18 January 2019

[MB McCart] - Friday Odds & Ends: COV - City Manager, No-bid contracts; 3 Ring Developments; NCSO Burning Through $$$, et al

Howdy, friends! Hope all is lovely out there. It's Friday & the weekend is finally here! Take it away Wet Willie. 

It's been a pretty busy week here at the ole publication & as I've mentioned before, expect for that to become the norm. The goal this year is to average about 10 posts a week. That's the plan & we're gonna work the plan & hopefully execute the plan. So...that's the plan.

A few odds & ends on this foggy Friday morn': 

Covington City Manager, Leigh Anne Knight
  • My piece taking a closer look at City Manager Leigh Anne Knight will be dropping next week instead of this week. I've still got some additional questions to get answered. Also, I still need to reach out to Leigh Anne to get any comments she'd like to make on what I'll be publishing.
  • As I mentioned on Sunday, Mr. Joe Barr - Bluesman & a friend of mine - cast off his earthly bonds & went home to Glory this past weekend. He's in a better place now. Look for a dedicated piece next week.
  • Exciting news on the advertising front! Starting next week, Five O'Clock Bar & Grill will be doing another TPC campaign. Big thanks to Greg & the crew for helping to support the publication, and most importantly, for being wonderful folks & having such a cool spot with such great food. 
    • And the week after that will see a new advertiser to The Chronicles, Rustic Flair
  • Another piece I've had in the works for a bit will also have to wait at least a short while - Wagner Service Solutions' no-bid contract with the City of Covington. I'll also be looking into all of the insurance policies of the city. For years most of these have been done by the Gary Massey Insurance Agency without getting other bids. We'll definitely be delving into that.

  • Steel being delivered to Three Ring? That's the word around the campfire. A polarizing issue in & around the COV, many have felt that this would be a make-or-break issue for the Mayor if he runs for a third term (and that may not necessarily a given). I'd been hearing that the ball was rolling, but was moving at a snail's pace. If things are finally going to start humming over there moving forward, an argument could be made that the Never-Johnstoners may end up having some egg on their faces, but I'm sure they'd be able to rebound. 
    • And speaking of Mayor - qualifying for that race is only about 8 months away. A lot of chatter on the C-town grapevine about former City Manager Steve Horton throwing his hat in the ring if Chris Smith doesn't decide to run. FWIW, on my "politician" page on FB, I've mentioned that I am a possible candidate for that position myself. I am seriously considering filing a Declaration of Intent & a form RC. Am I serious? Would I actually qualify come September? What's the angle here? Good questions all...
  • Next week: definitely at least a 1st report on Sheriff Ezell Brown & some concerning trends with the NCSO budget. Apparently his office is going through overtime like it's going out of style. Guess that's what happens when you can't keep people around. And it's funny, Sheriff Brown keeps harping on not being able to pay folks enough, and that's why there are so many vacancies. But it's my understanding that the Covington PD starts folks off at a lower salary than that, yet they are almost always very close to being fully staffed. Makes you think that there is ultimately another cause. I know one thing - maybe not pay Tommy Craig upwards of $400K a year & maybe you could pay some folks a bit more. Makes sense, yes?
  • And speaking of the Constitutional Office of Sheriff of Newton Co., one of 159 of the most powerful offices in each of Georgia's 159 primary political subdivisions, the word on the street was confirmed a couple weeks ago. Ken Malcom, most likely our next Sheriff, announced his intentions to run for this office in 2020. I had a chance to speak with Mr. Malcom recently & he's graciously agreed to do an interview with the publication soon. BOLO for that in the coming weeks. 
    Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, suit
    Declared Candidate for Newton Co. Sheriff, Mr. Ken Malcom

Well alright, folks, hope you have a great weekend. Lord willing & if the Creek don't rise, we'll be seeing you on the flip side.

MB McCart 

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