30 April 2018

TPC's Case of the Mondays: Outrageous Tax Increases in Newton; BOC Meets Tuesday

The Piedmont Chronicles 

Howdy, gang. Hope it's fabulous out there. The weather's sure been nice & how 'bout them Braves!

So I was supposed to do a Sunday Edition yesterday. Didn't happen. Been busy & all. But, I'm here now.

So what's the word around town?


Well, it's that time of the year again. Property tax bills are hitting mailboxes. And you thought last year was bad...

I've always looked at the whole Board of Assessors/Tax Assessor thing with a bit of a cynical eye.
As with most forms of government, lack of individual responsibility seems to be key. They have a very sophisticated methodology that no one seems to really know, exactly, what that consists of. Sure, it's based on recent sales activity, but there are other factors involved. It s almost reminiscent of the ole Confidence Trick. You pretty much have all the components - The foundation. The set-up. The Hurrah & everything. Edward Smith, the consummate confidence (con) man would be proud. He probably wishes he'd gotten in on the ultimate game - politics & government.

As we've seen countless times over the last couple of decades, the big thing about "fair market value" as it relates to our county government is the flexibility afforded. De facto tax increases. We've seen it time & time again.  It's as American as baseball & apple pie.

But this year things have apparently gone off the tracks. I don't know if they're smoking rocks in that tax office or what. We now have verified multiple instances of property taxes DOUBLING or MORE THAN DOUBLING! This is NOT possible. Those in the various fields of real estate & finance know that values have been trending up, but this is outrageous & IMPOSSIBLE!

Also, one has to wonder if the usual suspects will continue to have very low market & corresponding assessed values? Seems likely. It's been that way for years.

There's a lot to this, folks. We will be working on this story.

BOC Meets on Tuesday the 1st. 

From a fellow community watcher:

3 proposed county ordinances are back on the Newton County BOC agenda this week, May 1, 2018.They are: O-030618A concerning Massage & Spa Establishments, O-030618B concerning regulations of the sale of non-traditional tobacco paraphernalia &use of E-cigarettes, and O-o3o618C concerning prohibition of the sale, manufacture, use, delivery, purchase, possession or distribution of unregulated marijuana substitutes.

Last time these came before the board they were so laughably terrible that as soon as folks actually took the time to read them - and this includes members of the BOC - they were pulled from the agenda. We assume that they've been redrafted as to not be illegal or unenforceable, but...you know how that goes. I'll call Ms. Jackie first thing in the AM to get the exact verbiage. So, for the record - creating an ordinance to stop animal cruelty can't get any traction with the BOC, but charging stores $1,000 to sell a pipe, or - at least in the case of last time around - banning Grandma's potpourri can.

We'll be in touch. Thanks for reading.

28 April 2018

Update on Joe Barr - Justice Delivered

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| Covington, GA | Newton Co. |

*Ed. note: this is an update on a story that TPC has been following for 13 months pertaining to Joe Barr, the Piedmont Bluesman, who was unfortunately caught up in a DEA/NCSO snare when he was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. 


Superior Court - Alcovy Circuit; Newton Co.
Joseph “Joe” Barr was found to be incompetent to stand for his current charges. So those are gone.
He still has his parole violation for a previous charge to contend with; however, the DA & Judge Benton agreed to “dead docket” that & with another motion - and a hopeful expedition w/ GA Corrections - Joe Barr will hopefully be a free man very soon.
Justice was done today. Kudos to the Judge, Madam DA Zon & her staff, as well as Joe’s Atty - Nancee Tomlinson.
It’s been a long 13 months & my once-vibrant friend who did yards & odd jobs while picking the Blues on his guitar was hardly recognizable. He looked like a frail, old man. A stroke & state prison will do that to you, I suppose.
I pray that he’ll be okay the next few weeks & look forward to being able to see him soon.

Fiat justitia ruat cælum

25 April 2018

No Kayla's Corner This Week :(

The Piedmont Chronicles

*Ed.note: regrettably, Ms. Leasure's weekly piece, "Kayla's Corner," will not run this week. Be sure to be on the lookout next Tuesday for her next edition. Thx for reading.  

Kayla's Corner

Kayla Leasure 

Author of TPC recurring piece, "Kayla's Corner," Ms. Leasure is originally a Walton Co. gal who studied marketing & advertising & loves the beach, the woods & her dogs while keeping herself busy with multiple projects & endeavors. She has her finger on the pulse of the home county like no other & is always "keeping an eye on Covington." A beautiful lady, inside & out, it is The Chronicles' true privilege to have her talents as part of our team. 

Kayla's Corner - Keeping an Eye on Covington

The “New” Students: Intellectually Incurious? or Intellectual Curiosity? - A Piece by Perrin B. Lovett

- est 2010 -


The “New” Students: Intellectually Incurious? or Intellectual Curiosity?


A Piece by Contributing Writer Perrin B. Lovett

Special to The Chronicles 

The “New” Students: Intellectually Incurious? or Intellectual Curiosity?

The Who told us the kids are alright. Reflection on modernity, postmodernity, whatever this is occasionally casts doubt. Real or not, there’s nothing purely modern about pondering the status and habits of the young. The scene was much the same as it is, here and now, in ancient Athens: “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.” So said Socrates, a man somewhat familiar with the youth and their educational endeavors.

Latter day academics continue to observe the various faults of humanity as expressed (or repressed) through the lives of American college students. Twenty five centuries and no change?

Current teachers say the kids are “situationally confused,” sharing no “intellectual curiosity.” Theirs, we’re told, is a listlessly drifting life of boredom, confusion, and constant sexual activity. A former Yale professor of English felt the crisis so compelling that he disavowed the Ivy League. A UVA professor of Christian studies describes the academy as a “sexual free-for-all.”

As inhibitions of the flesh evaporate, resistance to challenging perception and thought seems to grow. Loyola economics professor Thomas DiLorenzo laments the rise of the low-I.Q. hate mongers across the various campi. He explains the new Left’s use of useful idiots to stir trouble and squash dissent, even where there is (or should not be) actual controversy.

His example of the new idiocy concerns political objection, purely superficial, to a Florida professor’s attempt to teach civics to prisoners. The same leftists who tell us sad stories about oppression in the justice and penal systems, much of it not without merit, also condemn someone who tries to brighten the lives and minds of the inmates. Some of those bored, incurious, over-sexed, sometimes openly socialist students play right along. Maybe it’s like an internship or something. A little padding for the resume for the jobs which may not exist after graduation.

Graduation comes and, prepared or not, the kids are ushered into the next phase of life - the working world.

There is contention as to whether, in the 21st century, a college education is worth the costs. That’s a real, depressing, and alarming consideration. The tuition at traditional schools rises faster than inflation as do the prices at the numerous online institutions. Debt is encouraged in vast quantities. Banksters expect the fiat loans repaid through blood, sweat, and tears. Actual education is not guaranteed. This, all of it, comes at a time of dramatic changes in the economy and in greater society. The already confused youth bear the increasing burdens of more confusion and uncertainty.  

None of that is so new either. Socrates’s greatest student defined a cycle of state and society. I’ll leave it for you, dear readers, to debate which later stage we now experience.

Has it always been like this? Probably, to some extent, for some students, at least some of the time. TPC’s fearless leader will surely recall the rueful day this column’s namesake angrily stormed out of class. No, M.B. didn’t read chapter four. Yours truly didn’t read chapter four. Hell, no one read chapter four. Floyd was wasting his time on that occasion. And he was not a man to mollycoddle the incurious. He just packed up and noisily left us. After five minutes or so we realized he wasn’t returning.

In our defense, those beers didn’t drink themselves. The free-for-all wasn’t necessarily free but it was known to all. “Ain’t nobody got time for…” wasn’t a saying then but it was a reality. Okay, there was no good excuse. We loved our luxuries. We exhibited not the best of manners, at least not all the time. There was an air of contempt, even disrespect.

Maybe it’s the temporal distance but I’m not sure about the chattering. And I don’t recall mindless protestations. On the contrary, most students of our time relished the thought of gawking and jeering at some talker down in the “free speech” area near Tate, the nuttier the better. How often do you get the thrills of a political debate and the circus, combined together and for free? Some dat beer increased the fun!

Anyway … um, even I’m not sure where this is going… (Near the end, methinks).

Oh yeah, the kids of today. I’ve met some of them. Some I like and some I do not. I don’t always get their music, their hair, their attitudes, nor their potential SJW-isms. I do get that their times keep changing. All times do. Athens, Greece isn’t the same place it once was. Athens, Georgia isn’t either. The I.Q.’s may fall a bit. Old man Floyd may still garden. Nations may continue to change, sprout, and fall. But, in the end (it’s coming…), I think, I hope, the kids are alright. The Who told us so.

“Hail, Socrates!” Picture appropriated from The Salisbury Post.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs

Your Source for the REAL Story


| Covington, GA | Newton Co. |

24 April 2018



For 13 months now the story of Joe Barr has been one that this publication has followed with much interest.

Joe Barr's a friend of mine. He's got a big heart & he's a great guitar picker. He's always got a smile for you & he does your soul good. I love the fella...

Joe's an older gentleman that was simply, truly at the "wrong place at the wrong time" when a DEA/NCSO snare snagged him along with several others back in March of 2017. As this publication has written about a time or two, and as it Editor MB McCart wrote about in another publication as well (the time the Covington News printed the word: "ju$tice"; I know...thanks!), there were major concerns that justice was not being served with Joe's treatment. As an attorney I know told me once, Joe is like a lot of folks out there. Older, black gentlemen who are of no threat to anyone, just languishing in prisons & jails throughout the state. It's a sad state of affairs & is also an unwise use of tax dollars.

Well, it seems as if there is a possible consensus among the State & others for Joe to be given back his freedom. To be able to start picking that guitar maybe. Also, Joe had a mild stroke down at Coastal State Prison. Folks are concerned that he's not getting the treatment he needs down there.

He's not a threat; his family & friends miss him.

Let's bring Joe Barr home. Let's free Joe Barr.

A competency hearing motion is being held today. Newton Co. Judicial Annex. Superior Court, Judge Benton. 1:30PM.

This hearing could ultimately lead to Joe's freedom.


In Liberty,


23 April 2018

Casey Cagle Visits Covington

Your Source for the REAL Story

(Covington, GA) -

Presumed gubernatorial front-runner Casey Cagle attended the Newton Co. GOP's April meeting Monday evening at the Covington Municipal Airport. With over 60 persons in attendance, Mr. Cagle addressed the assembled body for the better part of 45 minutes & also did a Q & A session. 

Cagle on the stump

As many have mentioned over the years & as this writer has himself seen before, Mr. Cagle is a masterful politician & a highly skilled orator. Say what you will about him, and many have & do, but the man's got "it," whatever it, it may be.

The Lt. Governor spoke of private sector efficiencies referencing the I-85 situation from last year in which the repair got done in 45 days. He spoke of movable barriers, both figuratively & in the case of improving traffic flow in & around the metro area - literally. 

The Caglemobile! 

He really hung his hat on something that that he's done all campaign & that is to speak to the level of success that Georgia has seen with the college & career academies. And his helping to facilitate that, Mr. Cagle told the crowd,  was one his proudest achievements. He spoke of the importance of the trades & how people can make a very good living working these jobs.

He then moved into the realm of political philosophy & talked about how he believes that the safety net of our society should be that of a trampoline, giving the people the opportunity to get jobs and lift themselves to a higher station in life. It was during this segment of the speech that he talked about his life story. His Dad walking away from the family when Cagle was three & how his Mother had  to work multiple jobs while they lived in a mobile home.

A quick sidebar.

He says the word "dollar" funny. It's like Old-South Savannah meets, presumably, Hall County, I suppose. Plus, he's got those eyes. Some say they're kind of funny looking, and maybe a little weird. The glasses help...

Anyways, the fella does give a very good stump speech. It's different. It's not that lather-em-up-&-whip-em-into-a-frenzy Southern Baptist-style a la Paul Broun, Zell Miller or Mark Taylor. No, it's almost more cerebral. Kind of Sam Nunn, or Joe Frank Harris even, meets Greely Ellis, to drop a Newtoncentric gubernatorial deep cut. While he may not have the folksy, "awww shucks," populist thing like Kemp, he does seem truly comfortable being in the political arena, and that comes across. 


The smart money says that Cagle will probably be our next Governor, but the smart money doesn't always hold sway in Georgia politics. There will be a wild-card in this race, and that's looking more & more like Hunter Hill. Regardless, with a runoff, which almost seems guaranteed at this point, and all bets are off. 

Things did, however, maybe get off the tracks a bit towards the end of the evening. In response to a question about the possible decriminalizing of marijuana in Atlanta, the Lt. Governor made clear in no uncertain terms that he did not approve of that. He made a point to mention that CBD oil is okay, but nothing else & no in-state growing of any sort. So, how do we enable Georgians to legally access this thing that's saving lives & easing suffering? After three years, we're apparently not any closer. You could feel some of the air suck out of the room after that exchange.

I'd hoped to ask the candidate a few questions after the meeting was adjourned but there were many Citizens who were waiting to talk to him, so I got a business card of his field director instead to email a few questions. First off, what of those in the Gold Dome that have publicly accused the Lt. Governor of keeping scores & exacting revenge in the State Senate? I'll keep y'all apprised of that.

Thanks for reading. Until next time. 



[Go You Silver Britches] - Thoughts on G-Day

*cross-posted on Go You Silver Britches 

23 April 2018

Welcome back to GYSB & How 'Bout Them Dawgs! The annual G-Day game is behind us & guess what? We won!

But seriously...

Approx. 82,000 devoted members of the Bulldog Nation attended the spring game yesterday & I'd reckon maybe a few folks were surprised w/ the turnout. I read yesterday that this was the highest attendance for any Spring game in the SEC this year & that we've have the highest average attendance over the last 3 years. That really speaks to the level of interest & excitement Kirby & Co. have created.

The Black Squad (1st-team defense; 2nd-team offense) defeated the Red (1st O; 2nd D) by a score of 21 to 13. 

Some folks, especially after hearing Kirby talking during the week, may have been on the lookout for high scoring affair, but that didn't happen. Now we can swap theories as to if Kirby was playing some mind tricks w/ his beloved D (very likely), but I'd reckon that most everyone was pleased w/ how our defense looked, especially w/ the much-worried-about secondary. The defense IS looking legit & that's pretty awesome. And our linebacking corps is looking pretty damn good, and deep, too.

But what of the offense? As one certain city councilman deep in the heart of the Georgia Piedmont wrote in the book on Saturday, Justin Fields was looking "Cam Newton, version 2.0." I'm not sure about that or even if I like that comparison out of principle, but Fields definitely had his moments. W/ a 200+ yard day & some really nice runs & passes, Fields, I think, is about right where many thought he'd be as a legitimate #2 at the QB spot. The rest of the O looks to be in really good shape.

It's exciting times for the Silver Britches faithful as we are looking like a pretty safe pick to make it back to Atlanta for the SEC Championship.


22 April 2018

A Night on the Town - Hannah Thomas & Amy Rae Both Put on Killer Shows

- est 2010 - 
April 22, 2018

This writer got the opportunity to check out the two fabulous shows last night that I'd previewed in this week's Music Minute. Both were fantastic. 

Hannah Thomas at The Lahrceny 

TPC rolled down Hwy 81 to see our old friend & professional musician Hannah Thomas. I got to check out a full set of Hannah's show & as always I am - was just blown away. The strength, depth & range of her voice is a something to witness, but moreover, it's the power of her voice, both emotionally & sonically, that really sets Ms. Thomas apart from just about any musician I've ever personally witnessed. But, the real tour de force of the Hannah Thomas experience is her guitar playing. Superb technique, especially with her strumming, she creates a masterful sound that is thick & full & very rhythmic that wholly accompanies & complements her vocal work.

And the mastery of her craft & stage presence is simply captivating. To paraphrase an old Country song, when she's performing - she makes you feel what she feels. That is truly a rarity & is proof, in this writer's opinion, that Hannah is just on a higher plane.

As has been written about many times over the years, her career has already been a great success: 

Hannah Thomas has been playing professionally for more than a decade, touring with Indigo Girls and opening for or sharing the stage with Pat Benatar, Melissa Etheridge, Kristian Bush (of Sugarland), Terri Clark, Lydia Loveless, Chely Wright, Michelle Chamuel, Capital Cities, Shawn Mullins, Michelle Malone, Randall Bramblett and more. 

Thomas's various influences can be heard on her new album produced by Lester Nuby III (St. Paul and The Broken Bones) in Birmingham, Alabama. "Fault Line" is her first full-length LP since 2012, spanning the gap between Atlanta's eclectic roots rock revival and the soulful, classic rock sound of Muscle Shoals. Thomas is joined by an all-star band comprised of Brandon Bush on keys (Sugarland/Train), Sadler Vaden on guitar (Drivin N Cryin/Jason Isbell), Jimbo Hart on bass guitar (Jason Isbell) and Chad Gamble on drums (Jason Isbell). The LP includes a song co-written with Michelle Malone. Malone plays lead guitar on that single, alongside Gerry Hansen on drums (Chuck Leavell, Randall Bramblett, Shawn Mullins) and Michael C. Steel on bass (Randall Bramblett). The album also features guest vocals by Terri Clark and Amy Ray of Indigo Girls.

But you just know that the best is yet to come for this supreme talent...

Hannah's most recent album, "Fault Line," is tremendous piece of work. I actually got a copy last night when I had the opportunity to chat with her between sets. As always, she's staying very busy & is splitting her time between the metro ATL & Nashville, TN. A new album is in the works as is a new side project that piqued this writer's curiosity quite a bit - a full-band, Grunge project. Now that sounds pretty cool! Also, for fans in & around the home county, she'll be playing the big 4th of July show on the Covington Square. Very exciting. 

A Wonderful Album!

Visit her webpage & her musician Facebook page to stay up to date on current happenings. 


Amy Rae Live at The Mystic

Rae's great stage presence complements her wonderful voice

Out on Mystic Grill's incomparable rooftop lounge, Amy Rae, along with collaborators Joe Duke (guitar) & Jonah Meredith (percussion), impressed the patrons with her blend of Country & Rock. Superb sounds, and as always, her wonderful voice.

A full, rich sound by this 3-piece

Learn more about Amy at her website & also at her Facebook page

It was truly a great night of music in the home county. We're all so fortunate to have this wealth of musical riches in our area.

Til next time, friends.

The Piedmont Chronicles

20 April 2018

Marshall's Music Minute: Big Saturday Night of Music - Amy Rae @ Mystic; Hannah Thomas @ Lahrceny

The Piedmont Chronicles 
- est 2010 - 

Marshall's Music Minute 

Greetings, music lovers, and welcome back to The Minute - Your Source for the Who, What & Where of the Covington & Newton Co. music scene.

As always, a lot of live tunes going on at the usual spots: Amici on Fridays, Five O'Clock on both weekend nights, Lahrceny down in Porterdale ,Mystic Grill & others.

For this edition, though, I want to cover shows of two of the most talented artists we have amidst this plethora of wonderful musicians & singers that make our "C-town" music scene one of the most impressive in the entire Great State of GA - Amy Rae & Hannah Thomas. With some similarities, both of these amazing ladies are playing this Saturday night in the home county. The true beauty of this is that you can catch both shows! Amy's starting up at 7 at the Mystic so you can grab a bite & enjoy that amazing experience that is the rooftop lounge overlooking the glorious Covington Square. Then, you can ease on down 81 to the lovely mill village of Porterdale & check out professional touring musician Hannah Thomas. Man, what a treat! 

Amy Rae Live at Mystic. Saturday 4/21/18. Covington Square. 7 to 10PM. 

Amy Rae is a tremendous talent. A superb singer & songwriter, she's truly something special. Her main music collaborator is Joe Duke, guitarist extraordinaire. Her track "Georgia Rain" is one of my favorite tunes & she always has a great mix of her topnotch originals complemented by a great mix of covers in the realm of Country & Rock. This is gonna be a great one!

Hannah Thomas Live at Lahrceny Tavern. 3/21/18. Porterdale, GA. 9PM - 1AM

Hannah Thomas...what can be said that hasn't been said in the - and I think my count is right here - 11 times I've written about her over the last several years. Just a joy to watch & hear, she's as talented as anybody you'll ever see. A true fusion of Americana, Country & Rock, we are so fortunate that she's moved her home base of operations back to the GA Piedmont. This will be an epic show down at that lovely watering hole that Mrs. Lahr has created.

Alright, gang, til next time! 

Marshall wears many hats but being a musician & a music enthusiast are chief among them

18 April 2018

A Piece by Perrin Lovett, Feature Writer of National Affairs: "Zuck It Up.." or, "Br’re Fox..."

- est 2010 -

Zuck It Up: On the Meeting of a Social Mogul and the Contemptible Congress
Br’re Fox and Br’er Bear Outwit Br’er Rabbit


A piece by Contributing Writer Perrin B. Lovett

Special to The Chronicles 

Social media aficionados and much of the slack-jawed public were lately riveted to the televisions watching Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg square off against a panel of Senatorial Congress Critters. (NOT under oath). This writer has seen sadder spectacles but not so many as enlightening and entertaining. Amidst all the fun a pseudo-literary thought jumped into my head. I’ll share in a moment.

The Zucker

The great concern of the people is that Facebook violated their privacy and misappropriated their cherished personal information: email addresses, voting habits, cat pictures, etc. Zuckerberg admitted as much, roundaboutly. Hence, the popular clamor for regulation: if not from Big Social, then by Big Brother.

Now for my funny, impromptu thought. Remember Uncle Remus? Surely your parents read to you those beloved moral stories by Joel Chandler Harris. It seems to me that what I witnessed on the Tube was, literally, a meeting between a sly, elitist, globalist corporatist and a bunch of mid-witted, elitist, globalist statists. Allegorically, I saw an Uncle Remus tale unfold.

The American people played the part of Br’er Rabbit. Facebook and Zuck represented Br’er Fox. Uncle Sam was Br’er Bear. Play along here… The happy little rabbit, while busily posting meal pictures and juvenile memes, noticed the mean old fox was cheating him. Incensed, the rabbit angrily demanded action, either from the fox or from Br’er Bear. In other words the hapless bunny tattled on the small predator to the large predator. Seems risky to me.

The rub is that, in the original yarns from 1881, Br’er Rabbit was clever. He usually outwitted his adversaries, sometimes pitting one against the other, while he hopped away laughing. Here and now, concerning real life and virtual reality, it’s the other way around. The predators are pulling a fast one, openly and at the public’s insistence, as they collude against the Leporidae social media patrons.

Last I checked it was 2018 (AD, not CE). We’ve had this internet thing a few years and general electronic communication a few years more. Those who are even half awake have known for a generation that the government tracks, records, and stores much, if not most, electronic correspondence. Do you know anyone who therefore shuns phone calls, texts, emails, faxes, and web surfing? Me neither.

Likewise, most should know, or suspect, that their social media doings may be subject to monitoring, recording, hacking, and merchandising. If one doesn’t like the prospects, then one either: doesn’t use the socials; limits activity theron, or; carefully scrutinizes who gets to see what. The best course of action? Use. Common. Sense. You see, whatever else it is, Facebook is a voluntary service. One can walk away. Or run.

Running to government for more regulations is the worst course of action. Government is not voluntary; it’s force personified. Some of that force is already present in the social debacle. Facebook, via its information firesale to Cambridge Analytica or whomever, likely violated existing FTC rules. If there were 80 million individual violations and each one carries a possible $40,000 maximum fine, then Facebook is dead and gone, bankrupt. That scenario is far from likely. Zuck was on the Hill partly to head off any such sanction.

His other motive was the afore-mentioned collusion. A dirty little secret of the political world is that large corporations are absolutely, head over heels, in love with government regulation. State mandates price out competition, prevent startup challenges, foster monopolies, and raise profits. One of “your” political heroes hinted around this fact; Zuck nodded along sheepishly.

Hank Rearden would have indignantly rebelled against any threatened intervention with his business. When asked about third-party recording of user data, he might have retorted with NSA data collection. If asked about the complexity of his user agreements, he might have spoken to the complexity of the tax code or the CFR. Not Zuck. He happily agreed that interference is good and that he and his team would just love to help draft more. Sure they would. That would allow them more control while insulating them from the real consequences of a free market. That’s what always comes from government “protecting” the public.

Examples abound: railroads, insurance, banking, healthcare, etc. Back in the days when some barbers practiced surgery the sick and injured had more choices for care and paid lower prices. Enter the State. Declarations of who exactly could practice medicine, medical school requirements, licenses, board certifications, the insurance racket, Medicare, Medicare, and HMOs were all the regulatory invasions, slapping away the invisible hand. Each one resulted in restricted availability and increased prices. Obama “like your doctor, keep your doctor” Care was the latest example. Are your premiums and deductibles higher than they were ten years ago? Well then, consider yourself protected.

Obamacare was crafted by a cabal of medical services administrators, well-greased lobbyists, and insurance industry lawyers - for the benefit of their interests, not those of the public. So it will be with Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Apple.

What we witnessed this week was the deprecation of freedom, free markets, and personal responsibility. Some would spread that spirit beyond the socials unto the whole internet. There’s the old adage about sacrificing essential liberty for false security. Br’er Fox and Br’er Bear will promise saaaaafety, all the while plotting to sacrifice Br’er Rabbit to the dinner pot. Help we could do without, that.

Okay! Back to the baby videos and whatnot.

Fellow Terry College of Business (UGA) grad Brother Perrin Lovett is a true renaissance gentleman & scholar. A recovering attorney, he's into guns & cigars, and the US Constitution. A published authorPrepper columnist & YouTube personality, and an acclaimed blogger, TPC is very proud to have our old friend on board as the C.F. Floyd Feature Writer of National Affairs

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