Good Cop, Bad Cop: A Novel by Ellis Millsaps

Cover design by Bryan Chapman & Ellis Millsaps

Ed. note: some years back, several in fact, Ellis, "Da," wrote what I consider one of my favorite novels ever. A terrific book, with great characters, dialogue & plot, it reads so well & is one of those books that you might find yourself getting lost into to the point where it's maybe 2:30 in the morning & you're like - "oh shit, have I been reading this book non-stop for over five hours?"

Da, as a couple of you know is Editor Emeritus of The Chronicles & I often consult with him regarding many matters TPC & this was something we've discussed off & on over the last four years since he came on board as a Contributing Writer - the release of this fine work in a serial novella format of maybe the first 1/3 of the full piece; then, for those who've willingly entered this world & would like to continue the journey, the ability to order a signed copy of the future release from TPC Publishing.

To reserve your copy, please support our efforts of the forthcoming publication costs by donating to my PayPal account & referencing either Da, Ellis, Good Cop, Bad Cop (GCBC), etc. $20 for a reserved signed copy (will not be published until Jan. 2020)

So without any further ado, welcome to this wonderful world... - MBM 

Ellis "Da" Millsaps is a recovering Attorney but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved...

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$20 for a reserved, signed copy
(book will not be published until Jan. 2020)