20 March 2018

Another Moment From Us

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.] 

(Covington, GA * 3/19/18) - 

Greetings, fabulous readers, and welcome back to The Piedmont Chronicles - Your Source for the REAL Story. 

As you've possibly seen here the last couple of weeks, TPC has gone through a few changes. The biggest of which is that we are now featuring local advertisers in addition to the embedded ads we've always done through Blogger/Google.

That was a pretty big decision for yours truly, and it was one that wasn't entered into lightly. I was apprehensive for a few reasons. First off, I didn't want to give an impression that I was "selling out" or anything of the like, and I think that most folks understand that I am definitely not. If I had to depend on TPC as a primary source of revenue, I'd sho nuff be in the poor house. No, basically I'm just looking to break even. If I can pay for some of these Open Records Requests I've been filing & also maybe cover some gas & expenses - that's all this quasi-esteemed editor is looking for. 

Another thing I was worried about was the site getting too cluttered. But I think the way I've been doing things - staggering advertising campaigns & not trying to do too much - is working out pretty good. At least, I sure hope so.

So far, the feedback from both Advertisers & Readers has been nothing short of phenomenal. So, there's that.  Also, thank YOU for that. And, if you would, please be sure to click on the text & pics of these featured, local advertisers, maybe spend a bit of money w/ them & let them know you read about it on The Chronicles. I sure would appreciate it (and always feel free to click on the monetized ads at the beginning & end of each post as well :-). Each time you do, I maybe get approx. a quarter. Or is it a dime, or a nickel? Nobody really seems to know...)

And since I'm basically soliciting - or,turning tricks, marketing-style, as it were -  these days, reach out if you may be interested in what several folks are agreeing is the most effective & inexpensive form of advertising in Covington & Newton Co. Slide us an email, or give us a ring: 678.712.8652

Also, the biggest change that's coming is occurring as we speak. Whereas TPC used to post about once per week, and here lately, more like maybe 3 or 4 times a week, moving forward we will basically be posting every day, and possibly multiple posts per day.

In addition:

  • A relaunch of the sister publication of TPC - Go You Silver Britches!, which will be cross-posted here in the space & will give you the 411 on all things UGA athletics. 
  • The launching of a TPC Sports Division to cover the sports activities of the Georgia Piedmont. 
  • Adding at least a new contributor or two to go along w/ old friend Ellis "Da" Millsaps. 
  • Some additional insights about Yours Truly, Da, and a few other folks. Think something along the lines of: The Real Story of the Real People of TPC
  • And a few more things... 
Exciting times, friends. Again, thank you so much. None of this is possible without you. Thank you.

Your Friend,

MB McCart 
"Your Pleasure is Our Pleasure & We Aim to Please"