31 December 2019

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The Piedmont Chronicles' Five Most Viewed Posts of 2019 

5 May 2019

Well, this, for over a year & a half, was quite the thing, wasn't it?

This whole sh!tshow was predicated on the playing of a certain card, one dealing with one's color of skin. We all know it. It is what it is. And let's not kid ourselves - a lot of the righteous indignation, disappointment & handwringing with the way all this turned out is probably based on just plain, old-fashioned racism [as well]. We got the memo. So, racism...on both sides. 

We'll call this one a push. 

Just keepin' it REAL, folks.


23 January 2019

Kayla really tapped into something with this restaurant review from the beginning of the year. There's an enthusiastic support network for this place as it really is a great spot, and Kayla gave it a glowing review!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Corner's Restaurant Review! 

Yum Yum! 
2123 Usher St. Covington, GA 30014
As far as this Corner's review goes,  I definitely have to give an A+ for now! So Osake, make sure to keep up the great work! And to everyone else - if you haven't been there yet, you need to to make a point to get by!

Okay, guys! I'll see you next time.

Kayla Leasure 

Keeping an Eye on Covington


31 August 2019

Constitutional Officer of Newton Co., GA, USA & its Tax Commissioner, Barbara Dingler, has served a very long time here in the home county.

Frustrations, complaints, and general ill feelings have been directed towards this office for many years.

Just last month, as I was waiting for what would eventually become over an hour because there were only 3 windows out of the 14 "open for business, "  I texted our esteemed 5th District Commissioner Ronnie Cowan this:

"...the tag office is a TOTAL encapsulation of all that is wrong w/ Newton Co government..."

This constitutional office is responsible for all things taxes in our political subdivision, including the Tax Assessor's office & many other things.

Then, with recent news of the IRS coming down hard on George & Josh Hart & OCHO, we're reminded of the fact that this lady has yet again failed at her job. $500K worth of unpaid property taxes by this crowd. It's been documented & in the public discourse for several years.

But yet nothing ever gets done...

Well, friends, I - for one - am damn sick & tired of it, and I hope you are too.

I know too many folks who break their backs every year to get their grossly-misspent & way-too-high property taxes paid & then...then, they witness crap like this.


12 June 2019

It's stories & situations like this that makes me really feel like it's all just a damn waste of time - that I'm simply beating my head against a brick wall.

This publication has recently found that for a six month period, from July 1 - December 31, 2018, that the county spent $128,931 on a multitude of repairs from Precision Auto (Covington, GA), with almost all invoices coming from either the Sheriff's Office & Jail Operations, despite the fact that Newton Co. has a vehicle repair shop that takes care of most of the county's vehicles.

Further research shows that approx $300,000 was spent at Precision Auto for fiscal year (FY)  2018 with almost all of those invoices being paid by the Sheriff's Office or Jail Operations. Again, the county has an automotive shop. 

Newton Co. Sheriff Ezell Brown
More recently, in the month of April 2019, it appears the county spent $24,684 with Precision Auto so based on the information on hand, it's looking as if the county will end up spending as much for FY 2019 as they did the previous year.

All of this begs the following question - why is not the Newton Co. Auto Shop handling most of this work? As one Newton political watcher mentioned - "If only the labor was saved it would amount to thousands of dollars each year."


By the way, the Sheriff paid approx $24,000 to William Thomas (Tommy) Craig in April of 2019 so it's looking like Craig will be making at least a few hundred thousand dollars this year, compliments of the Newton Co. taxpayers, once again.

Image result for william tommy craig covington ga
Wm Thomas "Tommy" Craig, Esq.

But as Hershel Walker once famously said - "Sometime pain just in your head." 

Rest assured, good people, I'll keep hitting that wall until my brains start slowly oozing from my ears & nose. Hell, somebody's gotta do it...


20 July 2019

For years several have pointed out that cancer rates were higher in Covington than most cities in Georgia, and there has been data that supported this. I've personally been hearing about it since the 1990's. At that time, it was assumed that some of the earlier industries that first opened up back in the 70s & 80s were to blame, and perhaps they were, but this recent story - referencing information quietly released by the EPA over a year ago - raises concerns of more recent pollution creating much higher-than-normal cancer rates.

According to the report, BD Bard (formerly CR Bard), located on Industrial Boulevard, has been releasing thousands of pounds of a gas called ethylene oxide, that has now been scientifically classified as a cancer-causing agent.

The last five months since this news hit has been a pretty interesting phenomenon. From being originally overreacted to, to being then scoffed at by some (and several of these folks were one in the same), to full page mystery ads in the Covington News by scientists that nobody knows who paid for, to the pathetic politicizing of it by the JDS/"Take Back Our City" crowd, to the recent revelations that BD apparently doesn't give two shits what anyone believes or thinks (including the EPD) - & let's not forget the goddamn lawyers - it really is a good reminder of how hopelessly f*cked things seem to be.


And on that note, we wish you a very happy New Year!

Let's make 2020 the best year yet!

Your Friend,

MB McCart 

[Perrin Lovett] - Wherein Perrin PROPOSES a Tax

I know. I was shocked too. But, it’s a new year (happy 1998!) and we must all change with the times. Everyone can agree that if America needs something, then it’s a privatized college football league. If there’s anything else, then it’s another tax. All the cool politi-critters are a squeaking away about it - like fat stupid rats locked in the cheese factory. If the peeps could be roused from the sofas and the Netflix-Sackler Family comas, then they’d be on-board too. And, this is not an idea that I come to lightly. Careful study of the articles even here at TPC gives credence to the popularity of the phenomenon. 

MB lamented both the death and the fiscal failings of The Textile Man: “There's so many folks out there that bust ass every October & December to make those property tax payments & here he was just not paying them.” Our esteemed editor, just last week, pondered why the home county folks “don't pay their damned property taxes…” Seriously, you scofflaw slackers! If you don’t turn over your money (and, is it really ever “yours”?), then how can the good Sheriff continue to pay Commy Traig or whomever hundreds of thousands of dollars per year!? Any and all local political corruption depends on your financing. Do your damned jobs!

Da hit the national tax scene hard, heavy, and nobly with his Letter to the 2020 Democratic Nominee: “we still need a wealth tax for the good of us all.” Here, here! You darn tootin’ we do! 

I have not spoken with Bess, Kayla, Fred, the Sheriff, or the Sharif about this, but I know for certain they are all in agreement. 

Da was right - we need a wealth tax. It’s time for the truly wealthy to pay their fair share. And, truly, who’s wealthier than … The Federal Reserve? Back in October, I replied, in agreement, to Mr. Millsaps heartfelt thoughts as follows: “How about a 100% tax on all Federal Reserve assets, real, fake, and potential? I've got an idea…” Well, I do. Here it is…

As a preliminary matter, there’s the proper mechanism to consider. The civilized part of me, and the nostalgic part, would like to propose something feasible within the bounds of the law. So, when I say “wealth tax” for Constitutional compliance, I may really mean “income tax.” This differentiation may be purely semantic because we’re talking about the same ultimate thing. Why, if everything is fiction, does it matter if the source is the underlying assets, or the income derived therefrom. In modern Amerika, we have no real money. It’s all of it voodoo fiat based on a never-ending stream of fake debt and measured by digital currency literally crafted, without limit, from a sorcerer's dark crystal. While nominally hideous, for purposes of our argument today, this is great! It is also possible that the following proposal might covet legality pursuant to Congress’s Article One authority to regulate bankruptcy because that’s kind of where we’re going. I am also fond of a jurisdiction striping clause, viable if never utilized. 

Then again, as this is no longer a nation of laws, then what the hell does it matter? I think that even an emergency Executive Order would work. Or it would if we had a President willing to make use of precedent. Our current CIC acknowledges that there is an active coup against him (and there has been since at least the summer of 2016, maybe since 2015), but does absolutely nothing about it. Even given the powers accumulated by Lincoln, Bush II, Obama, and the rest of the rogues’ gallery. How would you, hypothetically armed with the most powerful military on Earth, respond to a literal coup? Me too. But, back to the theory of taxes.

Let’s call it a wealth tax and let’s assume we can impute what is or is not wealth. I suggest the imputation because the level of wealth we’re concerned with is infinite. Think about it: if a private bank can create any and all sums of money, instantly and effortlessly, then its resources are infinite. Accordingly, I propose two wealth tax brackets:

  1. Those individuals or entities possessing less than infinite wealth = $0.00, or 0.00%;
  2. Those individuals or entities possessing infinite or greater wealth = YEAH! It’s about that time!

Now, we have no need for a rate of infinity. How could that possibly work anyway? No. All we need is enough. What’s enough? I think an amount sufficient to pay off all debts would do it. And, I mean ALL debts - federal, state, what “we owe to ourselves…”, what we owe to the sorcerers, local debts, corporate debts, mortgages, student loans, credit cards, all other personal or private debts, etc. I might go so far as to cover all the unfunded liabilities and even the derivatives bets (however those might be calculated). Another fun trip to ye olde National Debt Clock gives a glimpse of the magnitude. Likely, it’s at or above $1 Quadrillion, but that’s okay. Our wealthiest of the wealthiest of the grifter class has that and more to spare. By the way, this is also called playing their game by their rules. Fun, eh?

And, spare the dough they would. I’m liking the E.O. mechanism more and more. That would allow us to bypass IRS or Treasury collection and just send a battalion of Marines to seize the electronic printing presses. Caveat: any opposition would constitute terrorism warranting instant enemy combatant designation and immediate summary “prosecution.” Wouldn’t you love to see the grabblers resist?!

In a way, it would be a one and done operation. With everything reset all that would be needed would be a few minor economic and political adjustments. A gold standard again. Usury made illegal - taking a loan would mean losing the proceeds and your promissory note, maybe being slapped upside the head once; making a usurious loan would be a capital felony. The existing central banking criminals would be hurled into the sea (to the certain consternation of the aquatic life, sadly yes). Scrap the Fed-Gov and return to the Articles and things should be peachy forever. 

I do realize there will be the slightest impediments to my plan but, in advance: you’re welcome!

Ah! Next week, having put to rest this peskiest of little issues, I think we shall get serious and tackle a real and pressing matter - like regulating dem viral, bootylicious TikToks and whatnot. 

The TikTok TaX, yo?

The 2019 State of The Piedmont Chronicles (SOTPC) Address by Its Editor, MB McCart

By: MB McCart, Editor

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(North Covington | 12/31/19) -

To our Friends, fellow GA Piedmonteers, TPCers, various members of the Citizenry; unorganized, and organized, members of the GA Militia Districts & Civil Defense Force; to all Newtonians, Covingtonians, Porterdalians, Mansfieldians & Newbornites (and what the hell - Oxford, too); to the good folks of Rocky Plains & to the residents of Gum Creek; to the Stewart Community, Brick Store, Hazelbrand, Leakton, Snapping Shoals, Red Oak, Texas Alley & all points in between, it is with great honor & humble pride that I report the following...

The State of the Piedmont Chronicles is Strong, My Friends, Very Strong Indeed!

And with all of us working together, we can achieve our truest hearts' desires & see all of our hopes & dreams come true, one kick-ass, dopealicious, gangsta-lean write-up at a time. We do this for our continued general welfare, and for that of our Prosperity & Liberty.

Our relationship is one of mutual benefit, symbiotic in its shared purpose, results & desiring.

My friends, I truly believe our best days are yet ahead, and that 2020 will be the greatest one yet.

Thank you, to each & every one of you, thank you!


My friends, again, the state of The Chronicles is strong.

2019 has continued the tradition of the last four years, that of a continuous raising of the bar.

A few particulars:

- the most posts in a year in our history

- the most page views & impressions in our history

- and, in my opinion, the greatest overall body of work ever in our history

There's simply no two ways about, it is clearly known to many that the only way this came to pass was due to our contributing writer staff:

Kayla Leasure

Perrin Lovett

Ellis Millsaps

And last - but certainly not least - the one & only Bess Tuggle.

Also to our secondary contributors: Melissa Morgan Parker & Alisa J.S. Brown

And, as well, to our guest columnists: Mr. Fred Wheeler, Andy Allen, Ryan Ralston* (see below), Bobby L. Nettles & Corry Oakes.


The Road Ahead

Some exciting news. We have two major announcements.

*As mentioned on the site's FB last night, Mr. Ryan Ralston has joined Team TPC as its primary Correspondent as well as a Contributing Writer.

And Ms. Bess Tuggle is now Chief Staff Writer & naturally remains a Contributing Writer.

Ellis remains Editor Emeritus & Kayla as Assistant Editor.


And finally, the key to the whole thing, obviously, is You - the Readership of The Piedmont Chronicles. Nothing happens without you. So, from the bottom of our hearts - Thank You!

As always, ever in Liberty,

- MB McCart

30 December 2019

[Ryan Ralston] - The Police State Part II: US v. THEM (minus loyalty)

US V. Them Pt II

1. One in four American adults has had a sibling incarcerated. 
2. One in five American adults has had a parent incarcerated. 
3. One in eight American adults has had a child incarcerated.
4. 6.5 million American adults have an immediate family member currently incarcerated.
5. Jail and prison populations in the US are four times larger today than in 1980 (directly correlating with the onset of the declared war on drugs), with more than 1.5 million Americans in state or federal prisons on any given day.
6. 451,000 American adults, on any given day, are incarcerated for non-violent drug offenses. 
7. Admissions to local jails have exceeded 10 million annually for the past two decades.
8. The US continues to incarcerate more of its citizens than any other country in the world, spending $273 billion each year on law enforcement, courts, and corrections. 
9. The US economy loses $87 billion annually in GDP due to mass incarceration.
10. More than 4.5 million Americans can’t vote due to a past conviction. 
11. The US has 5% of the world’s population, but nearly 25% of its incarcerated population. 
12. 113 million American adults have an immediate family member who is formerly or currently incarcerated. 
(The above cited facts were taken from a Cornell University study and a report in USA Today)
Every American, Democrat$ and Republicans$ alike, are being adversely impacted by our current police state. 
In the American criminal justice $ystem, an individual’s means dictates the outcome of their case, and ultimately unequal access to justice. This is due, in part, to the fact that many individuals charged with a crime, lack the funds to hire effective legal counsel to protect their constitutional rights and navigate the case through a profoundly flawed system. This exploitation leads to an increase in excessive incarceration rates for the poor. Coupled with the disheartened certainty the budget for the public defender’s office is being cut, all while maintaining steady funding to prosecutorial offices, Georgia is facing its second civil rights crisis. 
For instance, in Newton County, an individual (first time offender) is arrested and charged with possessing $10 worth of marijuana, outside the venue of a municipality like the City of Covington (their fine is twice as much at $1435), the fine for the misdemeanor offense is $600. If that same individual hires a defense attorney it will cost approximately $2000. The associated probation fees (if convicted), supposing the individual cannot afford to pay the fine in its entirety at the time of conviction, and is placed on one year probation until he or she is able to do so, averages $80 a month (to include the cost of any court stipulated drug-screening). So in actuality, that individual could end up paying roughly $3800 for possessing $10 worth of marijuana. It should also be pointed-out, because Newton County does not have a State Court (based on population), misdemeanor marijuana possession cases fall under the jurisdiction of the Probate Court. The Probate Court of Newton County utilizes a private, for-profit probation company, CSRA Probation Services. The following was taken directly from their website, “Our services are generally offender funded which results in no cost to the courts or the taxpayers.”  In theory, that sounds like a positive. In government speak, one could described it as “win-win.”  
Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors want the reputation of being crime fighters (without having to address the catalyst for the social issues plaguing their communities, such as poverty and the mental health crisis), a philosophy deep-rooted in the belief that minority communities are inherently dangerous, and by default, deserving of mass incarceration. 
Minority communities have a disproportionate regularity of interaction with law enforcement, higher rates of school suspension, increased dealings with the juvenile justice system, being denied the opportunity to a lesser sentence during plea negotiations, higher rates of probation and parole revocation, and greater chances of being denied bond.  
Minority communities are 50% more likely to have a family member who is formerly or currently incarcerated, and three times more likely to have a family member who has spent at least 10 years incarcerated. 
Higher rates of incarnation does not reduce crime, even violent crime such as armed robbery or assault. Yet law enforcement and prosecutors self-promote, exploiting data collected from uniformed crime reporting, while simultaneously stroking their egos, as campaign fodder to feed the electorate. Their refusal to speak about mass incarceration rates in minority communities and the need for criminal justice reform, compounds an already dire state of affairs. 
Shamelessly they ignore the fact an individual sent to prison and later released, oftentimes returns to their community more troubled and violent, with increased chances of being diagnosed with depression or other mental health issues. That individual is unable to gain employment to sustain an acceptable quality of life at/above the poverty line, all while paying excessive probation or parole supervisory fees. 
The proportion of individuals who have had an immediate family member incarcerated increases as income declines. An American adult with an income of less than $25,000 per year is 61% more likely than adult with an income of $100,000 or more to have had a family member incarcerated, and three times more likely to have had a family member incarcerated for one year or longer (a felony conviction). The rich get richer and the poor, poorer. 
Incarceration imposes additional financial stressors for family left behind. They assume the burden of replacing lost income and other financial help while the individual family member is incarcerated. 65% of those impacted families are unable to meet basic needs such as food, clothing, housing, and medical care while their family member is incarcerated. This destabilizing effect not only negatively impacts the involved family, but their community as a whole. This can be especially devastating for an already drained minority community. 
Currently, Americans owe the criminal justice system over $50 billion in debt (probation or parole supervisory fees and fines). 
Frightening still, the seven US states with the highest incarceration rates are all in the South, where access to quality health care and functioning public schools is limited. 49% of adults living in the South have had an immediate family member incarcerated for at least one night, compared to the national average of 45%.
Georgia ranks within the top 3. The current adult prison population is: 53,094. The current adult probation population is: 410,964. The current adult parole population is: 24,413. The black offender to white offender ratio is: 3.2: 1. 
Returning to CSRA Probation Services. Upon closer scrutiny, the company exemplifies how an institution fails the people it is supposed to serve.  They offer no rehabilitation or assistance for those requiring support gaining employment once their sentence is completed or dealing with mental health issues. CSRA Probation Services cares about one thing: collecting fines from non-violent probationers. Most of whom are there because they could not pay an excessive, court mandated fine for: Speeding, DUI, Driving While License Suspended, and Marijuana Possession (m). 
For Newton County Probate Court to use an offender funded service like CSRA, only guarantees: 
  1. More exploitive criminal justice practices in the lives of poor Newton County citizens. 
  2. There is no intent to address the social issues plaguing minority communities within Newton County.
  3. There will be no discussion about true criminal justice reform and mass incarceration. 
  4. There exists no incentive for change.
  5. As long as Newton County citizens are arrested, charged, prosecuted, and ordered to probation, funding the day-today operation of CSRA Probation Services, the status quo remains an accepted practice.
Thus goes the vicious revolving door of the criminal justice $ystem. 
(Some of the data included was provided by research completed at Equal Justice initiative. A 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that challenges racial and economic injustice. EJI was founded in 1989 by Bryan Stevenson)

- Ryan Ralston 

[Bess Tuggle] - Stumping Mom for Christmas

Another hectic holiday season is close to a close. Thanksgiving’s come and gone, Christmas tinsel is ready to be caught, captured and hopefully put up until next year next year. It’s time to take a few deep breaths before 2020 arrives and we all have to get back on those “Wish I had, should have, resolution” oops lists.

Now I have to admit, I’ve been on the “Naughty List” for a couple o’ few months this year. I’ve tortured my mom.

Even worse yet, I had FUN doing it!!!

We got my mom and step-dad a pretty cool Christmas present, in my opinion. I’ve been sending my mom “hints” for months – and she never caught on.

I think the first hint was “Oh, it’s got a hole in it.” Sure did. She didn’t know it came that way, but…

Then “It’s 1/8” thick, 2”tall.” “Multi-purpose.” “Imported.” “Some assembly required.” “Penicillin won’t kill this.” “One size fits most.” It was a couple months of fun at my mom’s expense, and I don’t regret a thing.

On Christmas Day my mom and step-dad received a small box from us. It rattled (I put pea-gravel in it for effect) and when they opened it they had to read all the hints and see if anyone could guess what it was. The whole room was stumped until I told my mom the last hint. “I -told- you what it was.” At that she jumped up, with a smile on her face. She remembered! We got them a Low-Country-Boil table.

I’d been bragging on a low country boil some friends put on for Memorial Day. I told her that’s what they were getting for Christmas but the joke was -almost- on me. I had NO idea how hard they were to find here.

None of the hints were fake. It did come with a hole in it. Penicillin won’t kill it (crabs), one size does fit most… Sorry, Santa, but it was -worth- it!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! Happy Sparkles, and Happy New Year. Wish everyone a safe, happy, and healthy 2020!!!

PS: If you have any Christmas torture suggestions, please message me. Time to start planning more hints.

- Bess Tuggle

The Top Stories of TPC in 2019: 10 through 6

Welcome back, Dear Readers! It's the end of the year so it's time to recount the most read stories in 2019 here at The Chronicles. You can read 15 through 11 here.

And away we go...

26 November 2019

Even before the election had reached its conclusion, I'd made the decision that I was going to really delve into Horton's campaign contributions. The big thing was, I just wanted to see how much he paid for that billboard (so did many others, including those who supported & voted for Horton). And, naturally, how much he raised overall.

Well, it would end up being record breaking.

First off, the Horton campaign raised a lot of money: $20,570.00 
I'm fairly certain that's the most money - by far - ever spent on a Covington municipal race. Let's delve in.

As previously mentioned, I was very interested in that big billboard. Based on the disclosure reports, Aj Liquidators made an in-kind contribution of $2500 to the Horton campaign for the billboard expense. The Horton campaign also had an expenditure in the amount of $440.34 to Aj Liquidators for "campaign billboard fees & rental" (Inv# 620).
As I - & several others - noticed, it looked like the Horton campaign & Aj Liquidators were kind of playing with fire on this thing. $2500 as an in-kind, just below the limit, but then they do another $440.34 as an "expense." I almost think they tried to get a little too cute with that one. Though, not surprisingly, there's a lot of vagueness & wiggle room in our campaign finance laws, so...

Politics, an interesting endeavor; definitely not for the faint of heart

The big takeaway, in my opinion, is how several supporters of Horton's that I've spoken to are VERY concerned with the amount of money raised for this race & especially with the list of his high-level donors. I believe things have become pretty clear to several. Things are not always as they seem. Be careful what you wish for.

This is a story that, moving forward, will very much be DEVELOPING...


11 September 2019

Friend of the program & fellow Freedom advocate Andy Allen wrote a very good piece in anticipation of the changes - compliments of the Trump administration (Bad Trump < Good Trump) - with vaping & e-cigs. And now, just a few days ago, we see Congress & the POTUS go full-on Nanny State Big GOV with raising the federal age to purchase tobacco to 21.

E-Cigarette Reviewed

Thank you Main Stream Media, The CDC, The American Medical Association, for absolutely scaring the crap out of everyone, and being so irresponsible in not reporting what is actually making these people who are sick from “vaping related” illnesses. Please people...I beg you...do your own research on things that you don’t understand. People are getting sick because, people are vaping a vape cartomizer already pre-filled with a THC substance with a Vitamin E acetate oil base. The problem isn’t mainly the THC part....it’s the base.


Now....this IS NOT what the media, nor healthcare officials are reporting! It’s dishonest, and disappointing. I, along with many other people here in just The City of Covington, Georgia alone, have been vaping for years now with no pulmonary issues whatsoever. In fact, any pulmonary issues I had from smoking combustible cigarettes for 30 years, are now gone since I started to vape. Please...Look at this information and think for yourselves.


*ed.note: when I researched the page views at TPC when prepping this story, the following two write-ups literally had the same number of hits; later, I checked them again - they'd both slightly increased their views - and they were still tied...seemed like a sign that I needed to include both of them. --MBM

3 November 2019

Another one on Steve Horton:

Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory has seemingly & apparently been the M.O. for basically the entire campaign season of Team Horton. If there was a single race in this municipal election cycle that should've seemed like a lock, the smart money was on this one; however, these recent events, along with some other key gaffes - previously having politicized the DB/Bard situation & then later trying to call out Johnston & McKelvey for not attending the meeting put on by the attorneys looking for potential clients (only to realize the error & then deleting  its original post) - has to make one wonder about the judgement of this campaign.

And, to that point, when I first heard that Ronnie Cowan, Newton Co. BOC 5 Rep & honorary Democrat on the Newton Co. Board of Commissioners, was actually incorporated into Horton's campaign literature, I simply couldn't believe it. "He's not that tone deaf," I said to a particular person, "send me photos," I said.

So, they did...

Exhibit A: 

Cowan's all like: "For The Win, Steve!"

Well, I kind of missed the mark on that one, didn't I? But I really wonder if a sack of potatoes could've hit 50% plus 1 on this one, what with the electoral dynamics we witnessed in the home city & the horrid case of JDS (Johnston Derangement Syndrome) that afflicted so many.


26 July 2019

This satirical page that was met with much fanfare in the beginning - including from yours truly - later seemed to take a turn for the worse...

Local Wedding Announcement

But here lately, it's all grown...a bit stale, tired. 

Is a glorified troll - and a lazy one at that - all that this burst of the light fantastic has turned out to be? Well,  that's kind of sad; sort of a waste, no? 

Oh well...

It's funny, though, right up until the very end, over half of Covington seemed to think I was the one behind it, but then once things started to accelerate & it got removed, many of these same people were pissed at me thinking I was the reason why it got taken down from Facebook. That's my life these days in a nutshell, friends.Oh well.

They see me. They be hatin'...


27 March 2019

Mr. Malcolm & his enthusiastic team have done a tremendous job so far with his campaign. There's a palpable sense of excitement & passion for this race that will be upon us in just a few months (primary elections are in May).

"Outstanding," was the response given to me by Ken Malcom, Criminal Investigative Division Captain of the CPD (Covington Police Department), Criminal Justice Professor & declared candidate for Newton Co. Sheriff, when asked how the campaign was going. He went on to say how "humbled by the outpouring of support" he'd seen & how it was a "testament to this movement" we've created.

We. Ken said that almost exclusively during our interview. I literally think I only counted him using the word "I" maybe just twice. That's something I mentally count when I'm talking to folks a lot of the time. Ken is truly a "we" guy, and that's actually a rarity, especially in the political arena. When he was named D.A.R.E. National Officer of the Year in 2003, it was, according to Ken, because "we had such a great team...and it was the city & county" working together. Or, the great successes that have occurred with our local, top-notch municipal law enforcement agency, the CPD, it's because "we have such a great team."

He's a team guy. I like that...

Despite revealing demographic shifts in the home county over the last several years (and the stats & votes simply don't lie - all one needs to do is look at the last 3 POTUS vote totals), many politicos - this writer included - truly believes that Ken has a very good shot at winning this thing.


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

In the last three months, four businesses on the Square have closed. Word on the street is that there are no less than five businesses either actively or quietly for sale. While both the cities of Monroe & Conyers, on either side of the home city, seem to be thriving with their downtown business districts, Covington seems to be fading. As one local resident put it, to paraphrase, it seems like things are slipping away...

And please also know that I'm not here to play the "Doom & Gloom" game, either; or, as it were, that the sky is falling. But for me, I go back to the fall of 2016, when it seemed like we were on fire & the sky was the limit. And to see where we are now, compared to then. Well, frankly, my friends, it's kind of disheartening to me.

What possible problematic issue has gotten the most volume these last couple of years? Obviously, that would be when the Square has been closed for filming or for special events. And no doubt, the Witches Night Out dust-up was actually one of the most read stories at TPC last year; however, I can't help but to think that that's an easy target. While certainly the city kind of got carried away last year with filming & closing the Square for special events, a point, off the record, that was ceded by a person with the city, those are just the flash bangs that always bring extra attention. As several have mentioned, the biggest problems facing the Square are more the systemic, everyday problems.

And it's interesting how so many of these top stories this year are interconnected. This summer & fall we had two TV shows filming in Covington at the same time. I received many reports of people completely exasperated with the entire process - Square merchants, downtown homeowners, as well as travelers & people that worked nearby. That, along with many other factors, had an influence on how the city elections turned out. And I'll be the first to admit that this is a REAL problem, one that didn't get properly addressed by the previous council; however, the last thing we need is for the pendulum to swing too far in the other direction. We are The Hollywood of the South, after all, and we need to be mindful of that. We just need some good common sense. So, hold your breath...


Alright, so now we're down to the Top 5! Look for that tomorrow along with the top contributing stories of the year & some honorable mentions. Thanks for reading.