01 July 2015

[TPC] - A Report on the Special Called Meeting of the Newton Co. BOC Regarding the Landfill - 1 July 2015

The Piedmont Chronicles

~ est. 2010 ~

[State of Georgia]

[Newton County]

In a 2-1 vote (Douglas and Sims voting for; Henderson against), the Newton Co. BOC voted against the original Green Hill proposal, or also any other future Green Hill P3 proposal Wednesday night at the Historic Courthouse on the Covington Square.

Citing the tactics and questionable dealings of the aforementioned Green Hill company, and how they had not only divided a county, community, and individual families, it was left in no uncertain terms by both commissioners who voted for this motion that Newton County was done with Green Hill P3.

Impassioned speeches were given by many citizens before the vote was taken with an overwhelming majority against any deal with Green Hill which seemed to match the mood of the several dozen people who were in attendance. 

A true exercise in American Democracy, it was a great meeting to attend and a joy to watch. 

Much work to be done and many moving parts to address in the near future as I was forwarded an action alert as I sat in the meeting which stated that the East Georgia Land & Development Company "will move forward with its plan to construct a private landfill and sue Newton County for damages related to a 17-year legal battle, according to the company's head, Jim Baker."