17 September 2018

[Ellis Millsaps] - Light in August

“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.”
-Hosea 8:7

The last week in August the best and worst of America were on display. The week started with the death of John McCain and the president’s petty refusal to lower the flag until the American Legion forced his hand.

We saw three memorial services for the American hero, each profound, moving and occasionally quite funny. There were a number of brilliant eulogies, but not even Barack Obama matched Joe Biden in capturing John McCain’s America.

As the week of mourning unfolded the current president tweeted away, mostly whining that the Justice Department wasn’t acting as his KGB. He did this throughout the services for McCain and Aretha Franklin, but the stations I watched didn’t break to tell us that “news,” saving it for their end of the day “oh, by the way…”

I don’t know how they handled it on Fox.

By the end of the week I imagined I could feel a shift in the national psyche, a ray of light piercing one of the republic’s darkest hours, a recognition that the time has come to shoulder the burden of making America great again in the eyes of the world. We have lost so much prestige and leadership in the last seventeen months that it will take a long time for us to be trusted again.

This morning I saw a brother and sister lobster fishing team being interviewed. The rosy pair were asked if they knew who Paul Manafort is. No, what about Robert Mueller. Who’s that?

When I see things like that I wonder if it’s only we “elites” who care about the future of the American experiment in democracy, but these kids probably won’t vote anyway. I see signs that young people in general are going to register and vote. If they do, the self immolation of the Republican Party will be manifest, the party that brought us Donald Trump whom they lack the spine to oppose when he undermines basic American values.

They have no one to blame but themselves. When we hear a president lying on an hourly basis, not like Johnson on the Gulf of Tonkin debacle that won’t be apparent for decades, but tells lies knowing that we know he’s lying, do we wonder how we got here?

I don’t. I look to the “mainstream” Republicans who have consistently maintained (and still do) when passing legislation restricting access to voting that they weren’t trying to keep voters likely to oppose them from exercising their franchise. No, they were trying to prevent (non existent) voter fraud.

Trump took public acceptance of lying and ran with it. He took their dog whistle racism and made it overt, and now we find ourselves in this dark time when children are taken from their parents and caged. Anyone who truly cares about the Republican party will vote for Democrats.

Ellis is a recovering Attorney but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved... 

16 September 2018

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: Thing 2, The Pontiac & Running Out of Gas

I always thought my second son, Thing 2, would be the best driver of my crew.  He was cautious on the gas pedal, light on the brake, and had –years- of experience driving by the time he got his learners license.  

After learning to drive in the Mali, he proved me wrong; getting his learner’s license meant his wings were no longer completely clipped.

By that time I had an old Pontiac Lemans.  It had 6 seat belts and a ton of the finest steel Chicago ever made.  It was a brick house rolling down the road.  Thankfully.  

We came to a four way stop with Thing 2 driving.  Traffic lights, turning lights, the whole she-bang.  He waited until the turning light was completely red (he was actually in the correct turning lane) and GUNNED it through the intersection on a red light and left turn.  I really didn’t think that old car could burn rubber, but she sure did on that one.  The tires –squealed-!  

I wasn’t calm anymore.  The rest of my kids were in the back seat.  It was a major “white knuckle” moment.





We made it through that intersection, then another, and another.. and finally turned onto the access road.  We’d survived this far, so I really thought we were doing well.

Oops.  I thought wrong again.  My car stuttered.  She picked up, then stuttered again and puttered out.  

As we sat there on the access road, hot as hell, four kids in the car, I looked at the dash panel.  We were out of gas.  Satan would have had his hands full with me at that particular moment.

He’d driven by seven, yes SEVEN, gas stations and he never stopped to get gas.  MAMA WAS PAYING FOR IT!!!  WHAT’S THE PROBLEM?  

His answer was “I thought you were keeping up with it.”  Commander and Chief, also known as the driver in charge, should never ask someone else to check the gauges, and I couldn’t see the gauges from the passenger side anyway.

He walked back to the gas station with a can, we were all hot and miserable, but we finally got to where ever we were going intact. 

Yes, I’ve survived them.  So far…



jack of all trades, Ms. Tuggle has been a Covington resident since the late 70’s. She's been a K-Mart cashier, cabinet builder, vet tech, office manager for a beef cattle ranch and water well company (where she was able to hold benefits for D.A.R.E. and Scouts), a court reporter, business manager, assistant at a private investigation firm, legal assistant, convenience store clerk, landscaper and elementary school substitute teacher.  Her greatest pleasure is being a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her stories are all real, and all names will be withheld to protect the innocent, and also maybe the guilty, depending on the crime & the Statute of Limitations.  

Your Source for the REAL Story

A Letter to the Editor from Scott Jay: Major Concerns About Sheriff's Legal Expenses

- est 2010 -

*Ed. note: the following is a very well-written & precise Letter to the Editor written by Scott Jay, Chairman of the Newton Co. GOP, voicing the concerns that TPC & many others have spoken of over the last couple of years. I think Mr. Jay's final paragraph in this piece is just outstanding: 
"Just about everyone in Newton County supports our front line law enforcement officers and wants strong public safety efforts by the Sheriff’s office and city police departments. And, most are willing to pay for that. But, we deserve to have our tax money used wisely and not wasted on unnecessary payments to an attorney that the county fired three years ago. Let’s be sure that Sheriff Brown gets that message."


Dear Editor: 

County documents recently acquired by an open records request by another concerned citizen and provided to this writer show Sheriff Ezell Brown and Attorney Tommy Craig continue to take advantage of Newton County taxpayers.
That may come as a surprise to those who recall Mr. Craig was fired by the Board of Commissioners in November 2015, almost three years ago. So, what is going on now? Well, the Sheriff has continued to use Mr. Craig for legal services despite that all other county departments and elected officials now use Ms. Megan Martin or other attorneys with the firm of Jarrard & Davis which specializes in government law. Jarrard & Davis charge the county $175 per hour but Craig charges the Sheriff $221 per hour.
The Sheriff’s continued use of Mr. Craig has been expensive for taxpayers. Invoices for Fiscal year 2018 (July 2017-June 2010) show that Sheriff Brown paid Mr. Craig $306,506 to provide legal counsel to the Sheriff and Jail Departments. That is more than 10 times what the Sheriff paid Craig in FY 2014 ($28,937) and FY 2015 ($23,841) when he was representing the Sheriff along with all other departments. Mr. Craig apparently turned to the Sheriff for a job after he lost the lucrative county attorney position where he sometimes charged $1 million per year. Sheriff Brown obliged by employing him for many more hours each month than before. No plausible explanation has been provided by the Sheriff for this enormous increase. In fact, the Sheriff seems to get insulted when asked about any of his expenses.
The Sheriff has paid Mr. Craig more and more each year since he hired him. In the transition year of FY 2016, Mr. Craig was paid $88,078, in FY 2017, $280,092 and $306,506 in FY 2018. The Sheriff’s legal budget for FY 2019 is $370,000 so we can expect another increase this year.
A comparison of Mr. Craig’s monthly invoices to the Sheriff from before and after he was fired by the BOC shows an immediate and dramatic increase. This was no coincidence. Prior to being employed solely by the Sheriff, Mr. Craig’s charges for the Sheriff and Jail Departments averaged around $2,500 per month. After he began working only for the Sheriff, his invoices increased immediately and have averaged $23,000 per month. One month he billed over $40,000! What in the world would cause the Sheriff’s legal costs to jump so much at the same time he hired Mr. Craig?
Just about everyone in Newton County supports our front line law enforcement officers and wants strong public safety efforts by the Sheriff’s office and city police departments. And, most are willing to pay for that. But, we deserve to have our tax money used wisely and not wasted on unnecessary payments to an attorney that the county fired three years ago. Let’s be sure that Sheriff Brown gets that message.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Scott Jay


14 September 2018

[MBM] - The Song Remains the Same: Sheriff Brown Paying Tommy Craig Big, Big $$$

Last week an Open Records Request was tendered & subsequently returned delineating the invoices submitted by William Thomas Craig, Esq. & the monies paid to him for legal services & fees by the Sheriff's department & Ezell Brown, Sheriff, for Fiscal Year 2018 (July 2017 - June 2018) & the numbers are not good, my friends.

During this one year period Sheriff Brown paid even more money to WT Craig than he ever has before, exceeding $300,000 (see graph below)!

As this publication wrote about almost a year ago, a concerning trend of escalating costs for the legal fees paid to the law offices of WT Craig by the Newton County Sheriff's Office (NCSO) had begun pretty much right after Craig was shown the door by the Newton Co. Board of Commissioners at the end of 2015.

As the graph below clearly shows, for years the legal fees of the NCSO were nominal, but notice the huge spike in spending after WTC was fired by the Newton BOC. 

Legal Fees Paid to WTC from the NCSO over the last four years

Now, there was a time, purportedly, when the NCSO was dealing with a potential legal action related to the death of an inmate, and at that time that was referenced as a reason for the higher legal costs, but now the question is begged - what is all of this money being spent on? From approx. $20,000 per annum three years ago, to over $300,00 currently. 

Sheriff Brown
William Thomas "Tommy" Craig, Esq.


Time & time again questions have been asked of the Sheriff as to what, exactly, is going on. Why is this much money being spent now compared to just a few years ago? The default reaction of the Sheriff has always pretty much been - I'm the Sheriff & I can spend this money however I want, I'm a Constitutional Officer. And, technically, he has a point there; however, the law states that the funding mechanism, ultimately, is the governing authority of this political subdivision, which is the BOC. I, and many others, feel that the time has come for Chairman Marcello Banes & the five district Commissioners of Newton to really get serious about figuring out these legal expenses being paid. With the difficulties we saw with the budget process the last two months, the time has come to nip this thing in the bud. 

This story is developing...

As always, thanks for reading. 



13 September 2018

[Perrin Lovett] - A Letter From The Other Resistance

(Zi work for the Democrats but similar-feelz workers and Zir have pledged to undo the last vestiges of freedom-minded civility therein. And RUSSIA!!!)

Forward by Perrin Lovett: I am, today, taking a rare break from my duties as your C.F. Floyd Writer for National Affairs. My apologies but the following is important … and I felt lazy over the weekend. I was inspired by the brave, anonymous, totally unverifiable, and probably make believe Op-Ed in Carlos Slim’s Blog The New York Times last week. The guest author herein is a senior official in the Democratic National Committee and Politburo whose identity is known only to me and my trusty Possum, Tater, and whose very life would be endangered by something if, you know, stuff happened. I believe that only through satirical anonymity can the truth be of service and not of dissent. I invite my readers to submit questions about my policies in publishing this tripe and my extensively exhaustive R&D worthiness testing regarding the difference  - please submit those anywhere but here.


The Democratic Party is facing a test of their will to dominate all life unlike any obstacle faced by any modern band of serially unemployable hacks since at least Stalingrad, maybe later.

It’s not just that there are probably sealed military indictments awaiting execution. Or that the country has united in a sense of being sick and tired of marginalization, cultural and economic rape, and destruction. Or even that In-N-Out Burger has John 3:16 printed inside the bottoms of their soda cups.

The dilemma — as we try and try again to slouch towards Gomorrah — is that maybe four or five senior members of or elected officials within Zest Zown Party are working lazily to frustrate the total fulfillment of the Marxist agenda here in the boundaryless ideological proposition formerly known as “America.” Like some lingering specter of Sam Nunn or Zell Miller they just will not fade away.

(It’s like Chick-fil-A, but worse.)

Zi don’t know. Ze am NOT one of Zem. Here, may Zi zote zat zhe zersonal prozouns are dizzicult until zed Meds kick zin… Zep!

To be occluding, zours is not the faux popular “resistance” of the neocon “right.” Seriously, you can just keep David French, Ben Shapiro, and Marco Polio. We want the hardcore leftitarium - Total Globalist Communism! Whether the hell you like it or not and even if it means another 250 Million innocents killed!

Ze believe zour first duty to the DNC is complete and universal adoration of Moloch. Ze realize that these leftover “Dixiecrats,” “working-class” Democrats, your grandfather’s Democrats are getting in the way of our total destruction and desecration of the remains of the old republic.

Ze’re doing what ze can, zeriously.

The root of the problem is the adherence of a very few to the rosier aspects of the old lies we used to tell. Actually, Christianity and Western Civilization are the real problems, but zanyway…

Though these traitorous few were elected as Democrats, they demonstrate a subtle weakness for pseudo-championing the things WE hate the most: free minds, free markets, and free people. At best, they think they can play along with the other side to get a few slightly higher taxes and a little change for some dubious programs (i.e. bridges to nowhere collapsing with the first stiff breeze). At worst, they may really believe in God.

In addition to occasional lack of faith in the press acting as the veritable “enemy of the people,” the Blue Dogs proclivities are possibly anti-abortion and anti-anti-gun. Fo real, Y'all; some of them duck hunt and most of them like children (and not in “our” way).  

They’ve got it wrong. Unlike our good, boring, and doom-saying past president, Obama “Son of Kenya” the Magnificent, these losers seem excited by things like low unemployment, lower taxes, deregulation, a higher DOW, fewer overseas adventures, and the real possibility of peace with North Korea, China, Russia (who owns Trump! BTW), and maybe Syria and Iran.
All of our success - from the income tax, to the Federal Reserve, to Roe, to the Immigration Act of ‘65 - have come from lies and deception, from utter contempt for the American people, the truth, and human decency. That success did not come from bitterly clinging however lightly to the ideals of the Founders. And it’s because of the DINOs that we don’t yet have complete gun control for the proles. If they keep it up, then maybe we never will.

If these duplicitous Boy Scout do-gooders aren’t stopped, Trump could actually stand a chance of making America great again. Get it? For instance, what if he shutters the fedgov over his wall, and then the sheep realize they don’t even need D.C. anymore? What then??? Do you want a nation of free and happy, gun-toting, Bible-thumping hillbillies?! ZE ZON’T!!!

Our meetings… At important party meeting and pizza parties, these John Wayne-style, smaller (meaning not total) government cretins don’t miss a beat. They erratically dismiss spirit cooking. They illogically and without reason insist on logic and reason. !SCIENCE! But not narrative science. It’s like these saps really believe in math or something. A few of them don’t always remember to dismiss Alex Jones as a discredited, flimsy, all nuts conspiracy theorist. I even heard one of them say the NFL players should stand up, shut up, and just play. I know we usually reserve this line for MAGA Man, but .... literally worse than Hitler.

Okay, okay, okay … it’s a hot potato but our Illuminati overlords need to know that there are still a few of zus true deceivers in the pile. We recognize the whiff and odor of righteous freedom - and ze hate it. Ze’re doing what ze zan.

The result is a murky, fading duality in the Party.

Take Russia and the false-flag BS Mueller hysteria: everyone knows there’s nothing there. But, at least the one side of zus is trying to obstruct the Constitution, the law, the will of the people and their God, and temporal reality in any way possible.

The others, those part-time dabblers in mixed, ultralite socialism, act like the whole charade is a charade. They’ve essentially conceded that just because there is absolutely no indication of meddling in anything by Russia, let alone in concert with Trump, that there was no meddling by Russia and Trump. Hello!!!! Hillary was supposed to be our Dark Queen, Lucifer’s regent above ground, you bastards! Now she just stumbles down the stairs, gaining weight, with no contributions from Russia or the Saudis and no merch coming in from Haiti, stuck with Bill, all the while keeping a bleary eye out for the White Hat PMOOs.

Ze know the truth. Ze are not as stupid as the vapid usefuls in the MSM. The was no Russia story. The deep state is in trouble. The fly-over country rabble and assorted deplorables have woken up. They say, “WWG1WGA,” and they mean it. They’re organized and we can’t even get all “liberals” onboard with simple shit like supporting MS-13, ISIS, college thought crime codes, and throwing pretty conservative girls off of YouTube and Twitter.

And ze can’t even convincingly cry about some sort of Constitutional Crisis as we’ve spent the better part of the past century asserting that the Constitution doesn’t exist or if it does, that its racist.

A larger problem for us isn’t necessarily our lack of direction or motive. Uncle Screwtape told us that would work itself out … if. The real trouble is that normal traditional Americans are starting to see us for what we are.

We’re losing allies too. Warmongering John McCain wasn’t the friend we deserved but he was the need we wanted. Now he’s gone off like an old Zuni rocket. That, and the fact there will be no “blue wave” means something. Even with all the RNC bow tie types bailing, we’re still going to stay in the minority in the House and Senate. Then when Trump is re-elected in a landslide… ZAMN ZIT!! THIS IS WHY ZHEY INVENTED SAFE SPACES AND XANAX!!!!!!!

(pant, pant, pant…)

(Message from the resistance.)

You’ve heard of The Times alleged resistor. A total fabrication, that. I heard their board tokes it up frequently. Or, it could be another Trump end-around, make-the-fake-news-media-dance-like-performing-monkeys trick. Possibly … it’s some deep stater who hasn’t been ferreted out just yet - but, either way or any way, not a word of truth in it.

But there is a resistance, a real resistance, a really malodorous resistance within the DNC and the deep state, dedicated to resisting anyone who dares, even in the smallest, slightest, leastest, most unassumingly unintentional way, to put this country first. The only positive difference will come when Ze reach above soft “mixed” socialism, above mere communism, and embrace the satanic globalist vision of hell on earth. And Ze must kill off that most odious of labels: Americans.

***The writer is a high-ranking, senior, totally real, and not made-up fake official in the People’s Democratic National Committee, Ministry of “Truth,” likely insane person, and possible demonic possession victim.

Follow The Piedmont Chronicles National Affairs section on Farcebook and have your every move tracked by a soulless robot who sells your private information to the highest bidder.

Perrin will return next week, teaming with Kayla!, to review Hamrick’s Can-opener Emporium and Salsa Boogie Bar, located in scenic West Newborn (pronounced "New-BURN"). Dope.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs

12 September 2018

Kayla's Corner: 148 Strong

Keeping an Eye on Covington & Beyond

Hey, y'all! Hope everybody's doing great out there!

Well, the past week has been a roller coaster of emotions for us here in Covington & Newton Co. One of our protectors - CPD officer Matt Cooper - was shot in the line of duty. By all accounts, Mr. Cooper is a great, great man. A husband, a father, a public servant. As horrendous as that shooting was, our community's response was nothing short of amazing! Like so many others, I've never been prouder to be from Covington. So heere's what's going on this week in town, and most of it is related to Officer Cooper. "Let's all be 148 Strong!"

A Covington Hero | #148 Strong

On Friday night, the 14th, Bailey & Southside Steve from Rock 100.5 will be lending their talents to a benefit get-together at The Listening Room at Irish Bred Pub. "A Night For Officer Cooper" will be a wonderful event for a very good cause! 

Join Bailey and Southside and Rock 100.5 for a Night For Officer Matt Cooper at the Irish Bred Pub and The Listening Room at 1115 Church St. Covington, Georgia 30014. Doors open at 7:30. A $20 donation gets you in for a night of support, celebration, music, prizes and of course, Bailey and Southside. All proceeds go to help the Cooper family.


On Saturday September 15th, at the newly renovated Tri City Building (1182 Usher St), there will be a BBQ Fundraiser for Matt starting at 12 noon. So come get some great Que with the proceeds benefiting Officer Cooper & his family. 

Also on Saturday, Chick-Fil-A will be doing an all-day fundraiser for Matt Cooper. 

Please join us on Saturday September 15th for our sponsorship day for Officer Matt Cooper. A percentage of our proceeds from this day will go to the Covington Police Who Care Fund. Come in the store, through the drive-thru, or place a mobile order and you will be directly contributing to Officer Cooper! Please like and share this event to help us spread the word.

On Friday the 14th, the Infinity Show Band will be playing on the Covington Square at 7PM as part of Summer Nights Concert on the Square Series brought to you by The Arts Association of Newton Co & Main Street Covington.    

Wear your pink to kick off Piedmont Healthcare's month of Hope events!

As one of the Southeast most popular bands, Infinity Show Band provides just the right ambiance for every event. From smooth or traditional jazz, Infinity Show Band captures the essence of every event with dynamic showmanship, hip choreography, high energy, great musicianship, costume changes and superb vocal harmony.

And Chronicles' fave Hannah Thomas will be at Goodfella's in Social Circle on Friday September 14th at 8PM. "A Talent Supreme," in the words of TPC Editor MB McCart, Hannah is the bomb, y'all! Super hot & super talented, she always puts on a great show! 

Hannah Thomas

Okay, guys, that'll do if for this go 'round. See you next time! 

Author of TPC recurring piece, "Kayla's Corner," Ms. Leasure is originally a Walton Co. gal who studied marketing & advertising & loves the beach, the woods & her dogs while keeping herself busy with multiple projects & endeavors. She has her finger on the pulse of the home county like no other & is always "keeping an eye on Covington." A beautiful lady, inside & out, it is The Chronicles' true privilege to have her talents as part of our team. 
Kayla's Corner - Keeping an Eye on Covington

[Bess Tuggle] - Memoirs of Surviving Children: The Malibu

This column has turned into a delightful obsession for me. It’s the perfect excuse to turn my little mind loose to wander down memory lane. The real fun is when it gets totally lost. The good, the bad and the ugly!

In the late nineties I owned my absolutely, no hands down, favorite car. She was a 1978 Chevy Malibu. I bought her from a lil’ old lady that had bought it new off the lot, then kept her garaged. Low mileage, four doors, six seat belts, automatic transmission (thankfully – put me with a manual transmission and I –will- get in trouble), V-8 (I can’t remember if she had a 305 or a 350), absolutely pristine! Oh, I babied that car, and it was perfect for me and my boys.

My boys’ usually went to work with me, but one day their father decided it was too nice a day for work and school. Yep – the guys played hooky. Sometimes the best “sick days” are the ones you simply lay back and enjoy, and I could work without trying to keep up with my brood.


This Edition of Bess Tuggle's "Memoirs of Surviving Children" Brought to You by...

~ Tom's Auto Service ~

On my way home from work I stopped, blinker on, waiting to turn onto the road we lived on. I got rear ended by a car that the Deputy estimated was doing about 60 miles an hour.

Trunk, decimated; back seat broken in half; the bolts that held the drivers seat down broke too, and I was thrown half way into the back seat in spite of my seat belt. At least the other driver was kind enough to spin me onto the road I was trying to turn into. And, thankfully, my boys’ weren’t with me.

I hurt for months after the accident, but I only had one black-and-blue mark. My mother happened to drive by shortly after. I was out of the car and searching for my glasses and cigarettes. It was too soon for the pain to set in. With my head in the passenger side of the car, digging under the seat, my mom grabbed my arm, drug me out and spun me around. She left her hand-print on my arm. A perfect, five finger, full palm hand print. Try to explain that one to the doctors.

Well, the car lived on. She was totaled. No question about that one, but the motor and transmission were just fine. The insurance adjuster (after I got done haggling and arguing with him) said I could keep my car for $50. At first I just looked at him like he was stupid. I’ll admit it. Then I informed him the crusher would give him (at that time) $50 for the car, it would cost him $45 to tow it, so I offered him five bucks. He laughed, shook his head, and told me to keep my car.

That’s when the –real- fun began!

I gave each of the boys a screwdriver and told them if you see a screw, take it out. They had a BLAST! Doors, radio, seats, a few things I really didn’t want them to take out, but, oh well. It turned into the car they learned to drive in. They got to sit on Mama’s lap (some couldn’t reach the gas and brake pedals back then) and drive. Up the driveway, down the driveway, up the driveway, down the driveway… By the time they could get their learner’s license, they all knew how to drive. Can’t say they were all –good- drivers, but they could drive.

A couple of good friends helped me fix ‘er up. Beverly Hillbilly’s of the South kinda car. The bench seat over the trunk and steer horns on the front were an added bonus.

The Malibu

- Bess

jack of all trades, Ms. Tuggle has been a Covington resident since the late 70’s. She's been a K-Mart cashier, cabinet builder, vet tech, office manager for a beef cattle ranch and water well company (where she was able to hold benefits for D.A.R.E. and Scouts), a court reporter, business manager, assistant at a private investigation firm, legal assistant, convenience store clerk, landscaper and elementary school substitute teacher.  Her greatest pleasure is being a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her stories are all real, and all names will be withheld to protect the innocent, and also maybe the guilty, depending on the crime & the Statute of Limitations.