13 September 2019

It's Official: Robert H. "Bob" Stansfield Declares Intent to Run for Superior Court Judge

Well, friends, the word 'round the campfire was apparently true.

Counselor extraordinaire, and in my opinion possibly one of the smartest folks in all of Newton Co., Robert H "Bulldog Bob" Stansfield has filed his Declaration of Intent to run for a Superior Court judgeship in the Alcovy Judicial Circuit in next year's general.


And my word, what an exciting time for judicial politics here in & around the home county! I couldn't swear to it, but I'm almost positive we've never seen THREE open positions for the Alcovy. Actually, I am sure of it. It's never happened...

Now, we'd heard about Sammy retiring & certainly it looks as if current Madam DA Layla Zon is the heir apparent to that one. Also, word of Benton from over in Walton deciding not to run again had made the rounds (Thank God! Right?), and it's looking as if Judge Horace J. Johnson, Jr. may be moving on to better & brighter things.

Regardless, Bob is a lock for one of those positions, one would think.

Supposedly more information will drop next week including a web site as well as a social media page.

In closing, I'll just say this: not only is the man brilliant, in my opinion, but over the 20+ years I've known him, I think him to be good as gold, especially as it relates to the all-too-important concepts of fairness & the balancing of equities as well as Liberty & Justice.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one...

- MB McCart 

11 September 2019

Andy Allen: The REAL Story on Vaping & E-Cigs

*Ed note: with the current news reports that the Trump administration is purportedly about to announce a ban on flavored e-cigarettes, TPC would like to post this piece from one of our guest writers - Mr. Andy Allen from Covington, GA.

Thank you Main Stream Media, The CDC, The American Medical Association, for absolutely scaring the crap out of everyone, and being so irresponsible in not reporting what is actually making these people who are sick from “vaping related” illnesses. Please people...I beg you...do your own research on things that you don’t understand. People are getting sick because, people are vaping a vape cartomizer already pre-filled with a THC substance with a Vitamin E acetate oil base. The problem isn’t mainly the THC part....it’s the base.

I will try to explain what is in regular e-liquid that is sold in literally thousands of vape shops around the country. PG = Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is a synthetic food additive that belongs to the same chemical group as alcohol. It is a colorless, odorless, slightly syrupy liquid that is a bit thicker than water. It has practically no taste (1Trusted Source). Additionally, it can dissolve some substances better than water and is also good at retaining moisture. This makes it very useful as a food additive, so it can be found in a wide variety of processed foods and drinks (2). Other names it is known by include (2): 1,2-propanediol 1,2-dihydroxypropane Methyl ethyl glycol Trimethyl glycol Propylene glycol is sometimes confused with ethylene glycol, as both have been used in antifreeze due to their low melting points. However, these are not the same substance. Ethylene glycol is highly toxic to humans and is not used in food products. VG = Vegetable Glycerin What is Vegetable Glycerin is a sugar alcohol derived from animal products, plants or petroleum. Vegetable glycerin is the variant made from plant oils. It is said to have been accidentally discovered more than two centuries ago by heating a mixture of olive oil and lead monoxide. But it only became economically and industrially significant in the late 1800s when it was first used to make dynamite. Vegetable glycerin is made by heating triglyceride-rich vegetable fats — such as palm, soy and coconut oils — under pressure or together with a strong alkali, such as lye. This causes the glycerin to split away from the fatty acids and mix together with water, forming an odorless, sweet-tasting, syrup-like liquid. Common Uses - Vegetable glycerin is widely used in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. For instance, it is often added to foods to help oil and water-based ingredients mix, sweetening or moistening the final product. It can be also used to prevent ice crystals from forming in frozen foods, such as low-fat frozen yogurt, ice cream and other desserts. Glycerin is a common ingredient in pharmaceutical drugs, including heart medication, suppositories, cough remedies and anesthetics. Additionally, you can find vegetable glycerin in toothpaste, as it helps prevent the toothpaste from drying out or hardening in the tube. What’s more, it’s commonly added to soaps, candles, lotions, deodorants and makeup. Vegetable glycerin is generally considered safe. That said, you may experience an allergic reaction if vegetable glycerin is applied directly to your skin — so it’s best to start with a small amount to see how your skin reacts. When ingested, vegetable glycerin may cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and excessive thirst in some people (13). Since glycerin is a form of sugar alcohol that your body cannot fully absorb, consuming too much — either alone or through foods — may also lead to gas and diarrhea. E-liquid Flavorings = They sell e-liquid flavorings even at Walmart. It’s just like food flavorings. Nicotine = that should be self explanatory. Most base e-liquid has a nicotine strength of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. A cigarette contains 18mg. Now that you know what’s in regular e-liquid..... What is making people so sick is this Vitamin E acetate oil base in these particular vape cartomizers, which coats the lungs, and can cause very severe pneumonia. These cartomizers are being sold by black market distributors (emphasis added), and at present, there’s no way to trace back to the source of these particular items. Now....this IS NOT what the media, nor healthcare officials are reporting! It’s dishonest, and disappointing. I, along with many other people here in just The City of Covington, Georgia alone, have been vaping for years now with no pulmonary issues whatsoever. In fact, any pulmonary issues I had from smoking combustible cigarettes for 30 years, are now gone since I started to vape. Please...Look at this information and think for yourselves.

Perrin Lovett: A Global Failure, Not a Progressive Collapse

Given my headline (mine, unless editorially altered), one might assume this column regards the accelerating economic decay or the impending general political cataclysm. It does not; my apologies. An alternative, or modifying, title might well be “The Demise of World Trade Center Tower Seven.” You will, I trust, remember that event, occurring eighteen years ago, this week.

It is well known that the United States DOES NOT negotiate with terrorists. That is why, following the longest and least successful war in American/United States history, “your” government is currently negotiating with the Taliban regarding the surrender (to the Taliban) of Afghanistan. USA! USA!

The Afghan Taliban, along with Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussien, perhaps Mossad, SIS, and the CIA, and possibly even elements of SPECTRE, may have been the proverbial “some people” who “did something,” in the parlance of an elected official I don’t think I’m any longer allowed to reference. That said, on September 11, 2001, the United States was attacked in spectacular fashion. (Those over forty may vaguely recall). Thousands died and prominent buildings were destroyed. One of them - the one you’re supposed to have completely forgotten, if ever you heard of it in the first place - was WTC7, aka the Salomon Brothers Building (alt., 1988-2001). You may also recall that it was embarrassingly announced collapsed IN ADVANCE of the actual event and despite obvious video evidence to the contrary.

Oops… BBC/Someone’s Twittering…

The general public long ago accepted, without question, the official narrative of what happened to WTC 1 & 2 (the Pentagram and a Penn. farm field), that being whatever the breeze blows in at any given time. Regarding WTC7, not much, officially, has ever been stated. FEMA largely passed on the issue, leading the NIST to issue a series of pseudo-reports which kinda-sorta pinned the blame for the collapse on the shifting of one single steel beam at one single juncture. And, FIRE! Something like that. Plausible alternative explanations were merely written off as “unlikely,” because… well, just because. Not that anyone, in the nearly two intervening decades, has cared much - if at all. Until now…

Dr. Leroy Hulsey, Ph.D., of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, and his team with the Institute of Northern Engineering (INE) have issued a preliminary abstract report and a press release concerning their extensive investigation into the Tower Seven collapse. 

This is a study of the collapse of the 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7) at 5:20 P.M. on September 11, 2001.

The objective of the study was threefold: (1) Examine the structural response of WTC 7 to fire loads that may have occurred on September 11, 2001; (2) Rule out scenarios that could not have caused the observed collapse; and (3) Identify types of failures and their locations that may have caused the total collapse to occur as observed.

The full report is due in November, after a two-month period of public commentary. Learn more about the process at the INE website. This investigation probes the hard questions and the improbabilities and goes into much greater depth and physical detail than did the NIST review. 

INE Draft Report, page 7.

For the “knock your socks off” experience, 

Or, if you’re not into 126-page engineering reports (do I know you, or what?), then at least skip to the conclusion, pages 111 - 112:

It is our conclusion that the collapse of WTC 7 was a global failure involving the near simultaneous failure of all columns in the building and not a progressive collapse involving the sequential failure of columns throughout the building.

Despite simulating a number of hypothetical scenarios, we were unable to identify any progressive sequence of failures that could have taken place on September 11, 2001, and caused a total collapse of the building, let alone the observed straight-down collapse with approximately 2.5 seconds of free fall and minimal differential movement of the exterior.

What does this mean? In essence, it means that the official narrative (as always) was dead wrong. That, by itself, would only suggest gross incompetence in and by “your” government. Who, really, even needs the suggestion? It’s the extrapolated ramifications that should set off alarms. Absent heat and/or stress failure, what brought the building down? The ready if the unpopular answer is “controlled demolition.” That would have had to have been planned and prepared aforehand. Who? Why? Cui bono?

All of this, I leave to your esteemed… Oh. Muh. Gawd. I just remembered - it’s football season! Kindly disregard everything I’ve just written, grab your favorite intoxicant(s), and report to your nearest electric mind control telescreen. Towers down and goal to go!*

*You also have that cool election a-coming next year, wherein everything will finally be fixed. Yeah! That's it...

09 September 2019

Bess Tuggle's Memoirs of Surviving Children: Thing 4 (The Baby)

This is one that boggles my mind to this day.  I may be a little slow on occasion, but there’s still things that make me shake my head and think “Really?!?”  Time to take my baby down the road...

The baby, Thing 4, was in high school.  He was old enough to be in high school, but not old enough to have his driver’s license yet, so that should give you a good enough idea of his age range.

During this time he usually rode the bus to school, but I picked him up after school.  I don’t think it was a “status” thing with him (I drove a really crappy car back then), it was more of a “Mama, be late so I can hang out with my friends” thing.

I worked for a local law office at the time about 5 minutes from the school.  My time was mostly spent in the office, so I could “take my lunch” to pick up my kid, but on rare occasions I got to go to court.  I –loved- going to court.  Court is nothing like you see on television and I found it intriguing.  Really good days were when I got to get out of the office and go on one of those “field trips.”

Just one little problem.  Thing 4 always expected to be picked up from school and most judges don’t take kindly to someone leaving their court room before a case is brought to a close.  The boss usually doesn’t either.

I was assisting on one case that seemed to drag on, and on, and on…  I looked at my watch, knew I was late to pick up Thing 4, and also knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it.  No cell phones allowed in the court room.  I was a panicked wreck before court finally adjourned.

A teacher finally approached my Thing because of my tardiness, took him to the front office, and asked if he knew anyone else that could come get him.  (As an aside, I find it ironic that they could have cell phones in school, but we couldn’t have them in court)  He thought for a bit and finally answered “Gramma.”

Okay!  We have a back-up!

School staff asked him “What’s gramma’s name?”  He answered “Gramma.”  This went back and forth several times, hints and/or questions included, and he still kept answering “Gramma.”

I finally, late, made it to the school and he was standing there all alone because he couldn’t think of Gramma’s name or phone number.

HIS UNCLE WAS A TEACHER AND COACH AT HIS SCHOOL!!!  And the connection never occurred to him.  It just boggles my mind…

I got to the school eventually, listened to the whole story, and have drilled important information into him and his brothers ever since.  “What’s my name?”  “What’s Gramma’s name?”  “What’s my maiden name?” None of the boys’ knew my maiden name, but they do now; how in the world do you answer security questions without knowing your mother’s maiden name, your first pet…

My baby is now a Marine Sergeant, husband, and father.  I’d bet a dollar against anyone that has the guts to play chess with him.  I’d bet two against playing laser chess.

I wouldn’t bet one red cent on him if you asked him my maiden name right now.

- Bess Tuggle

04 September 2019

Perrin Lovett: Just Another Ordinary Fencepost Hole

Larry’s Small Farm in New Hampshire, Saturday, August 31, 2019, 9:04 AM…


Bert watched his mother and his sisters ease down the long driveway to the road. He listened until the hum of the Sequoia’s V8 faded away. Then he ran down to the barn, finding “Little” Larry (all six-foot, three inches of him) digging around under the F-250 bed cover.
‘Lar! They’re off. Bet they won’t be back until the mall closes.’
‘Kay, Bubba. I got everything we need. Let’s go find dad.’
Larry, Jr., recently turned eighteen, and his younger-by-three-years brother rolled gently into the back field, headed towards the distant clump of firs and junipers in the far corner above the woods and just uphill from the creek.
‘They changed the story about the Texas shooter. Again.’ Bert read headlines from his phone. ‘Now, they say it wasn’t random and he spoke to the FBI first. No white supremacy links either.’
‘Yeah. They do that. They’ll change it again. Next, he’ll be a black zionist working for the FBI. Then, they’ll move on to the next one. Dad says they need better scriptwriters.’
‘Is that a red flag or a false flag?’
‘False. But, one leads to the other. Or, it will. That’s why we’re doing our um, fence work today.’
Larry, Jr. slowed as he passed a row of newly dug post holes and a stack of heavy timbers. Behind a large cedar, the boys caught a glimpse of their father, already at work. Big Larry, Larry, Sr., was raising the auger out of a new hole when he noticed the truck approaching. After carefully clearing the PTO assembly, he pulled the John Deere 4052M out of the way and shut it off. He met his boys at the tailgate. 
‘I take it the women are off and shopping?’
Junior answered, ‘Yes, sir. They left about five minutes ago.’
‘Good. We’ll have plenty of time. We can even get another section of actual fence up.’
Bert was still a little puzzled about the logistics and the secrecy. ‘Dad, why can’t we tell mom or Brooke or Liv? Kind of feels like we’re sneaking around.’
‘Well, son, we are. For this operation, the fewer who know anything, the better. Women have a way of … talking about things. We’re not asking for permission or forgiveness. We’re men. We do what we have to without resort to pointless discussion. Especially with something as critical as this.’ He paused as Larry, Jr. pulled the bed cover back. ‘Well, men. Let’s see here. Larry, for your brother’s benefit, why don’t you walk us through what we have? Kind of explain as you load ‘er up’
‘Okay, dad.’ Junior lowered a large black plastic tube to the ground, standing it upright. He unscrewed and removed the lid. ‘This is the Mono Vault. The big one. Now, all we do is fill it with goodies. Start passing me those long flat bags, Bubba.’
‘Are these the new guns we just shot last week?’
‘Why are they sealed up now?’
‘We cycled ‘em to make sure they work. Then, I cleaned the heck out of ‘em. Dad and I soaked ‘em in Cosmoline and vacuum-sealed them last night while you distracted the women. Wicked good job, I’d say.’
Junior lowered the arsenal into the tube - an H&K 416 A5 chambered in 5.56mm, a 417 A2 in 7.62 x 51 NATO, and a Benelli M4 tactical 12-gauge shotgun. 
 ‘The bags keep them dry?’
‘The vault should do that. The grease and the vacuum will keep them from rusting. Thanks, brother, those smaller bags too, now.’
Two H&K pistols, both in .45ACP and both similarly protected, were added. Then came the ammunition - 1,000 rounds of 5.56, 400 rounds of 7.62, 100 rounds of buckshot, and 400 rounds of .45ACP - all neatly packaged. Everything fit perfectly with room to spare.
‘Where’d all this stuff come from? And, whose idea was this?’
Larry laughed. ‘Same answer for both questions - your uncle Thomas. He says that with all that’s happening, it’s time to start caching. He provided the Mono Vault and the guns. Amazon sells the tubes in all sizes and… PVC pipe will work too if they start banning more than guns. And the guns, any good store has. Uh… Tom kindly provided all these, sans any contact or paper trail. He says it’s best not to have any trace of the purchase or ownership. Period.’
‘Well, how’d he get them?’
‘Son, I learned a long time ago that it’s better not to question Tom’s methods. Okay, let’s add the rest now.’
A few more bags and a coffee can rounded out most of the space. Junior continued the explanation. ‘That’s a cleaning kit, magazines, some spare parts, slings and holsters, and a few survival items. Knives and water tablets, etc. Not sure what was in that black bag. Dad?’
‘Another gift from your uncle. Probably auto sears or something for the rifles. A grenade? Better not to know sometimes. Oh! And, I have a few more little things to top it off!’
Larry proudly added a travel humidor full of Cuban Cohibas (also from Tom), a cutter, lighter, and matches, and a bottle of 18-year-old Oban Scotch Whisky. With everything in place, they closed the primary lid and carried the vault to the waiting hole. Larry explained it’s creation,
‘Boys, I’m glad I didn’t have to switch to the backhoe. No big rocks, luckily. I dug out five adjoining holes to match the diameter of the vault with some extra space on the sides. There’s a little dirt down at the bottom. If you could get that, Bert. Thanks.’ He watched as Bert manually lowered some post hole diggers into the ground. ‘Should be a perfect fit. The vault is forty-five inches deep, or tall, and my bit is forty-eight. I  bumped it a little deeper with the hydraulics for a margin. Anyway, it all worked great.’
Bert finished routing out the hole and they lowered the vault into place. Next, they backfilled around the edges, adding several bags of gravel at Larry’s instruction. 
‘It’s very important to keep good drainage. Water can cause these things to buoy up and float. It shouldn't be a problem with our good soil. Anyway, my going a little deeper will keep the frost away from the lid.’
With the fill added, they lowered and sealed the heavy outer shield lid. That, they covered with about two inches of dirt. 

03 September 2019

Bess Tuggle's Memoirs of Surviving Children: Miscommunication

Miscommunication is a fact of life.  While it may cause embarrassment, stress or anger at the time, it’s usually pretty funny in retrospect.  Thought I’d share a few as my mind wanders down memory lane, in no particular chronological order.  

When my boys were little we had a pet snake.  A ball python, named Chester (I can write his name because neither he nor his family could read, and he’s long deceased).  One evening Thing 4 had him out playing with him while I was in the loft doing homework.  Everyone was happy until I heard “Mama!  Mama!  Chester got in the couch under the cushions!  Can I cut it to get him out?”  Of course, I said yes.  Chester was a favorite of mine, too.  I thought Thing 4 was pulling the cushions off and cutting a hole out under them to get the snake.  Nope!  He cut the whole back of the couch open, which was visible to the kitchen.  He got the snake, I got in trouble.

Since I’m on Thing 4.. there was one time he needed a plug for some reason or another.  I really can’t remember what he was working on, but I do remember him calling (I was at school in the loft again) and asking me if he could cut the plug off the cord of the old sewing machine.  I had two in the living room, one old and broken, one new and working.  I told him “Yes,” and of course he cut the cord off the new one.  

A college classmate came to visit years ago, and because I had to work, he just tagged along with me.  It wasn’t a big thing.  Most of the time I spent the days in the office alone until the boys came in from school.  On this particular day the boss radioed me to bring a well pump to a job site.  Please note, I can get lost in a wet paper bag.  He, the boss, gave me directions close to the site but told me to radio him when I reached a certain traffic light.  I found myself, along with my classmate, in a hot pickup truck at a busy traffic light in Conyers.  When I radioed whether I should turn left or right the boss answered “South.”  My classmate fell out laughing.

My husband and I decided to Honeymoon in Ohio.  Yes, I said Ohio.  It wasn’t the first marriage for either of us, but it was his chance to see where I grew up when I was little and meet some more of the family.  We stayed with my grandmother, “Ma,” and had a wonderful visit, but the first night we were there they had a bit of a shock.  My husband and I both enjoy our beer, which was not a big thing (Ohio has a bar on every corner like Covington has a bank, church, or convenience store) but he called out to me “Honey!  Where’s my coozie?”  Complete silence from my Aunt and Ma.  Just the look on Ma’s face…  While we in the South refer to a “coozie” as something to keep our beer cold, it’s completely different up North – it’s a reference to female genitalia.  Once explained, we all laughed, but that was a –long- moment of uncomfortable silence for me.

I’d end this one writing about miscommunications between my mother and I, but guess I’m gonna have to skip that one.  She just started speaking to me again.

Until next time, Friends!

- Bess Tuggle 

02 September 2019

An Interview with the Mayor

 By MB McCart, Editor

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with the Mayor of Covington, Ronnie Johnston, in a wide-ranging interview in which we discussed several different topics & issues. As y'all know, I'm all about keeping it REAL & felt as if I did so with this discussion. I'm just going to type out my notes in kind of a stream-of-consciousness style. Enjoy. 

Mayor Ronnie Johnston

Independent Testing of Ethylene Oxide (EtO) 

- discussed the legion field meeting

- contact w/ state EPD & federal EPA

- "...we decided we were NOT going to wait on anybody or trust anybody else with this...looking for the most independent testing as timely as possible...

- 2 proposals were entertained for the independent testing. City ended up going w/ Montrose as the company to perform this independent testing.

- the independent testing canisters will total 10 w/ 4 right next to Bard.

- Johnston said the city was glad they got proactive & acted quick as now there is a shortage for these testing canisters as both the EPD & EPA are waiting to get these on back order. Montrose, fortunately, already had plenty on hand.

- the testing will be over a 7-day period w/ 42 samples collected.

- Johnston also said (and provided documentation) that the testing method utilized by Montrose is much better technology.

- looking at 6 to 8 week time frame for the gathering & collection of samples & then the subsequent testing.

- "very proud of the council & staff.

- Total Price Tag? Approx $66K

What about the past? 80s, 90s etc?

- "All I can say is if you believe you have a concern about this, or a claim, talk to a lawyer & go get 'em."

Town Center 

- the road has been done from the back side on City Pond Rd. Can actually drive in from that side.

- 2 firm commitments from two hotels.

- the CEO of a 'Major Grocery Chain' flew into Covington a few weeks ago & things are looking promising.

What about the chirping & noise in the system about how the city got hosed on this thing?

- the apartments had to buy the land to the tune of $200K / acre. The developer has spent approx $14 million to date so far ( a lot of granite & rock on that site) per Johnston.

3 Ring 

- "Quite the ride...lots of ups & downs..."

Is it dead in the water?

- an emphatic NO.

But that Stop-Work Order, though?

- improper erosion controls, etc. According to the mayor, that is about to be remedied. "Steel is already on site; large portion of site already graded."

The Liens?

- "yeah...two of 'em apparently. Both have been paid & released."

So What's the Problem?

- "...this developer had major experience with hotels & shopping centers but...maybe not so much with a movie studio...but then again, hardly anyone does...I think he may have overestimated his ability to get capital for such a unique project..."

Any comments about one of his opponents?

"I like Steve [Horton], think a lot of 'em...he was city manager my first two years in office. I think have different visions for Covington." 


I'm supposed to be interviewing Minister Eric Threets this week, so be on the lookout for that soon.

Former city manager Steve Horton declined my request for an interview.

Alright, friends, until next time.

- MB McCart