that to the others and their mobs). Okay, it’s more of a list of recommended weapons than an electoral guide - all for sport and or defensive uses only - one will note the use of “quotations” throughout… Seriously, if you’re so G-D stupid as to mistake the following metaphorical satire for revolution, then you probably can’t even read this sentence ... so … anyway...***


Well, alright beloved readers, once again it is time for another foray into the electoral aspect of American republican representative democracy, wherein Republicans and Democrats will demonstrate how little they care about representing the electors of America.

They say that “every vote counts.” They, in the saying, repeat a complete and utter lie. The TPC home audience is in the heart of that glorious Georgia Piedmont (which might have something to do with the “P” in TPC). If you’re a Georgia voter and you don’t like the options offered on the ballot, then try this: write in a name for a given race; get your stupid “I Voted!” sticker; congratulate yourself for “doing your duty;” wait; the next day or week, consult with the local board of elections as to how many votes the name you picked received (should be at least one, right?); listen carefully as they tell you that the answer is “zero” and, by law, non-pre-approved write-in votes DO NOT COUNT. Reflect on that. This is the law in most, though not all, states.

It really doesn’t but what a cool picture… Pic by Imgflip (Someone’s Meme).

Now, let’s get real, dispense with the failures, and look at November 6 and beyond - through the turmoil years and until at least such time when peace and normalcy might be restored. It’s entirely possible that voting Trump, 2020 and for Trump-like candidates in this election and other future elections may help. Honestly, Trump is an anomaly - and those tend to be, by definition, isolated. He’s kind of like Captain Sullenberger skillfully landing the doomed Cactus 1776 in the Hudson of history. Anyway, it’s a big country and I haven’t the time to go through all the options.

Here follow my general recommendations for preserving some semblance of freedom in America. And, as you’re about to read, I am in no way concerned with the actual races, the candidates, or your beloved (dead) democracy. I am concerned with the continuity of civilization. The following represent some of the better options for what’s just ahead. As an added bonus, these do not necessitate wasting any time at the polls. ANOTHER DISCLAIMER, for the real idiots: DO NOT take any of the following to the polling places or use any of them in any unlawful manner. Now, shall we?

***Ed. note: Just in case there are some of you who don't get this. Again, as Perrin mentioned, this is not to be construed as anything other than what it is. In his opinion, the electoral & political process has pretty much become in exercise in futility, so instead of voting, Mr. Lovett gives his recomendations for some purchases you could make to possibly better prepare for your future. Not to be construed in any other way. As always, we appreciate you reading. - MBM***

(Your State)

Barrett M107, .50 BMG (.499 Barrett in CA)
  • Yes, it’s heavy, but it’s for the heavy work.
  • 5-round and 10-round mags.

“Lt. Governor”
(Your State)

H&K 417 A2 (7.62 MM x 51 NATO)
  • The Mercedes of Cadillacs
  • 10/20 round mags (go with 20, load to 19)

(Your State)

Remington Model 700 Sendero SF II (.300 Rem Ultra Mag)
  • .30-06 on steroids
  • Excellent advice and consent patterning

(Your State)

H&K 416 (5.56 MM x 45 NATO)
  • A less pretentious 417…
  • That 5.56 (.22…) mil-spec-iness everyone loves with 30 round mags (load to 28)

“State Senator”
(Your State)

H&K .45 UMP (.45 ACP)
  • Modern “Tommy” gun; an MP5 for men
  • Mags generally spring up full loads well; tons of fun

“State Representative”
(Your State)

Saiga 12 (12 gauge)
  • The Cadill… Kalashnikov of shotguns
  • Try this Russia hack … 10-round, load to 10

“Other State Races”
(Your State)

H&K .45 (.45 ACP)
(Article may or may not be sponsored by H&K…)
  • That proprietary O-ring barrel
  • 230gr overpressure

“Local Races” - “Mayor,” “Dog Catcher,” Etc.
(Your Locality)

I. Don’t. Care. Use your discretion here. It is conceivable that some of these could still really matter. You should know these people. Or, just trust the,

Ruger LC9S (.9MM Luger)
  • Compact pocket size
  • Those happy little hollow-points with the red rubber caps

“Questions, Options, Amendments,” Etc.
(If Applicable)

Powerful corporate entities put a lot of effort and money into drafting these and pushing them through the process. They have money and power (over you) at stake. Give these choices careful consideration. Flip a coin. That, or flip a,

  • 7”, well-balanced brute force
  • 120 years of reliable sharpness

Now, a look at the lesser alternatives (for “real” races):

I don’t trust THIS GUY to conserve anything except, maybe, his sneaky, furtive job at your expense:

Pic by Carlos Slim’s Blog.

THIS SOB will progress himself into the kitchen wall with predictable (bad) results:

Pic by Burn TV.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

Pic by PoPville.

Congratulations, America! You’ve, these past many decades and with all those other elections, backed yourself into this corner. All that red-blue-left-right jingoism has consequences after all. Time was when a man could voice his opinion with safe confidence that his choice mattered in a system dedicated to truth, justice, and all that other verbose jive. That time is over. Long over. Now come the interesting times. Sometime between today and 2033, something is going to hit the fan. When it does, you’d best be ready. The above-noted options are realistic choices for those who actually want to survive, rebuild, and move forward. If that’s not you, then best of luck. Go get your sticker!

I’m Perrin Lovett and I approve this message.

*The foregoing selections work best with ample spare parts, cleaning supplies, and around (what?) 25,000 rounds of ammunition each.

**Your author understands there’s a decent commentary ongoing over on the Farcebook. The spies at FB, Google, NSA, CIA, FBI, NDI, DARPA, SVR, MI6, Mossad, Q, DNC, RNC, CMMS, Wells Fargo, Berkshire, etc. see all of that. I do not. Kindly move the conversation here!

***Taking the above for what it really is, should your choice(s) of arms differ from mine - great! Comment away.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs

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25 October 2018

[Kayla's Corner] - Big Weekend in Newton County: Halloween Shows, Fall Festivals & More

Keeping an Eye on Covington & Beyond

Hey everyone & welcome to this week's "spooktacular" corner! Lots of scary fun to be had by all.

There's a couple of great festivals on Saturday, October 27th.

This first is the Mansfield Fall Festival taking place in downtown Mansfield on Saturday from 10AM to 3PM. A day full of fall fun. Fun for the whole family w/ games & BBQ.

Friends of Hard Labor Creek present: Fall Festival & Spooky Wagon Rides
Saturday October 27th from 6:30 to 9PM at the beach area off of Hard Labor Creek Rd. Rutledge, GA. 

And as always, there's some great music & night life going on around town!

Irish Bred Pub Annual Halloween Bash. Upstairs Listening Room. Saturday October 27th. Costume Contest & Giveaways. 7 to 9PM: Rocky Horror Party; 9PM - Midnight DJ Hannah Thomas.

This looks like such a super fun event & you can also check out The Pub's new menu that they just launched this week!

Five O'Clock Bar & Grill's Halloween Spooktacular is sure to be a blast! 

Don't miss out on the areas biggest and best Halloween Party!
Adrenaline will be rock'n the stage! We will have drink specials all night and we will be doing a costume contest! Come in your favorite costume or come as you are!

Saturday, Oct 27th, Bear Creek Marina will be having their Halloween Party. Leighlynn Shine, an amazing group & a TPC fave, is playing. Always a great time down at The Marina. Great food as well! 

What an action packed Saturday! Y'all be sure to get out there & have some fun!

See you next time!

Keeping an Eye on Covington

Author of TPC recurring piece, "Kayla's Corner," Ms. Leasure is originally a Walton Co. gal who studied marketing & advertising & loves the beach, the woods & her dogs while keeping herself busy with multiple projects & endeavors. She has her finger on the pulse of the home county like no other & is always "keeping an eye on Covington." A beautiful lady, inside & out, it is The Chronicles' true privilege to have her talents as part of our team. 

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| Covington, GA | Newton Co. |