15 January 2019

[TPC] - Covington & Newton Co. Health Scores

Here's a sampling of some of the recent health scores received by various restaurants in & around the greater C-town area: 

Passing Grades

Mamie's Kitchen (Hwy 278): 94-A 

Five O'Clock Bar & Grill (Turner Lake Rd): 100-A

Jack's BBQ (Hwy 278): 96-A

Tubby Tom's (Hwy 278): 93-A

Amici Covington (College Ave): 87-B 

Mystic Grill (Clark St): 95-A

Sonic (Hwy 278): 100-A

Burger King (Porterdale): 96-A

Town House Cafe (Washington St): 100-A 

City Pharmacy (Church St): 99-A 

Milazzo's (Porterdale): 85-B 

Cowboy's BBQ (Hwy 142): 100-A

Tello's Mexican Grill (Hwy 278): 87-B

Failing Grades:

Moe's (Hwy 278): 63; retest: 100-A

Wayback Burgers (Alcovy Rd): 44; retest: 87-B 

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