28 May 2013

A Nice Slice of Georgia

A couple of years ago I did a write-up on Starrsville, GA. In that column, I used a picture that was taken by a wonderful photographer and blogger, Dagmar Nelson. I asked for and received permission to use that photo; I had also told Dagmar that I would do a blog post about her talents in exchange for the use of her photograph. Well...as some of you may know, things happen and we get busy and we forget about things sometimes - out of sight and out of mind, so to speak. However, last month I noticed that Dagmar had put up a new post on one of her blogs, so I decided I would follow through on posting about her. Definitely take a few minutes to check out these wonderful sites: 

Milkaway - This is Dagmar's photography page, and let me tell you, it is simply wonderful. This woman has a true talent for taking pictures. I've spent a lot of time on this page and I think you will too. 

Off the Map -  This is a blog that incorporates pictures as well as write-ups and information on small, Georgia towns. I'll let the headline at the top of the page entice you:

"In an effort to clean up the Georgia map and make it easier to read, the Georgia DOT in 2006 erased from it 515 small communities. The outrage was so great that 488 communities were restored to the map's next edition. This blog is dedicated to ALL the small places and crossroads that dot the map and were or were not on that infamous list of scrapped place-holders."

A very good page! Check it out - you'll be glad you did. `

Southern Exposure - This one is sort of in the vein of Off the Map and hasn't been updated lately, but still a lot of great pictures and information. Definitely worth a look. 

***UPDATE: I forgot one of Dagmar's blogs, and as I understand it, this is probably her most visited site. It's called Tessa and it is basically a photographic blog of her dog of the same name. A really neat idea - this is a really fun site. Tessa is a beautiful dog and as is always the case when Dagmar is involved, the photography is great. ***

Hope you enjoyed that. My latest from About Covington to Madison is in the process of getting published now. It should be out within a week or so and will be up here within the next few days. Thanks for reading. Until next time...