19 March 2018

Local Business Spotlight: Travis Moore, Broker Associate with Hometown Realty Consultants, Inc.

Travis Moore has developed a well-earned reputation as one of the Georgia Piedmont's premier real estate agents. Specializing in residential, land & commercial, the secret of his success, to quote John D Rockefeller Jr., "is to do the common things uncommonly well," with an emphasis on hard work, superior customer service, honesty & fair dealing. 

Moore's license hangs with Hometown Realty Consultants, a local independent brokerage firm that is "small in size, but BIG on customer service." In fact, their 3 keys to success are: customer service, customer service & more customer service. And it helps that this firm is like a tightly knit family. "We're a team," Moore told this writer. "We all have each other's backs...if one of us needs a helping hand, another of us will be there for them. Many hands make light work." That sense of family, Travis tells us, has been instilled into the essence of Hometown Realty by its founders & owners, Kenneth & Darlene Smallwood. 

When interviewing Travis for this piece, a definite theme emerged. Like the previous quote about the secret of success, there is no substitute for handling the basic things in an efficient matter. Perhaps one of the biggest things is a simple one - "just answering the phone, and if you can't do that, then call somebody back" Often times, not returning calls is something that us real estate folks can sometimes get accused of. And it really is vital. As a 22-year real estate veteran I can truly say - staying on top of communications is key, but can be tough to do. It's sort of a multitasking juggling act, and Moore's ability to pull off that feat comes as no surprise to many who know him.

Not unlike your semi-esteemed editor, Mr. Moore is a man of many hats who has a knack for taking care of business even with multiple irons in the fire. In addition to his realty business, he handles some two dozen rental properties. He's also an Ice Man, as he's involved with several of the self-service ice machines you see around town, including the newest one at Hwy 11 & Hwy 142. A long-time EMT, Travis still does at least 3 or 4 shifts a month on the ambulance with Piedmont Healthcare. Also, Travis helps out his lovely wife Lindsey with her boutique fitness center, Moxie Fitness. 

Again, it's Moore's ability to handle multiple things and that impressive work ethic & his continuous quest to provide the best customer service possible that really sets him apart. And it's been paying of for this fella. 2017 was a banner year for him in real estate sales, his best one yet. Also, it was recently announced that Travis will eventually be taking over Hometown Realty as the Qualifying Broker. 

When interviewing Travis for this piece, I asked one final question:

"Why do you love real estate & real estate sales?" 

His answer was a great one: 

"First off, I just love helping people. I really do. And for most folks, the purchase of their home is the single biggest investment they'll ever make...it is the American Dream. To be able to help make that a reality...well, I love it! And I love the DEAL, too! Making it work, putting it all together, getting it over the finish line. It's great." 

And folks, I'm here to tell you - that's what you want out of a real estate agent. And one final thought: I've known Travis Moore for several years. He's as good a fella as you'll ever find. For those who know his family, and especially his Dad, you know that he comes by that hard work ethic & strong moral code honestly. He is, as we say here in the South, good people! 

Call Travis today for a free CMA and consult on your home, investment property or raw land.

Alright guys. Thanks so much for reading, we really appreciate it. Until we meet again.