26 April 2021

A Moment From MB: Politics in the Home County - What a Pisser! Visions (of Maintaining Legal Organ Status For The Covington News)

 Howdy, readers & we sure hope it's fine as wine out there. 

Well, as you may have noticed things've been a little slow around these parts, but things have heated up here lately. 

Madam Coroner 

Last week Dorothea was on the Newton BOC agenda once again, presumably, to ask for more money. 

That's exactly what happened.

What wasn't expected though was that Ronnie Cowan (BOC 5) would actually vote to approve her request for another $50K in supplemental funding (just two months after getting that same amount). 

Just what in the hell was Ronnie thinking? Nobody seems to know. In fact, some are wondering if he's having issues of sorts here lately. He really doesn't seem like himself. Hell, at this point one has to wonder if maybe there was something in that envelope after all...? 

The kicker, though, is this. Based on my understanding, since this was a vote for supplemental funding, the Chairman's Veto power would've come into play w/ a 3-2 vote to deny it; however, since Ronnie did what he did, it was a 4-1 vote (Stan the Man voting against) & there was nothing that could be done. 

MoRe mAdAm CoRoNEr 

Later, Bailey-Butts would make her pitch for her upcoming budget. Naturally she asked for a major funding request. At this point, one has to figure she'll totally get it. 

The Big Picture 

Now, a few folks have known that Ronnie has already been kind of friendly w/ JC Henderson (BOC 4). In fact - I know for a fact - JC campaigned for Ronnie in the 2016 runoff. It's looking like RC has hitched his wagon to Team JC (WTC) & has entirely changed the dynamics of the REAL Politick here in the home county & certainly NOT in a good way. 

That Other Paper 

After having been alerted it to it, I picked up a copy of their Sunday edition that included their annual "Visions" magazine. 

Folks, this thing has always pretty much been a joke but this year's edition took it up to the stratosphere. 

The two big winners? Sheriff Ezell Brown & Clerk of Court Linda Hayes. 

The two keys to the Covington News maintaining their legal organ status over the last 12 years? You guessed it, those two. (Legal Organ - the paper of record - is the publication that carries all of the legal notices - foreclosures, notices to debtors & creditors; name changes, divorces, etc. - & for a county the size of Newton's it makes thousands & thousands of dollars for it).

While looking through the Visions I really have to wonder how many of the ads were actually paid for & how many were heavily discounted, particularly, the ads from Ezell & Linda. 

Really, the whole thing just doesn't sit right w/ me, folks. Not one bit. 

There are several other bits of bad news that I'll wait to pass on. 

 TL;DR version: things are jacked up in the home county. 

Hell, what else is new?