01 December 2020

Perrin Lovett: Enter the Kraken

 If a mythological analogy must be drawn from Syndey Powell’s election lawsuit in Georgia (and Michigan), then it is not the Kraken. It is a thunderbolt from Olympus. It’s not a bombshell. It’s not a hydrogen bomb. It’s a gamma-ray burst, potentially capable of searing the political planet out of its current existence.

This Complaint, which initiated Pearson, et al v. Kemp, et al (Nov. 2020) in the Northern District of Georgia, might be the most devastating legal pleading I have ever seen. The CIA deep state AP, in repeating the false call of a Biden win, has - along with the controlled or demoralized “conservative” establishment - repeatedly and haughtily declared that all claims of election rigging were baseless. Did they want evidence? Well, here it is. 

The filing, backed by copious evidentiary exhibits, many of which I’ve read and which a reader can easily find, is more than a civil petition. It is more than a criminal indictment. If half of the supported and real allegations are true, then it is a potential call for measured military reprisal.

Addressing the first dismissive remark from the enemy that the filing was hasty and riddled with spelling and grammatical problems: shut the hell up, retards. Such issues, routine and easily corrected, were a good sign of authenticity. Law firms have litigation templates, one suited for each type of action filed in each court. The fact that “District” was misspelled in a header indicates that the entire document was a custom job, drafted specifically for its purpose - a Lamborghini, not a Buick. Besides, it’s the substance that matters.

A second idiotic response was that the first filing when made public, lacked supporting documentation. The fact that all exhibits were repeatedly referenced indicated that they were on file with the Court. Again, be silent, morons.

A short review of the substance:

The plaintiffs are all Georgia Republican Electors. The first plaintiff is C.J. Pearson, an 18-year-old black conservative wunderkind from Augusta. He alleges that he was disenfranchised and is due relief under 42 USC § 1983. Thus, in keeping with the rhetoric the left has taught us the past few years: Joe Biden, or agents working on his behalf, conspired and acted to rob an African-American teenage student and child, from a formerly-segregated southern city, of his vote, in violation of the Ku Klux Klan Act (and other laws, state and federal, to include the Fourteenth Amendment). Your author disavows and condemns this racism and white supremacy, and I call on Biden and the CIA deep state AP to do the same. And, yes, “agents working on his behalf” may include officials from both parts of the uni-party along with independent, foreign malfeasors. This is beyond rich.

Not long ago, I warned the Freedom Prepper audience, and through or with them the GOP of Georgia, to never dismiss the opposition out of hand, specifically Stacey Abrams. In hilarious fashion, she is a hero of the pleading, demonstrating intelligence and foresight superior to Brian Kemp. She’s possibly more honest to boot.

For instance, Abrams knew and is on the record advising (Kemp) that Dominion’s software was beyond unreliable and that Georgia was unwise in adopting it. The election officials in other states also knew as much (ie, Texas). Overall, the reservations about DVS go well beyond suspicion. Various people either associated with designing the system or who have studied it conclude that it was essentially designed not for vote recording, but for vote manipulation - it was built to be “hacked.” How easy is it to access an (off-line) machine? “...7 minutes alone with it and a screwdriver” easy. How much time did they have in Fulton County after the fake water leak?

And, how long has the wider-world been aware of the digital dangers? Well, since at least July 2006, the State Department was concerned about and closely monitoring the Smartmatic situation in Venezuela. And, yes, that’s the same Venezuela that the AP claims has no relationship with the program. 

There may have been monitoring of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office and associated voter rolls and computer systems during the 2016 election. This made little sense at the time and maybe it is unrelated, but the suggestion was that a rogue DHS agent hacked in for some reason. Might someone have been probing in advance, searching for a weakness in both systemic capacity and human competence? Both were obviously found in abundance as the 2020 matter was riddled, before and during the actual election, with illegality upon stupidity upon perceived and demonstrable nefariousness.

Be the answer to that last question as it may, it appears that many eyes were ready and observing this election, call them what they call themselves, “white hat” intelligence. I suspect that much of the massive trove of evidence was assembled before November 3, 2020. At the least, multiple parties were recording data transmissions and linked networks in real-time, Nov. 3-4, and then rapidly compiled a report on the same. This operation may well have been the culmination of John Durham’s work. Much of the exhibited information appears to have come from either military or civilian intel operations.* As such, it was classified information. How did Powell come by it? My theory is that it was delivered to her by a knowing, aware Trump after the election. The President may, by his lawful authority, declassify any material for any reason and to any person he chooses. My theory is that he gave it to her and then “fired” her from his legal team. Thus, as a free agent of justice, she operated without fear of any false alleged connections with the White House and without being subject to any encumbering roadblocks. Again, kindly note that she is representing the Georgia GOP Electors, not Team Trump.

*Yes, your author is aware of various developing rumors of a literal battle between different factions of the US government in this matter and the ramifications for a civil war scenario, in progress or pending.

And, dear Lord, does she have the substantiation the AP says doesn’t exist. The fraud in Georgia alone was massive, spanning electronic and paper ballots (real and fake) in multiple counties. She has eye-witness testimony. There are video recordings. This is so real that Rush Limbaugh and Tucker Carlson might even see it. A judge certainly will.

Browsing through, one of the things that jumped out at me and a few other readers, was Paragraph Fourteen, Page Seven:


As explained and demonstrated in the accompanying redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence, the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020. This Declaration further includes a copy of the patent records for Dominion Systems in which Eric Coomer is listed as the first of the inventors of Dominion Voting Systems. (See Attached hereto as Exh. 8, copy of redacted witness affidavit, 17 pages, November 23, 2020).

What? Here’s the Exhibit, as filed. This is unusual as to its inclusion in a civil case and as to its level of sophisticated analysis. As an aside, a witness affidavit confirms that Eric Coomer recently reassured Antifa (the ideology) of Denver that because of reasons, Trump could not win: “We fixed it.” By way of the NSA, CIA, MI6, Army Intel, and/or other investigators, the fix was in for Dominion before or during their interference. The scope reaches at least Venezuela, Serbia, Iran, and China, in addition to multiple domestic parties. Overconfident, as are many criminals, the masterminds behind this fraud failed to cover their tracks or to fully understand how the internet and electronic communication works. Everything - EVERYTHING - was intercepted, deciphered, and recorded, including the relatively easy to follow chain of development and operation. See, here, one graphic example of many:

*One knowing rudimentary URL manipulation may use this linked-exhibit as a starting point for reading the rest.

For reasons I’ll explain in a moment, the international meddling angle is potentially devastating to all the meddlers, even those within the US.

The relief sought, in emergency measure and permanently, is also important. First of all, Pearson, et al seek to have the Georgia results de-certified. As an alternative, they seek to have the reams of illegal votes cast out, to reset the clock to the lawful close of the election, when Trump won. Under the secondary relief, Person and the other GOP Electors (and, ideally those in other affected states as well) would proceed to re-elect Trump, and the AP, et al would necessarily have to re-do their proclamations (and, perhaps, change their underwear). There is a possible middle ground, a movement of the election to the General Assembly similar to what is unfolding in Pennsylvania. However, the primary requested relief is the most interesting. This case and/or others could easily see the Supreme Court. If granted and fulfilled, the primary injunction(s) would leave states without Collegiate representation, thus paving the way for kicking the entire election to Congress. There, Mo Brooks and others are already prepared to drop first day resolutions to initiate a Block Vote (not by individual representatives) in both the House and the Senate, which would necessarily result in Trump’s re-election. 

There are still many, murky “ifs” in this debacle, however, for those who would see Western Civilization defended, there is great cause for hope. Your author expects few in the mainstream, the “right” or the left, to understand these lawful processes. What they mean - either way - is confirmation of one of the approximate winning margins I assigned Trump back in October. Congratulations, Mr. President. Now, or after January 21st, bring the storm!

One semi-grounded fear across the country is that, in the event of a lawful election, Eric Coomer’s ideological friends on the ultra-violent left will let loose with violence far surpassing what they dealt out over the summer. That may happen, though, as indicated by patterns manifesting in the evidence in this case, someone may be expecting them and may be ready for them. In this unfolding incident, it may be the counter-punch that packs the most power.

That brings me back to the evidence of intermingled foreign influence in the fraud. Back in September of 2018, Trump quietly issued an Executive Order that, at the time, made little sense to outside observers. It provides for an expedited national security investigation of alleged foreign election interference along with crushing penalties against any persons involved in such a scheme, whether they are here or abroad, regardless of who they are. For whatever reason, Dominion, in Pennsylvania, has suddenly clammed up, citing its involvement in “litigation.” What could they possibly mean? For his part, Trump appears to mean business, recently sweeping clean his Defense Advisory Board of certain potentially-conflicted parties. What could that mean?

Just as we have a legal election procedure, we also have long-standing precedents for dealing with foreign or domestic assaults. The policy of the DOD and the government is that cyber-warfare is still warfare and may be responded to as such. Via the court-sanctioned wisdom of previous Congresses, the Executive has near-total and summary ability to counter any hostilities. Trump would be very well to reread his own EO, the Insurrection Act, several Authorizations of Defense and Use of Force, and various policies from the Obama, Bush (II), and Lincoln Administrations. He has tools at his disposal. Will he use them? Perhaps it is finally time to get Kraken.


- Perrin Lovett TPC Feature Writer Editor, Freedom Prepper