29 January 2019

[MB McCart] - When All Else Fails, Do a (Tuesday) Check-in

It's funny, as far back as 2012 I've been accused of...stretching things out, so to speak. Or more aptly, doing write-ups about future write-ups, sometimes even doing two or more write-ups about a future write-up. What can I say? See: the title of this piece. 

But, really, I have a reason for it. I've got a hopper file that's literally three inches thick. Varying degrees of completion of multiple pieces, I've really put on my big-boy Underoos, journalisticly speaking, in that I'm very much wanting to do things very much the right way. Dotting all the i's, crossing all the t's. Hope you can appreciate that...

So with that said, a sampling of what I'm working on:

- Looking into & researching the City of Covington's agreement with a certain vendor that has been on the books since 2011, and that has never been bid out. Also looking into other arrangements, notably related to insurance & consulting. I should definitely have a first report done this week.

- A long-awaited 2nd report on Stanton Springs, the JDA & Baxter Baxalta Shire Takeda.

- Wm Thomas Craig, Atty-at-Law. The gift that keeps on giving.

- TPC REAL Politick: we've got municipal elections coming up in the home city this fall, and this is the juicy cycle - two council seats up for reelection in the East Ward as well as the Mayor's position. Lots of word on the street, less so with actual facts. At least one person, however, has at least mentioned that they are "prayerfully considering" running for Mayor - a preacherman, Tim Walden.

- and several more things...

Also, just wanted to take a moment to thank folks for reading last week's piece on Covington City Manager Leigh Anne Knight. That one got a lot of views. I would say that the response, by both sides, was maybe a bit tepid, which tells me I pretty much got it right (I hope so). If you didn't like the City Manager, you were maybe a little disappointed in my piece; if you were a supporter - ditto. Well, friends, that's just how it works. We all have our vantage points somewhere on the spectrum, but somewhere therein lies that elusive "REAL Story" that I'm always striving for, which is not necessarily always cut & dry, black & white, etc. 

C-town Representin'!

Later this week, Kayla's gonna be back with a regular Corner. And, my word, the response & feedback on her review of Osake was just outstanding! Thanks for that. Perrin will have his usual weekly piece & look for at least two or three from your semi-esteemed Editor & naturally Ms. Bess's wonderful "Memoirs of Surviving Children" this weekend.

Thanks, as always, for reading. Until next time.

- MB McCart

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