19 October 2023

Covington Municipal Election Ballot Catastrophe

 Apparently way worse than originally thought...

Multiple West Ward Electors voting for East Ward candidates; multiple East Ward Electors voting for West Ward candidates.
Again - DO NOT VOTE until this gets fixed.
Apparently it's going to be on the WSB TV news tonight.
This is nothing short of gross incompetence on behalf of the Newton County Board of Elections (though they're purportedly blaming the GA Sec of State. Regardless, they have a duty to confirm & verify, obviously).
Stay tuned in this space & at The Piedmont Chronicles & MB's Word on the Street for follow ups.


12 October 2023

Finally, Another Check-in From The Editor - Don't Call It A Comeback...

*cross-posted at MB's Word On The Street 

 …I been here for years

I'm rockin' my peers, puttin' suckers in fear
Makin' the tears rain down like a monsoon
Listen to the bass go boom…”

LL Cool J

Ahhh Yeah! We back!

Though we were never gone, really. No, the last few months I’ve kind of been keeping my powder try & working my patented ant hill kicking a little more on the down low opting for more direct communications via phone & text.

However, I understand that a fair number of folks who like to keep up w/ my particular brand of foolishness, hyperbole & - dare I say at times - frivolity haven’t been privy to my direct communiques.

So, here we are.

Of course, not much has really happened here recently, right?

Pretty quiet.


Obviously the elephant in the room at the moment is the seemingly pending foray into WWIII.

Hell, what did you expect? With the Ukraine spigot looking to possibly slow down, the war machine needs Dat Ca$h Money!

Seems to be working - just look at the stock prices of all the MIC players.

And the world keeps on humming as it always has.


Well, the #COV races are definitely heating up. Things are gettin’ really REAL out there. Lots of lies & dirty politics floating around. Desperate people getting desperate. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. Signs being put up w/out permission & also in violation of code while signs being illegally taken down.

You know? The usual.

It’s just good stuff!


Just as some of us have been saying for 3 & 1/2 years - they lied to us. About everything. Almost all totally & verifiably proven.

The death rate was never anywhere close to what they were claiming. They lied. Proven.

Masks. Don’t work. They lied. Proven.

Myocarditis from the vaccines. It’s a thing. They lied. Proven.

Died w/ Covid being way higher than “because” of Covid. They lied. Proven.

More people were probably killed by doctors & hospitals due to Remdesivir & ventilators. They lied. Almost all but proven (and right quick - when this one really gets the light of day it deserves, that’s when maybe, just maybe, folks will be ready to really get pissed. Not holding my breath, though.

Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine both work. They lied. Proven. Big Pharma couldn’t have cheap competition, now could they?

A regimen of Vitamin C, D3 & Zinc really does help. They lied. Proven.

Yep, folks like me were basically right on everything. That just kills some people out there. Their ego no likey.

However, something that did cause some optimism for me is this - for a few weeks there a while back the powers-that-be & their legacy media minions really went into a full-on gaslight mode vis-a-vis Covid & then proceeded to get totally eviscerated from just about everybody. And then it stopped.

Hey, a small win. We’ll take it.

So on that positive note, I’ll leave it for now.

Good to be back. Stay Tuned.