27 September 2016

[tpc] - Newton Co. GOP meets in "Sandtown"

The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

(9.27.16) - The Newton County Republican Party (NCRP) held their monthly general meeting last evening at the Historic Newborn Schoolhouse in Newborn, GA as part of their "On the Road" tour of Newton Co. Last month, the state-sanctioned political party met at The Speakeasy in Porterdale as a few of you may remember. It seemed to be a good and productive meeting. 

A representative of the Donald Trump for President grassroots team was there and gave a good speech. There were also several discussions related to the ongoing Mosque situation. Previously, the Executive Board of the Party had sent out an internal memo to its members saying that the Party, officially, had no comment or stance on this issue. At last night's meeting, a few members objected to this and felt like a County Committee meeting should be called for that governing authority to discuss the matter. A vote was taken, and it was decided that there would be a convening of the County Committee of the NCRP after at least 10 days, as per their bylaws.

Several other matters were discussed including the establishment of a sub-committee to concentrate on making much needed changes to the Newton Co. Board of Elections, specifically, the removal of Bill Perugino, who currently serves as the GOP representative on that governmental body.

This biggest thing, to this writer, about last night's events, was how organic it was run. It was really more or less a town hall-style meeting, where Precinct officials and regular members were just as much involved with the running of the meeting as the Chair or the other excom members. Even some guests were able to take the floor and make points and plead various cases. It was all very well done, and proper.  Basically the total and diametric opposite of when the Old Guard/Establishment had control. With them, it was all about power, order, and subjugation. The People, the true power, had none, as far as they were concerned, or so it seemed. It was all just so refreshing.

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, Mr. Ray Cowan was the perfect person to take over as Chair of this group; ditto with Scott Jay as Vice-Chair and the rest of the Exectuve Committee.

You can learn more about the Newton County Republican Party by visiting their Facebook page.


20 September 2016

[TPC] - Consumer Advocate Post in re Seterus, Inc. They're a really big problem

The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]
- Consumer Advocate fighting for The People -
Seterus, Inc. - a corporation out of Connecticut - is a real problem, Good People. This is the new normal in Bankster World. They finally found the ultimate loophole. It's de facto usury, and it is, at the moment, totally legal.

Here's the rundown:

This outfit buys up "troubled notes." But the kicker is this: they buy them as an outstanding debt as a debt collector; they're not, technically, a lending institution. So therefore, they aren't charging interest, per se, they are simply charging penalties. A way around usury laws. The banks and lenders all know this. In fact, they came up with the idea as I understand it.
I've seen them first-hand in action in a real estate deal. Folks, they are the worst of the worst. Charging over $20 per day or more for "penalties," mind you, not interest, every day, and then charging other penalties. With the particular deal I was privy to, they refused the payoff that met the terms they had sent the previous day. They proceeded to send out the note for foreclosure on the same day, after they were informed that we were going to close. So tack on another $1300 for additional penalties and lawyer fees. Based on their payoff policy, they can refuse any payoff even if its based on the most current quote. They can just keep going and going, getting that proverbial ounce of flesh, and then some. And as they're charging $600 or more per month, not for the interest, which is also accruing, but only for "penalties." Also, check this out - they say that it takes either 3-5 days to generate a payoff, or, according to two different reps, maybe 7-10 days based on how high volume is. So, add 2 to 5 or 7 to 10 days of that daily penalty. But remember, even after all of that, they can always refuse the payoff because they can claim that there are other penalties. Google them. It's quite enlightening.

They are basically agents of of the dark lord, Satan, himself.

Well...tell ya' what. I think a lot of you know I'm a cause guy, but I also have a Crusader side as well. And let it be known right here, and right now: with precision, efficiency, rank, station, and aim for a goal, I aim to totally and absolutely destroy this entity. It will all be legal; I'd never put myself in an actionable position. Think of it like this: it will be the total opposite of the line from "The Godfather": It won't be business - it'll be totally personal. These SOBs need to pay, and they're going to deserve everything they've got coming to 'em.

I have it all documented, and I have all of the names of the persons I directly dealt with. They need to pay as well. The "following orders" excuse never works out. You've got mouths to feed? We all do. But not all of us will sell out our souls for a paycheck. They signed up for it. They should get their just rewards as well. As we pass this threshold and break free of the chains of the old model, all persons should be aware that actions have consequences. You play with fire? You can get burned.

Again, people, the company is Seterus, Inc. www.seterus.com/
As I understand it, more and more soul-suckers and agents of dark and evil are starting to get into this racket. It's a problem. They've started throwing them in jail in Iceland and some other countries; I think we could probably do better in America. Right? USA! USA! USA!
Yeah...that's right.

*This information has been made aware to Dave Belton, state Representative for the 112th of Georgia, and also U.S. Congressman Jody Hice of the 10th Congressional District of Georgia.

P.S. Some of y'all know that I'm fairly libertarian leaning, but in this case, "there should be a law." These people are destroying lives, all in the name of the almighty dollar. This needs to get fixed, and right soon.

18 September 2016

[tpc] - A Love Letter to Rachael: a write-up by contributing writer Ellis Millsaps

The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]

A Love Letter to Rachael 
By contributing writer Ellis Millsaps 

Special to The Piedmont Chronicles 

I have a crush on Rachael Maddow, and I hear some of the more informed of you saying, "wait a minute, Da, you're not going to bed Rachael Maddow. She's a lesbian."

Well...my crush on Rachael is no different from yours on Heather Locklear, Miley Cyrus, or Tom Cruise. My chances are just as good as yours. We're dealing with fantasy here, OK?

I've always had this thing for really clever brunettes - Audrey Hepburn, Kate Beckinsale, Grace Slick - and Rachael Maddow, beautiful and ever so slyly funny - she may be the smartest person on the planet. 

And that last is the biggest reason I'll never score with Rachael, not the avowed lesbianism, but rather the fact the she would see right through me in 2 seconds and acknowledge that cesspool of arrogance, ignorance, and bravado that is me.

Which is not to say I haven't done pretty well with beautiful brunettes. One's now the Poet Laureate of Newfoundland, two daughters of Harvard educated doctors are doing quite well for themselves, and let's not forget - I did wed the ridiculously beautiful Cynthia Bolkcom, who bore me two brilliant children with movie star good looks.

Who knows, Rachael? If you're out there listening somewhere, this just might happen. Get you drunk at a spend-the-night party? I'm not without a certain charm and I do have a definite feminine side. You can be the butch one... 

Ellis is an attorney by trade but has worn many hats over the years: father, bus boy, stand-up comedian, novelist, wiffle ball player, rock'n'roll band manager, and at one time wrote a popular and funny column for The Covington News. A Fannin Co. mountain boy originally, Mr. Millsaps now stays at the mill village of Porterdale by way of 20 years in Mansfield. Usually funny and at times irreverent and subversive, he leans left in his political philosophy but can always be counted on for a pretty darn good write-up. The Chronicles are proud to have him involved... 


13 September 2016

[TPC] - Tuesday Night Quick Bite 13 September '16: Redneck Militia (Henry Co. Variety) in C-town Edition

The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]
-(North C-town Representin' * 9/13/16) -

White trash from Henry County (but I repeat myself) who think they represent the Georgia-Constitutionally mandated idea of unorganized Militia, that go by the name of the 111% Security Force of GAhave descended on our County Square. These fellas, who two days ago, featured a Facebook post that showed them committing the crime of Trespass, and who earlier in the day featured a post that said, "Fuck Islam," and "Fuck...Muslims," who apparently are based out of Henry, Co., GA, decided to once again trespass in Newton Co. Their trespass is multi-faceted. To wit: 

- They have organized their own Militia, so therefore they think are under the purview of "unorganized Militia," or, unaffiliated, unregulated, etc. Pick your term. Not so logical from our perspective. Also, if we were going to go this route, none of these mouth breathers are from any of the following GMDs:

462. Nor 463. Not 475, 476, or 477. Or any of the other several ones in the Home County.

And remember folks, there is a very active and robust Constitutionally-mandated State Militia, now known as the Georgia State Defense Force, that, per the Georgia Constitution, is always ready and on call, and that is under the purview of the Governor's office, and also the Adjunct General of these forces.

The 111 crowd is NOT a part of that. No, like many before them, they lay claim to the concept of the unorganized militia. But they are wrong, in this writer's opinion. 

Well, fine folks, I was there today. On the east side of the Square - the cool, hip side - with the proverbial Covington Peanut Gallery. I even had my circa. 1966 pressman binoculars that I put into service. We saw two fellers with AR-15s. Another guy had a holstered pistol. Homeboy, their fearless leader, spouted some poorly-spoken yelled gibberish into a megaphone, and then when it was all said and done, the yokels all took a bunch of pictures with, among other things, the Gadsen Flag. 

It pissed me off in multiple ways. WE'VE GOT DIBS ON THE GADSEN, boys. 

A few things: 

- Again, I feel as if they're operating in violation of the Georgia Constitution. The Unorganized Militia is always there - all male able-bodied Georgia Nationals - but they are to remain UNORGANIZED until an open call is put out by the Governor, Adjunct General, or by a duly elected, or represented, GMD leader or trustee. 

- They're using this ill-conceived notion for no other purpose other than intimidation and coercion. I felt like I saw that first hand tonight. All about power and intimidation, from my vantage point. The total and absolute, diametric opposite of the Non-Aggression Principle (NAP). 

- They don't seem to talk or write real good, and that's always a major sticking point with me. Plus, they seem rather dull. But maybe I'm just being judgmental...

The kicker, though, is this: they are, once again, in this writer's estimation, violating the Georgia Constitution.

STAND DOWN, 111 SECURITY FORCE (sic), STAND DOWN. None of you are members of the Georgia Militia Districts of that primary political subdivision of Georgia, Newton County.

CC: Media, Citizenry

~ GMD 463 ~

*Tonto Network*

Yours Very Truly,

M.B. McCart, Editor-in-Chief


11 September 2016

Sunday Check-in: Talkin' NC BOC Derptitude, C-town traffic light crisis & Real Politick

The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]
-(North C-town Representin' * 9/11/16) - 


Hello, you beautiful and fabulous readers, y'all look marvelous today! A quick check-in for this Sunday, and look for a full, thick & juicy Sunday edition next week. I know you're hangry, so let's dig in. 

The Continuing Derptitude of the Newton Co. BOC 
So...the trash center situation. A glorified hot mess for going on a quarter of a century, so why stop now? Even as they're (wink, wink; nudge, nudge) in the process of doing away with these things, they continue to go full-on moron 'til the very end. You almost have to admire that consistency. These are the problems: 

  • $50 for a mirror tag - sofa king, we todd did - I mean COME ON! How ya' not gonna have a damn window decal?! You're just gonna have folks passing it around. It'll never work. A 6-yr old could have told you that. 
  • And the centers are scheduled for closing (again, a wink and nod...an elbow nudge right at the ticklish spot on your lovely body) on February 15th. So folks will be paying $50 for 4 months of service. What a damn shit show this has become! 
  • And why in God's Shining Grace is the damn Fire Dept. operating this derp-train! Lloyd Kerr should be publicly humiliated and given an especially nasty verbal dressing down on the Courthouse steps in front of a mean and enthusiastic crowd. He should resign. IMMEDIATELY! 
The C-town Traffic Light Crisis of 2016
I've brought this to the attention of the quasi-esteemed and maybe-honorable Mr. Mayor, and also Councilmen McKelvey & Smith. I've been talking about it with Fred Harwell for years; my brother and I have been discussing for two decades. But things have now reached a boiling point.

We've got the worst damn lights in the great state of Georgia, I am now convinced. They are soul-suckers who are depleting The People of their precious time. They are killing efficiency. Basically at this point they are now enemies of the State.

Floyd & Elm? Terrible. Supposed to have been fixed 6 months ago. Thanks again, Mr. Mayor. Usher and Pace. An abomination. Emory and Clark? A rotten and especially horrid traffic light. And every. Single. Damn. Light. on Hwy 278.

These lights are killing us. Literally. If we're all dying, all the time, then every second wasted at these state-sanctioned subjugation machines is, indeed, killing us. They're a problem. And problems need to be dealt with. Swiftly and w/ extreme prejudice. 

Y'all've got a month, Mr. Mayor and the Covington City Council, then The People will just have to take care of it. We'd do a better job probably anyways. Would we be breaking the law? Anything actually in the code about it? Hmmm...who cares?

Real Politick 

The Coroner's Race

Was in the Pace St. BP today picking up an AJC (first AJC I'd picked up in a minute; it was actually a pretty good paper today) and some cigs & dip when I saw a political push-card by one Dorothea Bailey-Butts, Democratic candidate for Coroner.

It was a cheap and badly done piece of political literature, but it got the main point across. You see, Ms. Bailey-Butts wants to be "The People's Coroner." Not sure what exactly that means, but that's the main thrust of her campaign. And apparently she wants the Coroner to start doing outreach and advocating for wellness, health, and other feel good type things. Sounds great, but that's not what the Coroner is supposed to do. But, whatever...

In terms of Ms. Bailey-Butts, she's a 19-yr practicing nurse, and it's her nursing experience that she is claiming as her main qualification. There again, not really sure if that's what the job entails and all, but...whatevs. She seems to be a nice and intelligent lady. Attractive looking. And surprisingly after having seeing her push card, her webpage was pretty darned impressive.

As a few have been saying for months, unless ole Tommy Boy is ready to spend some serious bank and run a very intricate and involved campaign, then we have a good chance of having somebody with zero, real experience, taking care of our deceased here in the home county. But, hey gang, she'll be The People's Coroner! So there's that... 

Chairman of The Board 

No. I just can't. Not today. Lord help...

Oh well, just another day in the home county. Jesus take the wheel, indeed! My word.

Just remember, fine folks, I'm here with ya'. We'll be keepin' an eye on things and we'll just all do our best to work hard to get better! That's all we can do.

'Til next time.

Yours Very Kindly,

M.B. McCart 

05 September 2016

An Interview with ~TPC~ Contributing Writer Ellis "Da" Millsaps

The Piedmont Chronicles   
~ est. 2010 ~
[State of GA]
[Newton Co.]
(C-town Representin' * 9/5/16) - 
The other day I eased down to that lovely mill village of Porterdale, as I often do, to visit our old pal, contributing writer to the Chronicles, and general friend-of-the program, Mr. J. Ellis Millsaps. AKA Da. He's alive, and doing fine. I told him that I'd been wanting to do a Q & A with him for this fine publication, and he happily obliged. 

- Write-up done in Porterdale, GA; 1 Sept. '16 - 

  1. Describe yourself in 5 words: Calm - Funny - Opinionated - Reckless - Studious 
  2. Top 5 bands of all time: The Beatles, Nirvana, Outcast, The Stones, and The Who. 
  3. Top 5 authors of all time
    1. Robert Penn Warren
    2. Ken Kesey
    3. Shakespeare
    4. Lee Smith (N.Carolina)
    5. Faulkner 
4. Top 3 food dishes to cook: Seafood Gumbo * Chicken Kiev * 
Steak Au Poivre; favorite foods to eat: Lobster, Veal Marsala (ed. note - yes, you read that right, Mr. Bleeding Heart Intelligentsia supports the barbaric and inhumane treatment of baby cows), Oysters Rockefeller. 
5. What are Da's five biggest accomplishments? 1. Raising his kids. 2. Helping to form and having been involved with Smart Growth Newton Co. 3. Bicycling the Natchez Trace. 4. Hitting the 99th percentile on his LSATs. 5. Having written two novels. 
6. And his 3 biggest regrets
  • Something about when he was in Law School and him and Ms. Cynthia were living in 5 Points and they had just had Jack. Well, wouldn't you know it - their cat up and had kittens. With exams looming and money tight, Ellis felt like he couldn't deal with it, so he went into the neighborhood behind their place in order to leave the cats, preferably, at Vince Dooley's house. Da's not so sure if he had the right house because he did it under cover of darkness. Well...lo and behold, a while later and those cats showed back up next door to where he and his family were living. A neighbor apparently noticed and told Ellis that he thought his cats were next door. Allegedly, Da was just like - "Nope. Not my cats..." He says he regrets it, not for the actions involved, but because he lied about it.  My word...
  • That he didn't study entertainment law at UGA Law School like he felt like he should have. 
  • And he regrets not bringing flowers to his wife when their oldest child was born.

    7. How is life as a recovering attorney? "It's easy...low stress. I can do whatever I want." Did you ever really and truly enjoy the practice of law? "There was a time when I was really excited about...but, at the end of the day, it was just about putting food on the table...it was never a true passion.

    8. Tell our readership what you're up to, Ellis, or, if you will - whatcha gonna do, Da? 
    • Still doing Trivia at The Speakeasy on Wednesday nights, and he is starting to do some culinary work in the kitchen in that same establishment(ed. note:the man has mad food skills. True story. In fact, just last night, Me and the girls went to a get-together that Da hosted and he just outdid himself. The esteemed and honorable Madam Mayor of Porterdale was there, and she can attest to it as well). 
    • Publishing his two finished novels, and working on a third, and continuing to write here in this space. 
    • Finally getting the much-anticipated Porterdale Municipal Bocci Ball Court finished.

      Hope y'all enjoyed that. 'Til next time.

      Yours Very Truly,


01 September 2016

One year ago today Reba McCart went home to Glory

The Chronicles
1 September '16

~ One year ago today Reba McCart went home to Glory ~

Reba McCart was my Grandmother.

Reba McCart was the Granddaughter of my namesake, Marshall Anderson Benson; she was the Great-grandmother to my daughter, Laney, who was named after her Mother. She was so many things to me.

She was my 2nd Mother. I'm very fortunate, I know, in that I basically had two mothers growing up, when some folks don't even get one.

She was my inspiration, and my muse. She was something special, for sure. Her words of love and wisdom stick with me every day. There literally hasn't been a day in the last 365 when I haven't thought about her.

She was the Wife of E.M, and the Mother of Billy - that, in and of itself, is saying something! ;-)

She was all about love. Love of her family, of her neighbors, and most importantly, of her God.

She was fearless. She'd cut the head off a copperhead with a shovel, or shoot it with a .22 or 4-10. She was fearless of the forces of dark and evil, because she was, as previously mentioned, such as Godly woman.

She was funny...I mean, really funny. She had a sense of wit and spunk that was unparalleled. And she could sure 'nuff give you the business, but it was almost always deserving if she did. Except for me. Because I was her favorite, and you can ask the three other grandchildren - they'll tell you the same. Oldest grandchild and Cousin Jennifer, was a very close second, I think ( probably we were actually tied, but too bad for David and Jason). But you have to remember - I was the baby. And I was the one who came along after Granddaddy McCart passed on. I think that she needed me, and I sure as hell needed her...

She was RuRu, as I called her as a small child, and as my daughter also called her years later.

She was something special alright..

I can't believe it's been a year since Reba White McCart took her reward and went home to Glory.

I think of her often; I miss her every day.