24 March 2015

Newton Co. is a Hot Mess: Legal Fees Edition

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[State of Georgia]

[Newton County]

(Covington, GA * 3.24.2015)

"It costs what it costs...I'm not going to apologize."

From the Covington News:

According to the finance department, the rates of Craig and Jenny Carter went from $195 per hour in FY2013 to $220.95 per hour in FY2015, while the rates of Banks Craig, Andrea Gray and Lara Benz went from $150 per hour in FY2013 to $169.95 per hour in FY2015.
Also this:

 According to the most recent financial report, the General Fund has reached 120.7% of its legal budget, just more than halfway through the fiscal year.

And for good measure:

 “It costs what it costs,” [Craig said, in regards to budget overruns for legal expenditures].  “Sorry if we’ve exceeded the budget, but I’m not going to apologize.”
Craig’s firm billed the county more than $1.1 million for the 2014 calendar year while owing millions in federal income tax and penalties.

So the big take-aways from this:

  1. Wm. Thomas Craig, Esq. is an Asshole.
  2. Newton County deserves everything that's coming down the track. 
  3. John Douglas and Levie Maddox should start acting like Republicans. If not, they should both resign tomorrow. 
This is just the Newton Co. way, didn't you know?