21 March 2015

The Die is Cast: One, Brave GA Legislator Stands up to King Deal

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 21 March 2015

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- Newnan Legislator lashes out at the Governor -

Finally, a member of the Georgia Assembly has found the bravery to publicly state what many of us have known for quite some time. This is what David Stover from Newnan had to say:
“The executive drives every decision under the Gold Dome,” he said. “We worry what will happen if we vote against the governor’s bill or the lieutenant governor’s bill. The answer is quite simply punish those who disagree with these bills...as [quoting Locke] -Locke 'refuted the divine rights of kings,' I’m here today to refute the divine rights of a single authoritarian branch of government.”
Well, well...finally somebody in the Gold Dome has stood up. Our esteemed Governor is not a member of the Assembly and his egregious actions continue to violate the seperation of power clearly enumerated in the Georgia State Constitution. Let's see if anything comes from it. The only way it will is if some of our other State Legislators are willing and able to follow Stover's lead.