03 August 2010

Welcome to The Piedmont Chronicles

Hello! Thanks for stopping by. I've been busy trying to get all of my previously published material up and ready for the readers of About Covington to Madison since this web address will be published in my next column. I'm planning on putting up new columns from the magazine a day or two before the magazine is actually released so remember to check back for an early peek at new articles. Also, I'm planning on adding a good bit of online-only material which will include articles similar to what I've been doing but also some more "blog" oriented stuff. And last but not least, I'm going to try to start putting up a little bit of fiction in the next few months. So...lots of exciting stuff coming down the pike. Thanks for reading!

***Update 8/4/2010. New Column can be found below. Click on the image to see full-scale version (to be able to actually read it). Thanks!-MM