29 April 2019

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: The Kids Are Growing Up

This past Saturday was bitter-sweet for me.  It rudely drug my head out of my... memories.  Not what you thought I was gonna write, is it?  It also spilled many more memories out across my mind.

My favorite rent-a-kid got married (rent-a-kids are those that never had to knock on my door, knew what time meals were served, could always find a spot to crash for the night and became just a part of the menagerie we called “home”).  It was a –beautiful- ceremony, but shocking too.  Left me happy, sad, mourning the kids they used to be, proud and excited for the adults they have become...  It’s confusing.  All these kids are grown, getting married, and having children.  They’re “adults” now!  

Stories were told, of course, about their growing up.  Brothers getting into a fight resulting one’s head through an office window.  One of my Things swinging on an office door and putting his butt through another window.  Losing my rent-a-kid in the round bale hay barn – we found the kid but never recovered the good, expensive leather jacket his mom had just gotten him…  We both got in trouble for that one.  Now, some of my new favorites are them complaining about their children, who turned out just like them, and they can’t figure out how we survived their upbringing.  Sometimes payback is –wonderful-!

The kids all still call me “Ms. Bess,” even though they’re grown and I’ve been relegated to the “Old Folks Group.”  Yes, those of us that are hard of hearing, poor eyesight, a malady of aches and pains, and avoid crowds with a passion.  In this group it’s more comfortable and the stories go back even farther.  You know, the ones about what we did when –we- were “adults” their age.  Most of those will never be published.  Some should be forgotten.  Others were “Oh, I wish you didn’t remember that.”

It’s sad that we only seem to get together anymore for weddings and funerals.  Think I’ll start planning my funeral now so –I- can enjoy it.  

It was a wonderful, beautiful day.  Great food, good company and a heartfelt ceremony for us all to celebrate the newlyweds.

All my love and best wishes to the new couple.  There won’t be a honeymoon.  Husband and wife are both active duty Air Force.  Wife is being deployed to Afghanistan and husband is returning to flight school.  I think they’ll do just fine, like Ying and Yang.  They compliment and complete each other.

To add the final icing on the cake – I wish them children JUST LIKE THEM!!!  Looking forward to the stories, kids!