08 November 2021

The CFF Nat'l Affairs Column: DC Gitmo -- US Marshals on the Mutha; the Continuing Hoax of 1/6 & Fauci the Dog Killer

By: MB McCart, Ed.  

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DC Gitmo & the US Marshals 

As anyone who's been reading the non-power-elite/legacy-media-news for months could've told you, we've had a USSA gulag going on for the better part of a year now. 

Ben Franklin talked about how you could judge a society by how they treated their prisoners. 

It's incontrovertible fact at this point that "DC Gitmo" is at least as bad as Abu Grhraib could've ever been. While US soldiers made Iraqis take embarrassing pictures I don't think they ever served them pubic hairs in their food nor did they break any of their bones or refuse their cancer treatments. 

The US Marshals, a very interesting & unique governmental entity, investigated this situation & found horrible results & are acting accordingly. 

1/6 Narrative Continues to Implode 


And one has to wonder why this has disappeared from the mainstream news & the US Congress so quick here lately. 

Gee, I wonder?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the growing preponderance of evidence that this was basically a false flag incident w/ complicit involvement of federal actors, agents & assets. 


Why Does Fauci Hate Dogs & America So Much? 


Anthony apparently does hate dogs, particularly Beagles. 

And for those of you who continue to stick up for him there's beginning to be only one explanation, apparently. 

Either you're an absolute moron; or, you're somehow complicit. 

At this point, a fair number of us simply don't care.

This aggression will not stand.