22 March 2018

Wednesday Check-in: Odds & Ends


G'morning, Georgia Piedmont, and we sure hope it's all good out there. And how did everyone like that wonderful, typical first day of Spring? Oh well, by tomorrow it's supposed to be nice again & it's looking like a pretty weekend. We'll take it. 

So much to talk about, but so little time. Your semi-esteemed editor is pretty busy these days, but we just have to rise above, don't we? Let's dig in on some bullet points: 


  • The more I think about it, the more angry I get over the entire NCRC debacle, but I'm so glad that our good friend Josh McKelvey finally had his "Charlie James" moment & said to hell with it. I sure hope Chairman Banes, the Henderson machine, Atty Lindsey et al. are happy & pleased with themselves.
    • As a side bar, the conventional wisdom of some is that the only proper way to deal with a dumpster fire is to pour a crap-load of gasoline on it. To the point, the word on the street is that Anthony Henderson will presumably be on the NCRC w/in a couple of weeks. Pass the popcorn & the cold beers...
  • A quick update on the 10th Congressional District GOP Primary. Maybe keep an eye out for young buck & political newcomer Bradley Griffin. This young fella seems to have an impressive work ethic & resume. TPC is hearing a lot of grumblings about Jody Hice. Now with all that said, Hice is certainly almost a lock for this thing, but maybe, just maybe, there could arise some excitement in this race. We'll keep an eye on it.
  • And while we're talking political stuff above & beyond the Covington & Newton Co. level, how 'bout this Governor's race, huh? Wow! The political junkie in me is starting to get very aroused. So much drama, so many storylines. And how about that poll that came out showing Hunter Hill positioned in 2nd place? Driving around you see a lot of his signs. Ditto for SOS Brian Kemp. I even saw a Tippins sign yesterday. Still haven't seen one of the presumed front runner Casey Cagle, though. And speaking of CC, per the AJC, he's up to his old tricks in the Gold Dome. As many have known for years - political revenge seems more important a lot of times to the Lt. GOV than helping Georgians. And that's a shame if true. Look for a dedicated & expansive TPC piece breaking down & handicapping the Governor's race in the very near future.
    • And that's with out getting into the Democratic side of things with the battles of the two Stacys. That one is exciting as well & will be discussed in the write-up. 

Well, gang, I gotta get ready to work one of my 7 jobs, so let me get rolling. As always, thanks for reading & we'll see you real soon.