06 February 2019

[MB McCart] - Questions About the City of Covington's Practices as it Relates to Vendor & Service Agreements

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(Covington, GA | 2/6/19) -

For the past several weeks this writer has been researching a story that first made an appearance on social media some time back, in which a person posited, based on purported information, that perhaps there had been an improper relationship between the City of Covington & one of its vendors (provider of services), Wagner Service Solutions.

After exhaustive research & having reached to the Wagner organization - Stacy Hutchinson as its representative - as well as the city, I can wholeheartedly say that I can find nothing wrong whatsoever with Wagner Service Solutions, and the agreement it's held with the city ever since 2011, when then-mayor at the time, Kim Carter, signed the original one year agreement.

Now, it's true that approx a year after she left public office, Kim Carter did go to work for Wagner Service Solutions in a position she held for right at five years. At this point I can find no evidence of improper or undue influence, or quid pro quo, related to this situation, nor would I expect to. 

But for my purposes, that's neither here nor there.

To inject a bit of commentary, I've gotten the impression that the city needs to work on its "best practices," if those even exist. I've been trying to get some information from some representatives of the city for sometime & I can't seem to get anyone to respond. It feels as if, ever since my write-up on Leight Anne Knight - a very fair & balanced piece, in my estimation - that perhaps the home city has gone radio silent on your ole semi-esteemed editor.

Oh well...

Also, I'm done chasing rabbits for a spell, I'm fully directing my attention towards the Stormwater Utility Tax Fee, specifically the financials of this dedicated enterprise fund. From initial investigation, it looks like the city may have some explaining to do.

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Thanks for reading. 

- MB McCart