02 April 2019

[MBM] - The Covington Report: Council Votes To Lower Occupational Tax; What's the REAL Story?

C-Town Representin! 


For many Monday night's council meeting centered on one thing - making things right for our barbers, cosmetologists & hairdressers. At first glance, it seemed as if this didn't fully happen, but upon further review, it is in this writer's opinion that the council may have hit one out of the park, though, as the Mayor himself mentioned, more work needs to be done to truly make things fair & equitable across the board.

What the council did last night was this: starting next year, all hairdressers & barbers will only be paying $25 per annum for a business license vs. the current $100 they've been paying for several years. That, certainly, seems to be a win.

However, many - this writer included - wanted to see that amount, specifically for the aforementioned group, reduced to zero since these folks are working out of an establishment that is already paying the yearly fee. As an aside, it's my thought that case law would support treating these people, considering that they are professionally licensed though the state, the same as realty agents or insurance folks. Perhaps another cause for another time (though it should be sooner rather than later).

But the city did do something pretty special Monday night.

Any individual sole proprietor, whether it be a welder, pipefitter, SEO consultant, retailer, etc.), who heretofore had to pay $100 a year for an occupational tax, will now only be paying $25.

That's huge, people, and this will benefit several dozens of small businesses here in town. Again - I'm sorry - but I can't overstate how big this is. It's a win for freedom; a win for small business.

With that said, satisfaction, in my estimation, is still needed for the hair folks & apparently even the Mayor of Covington, Ronnie Johnston,  agrees on that point: 

"Yeah, I'm with you, if they're working out of an establishment already paying [ the occupational tax], I think they should be exempt." 

Image result for ronnie johnston covington ga
Mayor of Covington - Ronnie Johnston

So to recap, a movement that was created by just a couple of barbers & a hairdressers, and helped along by some concerned Citizens, has created a sea-level change for the home city. 

That's a beautiful thing. 

But let's all remember the original Cause Du Jour - barbers, cosmetologists & hairdressers. Those of them working out of an establishment already paying for a business license should not be paying a. Single. Damn. Dime. 

And that's the way I see it.

What are your thoughts? 

- MB McCart