18 March 2015

A word from us...

The Piedmont Chronicles 

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18 March 2015

[State of GA]
   {Newton Co.}

(Covington, GA) - We'd like to take a moment to say a few things:

  • The Chronicles have decided to start posting more regularly. Whereas this site has averaged pretty much a post a month here lately, the content will increase significantly starting tonight. As a very wise woman recently said regarding a local Covingtonian political issue - we've kept our powder dry - and we're ready to get to work. Also, content. And quite a bit... 

  • Content will include several new things and corresponding discussions of: 
    • Local & State Politcs
    • Music
    • Art
    • Food
    • Distilled Spirits, Beer & Wine
    • Miscellany [ Including but not limited to beautiful women]
    • What-Not [ Ain't no tellin']

History, human interest stuff, et al will still, naturally, be firmly in our Wheelhouse, but we're quite excited and very much looking forward to it.

Our neck of the woods of the GA Piedmont w/ Militia Districts

Talk to you soon. Thanks & Bye...