05 April 2020

[Fred Wheeler] - A Nightmare Scenario

Oh no,

Over the last several years we have heard bandied about references to the 25th Amendment. I believe it will play an important part in American history, but not as you would expect.

President Trump is in an impossible position. No matter how the Wuhan epidemic plays out he will be blamed for all of the deaths. But, he also will be blamed for the economic depression that the shutdown will cause.

By November, the Democrats and Media will have a large portion of voters believing that Trump was late recognizing the virus for the true risk that it was; he was incompetent in reacting to it; and his overaction of closing down the economy caused all the financial dislocation to so many individual Americans. Additionally, the governors of several Rust Belt states, e.g. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, using the virus as an excuse,  will allow mail-in ballots. This will allow widespread fraud like vote harvesting. Thus, the Democratic ticket will win in these tossup states giving the Democrats victory. They will also carry the House and the Senate.

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, will have chosen carefully  between the following for his vice presidential nominee: Elizabeth Warren, Gretchen Whitmer, Amy Klobuchar and Stacey Abrams. It matters little because they all are leftist radicals, but he chooses Abrams because she will help bring back blacks to the Democratic plantation. Trump has been successful in attracting some black support and the Democrats can't allow their dependence on identity politics be undermined.

So, Joe Biden becomes president with Democratic majorities in both houses. By now, Pelosi has retired and Adam Schiff is Speaker of the House. By inauguration time it is quite obvious that Biden is senile. He finds it hard to read a teleprompter and he does not hold press conferences. His press secretary, Jim Acosta, handles all briefings and communications. It's an open secret that a small group of advisors made up of Acosta, Rham Emmanuel, John Kerry and John Brennan actually make policy for the government.

Finally, Biden's inability to carry out his duties is so obvious that Vice President Abrams convenes the cabinet and invokes the 25th Amendment. She becomes president. She selects Bernie Sanders to be vice president.

Even with both houses under Democratic control Biden and Abrams find it difficult to push through their agenda of open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, removal of voter ID laws, single payer medical care, elements of the green new deal and higher taxes. They are able to appoint two justices to the Supreme Court (Eric Holder and Lori Lightfoot) and scores of liberal judges to the federal bench.

In the off-year elections of 2022 the Republicans win a 50-seat majority in the House and  make the Senate 55-45 in their favor. The next two years are pretty much a stalemate. Of course, the big winner is the deep state. But, in 2024 the Republicans sweep the presidency and both houses. They spend the next four years undoing all the damage inflicted on the country by the radical agenda of the Democrats.

02 April 2020

[MB McCart] - Ezell, Palms Up, Gets a Cool $165K; Covington News Further Gelds Itself; The Grove in the County

USA, GA, Newton Co., C-Town 

Howdy, friends, it's just the Marshman here (AKA: M.B.)!

So the home county had an emergency meeting last night purportedly, solely, for the Newton Co. Sheriff, Ezell Brown, to do another one of his patented shakedowns. 

Per usual, it worked.

From our friends at Citizens for a Better Newton:

Sheriff Brown claims he needs an additional $165,000 PER MONTH in additional funding because of the corona virus epidemic. And, of course, the BOC approve the new funding at a special called on-line meeting this afternoon (April 1). Despite questioning by Commissioner Stan Edwards, who cast the only NO vote, Sheriff Brown did not provide much justification for the additional money. Maybe that was provided in writing to the BOC ? Lets hope so but there is reason to be skeptical because Sheriff Brown has a history of wasteful spending (remember he employs Tommy Craig).
On a more positive note, the BOC also voted to provide some additional funding ($10,000) to help provide lunches to those school children who no longer have access to free lunch because school is not in session.
There was also lengthy discussion about updates to the county's shelter in place ordinance. The BOC plans to wait before extending our ordinance until after Gov. Kemp's decision about state level action which may come tomorrow (April 2).


And the good ole Covington News - telling THEIR story of your lives since 1865 - was the first one to break the story, w/out nary a mention of the six-figure payday for Ezell.

I took it upon myself to comment on the thread of their story, talking about how legal organ status works in Georgia, etc.

Hey, folks, I'm just happy to help! Really, I am...


And as many of us just found out today, the City of Covington never annexed Settler's Grove, thereby leaving a very small stretch of road on Hazelbrand/John Williams Hwy under the sole purview of the NCSO (& the GSP).

Interesting times, no doubt...


MB McCart 

01 April 2020

The Month of March at TPC - A Report by the Editor

[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(North Covington | 1 April '20) -

Greetings, Fearless Readers, and welcome back to The Chronicles.

In between the last monthly report & this one, we've sure seen a lot of changes, haven't we?

For starters, we've got this Coronavirus going on; also, no March Madness, no MLB, no Wimbledon, etc.

It sucks.

Oh well, nobody said life was fair.

March 2020 @ TPC 

Well guys, the month of March was a real winner here at the ole newssite. The best month of the year, and the 2nd biggest month ever in the history of The Piedmont Chronicles. And for that - we thank you.

Certainly the current situation probably played a role in that, but hey, that's just the way it is.

The Road Ahead

Da's Baseball piece is coming, I assure you. After some technical difficulties are remedied, we'll have that for your reading pleasure. Can't Wait!

And if things continue like they are, definitely count on lots of pieces from our CFF Floyd Feature Writer, Perrin Lovett, and also your semi-esteemed, humble editor - Yours Truly.  Likely look for a guest piece or two from Mr. Fred & Bobby Lee, and I understand Ryan Ralston is working on a couple more of those piece de resistances. Good Lord Willing, both the ladies will have some pieces as well.


As always, we appreciate you reading & washing your hands. You zany kids stay safe & well (& 6 ft apart) & we'll catch you on the flip side.

Most Sincerely Yours,

MB McCart


[Perrin Lovett] - Clearing the Miasma

Happy April, fools! 

Listen now, I know all of this latter-day hysteria has us a little down in the dumps. We need not obsess over a teeny-tiny organism that we can’t even see. So, today we’re going to discuss something else entirely! Something fun! To the sports desk:


_[__________________Ripoff Template 3: INSERT BS “STORY” HERE__________________]_

Okay… um… the virus, then...

Greetings, dear friends. I trust you’re all at home, bored to tears. How are the kids? What? No “school” again this week? Get ‘em some of that STEM they keep talking about, which I think has something to do with botany. How was church Sunday? Got your $1,200 in government cheese yet? I jest, sorry. Anyway, one of the subjects the kiddos aren’t missing right now is literature. And part of that, fabled throughout our long history, is the art of poetry. Assonance, meter, carburetion, and other elements have always eluded my mastery. So, since you have nothing to do and I am just about out of my damn mind, let’s give it a stab. Yes, gather up your traveling papers, maintain that social distance, and let’s shelter in place while we bail ourselves out with a pandemic poem.

Safer at Gnome
By Perrin Lovett

There is a tree, in west Tennessee, outside of Jackson, they say.

There lives a Gnome, often happy at home, who can keep the virus at bay.

Just play him a tune, at a quarter past noon, on a fretted old dulcimer, true.

And, ask him politely, if he might do rightly, to stem the pandemic of dread.

But, mention not his neighbor; Leprechaun did him no favor when he gave their gold to the Fed.

Magic, you see, from a Gnome in a tree, is all that salvation requires.

Oh, what’s that you say? And, what, by the way, should we sing to our new little friend?

Just strum ye along, to this favorite song, and watch all our troubles upend:

When you gonna sicken me, s-sicken me?
Is it just a matter of time, CORONA?
Is it q-q-quarantine, q-quarantine?
Or is it just a hack in my throat, CORONA?*


Hang on! THIS GUY sings it better, I think, even if his lyrics are a little different.

A Scene from the New Normal:

Minor scene (lower, left) from “Plague Doctor,” by Paul Fürst, 1656. A Public Domain engraving; so, back under your bridge...

Yeah! So, how are all of you? Life is wonderful here in the bunker, let me tell you. No, today this column just can’t get any traction. That’s alright, really. It’s different now that we’re living out Alas, Babylon. And, we didn’t even get the thrills of THE DAY! Speaking of books, I have a few, new and old, I’d like to recommend. There’s also a final and definitive engineering report out, concerning the intentional demolition of WTC 7. But, since nobody reads or thinks anymore, I’ll let those ideas float off with the breeze. 

A quick recap of the national affairs: There’s a cold bug going around. America allegedly has the most cases of any country - naturally what one would expect from the truly exceptional nation. We’re Number One! We’re Number One! Worse, it’s generated a mass hysteria of a kind that I heretofore thought utterly impossible. INDEPENDENTLY, the economy of the modern world is collapsing. Your pet Republicrats have failed, as have your votes. Good job! The country is locked down, having become a continent-sized prison where most people gleefully, if fearfully, act as their own jailors. Hey! If you’re out and about, and the das örtliche Schutzstaffel stops you, demanding to see “your papers,” just wave a copy of the most revered and holy Constitution at them. Tell ‘em about your Republic! The Dollar General in BFE had a roll of Charmin - it’s gone, sorry. Tulsi Gabbard betrayed your alternative dreams when she endorsed an Alzheimer’s case who once took a rusty chain to Corn Pop. Orange Man speaks perpetually, if stupidly. The Covens of Hell in Washington plot some sort of war, either with Iran or another country(s) that America can no longer defeat. The last operational church, in Tampa, closed after its pastor was arrested for being a faithful Christian. USA! USA! USA!

The “Q” Brigade went full Civ-Nat retard the other day. On or about that same day, a couple of braindead bimbo banking shills wrote the most childish editorial for the Augusta Chronicle that I’ve ever read in that publication since at least any of the previous ones. I toyed with the idea of dissecting each of those missives - any drunken cephalopod could do as much with ease - but, again, what’s the point? 

Our enemy is invisible, just like the emperor’s new clothes. 

Happy April. Or, May. Or, 1984. Or, whatever this is.

*Next week we will continue TPC’s EXCLUSIVE coverage of MLB and the NHL.

31 March 2020

[MB McCart] - Talkin' Coronavirus in the USA & the #COV; City of Covington Inviting Lawsuits? A+ for Kemp

您好,读者 "Hello, Readers" is what the previous line is supposed to have said in Chinese, and maybe it did?

So, Coronavirus, Covid-19, Chinese Flu, The Revenge of Wuhan, whatever you want to call it - it's obviously been quite the thing & is apparently going nowhere soon. Just earlier today, POTUS Trump declared that it was going to be a "very, very painful two weeks." So, for the fourth week in a row, it's going to be a really rough 2 weeks.

First, the facts. Both the U.S. & Georgia mortality rates continue to drop. Predicated & predicted by science, this rate will continue to drop as more & more cases are confirmed. Many have spoken to this point but have been widely drowned out by the much louder virtue signalers of microbiology & mass hysteria, as well as the proverbial temperance & tell-you-what-you-need-to-do types (AKA, the "They" in "That's What They Say.") There's been some starting to wonder if maybe we sort of messed up on this thing. That perhaps things have gone too far. Even the Governor of New York has made mention of this as well as countless articles that you can look for on the world wide web. But really, what am I thinking? This is 2020. Facts, logic, reason, data, science? We don't need any of that anymore. C-Town Representin' They got it right the first time, with the original order; then they shat the bed sheets the 2nd time. I'm not still so sure that what they've done is legal or constitutional. The bailouts for the restaurants (business grants & employee relief), are really not overly surprising. Many feel as if a certain restaurant owner - John Bezborn - was behind that, and as many know he donated heavily to & is purportedly the driving force behind the new "Let's Take Back Our City & Drain the Swamp" Covington City Council. As I mentioned on social media, I believe this current council is out of balance. Or, they suck a$$. Take your pick. You basically have one adult in the room - Keck - & then you have the rest. I made waves when I pronounced that I was going to start a recall petition of Don Floyd's seat. I also called out Fleeta & apparently pissed in a few bowls of cornflakes. What followed was a whole lotta blabbity, blah, blah & Charlie-Brown-Teacher talk. Playa Why U Hatin? But let's go back to the legality & constitutionality of this thing. I can maybe, sort of, get the grant thing being that it's being done through the Downtown Development Authority (DDI) in terms of the restriction of the geographic locale vis a vis the Central Business District, but with the employee relief - well, I'm pretty sure Covington is inviting at least a couple of lawsuits right now. And, it's interesting, the two places that most folks were complaining about (and that per my sources a couple members of the council were most concerned about) are, interestingly enough, basically the two main places not covered by C-Town's New Deal. Interesting, very interesting... Grading the Government on Coronavirus POTUS DJT: B Gov. Kemp: A+

Newton Co.: C City of Covington: F Okay for now, friends, keep washin' them hands. - MB McCart

28 March 2020

[Perrin Lovett @ PerrinLovett.me] - Goodbye, Public Schools?

Editor, Freedom Prepper 

Maybe the best thing that has come out of the Corona hoax is the closure of the government’s “schools.” They’re done for the 2019-2020 year and it’s possible that they might not return this fall. Good riddance.
Allegedly, the kiddos are “learning” remotely. I guarantee that 90% of them haven’t even logged in since they left the prison halls a few weeks ago. And the prisons are beginning to drop all of their precious tests, now existing only to deliver lunches and host neighborhood parades.
Georgia school officials took steps Thursday to scrap final exams and relax a wide range of other accountability rules for the state’s nearly two million public-school students who have been out of class since last week due to the impacts of coronavirus.
I realize this may hamper my efforts to ridicule low scores for this year, but hopefully, this is the end of the “schools” so that will no longer be necessary.
For the other ten percent, and parents, you are essentially homeschooling. You might as well make that permanent. Kara Stiff offers some words of encouragement to that end.
My heart goes out to all the parents who were never planning to homeschool, but nevertheless find themselves teaching their children at home today. I chose this beautiful, crazy life, and I completely understand why some people wouldn’t choose it. But here we are. We have to do what we have to do. You don’t want them to fall behind. You don’t want to lose your mind.
Believe it or not, it’s a golden opportunity.
Read the whole thing, but remember that it is almost impossible to fall behind what the inmates have left. Take advantage. After their parades, and if there is any money left in the coming years, maybe some of the good teachers could involve themselves in true education.

27 March 2020

MBM - The #COV, CBD & The Last Ride of Big Government on the Great American Scream Machine

I had a feeling hours ago. After all the texts & phone calls.

Especially after the messages from my "dear" friends...


Conyers, GA jumped the shark today, and if all is holy they -will- pay "dear" consequences...

But we don't care about Conyers.

I should've known that it was cover-up for a bad thing from the beginning...

The City of Covington - led by Fleeta Baggett Smith, Don Floyd & Steve Horton - has just enacted full-on socialism in the home city.

The businesses in the Central Business District will be getting all employees paid good, government money; the rest of y'all can suck it!

Just remember the driving force on this thing, and the money behind it (per our info - John Bezborn & Mystic Grill) - and NEVER FORGET!

SMH, indeed...

Lord help us all.

- MB McCart

26 March 2020

Kayla's Corner: Stay Positive; Stay Vigilant & Remain Respectful

Hey everyone, and welcome back to the Corner.  

The Piedmont Chronicles - Your Source for the REAL Story 

Most know I'm known for writing about local & fun news, social gathering spots, restaurants and more. Unfortunately, because of the Coronavirus, most gatherings and events have been postponed. I will try to get the new dates on all of them as they become available.

I wanted to take this time to reach out to everyone to let y'all know that I am praying for a better tomorrow. I am aware that everyone is facing troubles right now, as I completely understand and am as well . I just want to remind everyone that we have to try to stay positive, stay vigilant, and remain respectful. 

When I say to stay positive, I simply mean try to look at the glass half-full. If you can, try do it for yourself and also do it for others. Just like a virus,I believe energy can also be transmitted to another. Spread the positive energy if you can and try to be thankful for what you  have.

STAY VIGILANT.  Your surroundings, Everything You Touch, Is important right now. Make sure to be aware of your surroundings and how to handle them with care. Ask yourself should I be wearing gloves before touching this? Should I sanitize my hands before or after?if The answer is yes, then do it! This is how we can be proactive about stopping viruses and germs from spreading!

Remain Respectful.  At this time it is crucial to respect others decisions. Whether it be time off from work, space from a loved one or friend, or just simply facing differences in opinions. Let's be mature about this and just remember to try to be respectful of others. keep in mind that people are scared right now and can be facing things you don't know about.

I believe in our community and I always have. I appreciate you taking the time to read this, but more importantly, to understand what I said today. Make sure to spread the word & spread the good energy but while remaining six feet apart so we don't spread this virus. 

Thanks again,

Keeping an Eye on Covington

25 March 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - Shelter in Place or the Terrorists - scratch that - Virus Wins

Shelter in Place or the Terrorists Economy Virus Wins

First, the good news: Guess who is the owner of 18 brand new and hopefully unused rolls of toilet paper? That’s right. This guy! Ah, the simple pleasures of good old apocalyptic ‘Murica. As an added benefit, I received the eternal blessing of staying saaaaaaaaafe from every mask-clad woman I encountered at Publix. I had found some excess cash which I had hidden away for future vices. So, upon making off with Mr. Whipple’s delight and before returning to the bunker, I sought to entertain myself with a burger from a local eatery. They were closed, as was the I-talian joint, the gym, the rec center, the library, the bar, the other bar, and even the cigar lounge. Friends, when the cigar club shuts down, we have a problem.

Flatten the reserve… Picture © by Perrin Lovett - free for usage except by law firms and ad agencies.

You might not have heard, but America is experiencing what may be the largest, most lethal health event in recorded human history. The media is intentionally obscuring the numbers. This year alone - from January 1 until today - the death toll is closing in on 200,000! Those poor souls add to the 60 million tiny babies already wantonly murdered in this dead nation since 1973. It’s not just an atrocity, it’s a genocide, a holocaust. Never forget? Never again? This being a crime crying out to Heaven for vengeance, we might expect God to act, like with a plague or something. For now, we have to settle for an economic depression.

The warnings and observations of Dr. Todd Vispoli are coming true as each new day passes. It’s almost like he, or rather, the pen behind him, is prophetic. The idiots in Washington are moving mountains to gin up trillions of dollars in alleged remediation for the financial calamity wrought by those same idiots and the very same usurious thieves they plan to give the money to. Orange Man blasphemes about a “resurrection” by Easter (when the churches will still be closed, I imagine). Interest on short-term Treasuries dipped well below zero in a display of the actual value of the currency (of which there will soon be at least $6 Trillion more). Viral unemployment benefits and fake tax rebates start to look a whole lot like universal basic income. The Federal Reserve is set to receive new and greater powers to issue more “digital currency” from their crystal ball of doom. All of the irresponsible, anti-American, globalist-minded corporations and otherwise bankrupt industries cue up like hogs at the trough. 

Millions of citizens in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” cower inside their homes, venturing out only to fistfight over basic necessities. The public schools continue their unique brand of abject failure, only now, in a digital classroom that nobody understands. And, in general, the more susceptible among us are beginning to crack. Not that bad, yet. It’s not like SWAT teams are called to remove deranged neighbors or anything.

Perrin’s neighborhood, Sunday night, when the SWAT team removed a deranged neighbor or something. Picture © by Perrin Lovett - free for usage except by law firms, ad agencies, and other media outlets.
And, my curmudgeonly senses are tingling. I sense some other disturbance brewing. Have any of you noticed, during all of the endless, foolish press conferences and pundit gibberings, the constant echoing of words like “invisible enemy,” “battle,” “defeat,” “war,” “war-footing” and a few others? They’ve all got the same script and they’re hammering it relentlessly. Why do I get the strange feeling that the powers are psychologically conditioning the public for something? 

A few other questions:

Why did so many prominent CEOs suddenly resign and skip town a month or two ago?

If all non-essential offices are supposed to be closed, then how the hell is Congress open?

If you get $1200 “free” from Uncle Sucker, but there is no toilet paper available to purchase, do you use the fiat to wipe your ass?

If Washington can afford to part with Trillion$ in giveaway cash, then why do we have to continue to pay taxes? Seriously, if they can print an entire year’s GDP in six months, then why have any taxes at all?

Is a combination of Chloroquine and UV radiation effective against usury and tyranny?

Will there be another pointless election this fall? Would that matter, either way?

Why did my intel source suddenly get quiet when I joked about “Them” releasing COVID-19 in October?

Which country(s) is all that war talk aimed at?

When, if ever, will the sheep notice the rabid werewolf rampaging amongst them?


Wouldn’t all those terrible carcinogenic chemicals in the fragrant cigar smoke kill the invisible enemy?

Now, social distance you later, alligator!

My leathery buddy requires no bailout and is immune to the Chinese bug, though he may have problems if the restaurants continue to stay closed. Picture © by Perrin Lovett - free for usage except by law firms, ad agencies, the MSM, and the University of Florida.

24 March 2020

A Tuesday Check-in w/ MB - We Have Met the Enemy & They Are Us

Greetings, Citizens. 

March 24th, 2020, almost in the books.

Does it seem like each day is now lasting a week? Maybe that's just me, but I've heard the same from others.

Have we all just lost all good sense? Is that it?

Well, to be fair, we've been this way for a pretty long time. No, it's different this time. And I believe many of us feel it.

As I said on the book of faces there other day, I believe there are some silver linings w/ thing.

Some Silver Linings
- gas prices
- folks reconnecting
- up until the 1970s the USA had the best education system in the world. After the Department of Education was established we started to sink like a stone. Estimates range from us having dipped to 16th or 23rd, or maybe somewhere in between (my guess is maybe 21). I truly believe that we'll be making a strong rebound just over the next few months. Our girl is thriving & I'm hearing the same from many of you
- the decrease in traffic! Thank You, Lord! Much appreciated.
- we all tend to congregate; it's simply in our Nature, and the congregations now mean so much more, governmental edicts aside

I wrote that four days ago; it feels like a month.

Still feeling that 100%.

A day later, I wrote this: 

More & more it feels as if signs are pointing to this ultimately being a good thing, perhaps a true Jubilee of sorts & possibly a new Pax Americana & an era of Good Feelings.

And I still feel that way, too. 


As a rule, the more blue among us keep wanting more & more government force & action, but there have been exceptions.

Here lately, I've seen some left-leaning folks I know make right-leaning arguments & vice versa.

I've seen a few libertarians espouse big government.

I've seen at least a couple of die-hard conservative Christians kneel to the throne of the omnipotent state.

But mainly, I've seen a lot of panicking. Data, logic & reason are not in vogue right now, either.

Last night, the 23rd, after the GAGOV & POTUS spoke, my reaction was that of one of relief, and to a lesser extent, one of pleasant surprise.

Still a -partially- free country as of today (disregarding the Northeast & West Coast); Georgia's looking okay (except, apparently, for Statesboro & Evans Co.).

Interesting time, my friends, interesting times... 

- MB McCart 

23 March 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - When Bubba Met Kenny

There is a terrible viral epidemic in America. Already this year, nearly 30 million Americans have been infected and nearly 25,000 have died. I write, of course, of the yearly apocalypse known as the ordinary flu season. We’d better shut down the entire economy. We are doing just that at the moment for the strangest reason imaginable. My friends, say what you like, but it is my opinion that the Coronavirus Panic is a ridiculous, low-effort hoax. That is not to say it isn’t real. A hoax, being a thing or activity conducted or utilized for deceptive purposes, generally involves something very real, not fake. I perceive it as a most-convenient cover for the pre-existing, independent collapse of the economy, of which I have written about before, here and elsewhere. But, just like the free-fall collapse of Tower Seven, the disease obviously exists. 

As I write this, the US has around 40,000 cases. Upon your reading it, we’ll probably have 50,000. On Saturday morning, I talked to one of them, my old friend and Augusta-area patient zero, Jason Hasty. I use his name because he said it was okay and because he previously disclosed his condition to the media. He’s running for District Attorney and wanted the truth to prevail regardless of how it impacted his campaign. That’s the kind of man he is. Accordingly - and, Lord, I never thought we’d come to this - I hereby endorse Jason Hasty for DA of the Augusta Judicial Circuit! A plague. A depression. Perrin endorsed a politician. I know, right? Anyway, if you live and vote in the counties of Columbia, Richmond, or Burke, then you have no better option than Jason, a true friend of freedom, truth, and justice. 

Much of what we discussed and he shared with me appeared in a weekend article in the Augusta Chronicle. He’s not exactly sure where, when, or how he contracted COVID-19. And his symptoms, like those of many patients in the news, are slightly different than the “fever, cough, and chest pressure” the CDC repeats. He had all of those, to varying degrees. On the phone, he sounded a little congested. Then again, as I spoke from a park bench in a pollen blizzard, I’m sure I sounded much the same. But he reported fatigue and pain, specifically in the legs and neck, as the worst of it, rating those a “nine” on the old scale of one through ten. His treatment has consisted of staying home and resting. It’s working - I am most happy to report that he is on the mend and already feeling much better. 

I had drafted something else about the COVID and the economy. Read my letter to President Trump (I doubt he will). Also, read more of my infamous ripoff poetry, The Masque of the Red DEBT. There’s much else to say, which I might get to later (assuming we maintain electricity and the internet). The closing of the churches bothers me, although given how Americans have shunned God, it might be a fitting return. If not, then perhaps we can answer their “spiritual communion” with a little of what I call “spiritual tithing.” I had a lot more, but then, something else terrible happened...

Kenny Rogers died last Friday at the age of 81. Many people know his songs. Many know his acting and his roasters. But few ever got to know him, if just briefly. I was one of the lucky few. Here’s how it happened:

About 25 years ago, in Athens, I was dating another one of the many sweet girls who were too damned good for this old (even when younger) sinner. We’ll call her Jen. Jen was the manager of the Hallmark Card Shop in the Alps Shopping Center. Whenever I got the chance, I would venture by, hang out with Jen and the girls, squish spiders, move boxes, and otherwise make a nuisance of myself. I almost felt like part of the team and they graciously (or mockingly) made a nametag for me. It read: “Hallmark - Bubba.”

One afternoon, the store wasn’t very busy and the women had business in the stock room. They suggested that “Bubba” watch the front, so he dutifully stood behind the register, which he had previously operated (owing much skill to this regular job at JC Penney). And then, in walked the very lovely Wanda Miller (then, just a GF) and the legend himself, Kenny Rogers! Bubba kind of went slack in the jaw the way a lot of real Bubbas do. Rogers looked around for a second, peeled off a couple of Benjamins for Wanda, and left her to shop. She made a not insubstantial purchase. While ringing her up, Bubba asked something like, “I-i-is t-t-that Kenny Rogers?!” She affirmed that it obviously was, and then kindly suggested that Bubba go out and say hello.

I found Mr. Rogers in the driver’s seat of a minivan (not kidding), with the window down, acting like any man waiting for his girlfriend at a card shop. I walked up and said, “Uh, Mr. Rogers?”

He said, “Hello, Bubba!”

I said, “I love your music! And the chicken!” (I thought that maybe some fans neglected his culinary excellence). 

Wanda joined us mid-conversation and he volunteered an autograph before they left. I think it might have been her receipt. Whatever it was, I long ago lost it. But, I’ll always have the memory. In a world of bullshit and hoaxes, Rogers was the genuine thing, a true American gentleman. I honestly have met very few nicer people in all the years since - certainly, among the famous and powerful types I’ve encountered. I was a nobody college kid behind a fake retail badge; yet, he treated me the way I suspected he treated everyone - as a friend. I watched what Dolly Parton said, this weekend, about their long friendship. It must have been as beautiful as she is. I’m proud that Bubba caught just a tiny fraction of the grandeur. I’m glad that back then, we hadn’t started this social distancing foolishness.

Rest in peace, Gambler.