21 May 2017

[TPC] - Sunday Check-in: 21 May '17 Edition

Howdy, Buckaroos, it's scamp Marshall time again..."yeah we're gonna try to slide one by ya' once more."

Jerry Jeff Walker, an American Treasure, folks!

What a day! What a week, though, I guess it's technically the new week now - we all know how that works.

I don't even know where to start...

Newton County - a primary political subdivision of the great state of GA - is probably about to go down. I'm really thinking we will. I'm truly starting to believe that we will beat Dekalb & Clayton in the race to the bottom - the first county to...dissolve, go bankrupt, both, etc & et al? Who knows? I just know that - per the agreement, per the GA Constitution, we have to maintain 159 counties. How's all that gonna go down?

I think it's probably civil disobedience time. I believe at least a few hundred folks will be appealing their property assessments, as well they should. Most are a slam dunk. Yeah, we get that there's been property valuation increases - we get it - but why should a select few who have never played ball with the powers that be see increases ranging from 20 to 50% while the favored power elites are seeing undervaluations almost completely across the board. Do you think we're as dumb as y'all look and act?

What a joke!

Covington...just damn. I love it, I even got the hat that everybody likes so much, but at this point? Dissolution? Go back to unincorporated Newton Co. but still be a "community," "hamlet," "town," or "village?" Whatevs...Can we just do away with all zoning laws & 75% of all traffic laws?

If they had just fixed the light at the Elm & Floyd like some of us have been trying to get done for about a decade, we may have been willing to not be ready to go full-on mode, but...you blew it. You continued to insist, in the words of the band Phish, that we be a "slave to the traffic light."

The next council meeting needs to be taken over & turned into a public forum. Go w/ Robert's Rules and just see what happens.

All benefits need to be done away with at all levels of government. All government employees shall become independent contractors and get paid private-sector wages.

That's non-negotiable.

That's how we fix it & stop things from turning into "The Road Warrior."


So, but y'all are all gonna quit, right?


There is a myriad of solutions and contingency plans that many of us have been working on for many moons. I think there's a ton of folks who would work at between $15 & $40/per hour on an IC basis to take care of the core services of our local governments.

Go ahead.

Like my ole pal used to talk about - the fundamental transformation is almost here, and that, my friends, is ultimately a good thing. And as another buddy of mine has more recently said - they must have not gotten the memo! It's time to make Covington & Newton Great Again!

Things aren't as they should be & we just have to fix them.

As a wise & weird carpenter I know here in the home county would say:

No Problems - Only Solutions 

Hope this communique finds you & that it finds you well.

Yours Very Truly,

M.B. McCart

Our pick for Governor of the Great State of Georgia

17 May 2017

[TPC] - City of Covington Council Recap

[State of GA] 
[Newton Co] 

(Covington * 17 May '17) - Greetings, readers, and we sure hope everything is lovely out there. 

So, the City of Covington had their regular council meeting Monday night. Here's what you need to know: 

  • By a 5 to 1 (Josh McKelvey, the lone dissenter) vote, the council ensured a lawsuit which we will most likely lose. 
  • By another 5 to 1 (Josh McKelvey) vote, the council wasted at least approx. $10,000 of your tax dollars. 
  • They didn't even bring up the hospitality thing because it has to go to legal counsel and then there has to be a "workshop" about it...gimme a break! 
My word, it's like we get the Newton Co. BOC fixed and then the city's gonna go full-on mo-ron. Well, nobody said it was going to be easy. That's just life.

Best Regards. 'Till next time.

Your pal,


14 May 2017

Sunday Check-in, Mother's Day Edition: Civil Right Violations in the Home County?; Time to Disband GDOT?

The Piedmont Chronicles 
- est. 2010 - 

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.] 

(North Covington * 14 May '17) - Greetings, fantabulous readers, and a special shout-out to all of you wonderful, glorious & marvelous Mothers. We love you ladies; you're simply the best - the top shelf. True Blue!


This publication, along with at least a couple of others, has been researching and investigating what may end becoming a huge story. In March, the Newton Co. Sheriff's office, working in conjunction with at least one federal agency - the DEA, as we're told, but there's a U.S. Marshal involved somehow as well?...), conducted a drug operation here in town.

For starters, this thing was different because of this:

They snagged a mid-level type drug guy, but then they used the contact list on his phone to go after folks UNDERNEATH him - not his dealer.  Yes, you read that right - the opposite of the usual M.O., they decided to spend your taxpayer dollars going after folks wanting to pop a pill or two to , in at least one case that we have firsthand knowledge of, snare a guy trying to soothe his back pain because he couldn't afford to see a doctor or pay for a full month's prescription, which, by the way, the doctor probably wasn't going to give the prescription for anyway. Ain't that America?

Between two snares, approx. 15 folks, most Newton Co. citizens, were arrested and thrown in the slammer. No indictment, no possibility of bail, because, as I've been told by law enforcement sources, the Feds wanted to continue their investigation without these guys being able to get back out on the street. Some of "these guys?" A young father who manages one of the best known bar/restaurants in town. Another? Joe Barr, a 65 yr old Piedmont Bluesman who's as good as gold & wouldn't hurt a flea.

At least the U.S. Government is paying the customary fee to Newton Co. to house these inmates as it is their operation. That should help our Sheriff's budget woes, at least. So...there's that.

But here's the kicker folks - no drugs or cash ever changed hands. No, now, these days, by a real, chincey stretch, they can just use electronic communications of setting the deal up to arrest folks. I'm told from an anonymous source that this is actually a "test case" for the Feds to really try to ramp back up the miserable failure that is the War on Drugs (which, Trump, Sessions, et al are really wanting to ramp up again because it's been such a resounding success.)

Per two other sources, they're trying to go RICO (racketeering), on this case. If so, why is this going through the Alcovy circuit? Why is Madam DA Zon involved? According to another two sources, at least one, if not two, Alcovy Circuit judges said they were not impressed and felt like it was time to drop charges and let these folks go home. But, and this has been confirmed w/ the Clerk of Court's office, these cases will now be on the docket of Judge Benton, the fella out of Walton Co.

And by the way, finally last Friday after multiple reporters had been calling and emailing all kinds of different elected officials and other folks, Madam DA did present a few indictments to her rubber stamp club Grand Jury.


We've seen what can happen if we get the GOV out of the way w/ the I-85 situation. 45 days. Nothing short of incredible, but that's just how the private sector do, you feel us?

And the new bridge on 36 is gonna take a year and a half. The 278 project is going to be 2 to 3 years.

What a f*cking joke!

Okay for now, 'til next time.

Your pal,


06 May 2017

[tPc] - Show Review: Chris, Jon & Scott at Amici Covington

The Piedmont Chronicles 
6 May 2017

Greetings, dear readers, and what a glorious day we seem to have on our hands here in the home county.

Last night magic struck, once again, at the little groovy pizza joint on College Ave as the great ones - Chris, Jon & Scott - brought that good groove, soul & cosmic feel-good back to the vortex, like they've done so many times before.

I'm not sure if Christon is human; I think he may be an angel or something. Little kids are captivated by him, women love him & the men folk want to be like him. He sings like almost no other and he can play that drum box thing & it sounds like a full kit somehow. And Jon Lansburg is easily one of the best guitar players in C-town & he probably sang lead on upwards of a third of last night's tunes. Scott, who is THE best bass player in our neck of the woods, was even throwing in some third parts on the harmonies. It was just incredible.

There was great fellowship & palaver amongst the assembled body, and much dancing, and much rejoicing. The spirits were flowing and the lovely ladies behind & in front of the bar were top notch, per usual, and they've got a fella now helping with things. He's gonna be a great barkeep, we think.

Basically, there was just no other place on the planet that could have afforded the feels & sounds  found last night at Amici Italian Cafe - Covington. 

Show highlight: "Could You Be Love," by Bob Marley

Lots of new covers were thrown in the mix last night as well.

CJ&S! They just keep getting better & better and they've been so good for so long already. It's something special, for sure.

Til next time

- MBM -