02 March 2018

So...Just What the Hell Happened at Indian Creek Middle School This Past Week?

The Piedmont Chronicles
On Wednesday February 28th, several schools throughout the entire country saw students walk out of class & hold protests against gun violence in schools. While this may be a prelude to the massive March 14th walkouts that are supposedly coming, it has now come to light that all of this is not the organic work of teenagers. And in other breaking news - the Sun is set to rise from the east tomorrow.

Reports are now confirming that the support of millions of dollars and the backing of several national anti-gun organizations are helping to fuel some of these "spontaneous" mobilizations of our youth. Youth, that is, like 16 or 17-yr-old youth, but not in the realm of 12 or 13. And for the record - I'm not necessarily saying that any of this is involved with the subject of this post. I just wanted to give all the backstory.

So now let's get to the purpose of this post. 

Good Food, Good Music, Good Friends & Good Times - Does it Get Any Better ? 
 There's always something good going on at Five O'Clock!

This is what we seem to now know: 

Something really big & completely unacceptable apparently happened at Indian Creek Middle School (ICMS) this past Wednesday. 

There's more than enough smoke for this publication to know that there is at least a certain amount of fire. While a lot of folks may have heard about the Newton High School event, or gotten wind of what went down at Eastside, it seems like there's maybe been a hesitancy to talk about what transpired at this middle school.

This seems to be the basic gist of things: 

A 'moment of silence' event was planned for...well, the official narrative is that it was planned. The suspicion is that the faculty caught wind of some sort of demonstration-in-planning as early as last week, then at some point realized they could not keep it from happening, then 're-branded' it as a moment of silence.

Apparently, the idea was to have 17 minutes of silence for the 17 souls lost at Stoneman-Douglas. So, at some point on 2/28  an announcement was made on the school's PA for students to assemble outside for the observance. It was not necessarily mandatory. 

What ensued was reportedly just this side of bedlam - with a faction of the kids "protesting" guns, at least 3 fights, multiple disruptions, and a bonafide Twerking Contest. 

I get & appreciate the fact that at the high school level the inmates are somewhat running the asylum, but at the middle school level? If this is basically what went down - and we believe to be; otherwise we wouldn't have run this - then something needs to happen. Somebody needs to explain something.

We'll keep an eye on it.