06 October 2021

Newton REAL Politick: Tommy Craig Power Play Put on Hold -- For Now...

 Hello readers, 

You can get the recap of the most recent developments w/ this over at the home county's legal organ

The mood of the current state of politics in the home county has been similar to the weather the last couple of days -- very dreary. 

A power play & a conspiracy - six years in the making - is now playing out right before our very eyes. 

Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig wants that power, influence & money again. He's hungry for it & he can almost taste it. 

WTC -- The Million Dollar Man

The hundreds of thousands he's gotten from the Sheriff's Department every year the last few years has been chump change to him. No, he wants to start getting closer to a million per year again. 

Ever since his unceremonious bouncing out in the fall of 2015, he - as well as his main co-conspirator, BOC 4 Rep JC Henderson, and others - has been working towards this moment in time. 

JC channeling his best Don Fanucci: 
"You should let me wet my beak a little..."

For the moment, it didn't work...

We now know the lay of the land, however, and as we all already knew, BOC 3 Rep Alana Sanders is fully on board w/ Team WTC/JC (based on our sources, Craig was key to Sanders' run). 

We are fortunate that we have a wildcard right now. BOC 2 Rep Demond Mason, make no doubt about it, is the most powerful politician in Newton Co. right now. He's the key. He is NOT Team Craig, as far as we can tell. 

What was disturbing was the fact that BOC 5 Rep Ronnie Cowan publicly stated that the argument for bringing Craig on board as an assistant attorney had "merit."  That is easily the most concerning thing I've ever heard him say (and as many of you know, that's really saying something). Is Ronnie smoking Crack? WTF!? 

Lost in the shuffle of all of this is the fact that an extremely qualified attorney & good person that really loves Covington & Newton Co. - Ms Megan Martin - is being tossed around like a political rag dog due to dirty politics & likely just some good old fashioned racism. 

This is a very dark & sad time for the home county indeed. 

I'm hoping that a rabbit can be pulled out of the hat & a good ending will happen here but I'm quite doubtful of that at this moment. 

Frustrated & Disappointed,