27 February 2021

Perrin Lovett: Will The Storm Save The Republic?

 Today’s column is somewhat of a follow-up on my last, longer article. I think you will find it extremely inspirational.

That 2020 election was something else, wasn’t it? What a way to end a year of nearly unmitigated disaster. There was a dubious pandemic, likely covering an economic collapse or something much worse. The whole year was a state of emergency exacerbated by civil unrest and general uncertainty. Nerves were frayed enough and then along came the political theater. To top it off, no sooner than the polls closed than the challenges began against the putative winner. Allegations of paper, electronic, systemic, and secret-societal fraud poured forth, all substantiated by what can only be described as hard evidence, proof, in fact.

Yet and still, the corrupt bureaucrats, legislators, judges, media, and others of power and influence refused to hear the evidence. These parties eagerly rubber-stamped the fraud and, going much further, began a pre-planned campaign to spread lies and squelch dissent. The situation looked, for all intents and purposes, final. The deed was done. The nominally-defeated, many of them, began to sulk and mutter about the “next time.” The victors prepared to take power and press forward with a most progressive agenda - a great reset, if you will.

Then, only a few weeks ago, the most miraculous thing happened. The military, long rumored to be positioned against such electoral theft, took bold, decisive action. A period of emergency martial law was imposed. A new, honest election was promised. The incoming, illegitimate head of state was arrested for multiple crimes. Hundreds of corrupt officials were arrested for their roles in the coup. The fake news media was caged. The complicit members of the larger tech platforms were silenced via a nationwide internet blackout. 

The news only got better as the days and weeks progressed. The pro-Constitution military began arresting members of the board of governors of the central bank. Assets were frozen to prevent pilferage or further subversive usage. At last check, falsehood-peddling entertainers, influencers, and celebrities were either rounded up or forced to flee the country.

In short, a storm struck the body politic, bringing true justice much as a hurricane brings high winds. This is exactly what happened - in Myanmar.

The usual suspects elsewhere are understandably alarmed at the implications and example. Corrupt politicians, banking criminals, and the rest know that what happens in one country can happen in any country. Both the USSA and the UK have sanctioned Myanmar. Then again, the UK may ban USians from entering the Old Kingdom, so who really cares?

China and Russia have given tacit support to the military’s efforts, which should effectively keep the UN from meddling. The waning Western Powers can do little, themselves succumbing to the ravages of globalism. They are complaining because the Tatmadaw hardliners are ardent nationalists.

Myanmar is a more coherent nation than, say, the USSA. Seventy percent of the country’s 54 million people are ethnic Barams with most of the remainder being closely-related peoples. Ninety percent of all of them are Buddhists. The generals and others who would see the nation continue to exist, push forward with a strong program of cultural assimilation, Burmanization. Burmah is a literal melting pot, where the ingredients are expected to blend into the overall character of a genuine society. Additionally, opposite the greater Western trend, the average IQ in Myanmar is rising.

On the streets, ravings of the European media aside, there is calm. The Tatmadaw (military), interested in the manifest destiny of the country, is also on the side of the people, even those duped by the siren song of faux progress. They have adopted an intelligent strategy of waiting out misled protesters while moving rapidly to detain real globalist-backed troublemakers. This change in street operations is accompanied by the full integration of modern logistics, equipment, and standards. Indeed, this is not the same military some remember from the civil wars of the past few decades. To the extent it watches, the world is astounded.  

Aung San Suu Kyi (think Kamala without the Rasta influence) is on the wrong side of history, having attempted to illegally force incompatible politics on a culture and an identity led by brave men. The consensus of the honest Asian press and socio-political evaluators is that those men are on the right side.

They probably can save their Republic. A very pleasant notion, isn’t it?

- Perrin Lovett is the CF Floyd Feature Writer of Affairs National at TPC & is also the Editor of Freedom Prepper.

26 February 2021

A Moment From MB: Madam Coroner - Where Do We Go From Here?


By: MB McCart

Regarding the current situation: 

Well, it should've been what it was supposed to be.

A process prescribed by law could've already handled this; but, you know -- people...human nature & such. 

And that's fine. 

There is still remedy to be had; it's called a recall election. 

- MBM 


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Call or Message:  


24 February 2021

Where We Stand -- A Point; Counterpoint Series by Millsaps & McCart: Gun Control

 A Point from Da: 

Marshall you and I have been pretty much singing in the same choir in our first two episodes of this endeavor but I expect we may sharply differ on the subject of gun control, but I don't know that. I don't recall us ever discussing the issue.

 Like a  substantial majority of Americans I favor an assault weapons ban, and not just a ban on purchases but a ban on possession with a government buy back program. After such a bill becomes law assault weapons owners should have thirty days to sell their weapons at fair market value to the government. After that time the first offense for possession should result in a misdemeanor conviction and of course weapon forfeiture. A second offense should be a felony carrying prison time.

 It's often said that if possession of firearms is criminalized then only criminals will have  guns. Under my proposal that is literally true. Anyone having an assault weapon will be by definition a criminal, but they could be arrested before they committed gun violence.

Also like most of our countrymen I support extensive background checks and a waiting period for taking possession of any firearm.

 As for the infamous gun show loophole, we should get rid of them, gun shows that is. Anyone selling or giving away any firearm to anyone outside their immediate family should be licensed by ATF to sell guns and must abide by the background check and waiting period laws under penalty of law. 

What should our government do with all these weapons of mass murder it has purchased or confiscated? Beat them into plowshares

A Counterpoint from MB: 

Well, you were definitely correct w/ your expectation, Ellis. 

I've got this long-running thing where if anyone asks if I have a carry permit I basically reply w/ this: "yeah, it's called the Second Amendment." 

My first instinct is not to reply to any of the points you've made here but rather to bring up the subject of 3-D printing. Because, with a 3-D printer & a trip to the hardware store, anybody can make a gun. Let me repeat that: anyone can build a gun.

So that begs the question of...should we outlaw 3-D printing? Should we ban this amazing & wonderful piece of modern technology that is saving time, blood, sweat, tears & lives all over Earth? 

No, I don't think we should. 

And in fact multiple pieces have just come out about the struggles the Biden Administration is having w/ that particular issue w/ their current attempts at comprehensive gun reform. 

Then my mind turns to Great Britain. 

Just a couple of years ago, the Mayor of London had this to say: 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced a crackdown on knives Sunday in response to the rising levels of violence in London, which recently surpassed New York City’s homicide rate for the first time.

‘No excuses: there is never a reason to carry a knife,’ Khan tweeted. ‘Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.’…

As you may know, Da, London & other parts of the UK, where guns have been illegal for decades, are now dealing w/ the scourge of knives. Stabbings for many years have grown exponentially.

A serious push was even made to do away w/ all knives - even kitchen knives - until common sense prevailed. 

Forget a knife, though, what about a baseball bat? Man, I could do some serious damage w/ one of those. Ditto for hammers, large sticks, metal pipes, big wrenches, etc. I could definitely kill some folks w/ any of those. 

There is evil in the hearts of men & there's nothing that can be done about it -- other than protecting yourself, ideally w/ guns. 

However, to me, this still comes down to a basic lack of stoicism & practicality. 

The world is dangerous; it's very easy to die here; we're all going to die someday & nobody ever said life was fair. 

I'm tempted to just leave it a that... 

Specifically, though, regarding your point (s), I'm not inclined to agree w/ any of them at this time.

But if a bargain could be gotten where we would legalize weed & do away w/ the Federal Reserve banking system, then I might be amenable to addressing the gun show loophole. 

Remember: compromise. It's what America was founded on. 

P.S. An armed society is a polite society. 


That's how we see it, how about you? 

- Ellis Millsaps & MB McCart 

23 February 2021

TPC Breaking News Bulletin: Madam Coroner Reaches Settlement w/ JPMorgan Chase for her $12K Debt

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

A TPC Breaking News Bulletin

Final Disposition in re the Madam Coroner's Debt Case
She is being held to account for & has recognized her previously purported debt to JPMorgan Chase.
A payment plan, legally bound, has been agreed to by all parties.

Here are the court documents:

Some have wondered if perhaps this presumed credit card debt is how Madam Coroner financed her campaign. Some are also wondering if this situation has any bearing on the recent $50K budget supplement she received. Regardless, this publication will be submitting an Open Records Request soon to discover all of the financials related to the Newton Co. Coroner's office. ###

22 February 2021

Perrin Lovett -- 2020: An Election Like No Other

 Back in 1983, Americans were shocked when a cadre of toddlers began making startling allegations of abuse. Beginning in metro Los Angeles, the matter spread as far and wide as Florida and Washington, DC. The extensive criminal case in California stemmed from rumors of ritual exploitation and sodomy occurring in tunnels under a daycare center. The matter gave rise to what was popularly called the “Satanic Panic.” After years of exhaustive investigation, all charges and cases were dropped without any convictions. The children’s tales were written off by experts as overactive imaginations. The concerns of parents and the Christian Right were dismissed, sometimes mockingly, as baseless accusations lacking any evidence and driven by hysteria and conspiracy theory. 

Over thirty years after the last hung jury in the Panic cases was dismissed, the United States held another quadrennial presidential election. I was as happy as a clam the other day when old MB asked me to sum up the affair. As you know, this was a plain, uncontested victory followed by the smoothest of transfers of power … Just Kidding! Seriously, you likely have heard much about the matter already; this is the briefest of reviews of some of the more historic events, allegations, and ramifications. A word of warning: herein, I include links to voluminous reading material; however, I’ve tried to make things as simple as possible while also including a little information you may not have read elsewhere.

The election was held on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. When the dust settled, the official popular vote tally was 81,268,924 for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (Biden) and 74,216,154 for Donald Trump and Mike Pence (Trump). In December, Biden tentatively defeated Trump with an Electoral College vote of 306 to 232. Congress jointly assembled to certify the vote on January 6, 2021, and following mildly entertaining antics did so certify Biden’s victory on January 7th. Surrounded by several dozen supporters and tens of thousands of soldiers, Biden was sworn in as the US’s 46th President on January 20, 2021. There were, as it turned out, a few hiccups along the way.

First, concerning the popular vote, to call it a “record turnout” is an understatement. Biden, who had barely campaigned, received the highest number of votes in history. Trump, who had barely campaigned coherently, obliterated Hillary Clinton’s winning popular vote from 2016 and both of Barack Obama’s victories in 2012 and 2008. In fact, Biden aside, Trump received the most popular votes in history - and yet still lost by over 7 million votes to a man who had barely campaigned. A very interesting anomaly. The final arrival of those winning votes was interesting too.

Those who stayed up late on the evening of November 3rd slowly witnessed the maps fill in until only a handful of states (PA, GA, MI, WI, etc.) remained undecided. Around midnight, almost all precincts had reported and, by all appearances, Trump was about to be re-elected, in some cases appearing beyond a margin of mathematically-allowable defeat. Then, all at once, all of the states stopped counting. Over the ensuing days, the lead percentages flipped, resulting in the above Biden victory - another interesting anomaly. (This entire election was a series of interesting anomalies).

Accusations of systemic fraud began to fly from the Trump team. Recounts were demanded and lawsuits were filed, 80 in total. Trump’s benchmark case was, for sake of mentioning, Pearson, et al v. Kemp, et al, in the North District of Georgia, which alleged stunning fraud and manipulation of paper and electronic ballots to include foreign interference by China and Iran. The suit was backed by informational and affidavit exhibits, such as No. 1-1 (to view the rest, merely alter the final “.1” in the HTML code, sequentially: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc). Many assumed the allegations of foreign (and domestic) interference were sufficient to trigger Trump’s September 2018 Executive Order on combating the same. As set forth, the information was both damning and (barring rebuttal) all-but conclusive. For a video presentation of the bulk of Trump’s evidence of alleged fraud, one may watch Mike Lindell’s expert-guided documentary HERE or HERE. As Lindell asserts, pending adjudication otherwise, the proof looks “absolute.” Rebuttals did come - generally from the media and interested parties, rather than from independent analysis for or in the courts. 

By way of a short example, a claim circulated that, via electronic manipulation, Biden benefited from a 26% vote delta in Ware County, Georgia. Had this margin been extrapolated nationwide, there was the possibility of a 13 million vote reversal and a corresponding popular Trump victory. These claims were dismissed, following a recount, by the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office. In another example, Antrim County, Michigan allegedly posted a 68.05% ballot-tabulation error rate, a smidgen over the .0008% rate allowed by the Federal Election Commission. The Associated Press and the Antrim County Clerk assured the nation that this alleged example was based on misinformation and that, in spite of being misinformation, the error had been fixed. These cases, and perhaps 10,000 others, led to the mildest suspicion of possible systemic fraud.  

Speculation abounded that Trump, along with others in the military and the (so-called) intelligence communities, had suspected the same kind of potential fraud in the 2016 election and were positioned to catch it, as it (if it) happened, in 2020. The nature, arrangement, and presentation of the alleged information in Pearson gave the appearance that something indeed was caught and that some of the exhibits were backed by or through the dissemination of related classified material (Trump could, as President, declassify anything to anyone at any time for any reason). Pearson was withdrawn without the Court performing any evidentiary exploration; it was never decided on its merits. 

The State of Texas filed its own suit, Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al, in the U.S. Supreme Court, seeking to bar certification of other States’ Electors based on additional allegations of fraud, to include vote theft sufficient to swing the entire election. See Texas’s responses to various rebuttals HERE. Irrespective of evidence or argument, that case was dismissed by Chief Justice Roberts for lack of standing. 

Thirty-four of the 80 cases filed by or on the behalf of Trump have been so dismissed or withdrawn. 25 are still pending. Of the remaining, decided 21, Trump lost 7 and won 14. Trump has won two-thirds of the cases that have been decided on the merits - see HERE for a comprehensive list with outcomes. Because of Biden’s victory and assumption of office, these cases - all of them - are essentially moot as to determining the outcome of the election. Still, they say something about the process, as does (or did) the fact that seven states, PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ, NV, and NM, sent competing slates of Electors to Congress for final determination; these were acts of caution based on some suspicion of potential irregularity. The states punted the matter to Mike Pence under his Constitutional certification authority as President of the Senate. 

Pence proceeded to allow full voting on the slates, resulting in Biden’s election. However, as the sole plenary arbiter of such matters, Pence could have legally tossed the Biden slates and forced Congress to certify Trump, or else hold a straight block-vote election, which would have also resulted in a Trump win. This would have angered certain parties. The only ones who would have had recourse would have been the jilted Biden Electors through their respective States, who could have filed suit in the Supreme Court - where John Roberts said they didn’t have standing. 

Given the alleged manner of Biden’s win, with proposed foreign assistance (with domestic accomplishment), there was another Trump path. Election-rigging, long practiced by the CIA abroad, and computer system interference are or may be considered acts of war. Under the precedents set by previous presidents from Lincoln to Obama, Trump could have unilaterally declared the participating parties as enemy combatants engaged in an insurrection. He could have declared martial and dealt with them militarily and summarily. He did nothing of the kind, opting instead to give a rambling speech in Texas about his failed attempts to halt third-world migration. 

The man who refused to declare or rebuff an insurrection was himself accused of fomenting one. On Saturday, February 13, 2021, Trump was acquitted by the Senate, 57-43, in his historic second impeachment trial. With House prosecutors having failed to obtain 67 votes, Trump may not be removed from office. Yeah. If these things mattered, then it might be interesting to plausibly consider that Trump was impeached in 2020 for allegedly facilitating Russian interference in the 2016 election and he was impeached this year for in some unproven way being associated with those who tried to thwart election interference by China and other countries.

These are the issues of speculation and contention that divide the US - the Divided States of America. We’re beyond the point of this counting for much and we’re unlikely to get definitive answers to satisfy half the country. Still, was there a secret plot against Trump to fraudulently rig the 2020 election?

The other side now admits there was indeed such a plan. They called it The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election in a February 4, 2021 article in Time Magazine, archived HERE. “In a way, Trump was right. There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes…” Do tell. What was, yesterday, baseless accusation, lacking any evidence, and driven by hysteria and conspiracy theory is, today, a noble plan to save precious democracy (from itself?).

Back to the Satanic Panic, in October of 2019, the FBI quietly released a roughly 600-page dossier, previously secret and still partly redacted. After all those years, all those dismissals, and all the mocking, it turns out the children had been telling the truth about the rituals, the tunnels, and more. By and large, the press ignored these revelations. The FBI knew and had known at the time what was happening (the CIA certainly knew), and yet, nothing was ever done about it. No one in power took appropriate action.

Assuming that the allegations made by Trump and/or by the secret, democracy-saving conspirators are true - and how could both sides be lying? - then it is certain that the 2020 election was either stolen, manipulated, or will be forever perceived by half the country as being stolen or manipulated. Once again, no one in power took any appropriate action to stop it. Just as children are scarred by unpunished crimes, nations are defeated by unpunished conspiracies. Reasonably deducing that this election was successfully manipulated and that the manipulation was allowed to stand, leads to only one conclusion - the US has seen its last honest and free political contest. Next time, any fraud will not be traceable, not that anyone will be looking for it. It may very well be that voting no longer matters, future leadership is pre-decided, and that elected, representative government is over. The good news is that, even if many cannot yet admit it, everyone knows it.

Author’s Note: When MB suggested this article, he mused it “would be good for the endurance of the Republic.” I sincerely hope it helps.

- Perrin Lovett is the CF Floyd Feature Writer of Affairs National at TPC & is also the Editor of Freedom Prepper.

21 February 2021

Sunday Check-in: Anthony Henderson; Covington Monument Fundraiser & The Week Ahead

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

  Greetings, Piedmontians! 

Your Source for the REAL Story!

Anthony Henderson... 

Wow. Just wow. 

As I said on the MB McCart FB page

Been hearing talk of this for a long, long time; wasn't sure if there was really anything to it.
Well, "that other paper" broke it today so I guess there's at least a bit of fire to that smoke?
Well...tell ya' what, that'd really be something.
Surely he wasn't that stupid, was he?
Puckett St!!!

By all accounts, he was that stupid. Apparently they've got at least a couple of folks who've already rolled over on him. It's going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. We'll be keeping an eye on it. #PuckettStRepresentin' 

Covington Monument Fundraiser 

Friends I got by the festivities later in the afternoon. They still had a very large crowd. As a couple of correspondents made me aware - during the early afternoon hours The Five was PACKED! 

Also, as I'm told, the fundraising totals blew away everyone. Even Walker Chandler, the famed Barrister, was there & spoke to the assembled body. 

Look for a feature piece on this here at TPC this week. 


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As for the next week, I'm very excited about Perrin's latest write-up which will run tomorrow. This is a helluva piece, folks. Can't wait for you to see it. 

As always -- thanks so much! 

- MBM 

16 February 2021

A Quick Local News Check-in From MB: Truck Stop Denied; New Fire Station Approved; Latest on Madam Coroner

 Howdy, friends, and we sure hope it's dandy out there. 

Well, the Newton BOC had their regular meeting tonight (actually, as I type this, they're still meeting) & we've got some pretty big news.

First off, the proposed truck stop at Hwy 11 & I-20 was denied by the home county's governing authority in a vote count that surprised some: 5-0. 

In equally important news, the bond for the proposed new fire station that would serve both districts 1 & 5 in a much-needed increase of fire coverage to put this region on par w/ the rest of the county (and to give property owners such much-needed financial relief in regards to the homeowner's insurance), passed both the facilities board & the Newton BOC. 

This Piece Brought to You by the following Local Advertiser

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Finally, Madam Coroner 

Per an inside, direct source, Madam Coroner has allegedly reached out to the county about them providing & paying for legal counsel for her as it relates to the county's ongoing effort to remove her from her position of Coroner. Yes, you read that right: purportedly Madam Coroner wants the county to pay for her defense against the county. 

As the world turns, Newton Co, GA, USA 

- MB McCart 

15 February 2021

Where We Stand -- A Series by McCart & Millsaps: Police Reform

 Greetings, TPCers. Hope this post finds you well. 

Well, Da & mine's first "point; counterpoint" series on the future of the GOP went swimmingly, we thought & apparently some of you felt the same. 

Thanks for that. 

We're proud to present our next installment on a very important issue: Police Reform


MB to Da: 

Da, we've known each other for...I believe...going on 16 years now. While our political viewpoints definitely diverge on a fair number of issues, one thing we've always had common ground on is our fierce passion for true criminal justice reform (police, courts, probation system, etc...). 

You hit on it exactly w/ your seminal pieces -- The Truth About Drugs & its follow up, Pt. Deux

I've felt the same way for the better part of three decades. The biggest thing is this: this isn't just some organic progression by law enforcement. No. Hell no! No, this is fully on the politicians over the years who've enabled & codified this complete reset of government police power. Rather than having LEOs as keepers of the peace, America, the states, political subdivisions & municipalities did indeed turn LEOs into revenue agents for the sole purpose benefitting, financially, the state. 

We need - and I hate this trendy term - a true sea change; or, a paradigm shift (another one), if you will. 

We need to figure this out & figure it out STAT! 

W/ your unique background as a criminal defense attorney as well as your general philosophy regarding freedom & justice, what's the best way we can remedy this unfortunate situation? 

Good Food, Good Friends & Good Times 
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Da to MB: 
One Sunday in late November 1963 an 11 year old boy came home from church and turned on the black and white TV. Almost immediately, it seems to me over a half century later, I saw  Lee Harvey Oswald murdered on live national television.

 Twenty-five years later I came home from work to eat lunch. When I turned on the television to watch the space shuttle launch I soon saw it explode obliterating the astronauts.

 As shocking and horrific as these events were, they pale in comparison to the excruciating slow motion murder of George Floyd last October. In cities and towns across the country thousands of Americans-- most of them white-- took to the streets marching for police reform. Some of them even proclaimed the idiotic slogan “defund the police.” Of course we have to have police protection but equally importantly we need to reform police culture so that large segments all the population do not live in fear of them. I have opinions as to how this should be done.

 The most important thing we could do is to require police to live within the jurisdiction and within the precincts they police. You're much less likely to ignore the humanity of people if they are your neighbors. Six per cent of the police force of Minneapolis-- where Floyd was murdered by police-- live in Minneapolis. Where feasible officers should be required to walk the streets a part of their shift and talk to the people they meet.

 We accomplish this by giving current officers a grace  period--say ninety days-- to relocate. ( In some cases they may require financial assistance. ) If they fail to comply we get rid of them and hire locals to police.

 The second most important thing is to let the sun shine in. Get rid of the dark tint on police vehicle windows. Stop making the vehicles look like military battering rams. Start dressing more like Andy Taylor and less like Darth Vader. Stop selling them used military equipment  This all relates to the demilitarization of law enforcement, a subject I addressed extensively in this space a few years back in relation to the war on drugs.

 A third thing is to not allow police unions to negotiate policy, especially in regard to police misconduct. Stick to salary and working conditions. Raise their pay. Police officers do difficult and often dangerous work. I couldn't do it.

 All of the things I've suggested can and likely legally must be done at the local level, city councils and county commissions. We also need national legislation and federal oversight of civil rights violations, subjects beyond my scope here.


And that's the way we see it. What say you? 

As always, thanks for reading, 

MB McCart & Ellis Millsaps 

13 February 2021

REVISED Newton Co BOC Agenda for its Regular Meeting on Tuesday February 16

                              NEWTON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS

1124 Clark Street

Covington, Georgia

Regular Meeting


February 16, 2021

Thought for the day…

 “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness.”

                                                                                               Napoleon Hill

7:00 p.m.
Page 1.  Call to Order:  Chairman Marcello Banes

2. Invocation

3.  Pledge of Allegiance

4.  Agenda Adoption

5.  Citizen Comments

6.  Chairman’s Report:

Recognition of the 2021 MLK Awards Recipients

7.  County Manager’s Report:

    PowerPoint Presentation

8.  Old Business: 


9. Consent Agenda

1 9a. Sheriff’s Office:  Seeking approval to apply for the FY2021 Law Enforcement Training Grant

  • Funding Source:  CJCC

  • No Additional Funds

2-12 9b. Human Resources:  Consideration of ICMA-RC – Vantage Broker program for NCBOC 401 and 457 Plan Participants

  • No Cost

HO 9c County Clerk:  Approval of Executive Session Minutes dated

February 2, 2021.

13-20 9d. County Clerk:  Approval of BOC Minutes dated August 18, 2020

21-29 9e. County Clerk:  Approval of BOC Minutes dated December 1, 2020

30-42 9f. County Clerk:  Approval of BOC Minutes dated February 2, 2021

SP 10. Finance:  Monthly Financials – January 2021

11. Attorney:  Discussion/consideration of future Westside Youth Facility.

43-92 12. IT/Purchasing:  Requesting approval of Server Virtualization Upgrade’s Contract for Capital Data Construction with a not to exceed cost of $131,087.21.

  • Cost:  $124,443.21 (First Year)

-0- (Second Year)

$3,322 (Fourth Year)

$3,322 (Fifth Year)

  • Total Cost:  $131,087.21

  • Funding Source:  Capital Improvements

  • Budgeted:  Yes




The applicant and those in favor of the petition are allowed ten- minutes to address the board. In addition, ten-minutes are allotted for those in opposition to the petition.

104-105 15. R021621A -  A RESOLUTION OF THE NEWTON 



111-112SP Map Correction Case Number MC20-000003.

Applicant: Richard Mull

Location:  180 Ellis Trail

Map & Parcel Number: 30-2C

District: 2 (Two)

Zoning:  AR (Agricultural Residential) & MSR (Mixed Use Residential)

Acreage:  11 acres

Request:  Correct the entire parcel to AR (Agricultural Residential)

Planning Commission recommended approval by a vote of (5-0) at the January 26, 2021 meeting.

SP 17. Rezoning Case Number REZ20-000009.

Applicant: Max Greenwood

Location:  2107 Henderson Mill Rd 

Map & Parcel Number: 105-042

District: 1 (One)

FLUM:  RR (Rural Residential)

Zoning:  A (Agricultural) 

Acreage:  8.6 acres

Request:  Rezone entire parcel from A to AR to be able to divide the property into two separate parcels.

Planning Commission recommended approval with Staff’s conditions by a vote of 

(5-0) at the January 26, 2021 meeting.

SP 18. Rezoning Case Number REZ21-000001.

Applicant: Joint Development Authority, representative: Andrea Gray, Attorney

Location:  County Line Rd (Shire Parkway) 

Map & Parcel Number: 134-2

District: 1 (One)

FLUM:  DN (Development Node)

Zoning:  A (Agricultural)

Acreage:  42.23 acres

Request:  Rezone entire parcel to Stanton Springs Business Park

Planning Commission recommended approval with Staff’s conditions by a vote of 

(5-0) at the January 26, 2021 meeting.

SP19. Rezoning Case Number REZ20-000010.

Applicant: Michael & Stephanie Parrot

Location:  Henderson Mill Rd 

Map & Parcel Number: 86-008F

District: 5 (Five)

FLUM:  RR (Rural Residential)

Zoning:  A (Agricultural) 

Acreage:  30 acres

Request:  Rezone entire parcel from A to AR to establish family lots.

Planning Commission recommended approval with Staff’s conditions by a vote of 

(5-0) at the January 26, 2021 meeting.

SP20. Rezoning Case Number REZ20-000008.

Applicant: JPC Design Construction, Representative: Jeremy Crosby & Bill Jones

Location:  Hwy 11 & I-20 

Map & Parcel Number: 112-017

District: 1 (One)

FLUM:  DN (Development Node)

Zoning:  AR (Agricultural Residential) & CH (Highway Commercial)

Acreage:  46.12 acres

Request:  Rezone entire parcel to CH in order to the develop the property to establish a Travel Center.

Companion Case: CUP20-000004 & DCI20-000001

Planning Commission recommended denial by a vote of (5-0) at the January 26, 2021 meeting.

SP 21. Conditional Use & DCI Case Numbers CUP20-000004 & DCI20- 000001.

Applicant: JPC Design Construction, Representative: Jeremy Crosby & Bill Jones

Location:  Hwy 11 & I-20 

Map & Parcel Number: 112-017

District: 1 (One)

FLUM:  DN (Development Node)

Zoning:  AR (Agricultural Residential) & CH (Highway Commercial)

Acreage:  46.12 acres

Request:  CUP to allow for a Truck Stop, Parking, Dispatch in the CH (Highway Commercial) zoning district.

Companion Case: REZ20-000008

Planning Commission recommended denial by a vote of (5-0) at the January 26, 2021 meeting.


114 22. First Reading

Peachmart 2534 LLC dba Bailey’s Inc.

2536 Hwy. 81 S.

Covington, GA 30016

Owner:  Bailey’s 76 (Sneha Gilani)

District Two

23. First Reading

Wadhwaniya USA LLC dba Salem Food Mart

3633 Salem Road

Covington, GA 30016

Owner:  Sahil Wadhwaniya

District 2

24. Citizen Comments

25. Commissioner Comments

26. Executive Session 

27. Adjourn