29 October 2018

A Monday Night Moment from MB: TPC Odds & Ends; Miscellany + What-not

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Greetings, Fearless Readers, and hope everyone's doin' dandy this fine fall evening.

So...what's new with you? I like what you've done with your hair...

But seriously, it's been a bit since we've conversed one-on-one, so, with some jazz coming through the radio - tuned to 91.9 - here at HQ, let's do just that.

Another week in the book that is Covington, GA, but what of City of Covington GA Official? 

Well friends, you know I'm always trying to sniff out the Real Story, and your ole pal MarshmanSlim is on the mutha! This thing has become quite the sensation & is poised to eclipse 1000 Facebook likes any minute now. For a point of comparison, the real City of Covington page has 6000 likes. As an aside, the actual handle for this page is: www.facebook.com/FastFoodCapitalUSA

Too funny!

I've reached out to...somebody, the person responsible for that page. A page that's obviously satirical in nature, it is, in my humble opinion, just absolutely hilarious! Good, good stuff.

And no, I'm not the one behind this page. A few folks have asked. There's been some theories bantered about, but as of yet - no identification as to who is behind this Facebook page.

Kemp Visits Covington

Brian Kemp stopped by the old Wal-Mart shopping center today (not to be confused with the old, old Wal-Mart) & held a campaign rally that was by all accounts well attended. Many Covingtonians had their picture taken with the gubernatorial candidate, including old friend-of-the-program. Fred H. 

Lil' Timmy, Kemp & Fred

Look for a TPC Real Politick piece later this week covering the GOV's race & others.

The State of TPC & The Road Ahead

Friends, the state of The Piedmont Chronicles is strong. Our best days are yet ahead of us. And with all of us working together, I have no doubt that we can achieve that More Perfect Union of TPC, one REAL Story at a time. 


Later this week: 

- Look for the piece on Georgia music legend, Ron Kimble

- Another Past Piedmont Chronicles

- Pieces by Contributing Writers Perrin Lovett & Bess Tuggle

- TPC Real Politick

- And maybe, just maybe, that piece on City of Covington GA Official

As always, thanks for reading. Happy Trails...

- MB McCart