29 June 2023

A Check-in From the Editor: Talking Covington, GA REAL Politick!

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Greetings, Fearless Readers, it's been a minute. 


Well, things are starting to heat up as we get closer & closer to qualifying for the home city's municipal elections. 

Travis Moore continues to be the only declared candidate for East Ward, Post 2, and he's looking to be a lock for this seat. W/ the blessing of the current holder of this position, Travis is a true coalition/consensus candidate. 

Basically we have four main factions in terms of east ward voters: 1) Old Guard/Establishment; 2) #NewtonCo12/NCLA (I'm in that one); 3) The Covington Place crew; 4) The Song Alliance folks. 

Travis is unique in that all the factions seem to like him & are comfortable w/ him as their representation. 

As we turn our attention to Post 3, it does seem to be official that Don Floyd will not be seeking reelection. The one declared candidate for this seat is one Dania Bernard. New to the home city, she's only lived here for about a year. Supposedly, she's an investor w/ the Archer Aviation outfit that just clear cut that beautiful old growth timber on Williams Rd in between City Pond & Oxford. 

While she's apparently curried favor w/ some in & around Covington (including, purportedly,  some employees of the city government), she basically remains a relative unknown & many are skeptical. Based on research, she seemingly has moved around quite a bit during her entire adult life. Also, this writer was made aware of a program that can detect if copy/verbiage was originated by an AI program & based on documentation received, it seems as if at least portions of her campaign materials were perhaps originated by that technology. 

Questions abound. 

It is this publication's understanding that Jared Rutberg is about to officially declare for this seat. Conventional wisdom would seem to suggest that he'd win a two-way race, probably somewhat handily. 

Now, for Mayor


Talking about possibly clutching defeat from the jaws of victory. Her major misstep last week w/ the Corrydell vote may have taken from primary contender to an also-ran. 

Even this writer was getting ready to maybe, just maybe, begrudgingly...[redacted]. 

Interesting times. We shall see. 

Okay for now,