23 January 2019

[Kayla's Corner] - Restaurant Review: Osake

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Corner's Restaurant Review! 

Yum Yum! 
2123 Usher St. Covington, GA 30014
This week's Corner review is on Covington's newest edition, Osake! 

Pronounced (oh-saka), Osaka is a city in the Kansai region of Japan's main island of Honshu. Osaka used to be referred to as the "nation's kitchen" in the feudal Edo time period because it was the center of trading for rice, creating the first modern futures exchange market in the world!

Now that we've got that little of the history out of the way, let's talk about - Osake - the establishment here in Covington! I personally have been to Osaka quite a few times since they have opened & I have had a wonderful experience every time! The Establishment itself is well-kept and clean, as are their servers. The structure itself is not quite as big as we would wish unfortunately, and this has made seating limited during busy hours or for parties of five or more (something you definitely want to check into beforehand if you need additional seating.) But you can always grab a spot at their Sushi Bar, which is where you can probably find me most of the time! Haha! I have had quite a few of their rolls, all reasonably priced and well named, and I'm eventually going to try them all! (Highly, highly recommended)👌

But that's just pre-gaming, the hibachi food is where it's at! Like most, I like my steak medium rare and every time I have requested it, it has always been exactly what I asked for, totally on point! When they're able to take their time and not rush the food, the vegetables and rice are just perfect! In addition, I'm always adding yum yum sauce (the peach colored sauce that is oh so good!). Unfortunately, I don't think it's low-calorie. LOL! (You WILL want to put it on everything). 

They have most of your traditional Japanese hibachi plates including shrimp, chicken, steak, etc. They also have quite a few other menu choices you will have to check out for yourself!

As far as this Corner's review goes,  I definitely have to give an A+ for now! So Osake, make sure to keep up the great work! And to everyone else - if you haven't been there yet, you need to to make a point to get by!

Okay, guys! I'll see you next time.

- Kayla Leasure 

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