27 August 2020

Kayla's Corner: Our Little Town is Growing

Hi everyone & welcome back to The Corner! The ever so expanding corner, as there is becoming so much to discuss!

Recently I hit the Big 3-0 & rang it in by celebrating w/ family & friends & had quite a blast. We ate, drank & danced our butts off at Covington's local nightlife establishments. 

So many people complemented & asked about my amazing birthday cake! 

I was pleased to tell them it was produced by Porterdale's finest, Baby Cakes Bakery. It was absolutely wonderful inside & out! So a big shout out to Baby Cakes & y'all make sure to check out their Facebook page to see what I mean! 

I also greatly enjoyed the upstairs private room at The Social Goat Tavern on the Covington Downtown Square, where they have just recently opened up the top portion for drinking & dining so we were able to grab a bite to eat, too!


Being able to still enjoy Covington, Porterdale, Mansfield & Newborn for the 30 years I've been alive has been quite a pleasure. I'm thankful for the growing businesses, the expanding friendships & connections, as well as a strong, thriving work force.

I live out in the country now but have stayed everywhere across Newton Co. over the years & have experienced just how different certain areas can be which provides multiple options for creating your own happiness

Well, that's all I have for now, everyone, so excited about our future! 

- Kayla La'sure 

Miss Kayla (right) w/ friend & local musician, Hannah Thomas

26 August 2020

A Piece by Ellis Millsaps: Little Soldier

Southern Man

Well I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don’t need him round 
Sweet Home Alabama--Ronny Van Zant/Gary Robert Rossington/Edward C. King
We say grace and we say ma’am
If you ain’t into that,we don’t give a damn

A Country Boy Can Survive--Hank Williams Jr.

The Majestic Home City

 Leave the little guy alone. Pick on somebody your own size. I'm talking about the little guy on the pedestal in the center of the Covington town square.

 He didn't ask to be there. He was put there in 1906 by white women who had lost fathers, husbands, sons and boyfriends just over fifty years earlier. That's as far back as the Vietnam war is for us today. Imagine how fresh wounds still were.

 Twenty-five percent of their menfolk had died. Many others were missing limbs and eyes so I think we should cut them some slack for thier delusional fiction engraved about the noble cause on the pedestal.

 Many times over the past thirty-four years I've read the inscription and wondered how millions of bluecoats managed to subdue the little bastard. 

He likely wasn't a slaveholder. Only twenty-five percent of southerners were and they would likely have been officers. Looking at him up there I see a small farmer or maybe a blacksmith whose elected officials put him in a war he didn't want. Think Vietnam.

 He didn't go off to fight for the enslavement of kidnapped Africans. He fought because the only land he knew had been invaded by soldiers who were killing his fellow citizens and stealing his livestock and crops whether or not he chose to fight.

 He was not a traitor as lately I’ve heard him described by some on the left. Benedict Arnold was a traitor. The little Confederate was fighting to defend his family and friends, and even though their reason for doing so was unholy-- to keep their slaves and expand slave territory-- the slaveholders who succeeded from the union will not “traitors” either. They simply said they didn't want to play anymore. 

Beginning seventy-three years earlier they had voluntarily agreed over the next fifty years as five sovereign states & six territories to unite in a coalition with other former colonies & territories. Now they said we want to get out. Nothing in the constitution  they had signed said they couldn't change their minds.. It was sort of like leaving the European Union. If they were traitors then they don't compare to the revolutionaries who fought against the king who had defended them from French and Indians.. 

I don't support sandblasting Stone Mountain. We should make it a learning experience. The State of Georgia which now owns the park should visibly and audibly relate its history to visitors, that at the time of the carving on the rock the mountain was owned by a man who was instrumental in the second forming of the Ku Klux Klan and that until 1958 it was a venue for klan rallies, detail the many lynchings they executed during that time.

 The same should be done with plaques around the little guy on the square, explain the climate of Jim Crow at the time the women put him up there. point out that the largest lynching in our state's shameful racial history occurred the year before in nearby Oconee County.

 As to the statues of slaveholding generals, I’d ideally like to see them all peaceably removed to a museum of the Jim Crow Confederacy. Wouldn't it be cool to enter an arena with all these ghostly statues surrounded by truthful accounts of who erected them and why.

 Back to the little man on the square, He don't mean nobody no harm. He’s seen a lot from his perch. He’s seen discrimination against the descendants of former slaves. He’s seen civil rights marches. He watched me face down masked klansmen from the balcony of the old courthouse in 1990.

 He’s furthermore a part of our modern history as the Hollywood of the South. I've seen tourists have their pictures taken with him not because he's a confederate soldier but because he's a part of our place in entertainment history.  He didn't ask for the job. Leave the little guy alone. 

Ellis "Da" Millsaps is a recovering Attorney but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved...


The Piedmont Chronicles 
Your Source for the REAL Story

21 August 2020

A Moment from MB


What can I say?

You knew exactly what you were getting in to. I've never given any illusions to the contrary.

TPC is a true passion of mine. It always has been & it always will be.


I just don't have the time for it right now.

Hope you understand.

There will be posts moving forward, but they're going to be here & there, sporadic. Maybe sometimes few & far between.

And that's just the way it's going to have to be.

As always, thanks for reading.

Your Friend,

MB McCart

19 August 2020

[Perrin Lovett] - The Mustard Seed: Instructions for the Resistance

I wrote another column on the gamboling fun of organized sports entertainment in 2020. In short: it’s not happening, or not happening much, sorry. Be your own sport. Buck the trends and get in shape. There. I may have more on that later. For now, consider the following, which I deemed of greater value:

Perplexed as always, the Disciples asked Jesus to explain what caused their failure in doing that which He did with ease. “He answered, 'Because you have so little faith. In truth I tell you, if your faith is the size of a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; nothing will be impossible for you.'” Matthew 17:20.

We, all of us, could use a little more faith these days.

One thing leads to another. I was reading a Mary Cuff article at Crisis the other day and, in a very rare move, I clicked on a pop-up ad. And I’m glad I did because it led me to a video presentation by Church Militant featuring Father Paul Kalchik. 

Kalchik is almost a household name in right-wing, traditional, American Catholic households. We, some of us, have followed his titanic battle against the forces of the sodomitical wolves currently at work against both the Church and the Flock. Because of HOAXID-19, it was, of course, a virtual teleconference. Because of his amazing victory, and subsequent lavender mafia retaliation, Kalchik joined the show from a place of hiding. However, there is no hiding the magnitude of his inspirational message.

Part of the missive, which amounts to an hour-long homily of peace, was the above-cited parable about the mustard seed of faith. My thoughts of late, regarding the state of the world and especially the terminal decline of the American nation and the United States, have led me to consider that our main problem is the woeful character of the people. I summed it up to myself as people being both wicked and stupid. One is bad enough on its own; together they are a dreadful combination as one amplifies the other. We see the results all around us: a people, barely surviving, who almost gleefully play the fool’s part in accepting hoaxes, lies, degradations, and disaster, all wrought by the same usual suspects who have lied to, robbed, and murdered humanity for centuries. 

Father Kalchik sees all of this too. He takes a calmer, more reflective approach to it than some (not looking at your author, no...). He names the problem and those behind it. Call them globalists, globopedos, the illuminati, fear-mongers, or whatever you will, they are only the dark one and his loathsome servants. It really is that simple. And, Father K. offers a surprisingly simple solution for us: Faith and Prayer. Well, those simplicities along with a healthy dose of RESISTANCE, which is the title of CM’s conference.

He gives concrete steps anyone can take to fight the forces of hell. It’s all bound by faith in Jesus Christ. It takes strength through prayer. And it moves through calm questioning, learning, and action

Due to his own circumstances, he’s understandably taken with the technology of encryption. I do wonder about his suggested “digital catacombs.” Have we come that far, or retreated that far? Perhaps. You be the judge once you’ve seen or heard the message in full.

Along the way, in the presentation, Father tells some of his own backstories. He adds a great quote from the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen about not going with the flow: “dead bodies float downstream.” He also discounts just a select few of the more recent hoaxes set into motion by the luciferians, including:

The general uselessness of the tacky popular culture;
Y2K (I’d forgotten about that!);
Global Warming;
Climate Change;
White Guilt;
LGBT+P; and
Corona hype and hysteria.

Again, he only chose a few and only those from the more recent decades of memory. In every case, all cases, it is the same evil at work.

His ultimate point is that, eternally, evil cannot win. Without our consent and participation, it really can do little more than annoy us who are in the world but not of it. Still, a certain Carpenter told us to take care of business until He returns. We have a solemn obligation to resist. That’s where so many of us - at times, all of us - fail. Fortunately, inspirationally, the fix is as small as the mustard seed. It’s high time to move some mountains.

Please take an hour out of your busy, locked-down, masked lives and watch the following (or, as I did, listen to it while doing something else):

Fr. Kalchik, CM, June 2020.

Furthermore, kindly pray for Fr. Kalchik. For a brief explanation of why he’s “on the run,” please read THIS and THIS. In summary, he took a page from the Lord and Saint Paul and mortally angered the sodomite usurpers by burning one of their sacrilegious artifacts. In a (perhaps distantly) forthcoming novel, I have a heroic character based on Kalchik. In a literal world that frequently out-shocks the most dystopian fiction, it’s good that we have real characters, real heroes, like him. 

Now, all, please acquire the seeds, and move those mountains.
- Perrin Lovett 

14 August 2020

Bess Tuggle's Memoirs of Surviving Children: Matching Dishes & Silverware


  All my children are grown- ups now.  Just as sure as death and taxes, they grew up on me.  But they never cease to give me enjoyment – and a royal case of the giggles (I can write that in retrospect).

Once upon a time, I had a dream.  

It wasn’t a big one.  Just a lil’ want for one time in my life. I wanted a matching set of dishes and silverware.  I didn’t think that was too much to ask.    

Well, I got it.  My Gramma gave me a -beautiful- set of dishes!  Light blue floral print and silver around the outside edges.  Plates, bowls, saucers, cups…  I LOVED them!   Still do, but they’ve been stashed in the china cabinet and only get pulled out for special occasions now.

My youngest, Thing 4, was still at home at the time she gave them to me and it took us a lil’ while to figure out the problem.  He used the good dishes, the only ones we had, but I didn’t realize how much he used them.  

Our microwave died.  I didn’t know why, but it completely croaked.  We took it back to Wal-Mart and they replaced it – only to have the new one take a dump a month later.  

On microwave number 3 it finally clicked – the silver lining.

Thing 4 was nuking his food on our good dishes.  Did you know microwaves don’t like anything metal?!?

We bit the bullet (after getting our 3rd microwave) and got cheap Wal-Mart dishes.  They work.  You can eat off them, put them in the micro, and if one hits the floor it’s only about $1.50 to replace.  The dye lots differ (I know this from washing them), but they’re close enough to matching to count.

My Gramma and Mom also got us a NICE set of matching silverware!  Talk about hog-heaven!!!  They all MATCHED!!!  And they didn’t last long - we had grandchildren. It’s amazing how quick silverware can disappear.   

Did you know you can get a dozen forks/spoons/knives at Wal-Mart for a dollar?  Matching doesn’t even matter anymore.  Smiles do – and I’m hiding my chop-sticks!  


- Bess Tuggle 

TPC Chief Staff Writer, Correspondent & Contributing Writer 

Bess Tuggle

A jack of all trades, Ms. Tuggle has been a Covington resident since the late 70’s. She's been a K-Mart cashier, cabinet builder, vet tech, office manager for a beef cattle ranch and water well company (where she was able to hold benefits for D.A.R.E. and Scouts), a court reporter, business manager, assistant at a private investigation firm, legal assistant, convenience store clerk, landscaper and elementary school substitute teacher.  Her greatest pleasure is being a wife, mother and grandmother.  Her stories are all real, and all names will be withheld to protect the innocent, and also maybe the guilty, depending on the crime & the Statute of Limitations.  


Your Source for the REAL Story

12 August 2020

Perrin Lovett's CF Floyd Feature Column of National Affairs: bak 2 skooL

 It’s good to be back! Things are great, though I lost my best pigeon in the search for MB. Anyway,

The other day, I ventured into the supermarket, a trip much like a 1950’s sci-fi movie about a spaceman visiting a strange, alien planet populated by masked, obese, mentally-ill Martians. After I informed the store’s masked Staatssicherheit henchman about the $92,383 fine for violating “my rights” under the ADA (thanks for the ammo, 41, liberals!), I was freed to shop sans the feminine face diaper. It was then, on my way to where the small potatoes waited in their little net bag, that I saw a Back To School! display. 

It was much like the colorful cardboard presentations I used to see when I was a small child, back in the dark Stone Age, before progress gifted us enlightened concepts like retarded millionaires kneeling and caterwauling about fantasy nonsense before commencing a child’s game in an empty stadium in a country gone utterly insane. Something was different. Hell! Everything is different here on Planet Woke-369. But, I meant something different about the display. There wasn’t much on sale. I figured that maybe, like toilet paper, the total collapse of the economy because of the failure of central banking, er, because of the virus(!) had caused some shortages. Regardless, two packs of notebook paper and six pencils won’t go very far, even in the age of post-literacy.

Then, I realized that there can’t be, as of yet, much emphasis on sending the kiddos back to the communist child-rape factories as nobody is certain how “education” will play out this year - because of the virus! With millions of children and their parents in a state of suspended educational animation (because of the virus!), it’s time once again to look into the schools. What a view...

If trends, regressions, and R-factors are to be trusted, then we can calculate that all things academic will continue to slide as they have for the past several generations. This exists independently of any chest cold or other idiotic sham. Just when one thinks the manure can’t get any deeper, it does. The schools suck. 

Yet and still, once again we are treated to mindless drivel about how important it is to ship the children off to prisons where they are lied to, dumbed-down, depressed, drugged, and molested. It’s very important if one thinks about it from the point of view of satanists. But the Coronoahoax complicates these critical considerations, critically.

A recent poll boasts that four out of five parents are considering homeschooling little Jill and little Johnny (I know those names are a little too Ameri-centric for the times, but I can’t pronounce, let alone write the new Not-American Q^namez, at least not in English). There’s more, but I can sum the findings like this: “blah, blah, blah, we do whut we tolt.” If skool fo fool, then the average dumbshit Amerikan will continue to get exactly what he deserves.

IQ matters, individually and societally. The Post-American US average clings somewhere around 92 (WAIS) on its fall towards the dull basement of imbecility. The entirety of 2020, with the ready acceptance by the masses of hoax after hoax after lie after lie, has given me a terrible thought. Wickedness, deviance, and hedonism, we know, depress innate cognitive abilities. What if HOAXID-BLM Amerika has crossed the collective tipping point below 90, the median score under which the guarantee of civilized order evaporates? If that has happened, then I might as well write a column about how things like your next election do not matter at all. Scary stuff.

But, back to precious children that the dumbshits can’t be bothered with.

Knowing the home county crowd like I don’t, I checked with the Newton counTy skoolz weedsight. It said something about the churin reporting virtually on September 8th. This virtual tragedy sounds virtually like the old system of starting school after Labor Day, which is an American tradition, and thus “racist.” I would point that uncomfortable fact out to the skuu bored, but I don’t speak to idiots. Also, C-town, for a cold chill, consult your local 2019 Census estimates and concurrent GA Department of Education d-word stats. You’re welcome.

Skoolz havz already started in some jurisdictions! In defiance of the national polls, in wayward Columbia County, Georgia, around 80 percent of parents are content to send their children back to the intellectual death camps. This complete statistical reversal from what the polled parents said shows what they mean. This is likely the rule and not an exception. Of course, they’ll keep the kids in place even as the “virus” cases mount in the skoolz, only taking them back when or if someone in authority says so. Sheep think and act like that.

The confusion struck hard elsewhere in the dead state of Georgia, in Paulding County. Leaked photos shot by students showed a noticeable lack of the sacred face burqas and a conspicuous lack of anti-social distancing. Then came the alleged WuFLu cases and a hasty dismissal. They manage epidemics as well as they do algebra classes. By the way, as one looks at the high skool hallway pictures from the AJC article, one gets a great look at all that happy, healthy socialization that the pro-skoolerz always babble about in poor rebuttal to the idea of literal learning. Yeah! Don’t they all look so happy!

And, they should be! They’re in a goddamned concentration camp where they’re treated worse than prisoners of war. To that sad end, at least one student who blew the pictorial whistle on the skool’z hypocrisy was suspended for showing the comatose publik what’s happening down at the little skool houze. That student’s mother challenged the suspension with apparent success. Still, the mother should be locked up for child abuse for sending her daughter to such a hellhole in the first place.

Everybody Loved “THE LETTER PEOPLE” On PBS

Around the nation-shaped kind of place, some skoolz are open (kind of), while others wait in anxious anticipation of something they cannot explain. The colleges, by and large, have opted for online “instruction” at least for the fall term. We all wring our hands over the looming fate of NAACP fBS BLM-ball. All over the place, teachers are protesting the autumn session because they do not want to work, or, excuse me, because they care so much.

Under the surface, subconsciously, almost everybody knows that the skoolz are a failed, pathetic joke. Yet and still, in some vacuous, Boomercon, Civnat haze of delusion, they expect the status quo to magically fix itself. It won’t because it can’t. Public schools are luciferian in nature, and nothing of the father of lies will ever be true, honest, or good.

There’s more about the publik shuuls, but enough. Parents should also beware of many of the private academies, especially the “Christian” ones. Watch the video at THIS LINK.

I attended that private, Chrisitan academy an age ago. I’ve defended it against idiotic smears of “racism” and integration agitation. I’m not deliberately casting aspersions. They mean well, I know. However, when the little warhorse perpetually got out of line, Mr. Logan, Coach Brown, Coach Peay, Mrs. Springer, Mrs. Williams, and so many others didn’t hesitate to apply the board of education. I’m just lovingly returning the favor. This hurts me more than it does you. That video looks like child abuse, and not exactly like an institution with even a mustard seed’s Faith in Jesus Christ. Do not send your children to any skool, publik or private, that insists on hoax masking. The masks do nothing unless to induce hypercapnic hypoxia or other ailments. 

So, what do we do? I have no damned idea. None at all. If only someone would write several hundred articles, some at this very outlet, and a book about education and alternatives! The same guy might also create a special website with dozens of resources for classical, home, and “un” schooling. But, no one has or, I guess, will. Doom. Black pill. Embrace the giant Brazillian barrio of the dark, ignorant, and violent future. 

What to do? The schools are worse than useless, now serving to destroy rather than educate or even indoctrinate. We should close them permanently. If we cannot do that, then we should ensure that no child is forced to endure the cauldrons of putridity. Homeschool, unschool, or just be ignorant; any option is better. Let’s make Alice Cooper’s old lyrics come true:

School's out forever!

10 August 2020

MB McCart's TPC REAL Politick: It's Time [for the] R-U-N-N-O-F-T

It's that time, friends. 

Here in the home county, independent of what primary you voted for - or even if you didn't vote at all - you've got the opportunity to vote for an all-too-important, non-partisan Superior Court judgeship race. The decision? To vote for: Stansfield vs Foster. It's tough to call at this point who will emerge victorious.

In terms of my vote? Well, I'm easily with the smartest & best attorney I've ever met. - Bob Stansfield. 

As an aside, can we all just agree how unimpressive Graham, The Covington News (Walton Tribune), et al has been w/ this race? Never forget that our current  Legal Organ & Paper of Record does not have the home county's best interests at heart, nor do they reflect our values. 

While they own it, never forget it. 


For those of you in BOC 5 who either pulled a Dem ballot or didn't vote at all back in June, you all have the opportunity to vote for one of the best fellas I know - Mr. Casey Duren - though I don't think he can win tomorrow due to the following: 

- Racism 
- Tribal Politics 
- The fact that most folks are ignorant 


You know we'll be keeping an eye on things... 

- MBM 

A Quick Monday Moment from MB: Is MB Okay? Whaddup w/ TPC?

Greetings, Lovely Readers, and I hope this post finds you well. By the way, you look great! Have you lost a few pounds?

So, July here at the ole newssite saw its lowest number of posts in over a year but yet saw its highest number of monthly pageviews in 3 months. As I  said previously - very interesting.

However, as of the 10th day of August, we've only had 2 posts so far this month.

Not looking good...

In the past the usual culprits for these decreases in output have been either one or a combination of: laziness, too much drink, or MB having one of his spells. Well, I'm proud to report that this time around it's none of those. No, it's because I've just been too damn busy. As many of you know I've got quite a few irons in the fire & there's only so much time in the day.

However, with all of that said, I think I've got a plan of attack & a schedule that will help to enable at least 3-5 posts per week moving forward.

My apologies (does all of this sound familiar?).

Looking Ahead:

- The one & only Bess Tuggle will return with at least some occasional works (she too has been quite busy). We're very excited about that.
- Our compatriot Perrin Lovett, the old warhorse, will be making his usual weekly contributions regarding affairs national (sorry about last week).
- Our Lady on the scene, Miss Kayla, will be shooting for every other week (hopefully).
- Editor Emeritus Ellis Millsaps seems to be getting the creative juices flowing again!
- The usual, here-&-there guest contributions from Bobby Lee, Mr. Fred et al.
- And I'll be doing my best to get you the REAL Story of the home county & city.

Alright, gang! Starting tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday), we're on the Mutha!

You can count on me!

Your Friend,

MB McCart

03 August 2020

[Ellis Millsaps] - Who is That Masked Man, Pt II.

Read Part I here.

I've now taken a two-week break since I started writing this piece.
The day after I started Marshall went on his vacation, so since you
wouldn't  be seeing this for a while I decided to wait and see how
things developed in this crazy America.

Today as  I write I find myself on my daughter's porch in New
Orleans.This is the view from my daughter's porch of the banana tree
which shades it. See that cluster of bananas up there?

This is a view from the porch of the Mississippi River Bridge which we
have to cross to get here to the Westbank which is actually east of
the city, the bank having got his name up north where it was in fact
the west bank, but in Nola the river makes a big U-turn for a while
and heads north for a bit, but the Westbank still keeps its name even
though it's East. It took me a while to figure that out.

This is my granddaughter Talulah who's just turned four.

Meanwhile back at the ranch... Since I started on this piece several
states have issued mask mandates, notably Alabama, Louisiana and
Texas. In Alabama stores have signs saying you must wear a mask to
enter. Governor Ivey put this in place just in time for my passing
through and people in convenience stores where I stopped were abiding
by it. Same here in Louisiana, but in Mississippi where there is no
such mandate very few do.

In Texas the governor has instituted a mask order, but many people
aren't honoring it. The Texas law allows three exceptions: not while
eating or drinking, (duh) not while attending church services ( which
has no basis in science or any religion to support it) and,
nonsensically, not while voting.

More encouraging news is that Walmart, Kroger, Home Depot, Target and
others have instituted their own mask requirements. This will have
teeth. We can't feasibly make rednecks wear masks on the sidewalk, but
if they can't go to Walmart without one we can change their behavior
around the rest of us. We should give these businesses our business
and as much as possible refrain from patronizing stores without mask

In the past week the director of the CDC has said that if everyone
wore masks for four to six weeks we could turn this mess around.The
virus isn't hanging out there in the air; it lives in people who
spread it .If there are no infected people no one will get it. (Yeah I
know there's the thing about not touching stuff and we should still
wash our hands but I  little is spread that way anyway).

Nevertheless a quarter of the population will follow Trump over the
cliff maskless like lemmings to the sea. In the meanwhile the rest of
us should avoid them like, (I can’t stop myself,) the plague.

- Ellis Millsaps


In the interest of full disclosure I should say that the position I've
taken here is on the extreme end. A few scientists I’ve heard agree
with me, but the more common cautious appraisal is” Masks are
important, but they are not the silver bullet. We also need yada yada
yada.” We’ll probably never know for sure, it being likely a moot
point. Remember the lemmings.

01 August 2020

TPC Monthly Report - July 2020

Hey, guys!

Hope it's good out there.

Well, as you may have noticed, I haven't done one of these monthly reports in...I don't know...about 3 or 4 months?

And I've got a good reason for that...

I was lazy, and, maybe a little drunk?

Actually, in addition to the aforementioned, I've also been busier than a stereo shop after a federal government stimulus package.

Bah dum duh dah

(((thank you, thank you! remember to tip your server!)))

But seriously, please know that I haven't done one of these lately, perhaps out of pure sheer shame, maybe for the lack of pageviews; however, honestly -  the numbers have been surprisingly impressive for this past month, especially based on the level of output lately...


TPC's July of 2020

Believe it or not, July of 2020 saw the most page-views for TPC in over 3 months! Despite only --10 POSTS-- in the month of July, the number of views at the ole website for this past particular month was higher then either April, May or June.

How, or why, did that happen?

Good question!

I know not!


In the words of OutKast:

^!&&@$ in da point ain't changed

And what else can you say?


Your Friend,

MB McCart