07 March 2021

A Quick Check-in From MB: Madam Coroner Situation; Tax Commissioner Fallout; The REAL Story Regarding Publix

 Howdy, TPCers, and we sure hope it's marvelous out there for each & everyone one of you. 

The Madam Coroner Situation 

Well, the Coroner's Association/Training Council chumped out like a lot of us knew they would; they won't be removing Madam Coroner. 

So...recall election time, right? Truly a Herculean task, it could possibly get done; but one must wonder if things will take care of themselves. Based on a few conversations, that seems to be the consensus view. I mean, this lady - who seems totally batsh!t crazy & just plain mean - will likely do something in the near future to dig her own grave. 

Therefore, it seems as if things are in a holding pattern in terms of Recall Madam Coroner

Tax Commish 

I've spoken w/ a few folks who were shocked - just shocked - to hear the news that Marcus Jordan, Newton County's Tax Commissioner, has joined the dark side of the Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig/ JC Henderson Political Machine coalition. 

By looking at last November's numbers, it's obvious there were a fair number of usual GOP voters who voted for MJ (hell, I was one of 'em). I spoke just yesterday w/ one of these people & they were just so upset & dismayed. Thought that: "Marcus was better than that..." 

No, apparently, he is not. 

Excitable about Publix? Here's Where to Send Your Thank You Notes & Reason # 2367 That Fleeta Sucks

So Publix is the talk of the town right now, and rightly so. What a store! And what an anchor for the Alcovy Town Center development.
But let's get REAL for a sec if we could, pls & thx.
Let's not forget the fracas from a couple of years ago when Fleeta Baggett apparently called the main number for Publix & then when they wouldn't immediately confirm they were coming to Covington at that time (and let's not forget Crazy Sammy in all of this, either), everyone's favorite part-time #COV resident took to social media to rail against the machine.
Folks, this has been in the works for several years.
As was disclosed at the time, the home county didn't have the numbers for this particular grocery at the time -- not enough households; the numbers simply weren't there.
Now, w/ recent developments, the numbers are there.
And you know what this means, right? Before long, we're also going have a Target, as well as an Olive Garden probably.
Hell Yeah!
If you want things like these, you've got to have the numbers. There's definitely some give & take there.
But here's the money line:
You can really thank Josh McKelvey & Mr Mayor Ronnie Johnston for this.
True story.
No good deed goes unpunished, eh?
But they were full of it w/ Three Ring, though, right?
Have you driven by there lately?
P.S. Every Taxpayer in C-Town better hold on to their wallets here in a few months w/ the new budget. It's gonna be rough. And just wait for the future utility rates.
P.P.S. But hey -- Covington took back their city! So, there's that.
P.P.P.S Isn't everyone glad the Stormwater Utility Bills have gone away? Oh, drat, no they haven't; in fact, they've only gotten worse. As I type this, I'm looking over the official financials on this from the City of Covington. I'd tell you about it, but first -- how's your blood pressure? Nah, I'll just wait for a future piece. Because, you know, I care...
P.P.P.P.S. But certainly they've gotten rid of the double tax on the hairdressers, right? Oh, no! That's right -- they haven't gotten rid of that either.

As always, thanks for reading. 

- MB McCart