21 November 2021

A Moment From The Editor -- TPC: Going Back To Its Roots

 By MB McCart, Editor 

Greetings, friends, and as always -- it's so good to be back w/ you. 

Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking about a lot of things. Something always on the forefront of my mind is this space right here -- The Piedmont Chronicles. 

Thoughts have been had about the long-term direction of this site & I've decided to pull a trigger of sorts. 

I've decided to go back to the TPC prior to 2015. 

It was 2015 when the vision of what TPC was changed to include current events, and more specifically, local politics (as well as state & national politics for that matter). The content volume also ramped up considerably hitting a peak in 2018 - 2020. With massive pageviews that continue to surprise & amaze me, the journey has been quite something over the last six years (and the entire 11-yr history of the page). 

However, amongst all of that during the entire duration, I've always had pangs & feelings that I was missing something, and that the true essence of TPC was still not being realized. 

A few months ago & I realized the time had come. 


The Piedmont Chronicles, as the title of this piece mentioned, is going back to its roots w/ a concentration on local history, events & people. In addition, rather than hitting the local REAL Politick, the site will now also concentrate on the overarching theme of The Esoteric South in addition to true human interest stuff & even...Philosophy!, particularly, the discipline of Stoicism. And we will also even be addressing Culture! 

How ya' like them apples? 

P.S. Though we're going back to our roots, it will not be the same in terms of the output of those first few years. I assure you TPC will average at least a post a week. 


But what of the politics? I can hear some of you saying. 

Fear not, fearless readers, I'm on the Mutha

As of a few days ago I've set up a Substack account. This is the platform that most legitimate & non-sell-out writers have been migrating to for the last couple of years. 

For one thing, it takes Big Tech out of the picture, especially the two worst offenders - Facebook & Twitter. 

It's a subscription model that includes direct email delivery. While some writers charge a subscription fee, they still offer a good bit of their content for free. At the moment, I'm not charging any subscription fee. In the future, I might very well do that, but like most Substackers, I will be offering a good deal of my content for all subscribers - paying or non. 

Without any further ado, here it is:

MB's Word on the Street 

Another really cool thing about Substack is that it allows for me to do podcasts, which I will be doing in the near future, as well as the ability for folks to listen to articles in addition to reading them. It's pretty darned cool. 

Folks, I'm pumped... 

As of press time for this piece, I'm already at a few dozen subscribers after a social media post from a few days ago. Very much hoping that number will grow very soon. 

Very Kindly Yours, 

Marshall "MB" McCart 

15 November 2021

TPC Real Politick: Not So Fast on the VETO; Advocating for THC; Memo to Ezell on the First Rule of Holes; Embrace the Chaos?

By: MB McCart, Editor  

The Home County

In re the County Manager situation, apparently Marcello can use his veto power to deny the vote that a majority of the BOC - Mason (2nd district), Sanders (3rd) & Henderson (4th) - approved to not renew Kerr's contract as manager but purportedly, per state law, a political subdivision has to have a majority (which is veto-proof) vote in order to offer an employment contract to anyone, specifically in this case - Loyd Kerr as county manager. Therefore, the point appears to be moot unless one of the aforementioned Commissioners changes their mind (not likely). 

I remember when they first made the changes to the charter several years back that there were some situations where a veto was not possible or was not permitted. This appears to be one of those instances. Honestly, I'd have figured that the (other) Team MB (Team Marcello) would've had their ducks in a row on that, but, apparently no, not really, because, reality, and history. 

Not surprising...

As a politico perhaps somewhat on a lonely island, my position may be different than most & certainly your mileage will likely vary but basically I'm all here for it. It? Whatever. Anything. Everything. 

No, at this point, I think I'm basically a supporter of chaos. Full-on. In Toto. 

I have no allegiances to anything, or anybody. I'm not Team Marcello; I'm not Team JC; I'm not Team Anyone. I'm Team Home County (THC). Unfortunately, THC doesn't have hardly any advocates right now; THC needs to be embraced by its citizens, to be fully...inhaled, metaphorically speaking, if you will. That the essence of THC needs to fully permeate amongst us all.

But...that's likely not going to happen anytime soon & that's just too bad. 

Stop Diggin' 

So Ezell decides to talk to the other local press the other day & pretty much makes the case for him have having indeed violated the U.S. civil rights of that Georgia Guardian fella, an American citizen. 

I was wondering why Tommy Craig was riding a unicycle yesterday on College Ave while juggling five bowling pins. Also, he was wearing a funny looking hat. 

Strange times, indeed. Until next time, friends. 



09 November 2021

Newton Co. Sheriff Ezell Brown Spectacularly Fails His "1st Amendment Audit"; Lawsuit Likely

 A civil liberty advocacy group & police watchdog, the Georgia Guardian, did a 1st Amendment Audit of the Newton County Sheriff's Office (see below). 

They actually arrested this guy for exercising his constitutional rights (though the Newton DA did later drop the charges.)

So...Ezell spectacularly failed his 1st Amendment Audit.
Another lawsuit for the NCSO.
I was wondering why Tommy Craig was doing somersaults there at the corner of College & Elm the other day. That’ll be a LOT of billable hours for the ole fella.

In addition, Abiyah Israel, a former law enforcement officer & now CEO of We The People University, also reported on this egregious violation on his YouTube channel which as of this time has garnered over 25K views as of this reporting. 

Here's Israel's synopsis: 

Guess What The Sheriff Did. Crazy Old Sheriff Becomes Brave When His Goons Arrive! 1A Audit Gone Bad Attacked By Overly Aggressive Sheriff For Filming. A lawsuit has been filed by this auditor. Newton County sheriff has proven not even he does not fully know and understand the law he has sworn to protect!

Here's his video: 

Just when you think the NCSO can't sink any lower, they pull a stunt like this. 

- MBM 

08 November 2021

CFF Feature Column: Russiagate - Already Thoroughly Discredited - Has Now Completely Careened Off Cliff (Durham Apparently Just Getting Started...)

 *ed. note:

Well gang, after only doing one CFF Nat'l Affairs column over the previous two months I decided to make up for it by giving you a 2-for-1 today. Thank you, thank you. I do what I can. 

I believe what we might be looking at is a conspiracy of unimaginable heights where basically everything related to the Russian collusion hoax was not only a hoax, but a concerted & illegal effort to attempt to destroy DJT as well as his presidency, a legitimate coup d'etat. As multiple people are now saying, it's looking like this could go all the way to the very top, i.e. Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Comey, et al.

Very, very interesting.

As alway, thx for reading -- MBM

In my opinion it has surpassed a preponderance of evidence & is now in the realm of being beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything that started hitting in summer of 2016 & then pretty much all through Trump's presidency related to all things Russia was not only total & absolute B.S. (of course, we've already known that for quite some time) but that it was indeed part of a greater conspiracy and was a clear-cut example of criminal  (((dare I say it?))) collusion. 

For the slow folks who are reading this & already shaking their heads, here's the Master List of Russian Lies by Progressive Liberal writer Matt Taibbi: 

Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus

Remember when Taibbi was a true darling of the left when he was castigating Bush 43 on the reg back in the day? Yeah, me too. As a true independent thinker, I was a big fan of his too at that time (I loathe W.& always have), but being that he is a legitimate journalist whose primary goal is to find the truth, Mr. Taibbi, along w/ Greenwald, Maher & a couple of others, is now considered a major Persona Non Grata w/ your various Biden Bois, Fauci Fans, party hacks & DJT Syndrome types. 

I mean -- Really? What an A$$hole, right? The truth? The facts? Didn't he get the memo that it's now all just supposed to be about power & politics? 

John Durham, Special Counsel, Does Not Look One Bit Impressed

Moving on... 

First off, we know that the Durham investigation has recently indicted Igor Danchenko, the primary sub-source for the Steele "Dossier," and, friends, the 39-page document for it is something else. I'd definitely give it a rec'd. 

From Aaron Mate's superb piece

It did not seem possible for the Steele dossier – the collection of Trump-Russia conspiracy theories funded by the Clinton campaign; hyped by the US media establishment; and tapped by the FBI for surveillance and investigative leads – to get more embarrassing for all of those involved.

But the indictment by Special Counsel John Durham of Steele's key source, Igor Danchenko, offers 39 pages of new evidence that Russiagate — after five years of failed innuendodebunked “bombshells”, and humiliating revelations — has no rock bottom.

Although some people out there either can't, or won't, wrap their heads around it, it doesn't change the fact that this will go down as one of the greatest failures & scandals of both US intelligence as well as the media. 

But this is the kicker right here, as many have been talking about for years now, it was such an obvious sh!t & clown show in that the same information that the FBI already knew was fake was being not only leaked to the legacy media to try to create a furor & frenzy, but was also the same info they were actually using - that they already full well knew was fake - in order to get multiple warrants to further the sham investigation

What the Actual F.? 

And a couple more items of consideration: 

- Former National Security Council Department Director Kash Patel believes that Durham is all in for a major conspiracy case.  

- And former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is "expecting many indictments."

In closing, you can hate Trump all you want. I totally get it. It's partly why I didn't vote for him in 2016. He's a thin-skinned, undisciplined buffoon & the sonuvabitch don't even know how to act right. But right is right & wrong is wrong. Now that we know it was all lies & intentional misrepresentation as well as Collusion between the deep state, intelligence community & legacy media then that begins a process where one has to start questioning many, many other things from the last five years. And frankly, a lot of folks - again - who either can't or won't do that because TO do that means they'd have to admit to the fact that they got severely duped & hoodwinked and human nature & history tells us how that usually works out... 


Fīat jūstitia ruat cælum

The CFF Nat'l Affairs Column: DC Gitmo -- US Marshals on the Mutha; the Continuing Hoax of 1/6 & Fauci the Dog Killer

By: MB McCart, Ed.  

My Vote for POTUS & VPOTUS in the Next Cycle?
Gabbard/Paul 2024
~ Aloha ~ 

I come to you from a place of Peace & Love w/ a desiring for the advancement of Equity, Justice, Kindness & Liberty w/ a feeling of true compassion & empathy while sending heartfelt well wishes

DC Gitmo & the US Marshals 

As anyone who's been reading the non-power-elite/legacy-media-news for months could've told you, we've had a USSA gulag going on for the better part of a year now. 

Ben Franklin talked about how you could judge a society by how they treated their prisoners. 

It's incontrovertible fact at this point that "DC Gitmo" is at least as bad as Abu Grhraib could've ever been. While US soldiers made Iraqis take embarrassing pictures I don't think they ever served them pubic hairs in their food nor did they break any of their bones or refuse their cancer treatments. 

The US Marshals, a very interesting & unique governmental entity, investigated this situation & found horrible results & are acting accordingly. 

1/6 Narrative Continues to Implode 


And one has to wonder why this has disappeared from the mainstream news & the US Congress so quick here lately. 

Gee, I wonder?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the growing preponderance of evidence that this was basically a false flag incident w/ complicit involvement of federal actors, agents & assets. 


Why Does Fauci Hate Dogs & America So Much? 


Anthony apparently does hate dogs, particularly Beagles. 

And for those of you who continue to stick up for him there's beginning to be only one explanation, apparently. 

Either you're an absolute moron; or, you're somehow complicit. 

At this point, a fair number of us simply don't care.

This aggression will not stand. 

- MBM 

07 November 2021

Redistrictin' Time's A-Comin': Looking at How the Districts in Newton County May Look in the Near Future

 By: MB McCart, Ed

Well, it's that time again, folks. 2020 was the year for the full Census count that the Federal Government does every ten years in order to get a full & accurate count of the country's population. Furthermore, this information is done in order to meet the Constitutional mandate of reapportionment of the US Congressional seats. 

Given this information, the various States are then able to redistrict all of their state house & senate districts as well as those of their primary political subdivisions -- the counties. 

Here in Newton Co. we saw fairly significant growth in the past decade despite our population number remaining fairly stagnant in the first few years after the "crash" & "The Great Recession." 

Per Census numbers, Newton Co. is now home to approx 112,500 residents compared to right at 100K in 2010. 

Map of Proposed Changes to Newton County's Five BOC/BOE Districts

The name of the game w/ redistricting at the county level is for the five districts to have equal population. Over the last few years we saw the entire county grow at a pretty good clip w/ some districts (3) more so than others (1). That means the 3rd district will shed more residents than any of the others (I'm sure Alana Sanders will be thrilled about that). 

The main goal is to maintain the districts as much as possible and to make population transfers as efficiently as possible. See the proposed areas of change in the image below. 

While both the governing authority of the county, the Board of Commissioners, as well as the Board of Education will have input & will vote on the final recommended changes, it is ultimately the Georgia General Assembly that will have the final say of how the home county districts will look for the next 10 years. 

Despite the wishes & statements of some Newton politicians, there will be no great changes & certainly we won't see BOC 5 flipping blue anytime soon (though it will probably become slightly more competitive than it is now). 

Now 2030 may very well be a different story but only time will tell. 

- MBM 

03 November 2021

TPC REAL Politick, 11/3/21: COV Election Results; Porterdale To Get Boozy; Third Time's NOT a Charm for JC in re WTC

By: MB McCart, Ed.  

Greetings, Piedmonteers, and we hope this post finds you dandy as candy. 

Speaking of dandy, how 'bout Dansby? And Jorge, Freddie, Fried, Snit & the rest of the crew? World Champs, baby! 

How 'Bout Them BRAVES!!! 

C-Town Election Coverage 

I think I'll just go w/ my FB post from last night: 

Give 'Em Heck, Keck!
Susie Keck wins #COV East Ward Post 1 race 57%/43%.
Contested West Ward race closer than anticipated.
The "wE tOoK bAcK oUr CiTy" crowd has apparently lost some political capital given the results of the past two years. Also, some political watchers have commented that the Ferry campaign did not put in the necessary grassroots work to have made the race more competitive, while others pointed to the polarizing nature of the challenger's campaign.
Yard signs certainly don't hurt but they also don't vote.
to Councilwoman Susie Keck! I was proud to vote for you, Ma'am.


Perhaps the biggest surprise last night, at least to me, was how competitive the contested West Ward race was. While I figured Susie would win by about 10 percentage points, I figured it would be a miracle for Scotty Scoggins to get w/in even 20 percentage points of Hawnethia's handpicked successor - Chakita Davis. Well, it was a 56/44 split resulting in only a 12 point differential. I'd been told that Scoggins was a stand-up guy & that he ran a pretty hard campaign. I gotta tip my hat to him. Very well done, sir. 

The Loveliest Mill Village to Allow Off-premise Sales of Distilled Spirits 

In a huge vote consisting of 70 total ballots, P-Dale residents voted 60% to 40% (probably need to recheck your math there, Madam Editor Queen) to make this municipality the first in the home county to put a referendum up to allow for package sales of liquor w/ the recent change from the General Assembly.

This bodes well for the practically bankrupt city in that they can get up to $6,000 per store per year in licensing fees not to mention the big increase in their share of the sales tax. They've already hedged their bets some in terms of what they'll allow. My thought would be they'll probably allow one over by the gas stations & then another one in Downtown. And I tell ya', the old site of Green Room/Tavern would make a great spot for one. If only there was a great liquor store manager available to run it.  Could probably make a killing (calling all investors)... 

JC Gonna JC 

For the THIRD time, JC once again tried to get Tommy Craig back to the public teat & for the third time it failed. 

JC & gal pal Alana tried again to flex their political muscle w/ regards to County Manager Loyd Kerr but it failed miserably as ole Marcello flexed that political hammer known as the VETO. 

As an aside, I truly think BOC 4 Rep Demond Mason is missing a grand opportunity. He's afraid of getting primaried by the JC/Sanders/Craig Machine but w/ the way redistricting might be going & they way he's been performing he may need to be afraid of getting a challenger from the other direction. I know for a fact that some politicos & movers in the 4th are getting a little tired of his...whatever it is he's doing. 

Talk about pissin' in the wind. He could pretty much be the King Maker of the home county but now it's as if he's a prison yard chump holding onto JC's outstretched pocket & following him around. Sad. 

Okay for now, 


01 November 2021

TPC Real Politick - Election Day: Talkin' COV East Ward Post 1 Race

 By: MB McCart, Ed. 

C-Town Representin!

Well friends, election day is almost upon us & whilst there are some notable races throughout the country (Virginia Gubernatorial, Atlanta Mayoral, et al), these odd-numbered election cycles don't have nearly as much going on as their even-numbered counterparts. 

But, not at the city level, at least here in GA, and especially here in good ole C-town

All of our municipal races are always done in the odd years & while the 2019 edition was perhaps a little more publicized w/ the inclusion of the mayoral race, this year's edition is still very important. 

This time around there are two west ward races & only one - Post 1 - in the east ward. The west ward races are foregone conclusions, so we turn our attention to the east. 

Ferry vs Keck 

If you'd asked me a few months ago & I would've told you that I didn't think this one would be really competitive but apparently Ferry has run a pretty decent campaign. Perhaps not as much w/ door-to-door or canvassing, but certainly w/ yard signs, no? Yep, that old saying certainly rings true -- they never hurt; however, there is never any substitute for REAL Politick & pressin' the flesh & just talkin' w/  folks... 

So right off the bat, and as at least a few of you know, I'll be voting for Susie Keck tomorrow (I always vote on election day). I've had one of her signs in my yard here at HQ in Historic North Covington for the better part of two months. 

I've known Carla for several years. As some of you may remember, I really advocated for her w/ the Gazebo situation about four years ago. And it was my pleasure. It really was. 

Now Carla herself will tell you - as she's told me before - that she can get a little wound up, maybe fly off the handle here & there; not necessarily on an even keel. 

And look, I obviously get the irony here. Me talking about these aforementioned things. Talk about the pot & the kettle, right? 

Of course, the difference is that I am NOT running for public office


I like Susie. Don't always agree w/ her, but I like her & I know she deals straight. 

W/ the composition of the rest of the council moving forward I believe that having her on there will very much give a good balance for the home city. 

I'm hoping she wins & am cautiously optimistic that she does. 

Unfortunately, we're seeing a rehashing of the dirty politics of 2019 though, aren't we? Lies, more lies & Damn Lies are floating out there for all to see. 

Even just a few months ago, I maybe would've done a piece explaining how a lot of what we're seeing going on in the home city was already predestined w/ zoning ordinances that were already in place over a decade ago (Hwy 36) & also how you have due process considerations & a very specific set of guidelines in place to be able to do or deny certain things w/out putting yourself in an actionable position due to an improper taking but I've clearly learned over the years that it's just a damn waste of time

So many folks - including some of the network chiefs - are either just too damn dumb or blinded to see. 

It just ain't worth my time or energy anymore. And again, I'm busy... 


Well, we'll see what we see tomorrow, won't we?